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Containing Germany: Volkswagen to buy back or fix faulty cars over contrived 'emissions scandal'

Volkswagon plant
© REUTERS/ Fabian Bimmer
Volkswagen has reached an agreement with the US authorities to settle the emissions scandal, and will offer US consumers either a monetary compensation or an opportunity to fix faulty cars, local media reported on Thursday.

The company will buy back or fix about 500,000 diesel cars, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Volkswagen emission scandal became public when the US Environmental Protection Agency accused the German automaker of using software to falsify emission test results for its diesel-engine cars.

In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted that it had installed software in their vehicles to falsify emission tests. The company later clarified that an estimated 11 million diesel-engine cars worldwide were emitting up to 20 times more greenhouse gas than showed in the tests.

Comment: This whole 'scandal' is based on industrial sabotage. This is the US/Western Order giving the rising Germany 'something to think about', much like the contrived 'euro crisis', the contrived 'Ukraine crisis' and the contrived 'refugee crisis'.

They can't have Germany cosying up to Russia, and the best way to ensure that is to keep it weighed down in expensive runarounds.

The NSA undoubtedly has heaps of insider data it can 'leak' at any time - not least corporate emails. That is, after all, the primary function of the US 'National Security State'.


Reduced sentencing for New Orleans cops who plead guilty to shooting Katrina survivors

Katrina hurricane new orleans
© Vincent Laforet / ReutersAn aerial view of the devastation caused by high winds and heavy flooding in the greater New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana, August 30, 2005
Five former New Orleans police officers have pleaded guilty to the shooting of six unarmed civilians who were crossing Danziger Bridge in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The guilty pleas have come more than a decade after the shootings, which killed two people - a mentally disabled man and a teenager - and seriously injured four others.

The defendants also pleaded guilty for their roles in what the US Justice Department termed "an extensive cover-up of the shooting".

The victims were among a group of black families and friends crossing the bridge in search of food and relatives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on September 4, 2005.

Initial police accounts from the incident claimed the officers were responding to reports of gunshots on the bridge, resulting in the pursuit of six suspects. The officers involved claimed they opened fire in self-defense.

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4 ways Erdoğan killed Turkey's tourism industry

Svijet je ponekad zabavno mjesto: Porošenko želi Erdoganu pokloniti Krim
The golden segment of Turkey's economy has been killed by a series of unforgivable domestic and foreign policy mistakes, columnist Mehmet Tezkan wrote in Wednesday's issue of the Istanbul-based newspaper Milliyet.

The first mistake was the decision to meddle in Syria, which resulted in the arrival in Turkey of almost 3 million refugees fleeing the civil war in the long-troubled Arab country. Thousands of them have drowned in the Aegean Sea, which many now call "The Sea of Death."

"Would you like to spend your vacation in a seaside town with such an image? Would you sail into a sea whose bottom is littered with the bodies of dead children?" Tezkan wrote.

Comment: Further reading: The EU-Turkey Refugee Deal & Other Strange Tales

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Ukrainians forging fake Moldovan passports to gain entry to the EU

Independence Square, Kiev
© Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images
A lot of Ukrainian citizens are forging fake Moldovan passports, desperately trying to get into the European Union (EU) without a visa, the Ukrainian Pravda newspaper said.

Ukrainians are using illegal ways to obtain Moldovan passports. Over the past five years, over 1,200 Ukrainians have become citizens of Moldova.

Between 2011 and 2015, 216 cases of "fake" Moldovan passports have been identified and along with another 41 attempts to illegally obtain Moldovan citizenship, the Ukrainian newspaper said, citing the Moldovan anti-corruption website

Comment: The question arises - are these passports forged by civilians using their last dimes to escape the collapse of their country, or are there shadier elements involved? Either way, it's thanks to the West that Ukraine is in such a position.


Mexico oil plant explosion: 3 dead, dozens injured, hundreds evacuated as huge toxic cloud released

Mexico Pemex explosion
© Ignacio Carvajal / AFPView of smoke following an explosion at the petrochemistry installation of Mexican Oil Company PEMEX in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz state, Mexico on April 20, 2016.
Three people are confirmed dead and over 100 injured in a blast at a Pemex oil facility in the Mexican port city of Coatzacoalcos, which triggered a massive fire sending out a toxic cloud. Hundreds of people in nearby areas have been evacuated.

Veracruz state Governor Javier Duarte said on Twitter that as many as 105 people have been hospitalized, 58 of which were plant employees.

Luis Felipe Puente, the head of Mexico's federal emergency services, confirmed to Reuters earlier that three people had been killed and 45 injured in the blast.

Puente added that 2,000 workers were evacuated from site during the fire.

Petróleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, earlier said in a statement on its Twitter account that the explosion took place at the Clorados 3 (Chlorine 3) plant, which is operated by Mexichem, an associate company.

Footage of thick, dark smoke rising into the air was posted online following the blast.

