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7 family members killed in multiple home shooting - killer not yet apprehended

road closed
© Aaron Josefczyk / Reuters
Seven members of the same family have been killed at an Ohio home, according to the state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The shooter is on the loose, local media outlets report.

Authorities are searching for the suspect, according to WKRC. Fox 19 has reported that the shootings occurred at three different scenes, rather than at one house. Aerial video and photos show numerous law enforcement vehicles in the area.

Peebles High School is on a "lockout" as a precaution, meaning that classes will continue but no one is allowed to come or go. The high school is about 10 miles from the shooting scene.

Eye 2

Psychopath: Woman arrested for filming herself raping child and sharing it online

Renee Deen
© Beavercreek PoliceRenee Deen, 26
A woman in Beavercreek, Ohio was arrested by police for allegedly filming herself while raping a child under 10 years of age - and for distributing that video to others.

It's unclear when exactly the rape occurred, but police arrested 26-year-old Renee Deen on Tuesday after they were alerted to a video that showed the alleged crime, WRGT News reported. Deen had shared the footage, apparently recorded on a digital device, with an unknown number of people via her computer, and a third party notified police when they came upon it.

"It's very disturbing and I couldn't wrap my mind around it as to why someone would even do it in the first place,"Beavercreek resident Melissa Williams said when asked about the incident by WHIO.

Deen was taken to jail in Greene County and charged with rape and pandering sexual matter involving a minor. Deen may be released on bond, but if not then she will remain behind bars until her case heads to a grand jury.

Evil Rays

The FBI honeypot entrapment of Khalil Abu Rayyan: Just another case of FBI incitement and radicalization

Screen grab from Exhibit C Conversation 1/25/16 between Rayyan and “Jannah Bride.”

Comment: The FBI's behavior here is criminal and inexcusable. In fact, it's psychopathic. All the FBI's agents involved in this scheme (and countless others like it) should be arrested and tried for radicalization and incitement to terrorism. Not only did they engineer the event that led to Rayyan's suicidal depression by breaking his heart, they tried to steer that depression into him planning to inflict violence on others. Utterly disgusting.

After one woman broke his heart, Khalil Abu Rayyan, a 21-year-old Michigan man, contemplated suicide. Then, when he confided his dark thoughts to another woman, she suggested he steer his violence toward other people.

Both women, it turned out, were FBI honeypots, and one of the recorded conversations with Rayyan entered into ongoing court proceedings provides a rare glimpse into how federal informants work.

The U.S. government now alleges that Rayyan, who has been indicted on federal gun charges, is an Islamic State sympathizer who talked of attacking a church in Detroit. Federal prosecutors have not filed terrorism-related charges, yet they are handling Rayyan's indictment with the secrecy of a national security investigation.

The government has proposed a "limited protective order" that "would have kept sealed anything that even summarized material the government deemed sensitive," according to a filing by the defense, which has so far refused to accept the proposal.


Bystander apathy: Video shows man dying in Chicago street while witnesses do nothing

Still of man before being killed
© Chicago Sun-Times / YouTube
Dozens of people looked on as a man lay in the street after suffering a surprise knockout blow to the head outside a 7-Eleven in Chicago. Video footage shows that bystanders did nothing except walk away, even when a taxi cab ran over the man, killing him.

In the two minutes that Marques Gaines, a cocktail server, was unconscious in the crosswalk on North State Street, cars drove around him and passersby did nothing to help, security surveillance video released Wednesday showed.

Moments later, a taxi turned the corner and drove over Gaines, who died at a Chicago hospital a short time later. The incident occurred on February 7.


Loud boom heard in Ocean City, Maryland blamed on military jets

Ocean City, New Jersey
© Grant L. GurskyOC Boardwalk Arch near North Division Street in Ocean City.
A loud boom heard Monday morning in Ocean City was likely caused by military jets that frequently fly over the area, according to Jessica Waters, a spokeswoman for the town.

The boom was heard around 11:40 a.m., she said.

Jets out of Navy bases in Norfolk and Patuxent River in Southern Maryland often fly over the beach resort from time to time and can caused disturbances for Delmarva residents.

"We certainly do experience it from time to time," Waters said.

Comment: Booms and tremors in Ocean City, Maryland blamed on military jets (yeah, right!)


Poll reveals Danes aren't buying the military-industrial complex & its 'new Cold War'

anti-russian propaganda
A survey carried out just weeks before Denmark' government finally reveals which new fighter jet will replace the ageing stock of F-16s in the Danish Air Force has revealed that the majority of Danes are against buying a replacement altogether.

The survey, performed by Wilke on behalf of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, revealed that 53.3 percent of Danes are against splurging out 30 billion kroner (roughly 4.5 billion dollars) on a new fleet of fighter jets. The news has put the Defense Minister, Peter Christiansen, on the defensive, Børsen reported.

"Times have changed since the fall of the Berlin Wall, when we all were assured that the NATO nations were safe and secure," Christiansen told Jyllands-Posten newspaper, arguing that Denmark must, as fellow NATO nations, intensify its defense effort.

