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Tue, 18 May 2021
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Governor says Utah won't mandate masks in schools next fall

Mask protest
© Spencer Cox
Mask protest • Farmington, Utah
Utah's governor said Thursday the state has no plans to require masks for students in K-12 schools next fall, following months of mounting pressure from parents calling for the mandate's end.

Republican Gov. Spencer Cox has previously defended his administration's decision to mandate masks in schools this school year against parent protests, but now says the state's rising vaccination rates indicate that districts are prepared to limit restrictions. He spoke to The Associated Press:
"We now have the ability for those that have concerns about the virus to protect ourselves much more. We have better masks available and opportunities for people to make those decisions."
Dozens of districts nationwide have already dropped mask mandates and many more districts have indicated they are likely to not require them next fall. At least half of states still have statewide mask mandates in place, and many school districts still require masks. The school-tracking site Burbio found 62% of schools were offering in-person learning every day by late April.

Cardboard Box

'Pet mystery box': China's dog and cat mail-order craze causes new outrage

Boxed animals
© handout/KJN
Animals in plastic-wrapped boxes screech in distress
Denied food and water for transport
Pet mystery box, an online surprise gift
An illegal cat and dog mail-order courier operation, which offered an online pet sale gimmick also known as a 'pet mystery box', has been exposed and shut down by animal rights activists in Southwestern China.

Chengdu Municipal Postal Administration in Sichuan province revealed this week that it had launched an investigation into courier operation Hehuachi Station of ZTO Express for sending live animals through the postal system.

Volunteers from Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescuing Centre found workers at the delivery station had packaged a total of 156 cats and dogs into separate boxes before couriering them in vans, state media CCTV reported.

When the volunteers arrived at the station in the city's Jinniu District earlier this week they were greeted by screeching animals. The animals were found wrapped up in boxes with plastic bags, making it difficult for them to breathe. The volunteers also found four dead animals.

"Once the doors of the van close, the animals in it will definitely be suffocated to death," Chen Yulian, founder of the animal centre said. Chen said the delivery station did not feed the animals prior to delivery to prevent them from defecating during transit. She added that when animals died during transportation, workers would just dump the bodies on the side of the road.

No Entry

'Stay out of our state!' Florida Gov DeSantis warns protesters not to come to Florida or 'there will be consequences'

© Getty Images
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out against violent protests today saying he wants the BLM/Antifa protesters to stay out of Florida or face consequences.

He had just announced a bonus for first responders of $1,000 (see below) and called it "Fund the Police" instead of the left's "Defund the Police." Governor DeSantis is putting his money where his mouth is with this move.

Governor DeSantis made it clear that he supports peaceful protests but refuses to put up with violent protests like the ones in Seattle and Portland. He mentioned that he called out the National Guard as soon as people got violent and made the point that those who are most harmed by a spike in crime are the most vulnerable people.

Governor DeSantis made another great move on Wednesday to support law enforcement, saying he'll give each person serving a bonus of $1,000. This is a clever take on the left's "Defund the Police" movement, but it's "FUND the Police" instead. One thing about DeSantis is he's not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the left, unlike many Republicans.

Comment: DeSantis said: "Some want to defund the police. We're funding the police and then some." His entire statement is in the video below:


Colombian police deploy tear gas and water cannons to repel assault on parliament building amid anti-gov protests

Colombia riot
© Luisa Gonzalez/Reuters
A rioter throws an object at police officers outside Colombia’s parliament building
Bogota, Colombia • May 5, 2021
Rioters have attacked Colombia's parliament during a demonstration in the country's capital Bogota. A since-withdrawn unpopular tax reform plan triggered weeklong protests and clashes across the country.

Dozens broke through the perimeter fences during a massive rally at Bolivar Square in Bogota on Wednesday and stormed the building that houses both chambers of Colombia's parliament, while lawmakers were in session. Police fired volleys of teargas and deployed water cannons to disperse the angry crowd as armored police vehicles rushed through the streets of Bogota.

MP Juanita Goebertus tweeted that the session was suspended and lawmakers were evacuated when the crowd attacked the building. The session was later resumed.

The protests, which were sparked by controversial tax reform and have been raging across the South American country since April 28, saw fierce clashes with police, arson and looting.

Comment: Glimpses of what transpired in Bogota as the people respond to proposals to raise taxes and eliminate exemptions during a time of severe economic crisis:


Shocking video shows random stabbing of two Asian women in San Francisco

san fran police

First responders at the scene where two Asian women were stabbed in San Francisco on May 4, 2021.
Video published on Thursday shows the random stabbing of two elderly Asian women in San Francisco — including one who was attacked so brutally that the blade broke off in her body, according to a local report.

The chilling footage, obtained by KGO-TV, shows the attacker creeping up behind one of the women at a bus stop in the California city, around 7 p.m. Tuesday.

He stabs her in the back — before calmly approaching the second victim and knifing her, too.

A bystander rushes over to help and cradles the woman, who had fallen backward onto the ground, according to the shocking clip.

"The assailant walked up to their victim stabbed them and very casually walked away in broad daylight," witness Jenny Shao told local outlet KPIX.

Another person, who wasn't named by the outlet, said they saw the attacker holding the blade "really tight like he wanted to do something."

"And before you know he was behind this lady with a black jacket and you saw all the feathers go flying, so he sliced her, she screamed," the witness said.