Local media report that the explosion has released toxic substances, such as Chloroethane, into the air.

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Dashcam video shows callous cops listening to 3 girls scream as they drowned - earlier hailed as heroes after lying about attempted rescue

cops florida three girls drown
Dominique Battle, 16, Ashaunti Butler, 15 and Laniya Miller, 15
Newly released dash cam footage reveals a Florida sheriff lied last month when he falsely claimed that his deputies took off their gun belts and attempted to save three drowning teenage girls. Instead of attempting to rescue the dying teens, the deputies can be seen on video standing beside the pond while listening to the girls' final screams.

According to Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, a friend asked 35-year-old Damien Marriott to drive the three teenage girls to Child's Park on Wednesday, March 30. For some reason, Marriott reportedly stopped at a Walmart to buy a TV when he left his keys in the ignition with the engine running along with three girls that he did not know sitting in his 1990 Honda Accord. Although Child's Park closes at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays, Marriott did not return to his vehicle or report his car stolen until 8:30 p.m. that night.

Several hours later, deputies reported seeing the Honda run a red light without its headlights on during a pursuit. Entering the back of a cemetery, the girls accidentally drove the Honda into a pond as deputies exited their vehicles and remained standing on shore.

Comment: Cops suffer no consequences for brutality and murder.


Government announces plans to spray Seattle with 'GMO bacteria'

© Unknown
In an attempt to kill Asian and European gypsy moths, the Washington State Department of Agriculture has approved a pesticide-bacteria spraying program to be used OVER the city of Seattle. Scary.

Residents oppose the program and rightly so; many remember the US government testing harmful bacteria on civilians (the 1966 Navy Operation Sea Spray). The citizens of Seattle would be wise to test the state, ask questions, demand answers, and maybe even run independent third party tests on the chemicals (a bacteria with pesticide properties called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), the same bacteria gene commonly used in GM crops to kill insects).

According to KOMO News, the moths are invasive and have ferocious appetites for maple, oak, and foliage from trees and plants. The Department of Agriculture is worried about the amount of damage the moths could cause and the economic and environmental implications that would ensue.

An area in Vancouver was sprayed last Saturday and then will move in to Kent, Lacey, Gig Harbor, Nisqually and end at Seattle's Capitol Hill. The Department of Ag will use a red and white fixed wing plane to drop the pesticide.

Comment: Scary indeed!

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Turkish border guards continue killing women and children fleeing war-torn Syria

syrian refugees
© Osman Orsal / Reuters
Eight Syrians were killed by Turkish border guards while fleeing violence in their war-torn country, according to footage obtained by The Times. Most of the victims were women and children.

The group was trying to cross into Turkey through a mountain smuggling route at the western end of the border on Sunday night, but were forced back by government forces firing live rounds.

Video footage recorded on a mobile phone reportedly shows a man carrying his young son after the boy was shot in both legs. The father is seen turning back down the mountain path in search of medical help.


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'Working to get money out of politics worth arrest': Ben & Jerry's co-founders standing up against corruption of US politics

Ben and Jerry ice cream
© Fred Prouser / Reuters
Standing up against the corruption of US politics by corporate money is worth being arrested for, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the co-founders of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, told RT after being detained at the Capitol with a group of 300 protesters.

Monday's mass arrest of hundreds of people in the US capital was "a culmination of a week of protests that began with a march from Philadelphia to Washington DC," Ben Cohen, the ice cream brand's co-founder, said.

Comment: See also: What if the US gave an election and nobody came?

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Heartless Israeli ambulance crews are denying injured Palestinians medical treatment

Israeli death squad
© AFPIsraeli death squad steps over a Palestinian man after killing him in the center of the Israeli-occupied city of al-Khalil (Hebron), October 29, 2015.
Israeli ambulance crews adopt a policy of denying injured Palestinians treatment, say rights groups

There is mounting evidence that Israeli ambulance crews are withholding treatment from Palestinians injured during a wave of attacks over the past six months, according to rights groups.

Physicians for Human Rights in Israel, a medical watchdog group, found that wounded Palestinians had been left untreated for as long as two hours.

In some cases, it is believed medical teams failed to tend to the injuries of suspected attackers as revenge, in the expectation that they would die from their wounds.

In parallel, says the group, Israeli soldiers regularly deny Palestinian crews in the occupied territories access to injured Palestinians in violation of international agreements. Palestinian ambulances have been regularly fired on and paramedics attacked as they tried to reach the scene.

Physicians for Human Rights accused Israel's leading medical bodies - the Israeli Medical Association, which lays down ethical codes, and Magen David Adom, which supervises ambulance services - of ignoring the evidence it has collected of such abuses.

"We have seen no serious response to our complaints, no investigations, not even an attempt to meet us. They don't appear to want to give answers," Mor Efrat, a researcher for the rights group, told Al-Jazeera.