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Sun, 20 Oct 2019
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Britain's first children's gender identity clinic - run by Tavistock Institute and NHS - hired lawyers to 'silence' book critical of gender-bender agenda

Britain's first children's gender identity clinic
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Britain's first children's gender identity clinic hired lawyers over an upcoming book that criticises its practices. They claim that many of those who contributed may have broken NHS confidentiality rules
Britain's first children's gender identity clinic hired lawyers to try to force the publishers of a book criticising its practices to let it see the contents before publication, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

A law firm instructed by the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) wrote to the editors of 'Inventing Transgender Children and Young People', which warns that the rocketing number of youngsters now seeking to change sex is becoming a scandal.

Lawyers representing Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, which runs the clinic, claimed many of those who had contributed to the book will have been employed by the gender service and may have broken NHS confidentiality rules.

Comment: Some believe that the Tavistock Institute (of which the above organization is an outgrowth) is actually a deep state think-tank responsible for anti-democratic mass propaganda to implement globalists' social engineering in the UK.

They said the Tavistock feared the book may contain comments 'defamatory' of its staff.

It warned that if the editors refused to send the book to the clinic prior to publication, the Trust reserved its 'full legal rights' to take court action.

Comment: The criticisms of Tavistock's fast-tracking of the gender-bender program, and its misinforming of children and families on having sex changes, is now damning. The following story is about a leader of the organization - who resigned in protest over what he saw occurring:
The trust running the country's only NHS gender identity service for children is under fire for dismissing a damning internal report that branded it "not fit for purpose".

Marcus Evans, one of the governors of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has resigned, after accusing its management of having an "overvalued belief in" the expertise of its Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) "which is used to dismiss challenge and examination".

Evans's decision to part company with the London-based trust, after a 35-year association, will intensify scrutiny of the service which has found itself in the eye of a storm as thousands of young people considering transitioning to another gender seek its help.

Some parents who contacted the Observer have accused the service of "fast-tracking" young people into changing gender, a charge strongly rejected by the service.

Conversely, it has also faced complaints of lengthy waiting times for access to its services and drawn-out assessment periods which the service insists are crucial to understand a person's needs.

The service has been struggling to contain the fallout from an internal report by Dr David Bell, written in his capacity as then staff governor, which warned that "the GIDS service as it now functions [is] not fit for purpose and children's ends are being met in a woeful, inadequate manner and some will live on with the damaging consequences".

In his report, which was submitted to the trust's board earlier this month and whose findings were first reported in the Observer last year, Bell expressed concern that the service was failing to fully consider psychological and social factors in a young person's background - such as whether they had been abused, suffered a bereavement or had autism - which might influence their decision to transition. Such views are dismissed by many transgender rights activists who believe they play little, if any, part in a person's desire to transition.

According to the trust, a review of Bell's claims by its medical director, Dr Dinesh Sinha, "did not identify any immediate issues in relation to patient safety or failings in the overall approach taken by the service in responding to the needs of young people and families who access its support. As in any review of this nature, it did identify areas for improvement and made several recommendations. The trust's chief executive is tasked with developing an action plan for how these will be implemented."

The trust's 15 governors, who hold its board to account, last week gave their support for it to act on the recommendations. But Evans, a psychoanalyst, subsequently resigned.

"In my 40 years of experience in psychiatry, I have learned that dismissing serious concerns about a service or approach is often driven by a defensive wish to prevent painful examination of an 'overvalued system'," he complained in his resignation email.

He added: "I do not believe we understand what is going on in this complex area and the need to adopt an attitude which examines things from different points of view is essential. This is difficult in the current environment as the debate and discussion required is continually being closed down or effectively described as 'transphobic' or in some way prejudicial."

The trust said that it was "confident that Dr Sinha, with oversight from a non-executive board member and a governor, has conducted a thorough and fair review of the issues raised". It said it intended to publish Sinha's report and the action plan in due course.

Separately, it has emerged that the trust has agreed to a unique study that will track young people referred to GIDS. It has been awarded £1.3m by the National Institute for Health Research. An independent research team will follow a group of volunteer young people referred to the service, even if they choose to leave it, the first time such a study will be conducted anywhere in the world.

The trust said this would allow researchers to compare outcomes for those who go on to use physical interventions, such as hormone blockers, and those who select an alternative pathway.

