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Fri, 26 Feb 2021
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New report alleges Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt was aware of sexual harassment allegations as early as March

lincoln project steve schmidt
Former Republican strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt reportedly knew about John Weaver's sexual harassment accusations since March.

The NeverTrump political organization has been under enormous pressure for weeks amid multiplereports that their leadership has known about Weaver's impropriety for months. Weaver has been accused of asking numerous younger men for sexual favors in exchange for professional advancement, and he has admitted to his "inappropriate" communications while saying he believed they were consensual at the time.

Schmidt stepped down from the organization on Friday over the Weaver scandal but denied having any knowledge of his colleague's misconduct. However, The 19th claims that Schmidt and co-founder Reed Galen were among the members of the group's leadership who've known about the Weaver allegations for almost a year.

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Snakes in Suits

LA County health inspector caught dancing after shutting down brewery — only to be proven wrong later

LA health inspector caught on camera
© Twitter/@stevengregory video screenshot
A Los Angeles County health inspector was caught on camera dancing moments after she ordered a brewery to shut down on Super Bowl Sunday, claiming the establishment was in violation of county health guidelines — only she wound up being wrong.

Bart Avery, one of the owners of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, California, told Fox News that the inspector came to the brewery at about 11 a.m. local time, only hours before the game was set to start. Upon arriving, she informed an employee that the brewery was in violation of the county's health guidelines by not serving food while providing beverages for in-person dining and would need to close immediately.

Surveillance footage showed the inspector then adding insult to injury by breaking into a dance just seconds after handing down the order.

Comment: It seems like the authorities are going out of their way to crush restaurants in particular during this 'pandemic'. Wonder why?

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A NYC public school principal reportedly sent white parents this guide on how to become "white traitors" and advocate for "white abolition"

white identities tweet rufo
This is what New Racism looks like.

Christopher Rufo, a journalist who has scooped numerous Marxist-insanity stories like this one, broke it on Twitter:

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Spanish police arrest bogus Interpol agent who conned & blackmailed women into sending him intimate pics

girl watching tv
© Getty Images / jeangill
The Spanish national police have identified and arrested a man who posed as an Interpol agent to scare women into allowing him to take nude pictures of them, before blackmailing them. Hundreds may have fallen victim to the ruse.

The 33-year-old was arrested in the coastal Spanish region of Alicante, local media reported on Sunday. He was busted after a sting operation, during which the police placed a surveillance device at a site where the man was supposed to meet his latest victim.

The Spaniard used a multistage con to get leverage against his female marks, according to the police. First, he collected photos and personal data that the women left on various dating websites and used those to fabricate their profiles on an adult site. The women were made to look like prostitutes - an occupation that is not illegal in Spain, but exists in a legal gray area and carries social stigma.


Academics call breastfeeding 'ethically problematic' because it endorses 'gender roles.'

woman breastfeeding
Hospitals in the United Kingdom have begun using the term "chestfeeding" instead of "breastfeeding," just years after U.S. academics published a study in which they argued that the promotion of breastfeeding as the "natural" way to feed a child has many negative societal effects.

In early 2021, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals in the United Kingdom drew international criticism for swapping the word "breastfeeding" for "chestfeeding" in an attempt to be more inclusive of transgender individuals.

Likewise, Harvard Medical School referred to women as "birthing people" in an effort to "include those who identify as non-binary or transgender," as Campus Reform previously reported.

"We are concerned about breastfeeding promotion that praises breastfeeding as the 'natural' way to feed infants," wrote Jessica Martucci of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and Anne Barnhill of Johns Hopkins University in the journal Pediatrics. "Promoting breastfeeding as 'natural' may be ethically problematic, and, even more troublingly, it may bolster this belief that 'natural' approaches are presumptively healthier."

Comment: It's hardly a 'belief' that natural approaches are healthier:


Charges against 'Central Park Karen' Amy Cooper dismissed after being re-educated by the state

amy cooper ultimate karen
© AP
Amy Cooper was charged in the on-camera incident in May, which showed her calling 911 on black birdwatcher Christian Cooper.
Misdemeanor charges were tossed Tuesday against Amy Cooper — the "Central Park Karen'' who falsely accused a black birdwatcher of "threatening" her — after she completed a handful of therapy sessions.

Cooper had faced up to a year in prison on the charge of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

But a judge granted Manhattan prosecutors' request to dismiss Cooper's case after she completed five therapy sessions "designed for introspection and progress," Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said at a brief virtual hearing.


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Police deploy IR-camera drone to raid underground Birmingham club sporting gym, recording studio, & VIP lounge

infrared club bust drones
© West Midlands Police YouTube
West Midlands police have busted a clandestine nightclub containing some 150 people, with officers at one point confronted by bottle-slinging patrons. A separate raid hit an underground bar called 'The Covid Arms'.

The operation, near Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, was conducted on Sunday morning. The police deployed thermal imaging drones to track people trying to flee through the roof, according their own report.

Comment: This is reminiscent of the speakeasies of the 1920s' or after hours clubs of the last decades - people wanting to be free to enjoy themselves and willing to break the overbearing rules of the elites. The police seem quite proud of themselves, but are they on the right side of history?

