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Fri, 27 Nov 2020
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Mystery surrounds Tony Scott suicide leap from Los Angeles bridge as reports that the 'Top Gun' director had inoperable brain cancer are shot down

 Tony Scott
© Gus Ruelas/AP
Director Tony Scott arrives at the premiere of Unstoppable in Los Angeles in 2010
On Sunday afternoon Scott, 68, parked his car at the crest of the Vincent Thomas suspension bridge in San Pedro, scaled a towering 18-foot barrier fence and - as witnesses looked on in horror - jumped some 185 feet to his death in Los Angeles Harbor.

An element of mystery surrounded Tony Scott's suicidal leap from a Los Angeles bridge as authorities Monday shot down a report that the action movie maestro had suffered from inoperable brain cancer.

"Through a family spokesperson, we have been advised that Mr. Scott did not have brain cancer or (an) inoperable tumor," Chief Coroner Investigator Craig Harvey told the Daily News late Monday.

ABC News had reported the dire health diagnosis earlier in the day, citing a source close to the famed director of Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II and Crimson Tide.

An autopsy was begun Monday. "We will look at any medical history," Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told The News. "We don't have anything medically confirmed at this time."


Police Shoot Mentally Ill Homeless Man 46 Times

Six officers shot a homeless man 46 times after he failed to follow their instructions in a parking lot.

A police investigation into alleged police brutality is underway in Michigan after six officers shot a homeless man 46 times after he failed to follow their instructions in a parking lot.

Amateur video captures the fatal exchange between Saginaw police and 49-year-old Milton Hall after he called the police following an argument with a convenience store clerk.

Refusing to drop a knife after repeated requests, the video shows officers unleash a volley of bullets at the agitated Hall in a move his mother, Jewel Hall Milton, described as a 'firing squad dressed in police uniforms.'


Aurora Shooting Documents to Remain Sealed

William Sylvester, the judge presiding over the criminal case against James Holmes decided on Monday that most of the documents in his case should remain sealed, but he did release some documents, which at least provide a clue to what evidence is going to come into play during the trial of the accused Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter. A cadre of news organizations filed a motion (PDF here) last week asking Judge Sylvester to lift a gag order he's placed on the University of Colorado preventing the sharing any information related to Holmes, and to open sealed court documents, but the judge largely refused the request, and only allowed the release of 34 documents in the case, mostly boilerplate motions or motions already discussed publicly, the Denver Post's Jessica Fender reported. But there is some interesting stuff in the limited document release, at least insofar as it suggests much more that has yet to be disclosed.

Bad Guys

Stirring the Pot: Republican Committee Calls for 'Armed Revolution' If Obama Re-Elected

In Virginia, the Greene County Republican Committee sent out a newsletter that reportedly calls for an armed revolution if President Obama is re-elected this November.

Greene County rests in central Virginia and sits north of Charlottesville, Virgiana

According to politicususa.com, the newsletter says that President Obama "shuns biblical praise, handicaps economic ability, disrespects the honor of earned military might," but does not present any actual proof of these claims.


Ukrainian Environmentalist Brutally Beaten to Death

Chairman of the Social Movement of Ukraine
© most-dnepr.info
Chairman of the Social Movement of Ukraine 'For the Right of Citizens to Environmental Safety,' was beaten to death on August 1.
JOLT (Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade) reports the horrific news that, four days after conducting a press conference to warn that 180 tons of dangerous chemical and radioactive industrial waste had arrived at the city of Kryvyi Rih (in the Dnipropetrovsk area of Ukraine), which was likely to be "recycled" into the consumer product stream, 57 year old Volodymyr Goncharenko (photo, left) was brutally beaten to death. He was the Chairman of Social Movement of Ukraine: For the Rights of Citizens to Environmental Security.

As reported by EJOLT, "According to Goncharenko, during the past several years, scavengers have removed from the Chernobyl exclusion zone 6 million metric tons of scrap metal that was subsequently smelted at metallurgical combines and reprocessed into new metal. While in theory each metallurgical combine should be equipped with radiation-monitoring equipment to check all incoming scrap, financial shortfalls have meant this was rarely the case. In 2007 Ukraine ranked eighth in global steel production and steel is Ukraine's leading export. One can only guess how much radioactive scrap metal has ended up in exported steel."

Heart - Black

Non-intervention policy: Hundreds watch as dozens of Jewish youths attack Palestinians

© Reuters / Suhaib Salem
Hundreds of people watched but did not intervene as a gang of Israeli youths attempted to "lynch" a group of Palestinian children in the center of Jerusalem's Zion Square, police said on Sunday. Five suspects have been arrested so far.