"While we know how children and young people are doing in our care, we have struggled in the absence of such research to understand how the care we provide affects them in the longer term and what choices they go on to make as they move into adulthood," said Dr Polly Carmichael, director of GIDS. "This research, alongside other research that we are conducting, will add to the evidence base around the best ways to support young people with gender dysphoria."
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Bad Guys

Texas cop who killed woman through window of her own home has resigned & may face criminal charges

Aaron Dean, Atatiana Jefferson
A Texas police officer who shot and killed a black woman through a window of her own home while she was playing video games with her nephew has resigned and may face criminal charges, the Fort Worth interim police chief has said.

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was killed after a neighbor had called a non-emergency police line for a welfare check because they noticed that her front door was open in the middle of the night. Upon arriving, one of the responding officers shouted commands before opening fire through a window after "perceiving a threat."

In a statement, police said the officer had seen a person standing inside the residence and fired one shot at the 'suspect' before going inside to give the woman emergency medical care. Jefferson died in her bedroom with her eight-year-old nephew in the house.


Nationalism doesn't mean isolationism: Why Bertrand Russell is wrong

© Wikimedia/Strategic Culture
For many years, the west has experienced an unfortunate drought of genuinely nationalist leaders.

Where the concept of national sovereignty had once been considered a sacred component of a political leader's mandate, decades of technocratic governance from above, monetarism and consumerism from below and asymmetric wars abroad has caused the word itself to be dragged through the mud of insanity.

Somehow, over the years since WWII, the word "nationalism" increasingly became associated with "authoritarianism", "fascism" and "isolationism". If one were to be respected in polite society, to be associated with "nationalism" was political death for any sophisticated statesman.

This tendency became a cartoonish joke when a poster-boy for neo-liberalism by the name of Justin Trudeau celebrated his election victory in 2015 by proclaiming that he was the leader of "the world's first post-national state". Of course, Justin was then responding to the "authoritarian nationalists" apparently disrupting the world order by "annexing" Crimea in the case of Putin's Russia and imposing "unwanted" development onto poor countries as was the case with Xi Jinping's China. The U.S elections were just around the corner, and it was obvious that Hillary Clinton couldn't possibly lose.

Comment: See also: And check out SOTT radio's:


The scandal of the Nobel Peace Prize: Should Trump win 2019's?

Hanne Nabintu Herland

Hanne Nabintu Herland
Simply by pulling forces out of Syria, the work to end the North Korean crisis, the efforts to end the Kashmir crisis, president Donald Trump is a far more worthy Nobel Peace Prize winner than US war president, Barack Obama ever was. He received the Nobel in the midst of escalating the war in Afghanistan, days after taking office. #Donald Trump for Nobel 2019.

Comment: Trump certainly is more worthy than Obama and he's doing his best but whether he's solely responsible for the above claims is reaching.

It was a shocking scandal and a strong signal that the Norwegian Nobel Committee is politically rigged. Obama had done nothing to fulfill the Alfred Nobel requirements in order to get the Peace Prize award.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has become notorious the past years for almost solely giving the prize to the Liberal US media favorites, disregarding the will of Alfred Nobel, writes Hanne Nabintu Herland, regular columnist at World Net Daily, one of America's largest Conservative outlets.

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Notorious pedophile who abused up to 200 children stabbed to death in prison

Richard Huckle

Richard Huckle
A notorious British pedophile who was serving 22 concurrent life sentences for abusing 22 children in Malaysia — and up to 200 during an eight-year spree — was stabbed to death in a prison in England, according to reports.

Richard Huckle, 33, was found dead Sunday inside his cell at the high-security Full Sutton Prison in North Yorkshire after being attacked with a makeshift knife, according to the BBC.

"Humberside Police are working closely with the Prison Service to investigate the death of an inmate and at this time we are treating the death as suspicious," police said in a statement. "It would be inappropriate to comment further while a police investigation is ongoing."


California: Lights are out, the plan all along

no power
© Noah Berger/AP
Shift supervisor James Quinn walks through a darkened CVS Pharmacy as downtown Sonoma, Calif., remains without power on Oct 9, 2019.
The power is out in Northern California. More than 1 million Californians are now without electricity, one of modern life's essentials that is frequently taken for granted. The blackout was done on purpose — to prevent sparks from powerlines that could ignite deadly wildfires.

