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Thu, 13 Aug 2020
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Mainstream news networks completely ignore story of 5-year-old boy shot in the head

Cannon Hinnant Darius Sessoms
© GoFundMe/WRAL
Cannon Hinnant was shot dead while playing on his bike Sunday, with next-door neighbor Darius Sessoms, right, since charged with the youngster’s murder
Mainstream news networks CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS have completely ignored the story of Cannon Hinnant, a 5-year-old boy who was shot in the head by an African-American male in North Carolina, with search queries on all of their websites returning no results.

Hinnant was brutally gunned down by 25-year-old felon Darius Nathaniel Sessoms while playing outside his house in Wilson, North Carolina for the 'crime' of riding his bike on Sessoms's property.

The shocking murder was witnessed by a neighbor and Hinnant's two young sisters, aged 8 and 7.

"I saw him just run right up to him and [he] put the gun right up to his head and shot him," neighbor Doris Labrant told WRAL.

Comment: The widespread lack of journalistic integrity has gotten to the point where the media have actually embraced depravity by covering it up in favor of their reality-distorting agendas. It's absolutely sickening.

See the original story: Five year-old boy executed at point-black range 'for riding into neighbor's yard'

Bad Guys

Lawless Chicago is being led astray by incompetent Soros-backed leaders who put politics before public order

Chicago looting
© AFP/Getty Images/Scott Olson
Police officers detain a man who was found inside of a Best Buy store on August 10, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.
With the George Soros-backed DA Kim Foxx dropping 25,000 felony cases and mayor Lori Lightfoot seemingly unwilling to tackle the latest wave of riots, Chicago is in a bad way. It needs to choose its politicians more carefully.

'The Windy City' has always had a bit of a double meaning. Yes, it can get quite blustery in Chicago, but that same wind is what we hear from politicians. Often it's nothing more than hot air.

Yet over and over again, Chicagoans tend to elect inept politicians to run the city. With riots over the weekend following a shooting involving a police officer, Chicago once again saw mass crime at the point where Mayor Lori Lightfoot had to raise the bridges a la 'Batman Begins' (which was filmed in Chicago).

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BLM sez Blacks deserve to loot luxury stores in Chicago because they are 'hungry and need clothes'

BLM Chicago protest

BLM activists in Chicago. No Black members?
Members of the Black Lives Matter Chicago chapter issued a statement Monday on the looting and unrest that erupted in the city following what police said was misinformation regarding a police-involved shooting.

The group, which also held a solidarity rally on Monday night for those arrested, criticized the response from city leaders in wake of the unrest.

"In a predictable and unfortunate move, [Mayor Lori Lightfoot] did not take this time to criticize her officers for shooting yet another Black man. Lightfoot instead spent her time attacking 'looters,'" the group's statement read. "The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the people will keep rising up until the CPD is abolished and our Black communities are fully invested in."

Comment: Will this lot be happy voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the former Attorney General for California, and thus the state's top prosecutor/cop?

Bizarro Earth

Public schoolteacher complains home learning will interfere with radicalizing children with trans, race, and gay propaganda

The coronavirus-fueled transition to online learning has shifted the domain for pushing far-left propaganda on American students from classrooms to homes, and some teachers - specifically Matthew Kay of Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy - are frustrated the shift will complicate their ability to spew their radical beliefs.

Kay took to Twitter to explain how the prospect of parents listening to class discussion could "damage" conversations about race, gender, and sexuality, providing insight into the far-left indoctrination of American schoolchildren.

The public high schoolEnglish teacher also worried that parents - especially conservative ones - could hinder his "work of destabilizing kids racism or homophobia or transphobia."


Belarus protests against Lukashenko re-election: Over 6,000 arrested, says interior ministry

Minsk Police
Police detain a man in Minsk, Belarus, trying to put flowers on a site where a protester died.
Authorities in Belarus say they have arrested more than 6,000 people during three nights of violently suppressed demonstrations against vote-rigging in Sunday's disputed presidential election, as more footage and accounts emerged of police beating and violently detaining protesters.

Opposition leaders have been jailed and driven out of the country in a massive crackdown following the election, which the election commission said was won in a landslide by President Alexander Lukashenko.

Among those to have fled is Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the main opposition candidate, who left for Lithuania after an apparent threat to her children.

Opposition members have accused police of attacking protesters with impunity. Video showed police officers shooting passersby with rubber bullets and beating demonstrators with truncheons after their arrest. State television aired video on Wednesday of protesters with bruises on their faces being interrogated by police in a room. "So are we going to keep making a revolution?" an altered voice behind the camera asks. The protesters shake their heads in response.

In Brest, a region in the country's south-west, law enforcement confirmed that they'd used live ammunition to fire at protesters, injuring one. The interior ministry claimed the protesters had attacked them with steel bars. The ministry later removed the reference to "live ammunition" from its statement.