­Four Palestinian youths were badly beaten in the incident in central Jerusalem on Friday. The attack was short and the gang fled after knocking one victim to the ground and kicking him unconscious before police arrived.

There were several dozen attackers, according to witnesses, who say that the Jewish youths were shouting "death to the Arabs" and seemed to be on the hunt for Palestinian victims.

Some witnesses described the attack as a "lynch," while Israeli authorities claimed the attack was a typical brawl between Israeli and Palestinian young people. However, on Sunday, police called the event a "lynching," Haaretz reports.

Comment: See Horror: Jewish teens lynch Arab youth in Jerusalem, which includes an eye-witness testimony leaving no doubt that this was a lynch. It was the Israeli media and authorities who decided after the fact that "brawl" would sound a little better to Zionist ears.

Heart - Black

Israeli Terrorists: Palestinian Father, Mother And Children Injured By Settlers Firebomb

injured Palestinian Israeli firebomb
© Maan News Agency
Palestinian medical sources in Bethlehem reported Thursday that a cab driver, a Palestinian father, mother and their children, from Nahhalin town, near Bethlehem, suffered moderate to severe injuries after fundamentalist Israeli settlers hurled a firebomb at the Palestinian cab.

The attack took place when the Palestinian Taxi was driving near the illegal Bat Ayin and Gavot illegal settlements, close to the Gush Etzion settlement block, south the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Medical sources reported that a cab driving a Palestinian family was attacked by extremist settlers who also hurled a firebomb at it leading to six injuries; the wounded six family members received initial treatment in Bethlehem before being moved to the Hadassah Israeli hospital in Jerusalem due to the seriousness of their injuries.

Comment: Attacking four year olds with molotov cocktails - it doesn't get any more evil than that.


Brazil drug gangs move to ban crack

© Shutterstock
Crack is whack, and even the most powerful drug gangs in Rio aren't disputing that fact.

Amid a painful and violent uptick in crack-cocaine usage and facing increasingly successful police strategies pushing them out of the favelas, the most powerful drug gang in Brazil's capital of Rio de Janeiro has opened up a public relations front, telling members of the press that they will no longer sell crack because it destabilizes communities.

Authorities in Rio aren't buying it, however. They believe the new twist in strategy is part of a smokescreen to confuse continued efforts at pacification, a police strategy that's successfully pushed heavily armed drug gangs out of many areas in Rio's notoriously violent slums, where civilians all to often wind up as innocent victims of stray gunfire.

Pacification techniques factor heavily into the city's plans to host the 2016 summer Olympics, especially since Brazilian officials do not want visiting athletes or tourists to see the city's open-air drug markets or relatively common violent side. By pacifying areas near where the games will be held, authorities have succeeded in creating a relatively safe public space, gradually winning hearts and minds.


Julian Assange's mother hangs up on Sieg Heil-ing radio host

© Presidencia de la República del Ecuador
Photo of Christine Assange.
Christine Assange, the mother of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, was due to speak about her son with an Australian Sunday morning radio host when things went terribly wrong.

After hearing John-Michael Howson shout down the previous guest, Wikileaks Australian Alliance cofounder Sam Castro, and subject her to what Assange later described as "a torrent of verbal abuse," Assange told him, "I won't be doing an interview with you because you're acting like a pig."

Howson then began screaming, "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!" and Assange hung up on him.

Howson claimed afterwards that he had reacted the way he had because Assange was attempting to censor him. "She comes on and says to me she's not going to talk about - that to me shows her trying to censor me," he insisted. "I'm not going to be censored by her, so I said, 'Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!' ... it's a Nazi mentality by these people."


Comedian Phyllis Diller dies at 95

© NBC/Getty Images
Actress/comedian Phyllis Diller has died at the age of 95, her agent confirmed to NBC News on Monday.

"She was a true pioneer," Fred Wostbrock said. "The first female stand-up comedian. She paved the way for everybody. She paved the way for Joan Rivers, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler. Phyllis was the first of the first. The first female to play Vegas ... she was on Broadway, she made movies. She did it all."

Her longtime manager, Milton Suchin, told The Associated press, "She died peacefully in her sleep with a smile on her face."

According to E!, her son Perry found her. She is also survived by two daughters.

Diller suffered a near-fatal heart attack in 1999. The cause of her death has not been released.