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UK government could grant vaccine exemptions to ethnic minorities

© PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images
The UK government could grant vaccine exemptions to people of color while simultaneously mandating vaccine travel certificates for everyone else in order to avoid accusations of racism, according to a report in the Spectator.

Despite repeatedly promising that 'vaccine passports' would not be required in order to fly, the government has been actively planning for their introduction.

After more than 324,000 people signed a petition opposing immunization passports, UK vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said that vaccines would not be compulsory and that, "We have absolutely no plans for vaccine passporting."

That turned out to be a complete falsehood.

Comment: Why not? It's similar to identifying as a woman to get cheaper car insurance.


Switzerland's new Covid-inspired policing

Swiss police
In the morning of 5 February 2021, a distinguished gentleman, professional, in his early 70s, impeccably dressed in suit and tie (no name shall be mentioned) - was running to catch an 8 AM train at the Geneva principal railway station, Cornavin.

He was in a hurry not to miss the train, and was just about to put on the obligatory mask, when two gendarmes grabbed him, one on each arm, and told him about mask obligation. He responded that he was just about to put it on - which was visible to the police, as he held a mask in his hand - and that he had to run to catch the train.

The policemen harassed him, despite the fact that he had a medical certificate that dispensed him from wearing a mask for serious health reasons which he explained to them. He is 72 years old and had in the past two lung embolisms and has breathing difficulties. He also has hearing aids. The strings of the mask infringe on the effectiveness of the hearing aid.

He kept pleading with them that he had to go and needed to catch the train. No chance, they didn't let go. He couldn't move his arms. They held him tight, pressed him against a wall. They asked for his ID. The gentleman gave them his wallet to look for it. He got nervous and kept repeating that he would put the mask on, but could not miss the train, that they please would let him go.

Comment: Comparisons to the Nazi party's secret police force have been made a number of times recently in reference to how the virus is being handled politically:

Black Magic

Cuomo's COVID cover-up hid nearly 1,900 NYC nursing home deaths

Gov. Andrew Cuomo
© AP
Gov. Andrew Cuomo with Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa at a press conference.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's cover-up of nursing home deaths from COVID-19 hid nearly 1,900 fatalities in New York City alone — with new figures sending the tally at one Queens facility skyrocketing more than 1,000 percent.

A Post analysis of the latest state Health Department data shows that 5,443 nursing home residents have been killed by the coronavirus in the Big Apple.

That statistic includes 1,885 seniors who died in hospitals and weren't included in the official DOH count of nursing home deaths until the Cuomo administration finally began releasing their numbers, under duress, in the wake of a damning report last month from state Attorney General Letitia James.

In New York City, the new figures push the total nursing home death count up by 53 percent, according to the analysis of DOH data current as of Saturday.

That's just shy of the 56 percent undercount that James estimated in her report.

Comment: Cuomo just commented on the numbers of deaths that have come to light, and in true authoritarian and sociopathic fashion - deflects any responsibility for it:
In a Monday press conference, Cuomo attempted to offer answers to looming questions. The governor has been under fire from critics for days after top staffer Melissa DeRosa appeared to confirm allegations that the administration was hiding nursing home deaths to protect itself from criticism over a highly-controversial March 25 order that forced nursing home facilities to accept positive Covid-19 patients.


According to Cuomo, however, it all comes down to vague miscommunication. The governor claimed nursing home deaths were "always, fully, and accurately" reported, but that there was a delay in providing answers to "information beyond the place of death," like whether a patient died from Covid-19 in a nursing home or went to a hospital first.

There was a delay in providing that information to the public, the press, and local lawmakers, Cuomo explained, because at the time his administration was fulfilling information requests for the Department of Justice, which was looking into the governor's handling of the pandemic.

Though he was asked multiple times, Cuomo did not explain why his staff could not fulfill multiple requests for the same information. He simply said they were dealing with a pandemic and "everything was done by the best minds and the best interests."

The last thing I wanted to do was aggravate the situation," he said when speaking about grieving families."

He apologized for creating a "void" that birthed "conspiracy theories" about his nursing home order.

Cuomo also claims he told local legislatures' staff members about the DOJ priority, but some might not be aware because there could have been a "breakdown in communication" before the information could get back to them.

As for whether his order could have contributed to the over-15000 deaths of New Yorkers in long-term care facilities, Cuomo took no blame and instead claimed the staff at these facilities all brought Covid-19 in.

According to the governor, 98 percent of the 365 nursing homes to receive patients between March 25 and May 10 already had Covid-19 in their facilities. The spread, he theorized, could be chalked up to staff, as well as hospitals and nursing homes that performed "not so well," making a point to say he will be looking at "for profit" nursing homes as he believes they sacrifice care in the name of profits and should be more strictly regulated on their profit margins.

Cuomo's answers appear to have only infuriated critics more, with some flat-out calling him a liar and others seeing a leader simply blaming everyone but himself.

"We are not confused governor. There are no conspiracy theories. You are a criminal," Fox News' Janice Dean tweeted. With both of her in-laws passing in New York nursing homes early in the pandemic, Dean has become one of Cuomo's most consistent critics and continues to accuse him of lying, even saying a source within the DOJ told her Cuomo was not providing the information he claims prevented him from fulfilling other requests.

Asked whether there should be an investigation into nursing home deaths and his administration's reporting on them, Cuomo simply said, "there is nothing to investigate."