Comment: See also:

Heart - Black

Child abuse! Thai schoolchildren sealed in plastic boxes for playtime and lessons

Thia schoolchildren

Thai kindergardeners wear face masks as they play in screened in play areas used for social distancing at the Wat Khlong Toey School
Schools in Thailand are forcing students to learn and play in makeshift plastic cubicles to comply with extreme social distancing measures.

Thai children in kindergarten at the Wat Khlong Toey School in Bangkok, which has been reopened for a month, study behind perspex boxes and play with toys alone in screened-in areas.

The green light was given for schools in the country to reopen at the start of July with a series of strict measures in place.

Authorities recommended class sizes are restricted to 20-25 students while doorknobs, desks and other areas at risk of spreading infection be sanitized frequently throughout the day.

Comment: There is a very strong instinct parents have that drives them to protect their children. It's astonishing and heartbreaking to see how this instinct has been so corrupted that is is being used to abuse children instead.


Bad optic? MSNBC accused of cropping image of Biden calling Kamala to remove script he was reading

Biden/MSNBC screenshot
Presidential candidate and former VP Joe Biden
MSNBC has been accused of some comically conspicuous cropping of a photo of Joe Biden, obscuring his notes for the video call in which he told Kamala Harris she would be his 2020 election running mate.

As election season gathers pace ahead of the November vote to decide the US president, every word, photo and soundbite will be pored over endlessly by both the media and the public, which makes it all the more bizarre that MSNBC would attempt to somewhat needlessly obscure the phone script for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.


The pharmaceutical narrative is failing and a group of doctors is helping push it over the edge

© John Phillips/Getty Images
So now we don't have to listen to what those doctors said in front of the US Supreme Court, because it turns out that one of them has some whacky beliefs about sex with demons causing reproductive disorders. What a relief.

I'm not going to pretend that the things Dr. Stella Immanuel has said don't sound just a little crazy to me. They do. But I've been observing this game long enough to have a pretty good idea of how this works:
Someone says something that contradicts the dominant narrative (in this case, the narrative about medical science), and the machine that supports that narrative goes into overdrive to discredit them, with whatever information they can dig up - as long as it doesn't involve discussing the actual substance of what the person has said.
I understand that for some people, maybe even for a great many, that is the end of the conversation. So for everyone who is satisfied with the "fringe doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine also believe demon sex causes fibroids" narrative - please, stop here. Your ride is over, and you may go on believing that this group of doctors and other professionals has been thoroughly discredited by these statements.

For everyone else, if you are at all interested in why such a coordinated effort has been launched to silence and discredit this group, why-even before the sex demon stuff was uncovered - videos of the group's press conference were quickly yanked from YouTube, and why their own website was taken down without warning by its host, SquareSpace, (their new website can now be found here) then please keep reading.

Comment: See also:


Progressive activist Shaun King mocked by all sides for blatant flip-flop on Kamala Harris after Biden makes her running mate

kamala biden
© Reuters / Mike Blake
Social activist and writer Shaun King was ridiculed without mercy for a brazen about-face on his support for Kamala Harris, quickly cosying up to the senator after she became Joe Biden's VP pick, despite criticizing her for years.

King treated his 1.1-million-strong Twitter following to a lengthy defense of Harris soon after she was declared Biden's running mate on Tuesday, dubbing her "the most progressive candidate among the credible finalists for VP." Though a look through some of King's pronouncements on Harris over the years reveals a long string of attacks over her less-than-progressive stances on criminal justice, he took an altogether different tone on Tuesday, saying she had "improved drastically on all justice and policing-related issues" since 2011, when she last served as a district attorney.

The light-speed flip-flop was noticed by King's critics and supporters alike, with the former taking a more direct approach, dubbing him a "fraud" while pointing to a November 2018 tweet in which King claimed "99%" certainty that he would not support Harris or Biden, as they "both helped to build and advance mass incarceration." Quite a difference 22 months can make, given that as of Tuesday, King now ranks Harris "in the top three on justice reform issues" among US senators.

Comment: Progressive politics in a nutshell. "Oceania was always at war with Eastasia."

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Florida sheriff bans deputies from wearing masks after refusing to enforce order

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods
© NBC News
Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods
A Florida county sheriff has prohibited his officers from wearing masks while on-duty or in the office, despite the fact that the Sunshine State remains the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.

"My order will stand as is when you are on-duty/working as my employee and representing my Office - masks will not be worn," Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods told employees in an Aug. 11 email obtained by the Ocala Star-Banner.

Woods also says in the email that any residents that visit the sheriff's office will also be asked to remove their mask, or leave.

"We can debate and argue all day of why and why not. The fact is, the amount of professionals that give the reason why we should, I can find the exact same amount of professionals that say why we shouldn't," Woods said in the email.