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Thu, 28 Oct 2021
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Facebook to staff: Expect 'more bad headlines' amid DAMNING reports based on whistleblower leaks

© TechCrunch
Facebook has reportedly told staffers to "steel [themselves]" against "more bad headlines" in the "coming days" amid the ongoing publication of critical news articles citing internal reports leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

In a memo sent on Saturday, which was seen by Axios, Facebook Vice-President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg apparently warned employees that the news coverage would likely contain "mischaracterizations of our research, our motives and where our priorities lie." He instructed them to "listen and learn from criticism when it is fair, and push back strongly when it's not."

"But above all else... We should keep our heads held high and do the work we came here to do," Clegg reportedly told staffers in the memo. The warning came as reports emerged about how the company does not understand how its own algorithms work and struggles to combat hate speech, among other failings.

Comment: Facebook might be worried about Haugen, but not for the reasons one may think. As to all the handwringing about Facebook and AI?

Bad Guys

Judge to sentence 'neo-Nazi' group members, including US Army veteran, under terrorism law

Mark Lemley Jr Patrik Mathews FBI entrapment
© U.S. Attorney via AP, File
A Sept. 14, 2019, video and released in a U.S. Attorney detention memorandum, shows Brian Mark Lemley Jr, driving, and Patrik Mathews, passenger seat, passing through a toll booth near Norfolk, Va., en route to Georgia.
Two neo-Nazi group members intended to engage in terrorist activity before FBI agents arrested them ahead of a pro-gun rally in Virginia, a federal judge concluded Monday.

U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang's decision to apply a "terrorism enhancement" in sentencing the men favors prosecutors' recommendation that both of them get 25 years in prison.

Chuang heard starkly different portraits of the two defendants as he prepares to sentence them at separate hearings on Thursday at the federal courthouse in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Comment: Two more men have their lives ruined by the FBI trying to justify its corrupt existence:


Australian actress suffers stroke after Covid vaccine, placed into induced coma after blood clots on brain discovered

Melle Stewart covid vaccine
© GoFundMe
Melle Stewart has had a long recovery following the stroke, having been in an induced coma and going through rehabilitation.
An Australian actress living overseas has received an influx of support after suffering from a rare side effect of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Melle Stewart, a healthy 40-year-old Australian actress living in London, was "happy" to receive her first dose of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

According to GoFundMe, "she has been and continues to be an advocate for vaccination", however her life was turned upside down on June 8, two weeks after her first dose.

Comment: This reveals how the propaganda has managed to override people's critical thinking and survival instincts.

Comment: It's because of the sheer number of vaccine injuries and deaths that the pharmaceutical companies, in league with governments, have conspired to exempt themselves from liability. And so whilst the profits from these billion dollar deals continue unhindered, those left to cover the costs of the devastation are national health schemes and generous donations from the general public: Pfizer, Moderna reaping BILLIONS from COVID-19 injection 'booster' market

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Kremlin orders 11pm curfew on nightlife as Russia sees Covid-19 cases hit new highs & workers prepare to be sent home from offices

moscow russia residents masks

33.5 percent of Russia’s 146-million population have received at least one shot of a coronavirus vaccine, and just 27.4 percent have been fully vaccinated.
The Russian government has been told to introduce a ban on bars, clubs, and restaurants opening into the night as part of measures designed to bring down a nationwide spike in coronavirus infections and a record spate of deaths.

In a list of instructions signed by President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, senior officials were ordered to introduce a range of new public health measures. Among them was "the introduction of a ban on the holding of entertainment and events, and the provision of hospitality services in the evening and at night." According to the directive, venues will have to close between 11pm and 6am each day.

Comment: Russia is most likely dealing with a normal rise in what would be called, in a sane world, the latest version of a seasonal flu, as winter begins to take hold. If the deaths recorded were analyzed, it's likely the data would show the mortality rate highest among the elderly and those with comorbidities, as it has been from the beginning. But Moscow needs to be seen as taking the uptick in cases seriously, to avoid criticism domestically and internationally.

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Canada's top organ transplant hospital denies treatment to unvaccinated patients

Operation team
© Shutterstock
Canada's largest organ transplant medical center has ruled that patients without COVID jabs will be denied life-saving treatment as organ recipients. Toronto's University Health Network (UHN) Ajmera Transplant Centre said in a statement:
"There is ample research to support that the best course of action is to vaccinate individuals prior to transplant, whenever possible. Just as with other medical requirements, the COVID-19 vaccination helps ensure best possible outcome for our patients."
According to a CTV news report, Dr. Atul Humar, director of UHN's transplant center, said anyone seeking an organ transplant must first be jabbed with the still-experimental COVID injections. Humar said the issue was debated by doctors at UHN, who decided that from a "medical point of view, we all felt quite strongly that this was needed."