Comment: An excellent look at how government officials act as little more than PR for the military-industrial complex - the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, remember why you need Boeing! Good for Denmark that the people aren't buying it.

Red Flag

Nazi flag hoisted in remembrance of Hitler's birthday, residents horrified

Nazi flag
© facebook.comA flag on the play...
Residents of Vetlanda, a small Swedish town of 13,050 people, woke up to see a Nazi flag flying outside the town hall on Wednesday morning. The swastika banner is thought to have been a silent homage to Adolf Hitler, born on that day in 1889. The flag was spotted by a town hall employee and was quickly taken down by an on-call caretaker, with the incident classed as "incitement to racial hatred," Swedish SVT television reported.

"The flag will be handed over to the police and a report is going to be made," Mayor Magnus Färjhage told the broadcaster, calling the incident "unacceptable," stressing that it is "a single isolated event." "Vetlanda strives to be an open community and this goes totally against [our aspirations.] It is truly sad," Färjhage said.

"[This] is a clear assault on our open democracy and our fundamental values," said the Council Executive Committee's Chairman Henrik Tvarnö of the Social Democrat party and Deputy Chairman Jan Johansson of local party Vetlanda Framåtanda in a joint statement, the Local reported.

Local residents have voiced their outrage on Facebook. "What a horrible affront to all people who have fallen victim to this terrible ideology. Awful that the echo of history doesn't reach all residents of our little town," Charlotte Blom wrote.

"Disgusting," Jonna Palmér Hjalmarsson commented. "Hope they catch those who did it," Mattias Nilsson added. Police have launched an investigation into the incident. It's not the first time a Nazi flag has popped up on Hitler's birthday in Vetlanda. Last year it was raised outside the Njudung school.

Comment: Maybe the flag will spur folks to remember the manipulation and travesty of that time and be able to see those aspects in their own communities before they reach the point of no return. History provides clues and we would do well to take heed.


Texas woman commits suicide with young children in car

Christine Woo
A woman from a Dallas suburb who was found dead inside her sport-utility vehicle with her three children alive in the back seat committed suicide, police said on Thursday.


Macedonians protest amnesty decision for officials accused of wiretapping, fraud, corruption

Macedonia protest
© Robert Atanasovski / AFPProtesters in the main square of Skopje after the president's shocking decision to halt probes into the 56 public officials embroiled in a wire-tapping scandal.
Several thousand anti-government protesters took to the streets of Macedonian capital, Skopje, to decry the president's blanket amnesty for officials accused of fraud and corruption. The pardoned charges included election violations, wiretapping and illegal business deals.

The demonstration, organized by the civil movement "Objection," began its way near the headquarters of the prosecutor's office. The activists then marched to the parliament. Among their slogans displayed were, "Resignation, resignation," "Where there's no truth, there's no peace" and "Mafia to jail."

Wednesday's demonstration in Skopje remained largely peaceful, despite protesters spraying several government institutions, as well as several monuments, with paint.
Reinforced police squads were called to the area to ensure order, including special units of the Interior Ministry. They cordoned off several streets. Protests over the amnesty have taken place daily over the past week, with activists decrying President Gjorge Ivanov's decision to pardon the figures accused of crimes against the state. Similar rallies have been held in nine cities across the republic.

The situation in the Balkan nation has been tense since March, after Macedonia's constitutional court allowed the president to pardon politicians accused of electoral fraud. Thousands took to the streets of Skopje following the decision. The mass outrage then escalated on April 12, after Ivanov decided to drop criminal proceedings against a number of former and current officials, participants of the so-called "Bomb Affair," who were suspected of large-scale embezzlement of government funds and organizing mass wiretapping of phones in the country. Activists also demand the rescheduling of the next parliamentary elections from June 5 to a later date, as well as calling for a technocratic government to be reformed.

On April 22, leaders of the main Macedonian parties will meet in Vienna, where they are expected to discuss possible solutions to the political crisis that has enveloped the Balkan nation.

Comment: "Corruption" is proving to be a virulent strand of political DNA, spreading throughout governments everywhere. Where there is a playable weakness, regime change is sure to follow.


Russia sends 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Ecuador after massive earthquake

Russian plane
© Sputnik/ Alexei Danichev
The Russian Emergencies Ministry has sent a plane carrying 30 tonnes (metric tons) of humanitarian aid to Ecuador, where a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake occurred on Saturday.

"Under the order of the President of the Russian Federation [Vladimir Putin] to the Russian Emergencies Ministry an IL-76 [Ilyushin or Candid] plane left for Ecuador from the Ramenskoye airfield near Moscow," a ministry spokesperson told RIA Novosti early on Thursday.

The 30 metric tons of aid that the aircraft is carrying include food, tents and mobile power stations. A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador on Saturday, leading to the death of over 500 people.

Earlier this week, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said the damage caused by the natural disaster would cost as much as $3 billion.