Before planned blackouts are through in two or three days, as many as 3 million Californians may go without power. On the surface, the blackout and its causes are simple to understand. But the deeper causes are complicated, span decades of public policy, and dozens of overlapping unintended — and intended — consequences of decisions, both related and unrelated.

The wind in Northern California is blowing in from dry Nevada, as it often does this time of year. It's called the "Diablo wind." In Southern California, the comparable current blowing in from the Mojave Desert is known as the "Santa Ana winds."

In both cases, as the wind rises above California's mountain spine, then descends, it compresses and heats up. Forests, chaparral and brush, dry this time of year in California's Mediterranean climate, are primed for wildfires.

This Isn't Climate Change

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Hong Kong: Metro station smashed with metal bars and hammers by masked protesters defying emergency order

HongKong metro vandals
© Ruptly
Hong Kong vandals destroy metro station
A mob of masked demonstrators vandalized a metro station in Hong Kong, as the city scrambles to restore order. Police deployed tear gas in an attempt to disperse the violent protesters.

Dramatic video published by Ruptly shows activists using metal bars and hammers to smash up ticket machines, turnstiles and other infrastructure inside the Sha Tin Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station on Sunday. Nearly all of the vandals wore masks, in defiance of an October 4 emergency order that bans all face coverings during public assemblies.

Bystanders can be seen hurrying out of the station as the mob descends upon the public transport hub. After the mob's attempts at destroying the station's interior, police are seen advancing on the protesters, firing tear gas in hopes of quelling the riot. One clip shows the protesters spraying fire extinguishers and water hoses in the station.

Comment: More from RT, 13/10/2019: Xi's warning: Any attempt to divide China will end in 'shattered bones'
Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a blunt and unambiguous warning to any foreign actors trying to tear Hong Kong from Beijing, stating that such plots would not end well for the perpetrators.
HK protester
© REUTERS/Susana Vera
An anti-government protester uses an umbrella to spread a fire over Bank of China ATM machines during a protest in Hong Kong, China October 13, 2019.
The remarks are likely directed at Washington and several of its European allies, who have been accused by Beijing of encouraging and even supporting protests that erupted in Hong Kong in March. At the time, the demonstrations were mostly peaceful and aimed at stopping a proposed extradition agreement with mainland China. The movement has turned violent in recent weeks, with mask-clad rioters destroying public infrastructure and hurling petrol bombs at police.
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Busted! ABC News caught using old gun range footage to push fake news about Turkish 'slaughter' of Syrian Kurds

abc fake news gun footage kurds
© ABC News/Youtube
David Muir lies through his teeth on 'ABC World News Tonight'
ABC News was just busted using two year old gun range footage while reporting on Turkey 'slaughtering' the Kurds in the wake of a US withdrawal from the region.
This video right here appearing to show Turkey's military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town. The Kurds, who fought alongside the US against ISIS now horrific reports of atrocities committed by Turkish-backed fighters on those very allies" -ABC News


Heart - Black

Mom jailed for putting son through needless surgeries that left him in wheelchair

Kaylene Bowen-Wright
© Dallas County Sheriff's Department
Kaylene Bowen-Wright
A Texas mom who needlessly put her healthy son through hundreds of doctors' visits — including 13 major surgeries that left him wheelchair-bound and with a feeding tube — has been jailed for six years.

Kaylene Bowen-Wright, 36, claimed son Christopher was sick starting from his premature birth, claiming he had a rare genetic disorder and then later cancer that left him with only months to live.

By the time Christopher was 8 years old, his mom had taken him to Dallas hospitals and pediatric centers more than 320 times and subjected him to 13 unneeded surgeries, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He lived with a feeding tube for the majority of his life, spent time in a wheelchair and was even in hospice care, the paper said, with his two siblings convinced he was dying.

Arrow Down

Ohio school replaces homecoming King/Queen with gender-neutral 'homecoming royalty'

© Reuters / Carlo Allegri
An Ohio high school is doing away with gendered language for its homecoming court after two female students were crowned what would usually have been "king" and "queen" — but will now be known as "Homecoming Royalty" instead.

Milford High School said the "change in terminology was made to reflect the voice" of the student body and to "ensure all students have the opportunity to feel included."

The decision was made after the homecoming votes were tallied at last week's Friday night football game and female students, Abbey Stropes and Trinity Miller, won both titles.