"So we've been having a lot of discussion on how best to formulate this policy," Humar said. There are 4,300 people currently awaiting organ transplants at UHN, according to CTV.

In CTV's report, Humar claimed that the decision to mandate the COVID jabs for organ recipients was "actually a very complex discussion. We had ethical input; we had input from medical leaders and experts in the field." he said.

UHN also mandated, starting today, that all visitors must show proof of having had COVID shots before being allowed to enter.

Comment: No access to hospital facilities and denial of transplants...whatever happened to the medical oath: Do No Harm?


Taxi driver freed from Guantanamo Bay after 17 years of brutal torture with no charges

Ahmed Rabbani
© Reuters/Lucas Jackson/US Department of Defense
1 Ahmed Rabbani • Guantanamo Bay
A Pakistani taxi driver will leave US detention at Guantanamo Bay after 17 years behind bars. Mistaken for a wanted terrorist, the man suffered horrific torture in American custody, despite never being charged with any crime.

Ahmed Rabbani's release was announced on Friday by Reprieve, a human rights NGO. Rabbani had been unanimously cleared for release by the prison's Periodic Review Board, made up of senior officials from six US agencies, including the State Department and Department of Homeland Security.

Rabbani's journey through the underbelly of the US' post-9/11 security infrastructure began in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2002. Mistaken for wanted terrorist Hassan Ghul, the taxi driver was arrested by Pakistani authorities outside Ghul's apartment complex and sold to American personnel in the country.

Comment: See also:

Bad Guys

Western imperialism redux: Social justice warriors are just as arrogant and patronising as the colonisers of the 18th Century

transgender flag protest
© Reuters / Gleb Garanich
Liberals exporting critical race theory and transgender activism across the world are no different to the missionaries and soldiers who colonised the world in the name of the crown. They just have different sacred texts.

Can you imagine being from a unique, distinct culture but then forced to adopt the ideologies and values of others? This was exactly what I asked myself when I began witnessing my own Muslim friends impose 'woke' social justice ideologies upon themselves, which went against the cultural values they were brought up in.

Over the years representation of minority groups, for example, in my case Muslims, has been conducted increasingly under the ideology of identity politics. This style of representation, especially for minorities, is one infused with new-era 'woke' social justice.

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China's real estate crisis explained

china construction demoliton
The financial struggles of China's real estate developers have been making the headlines for the last few months. There are two lines of thoughts on this crisis. First, China's real estate bubble is bursting like what the U.S. experienced in 2008. Second, this is no big deal or even this is a good thing for China's economy, since it will make housing more affordable. Both these narratives are wrong. Let's see why.

Outsized Role of Real Estate

China's real estate is a critical pillar of China's economy, unlike any other country. Consider these four stats on how much China's real estate accounts for:
  • 30% of China's GDP
  • 40% of bank loans
  • 50% of fiscal revenues of local governments
  • 75% of household wealth

Why Real Estate Cannot be Easily Deflated

Comment: See also: More from Chris Kantham:


DeSantis woos police fired over vaccine mandates, dangles $5k bonuses to move to Florida

© AP/Wilfredo Lee
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) said Sunday that his state is "actively working to recruit out of state law enforcement" as some lose their jobs due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

DeSantis told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that he's hoping to sign legislation in the next legislative session that will give a $5,000 bonus to out-of-state law enforcement officials who relocate to Florida.

"In Florida, not only are we going to want to protect the law enforcement and all the jobs, we're actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement because we do have needs in our police and our sheriffs' departments," DeSantis said.

Comment: DeSantis has shown true leadership in the face of so much Federal-level idiocracy: Reflecting Florida's mood:

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US school TIES mask around 7-year-old Down Syndrome girl every day for 6 weeks, district offers 'opt out' following abuse exposé

mask Florida protest
© REUTERS/Joe Skipper
Residents demonstrate against Covid-19 mask mandates in Tavares, Florida
A Florida school district has altered its mask mandate to include a "parental opt-out," a change it says is due to falling Covid-19 cases. However, it also follows allegations of child abuse.

Brevard County Schools announced this week the mask mandate change was always part of its plan and comes as the county sees a reduction in Covid-19 cases this month.

"This is exactly how the mask mandate was supposed to be used," the county school board chair, Misty Belford, said in the announcement.

Comment: The hysteria and division being manufactured by governments and the propaganda media is causing a significant number of people, including doctors, to lose what was left of their humanity. And history shows us what comes next: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: World on the Brink - Mass Acceptance of Tyranny Augurs Doom