Police later arrested 54-year-old Patrick Thompson for the brutal crime. He was charged Wednesday with attempted murder.

Comment: Thompson, 54, has been charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and elder abuse.
Thompson has a criminal background that includes assault with a deadly weapon likely to cause great bodily injury, according to KGO-TV.

He was arrested in 2017 and sent to a state mental hospital after being found incompetent to stand trial, the district attorney's office said.

In 2018, Thompson was sent into a state Mental Health Diversion program that provides "intensive, court-monitored treatment and services," the District Attorney's office said.

A judge allowed him to be released from the program after nearly two years. He wasn't charged with any new offenses. But he was arrested on warrants for missing court dates, including in April 2020, when he also was found to be in possession of a drug pipe, prosecutors said.

"What happened is a devastating tragedy, and we will use the full force of our office's resources to prosecute this case. We also need to work hard to stop the next crime from happening, and that involves prevention and treatment," the District Attorney's office statement said. "Mr. Thompson needed intensive supervision and services — which he received during Mental Health Diversion and which prevented new criminal behavior."

"We also must implement stronger responses to addressing the mental health crisis in our streets in order to keep our community safe," the statement said. "For over 40 years, we have failed to invest resources into treatment, supportive housing, and other necessary services for those who are mentally ill and their families. We are all less safe as a result of that legacy."
White supremacy? It's the only possible explanation.


Maricopa County withholding subpoenaed hardware from election audit, citing alleged 'security risk'

Maricopa Flag and buildings
© Maricopa County
Maricopa County flag and government buildings
Officials in Arizona's Maricopa County are withholding materials subpoenaed by the state legislature as part of its audit of the county's 2020 election, claiming that surrendering them would constitute a security risk for both law enforcement and federal agencies.

A Monday letter sent from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office to Ken Bennett, the former Arizona secretary of state and the liaison between the state Senate and the auditors, said the county had elected not to turn over "several routers" requested by the legislature due to an alleged
"significant security risk to law enforcement data utilized by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as well as numerous federal agencies. We had previously believed that the risk would be eliminated by redacting the law enforcement data on the routers and not producing it. But we were informed that redaction did not eliminate the risk."
Bennett told Just the News that the state Senate's subpoena had requested
"access or control of all routers and tabulators ... used in connection with the administration of the 2020 election" as well as "the public IP of the [routers].

"I don't know why the routers in a tabulation and election center have anything to do with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office or numerous federal agencies. The sheriff's department and the Maricopa County tabulation and election center aren't even in the same building."

Comment: Cooperation is hard to come by these days!


Over 500 people admitted to hospital with coronavirus after getting vaccinated

UK ambulances
© Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
Paramedics unload a patient from ambulance • Royal London Hospital
More than 500 people who received their coronavirus jabs have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19, a UK study has found.

Researchers at Liverpool University said the patients had all received one dose of the vaccine at least three weeks before they were admitted. They said the patients were largely frail and elderly, while the number of people who were hospitalised represented only around 1 per cent of the 52,000 people involved in the research.

The report warns:
"Elderly and vulnerable people who had been shielding, may have inadvertently been exposed and infected either through the end-to-end process of vaccination, or shortly after vaccination through behavioural changes where they wrongly assume they are immune."
The study found a total of 526 people were admitted to hospital and 113 people died in what the research team called "vaccine failures". But they noted the amount of failures were not surprising based on the results at trials.

Black Cat

Armed standoff at Portland protest turns into scuffle after motorist and 'volunteer security' aim GUNS at each other

portland antifa armed threat
© Screenshot Twitter / @canadarcho
Dramatic video of an armed standoff in Portland, Oregon has been shared widely on Twitter. It shows a group of protesters aiming their guns at a pistol-wielding motorist before tackling and disarming him at a blocked intersection.

In the 28-second clip, the armed group aims at the driver of a red truck and tells him to put his "f**king gun down!" The video then skips to a later moment in the confrontation in which the driver gets out of the vehicle and is surrounded.

Shouts of "Get the weapon!" and "Get him on the ground!" are heard as the driver is gang-tackled after pulling out an object that appears to be a weapon and points it at the group.


Portland DA finally gets serious: Antifa May Day rioters charged with felonies

antifa rioters charged portland

Antifa May Day rioters arrested.
Five of the seven arrested over the riots have been previously accused of or convicted for their role in other Black Lives Matter-Antifa riots.

The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office has announced it is moving forward with prosecuting three suspect rioters connected to the violent Antifa protests in Portland, Ore. on May Day.

On Saturday night, around 50 people in black bloc descended on the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in a pre-announced riot. The facility is among one of many government buildings targeted and set on fire dozens of times over the past 11 months by far-left rioters. Five of the seven arrested over the riots have been previously accused of or convicted for their role in other Black Lives Matter-Antifa riots.


Sorry for the mansplain, but girls, pretty soon your gender will no longer exist, you're getting cancelled...unless you speak up!

transgender flag
© Reuters / Brendan McDermid
An exam board in England is proposing that a 'women in literature' A-level module be replaced by 'gender in literature'. But why stop at authors? Why not just go the whole hog? It's coming anyway, let's just delete 'women'.

Resist! Females of the world, it's time to resist!

Women. Girls. Ladies and lasses. Birds and broads. Chicks and babes. Whatever. All you lovely biological human females. Sorry to have to break the news to you, but you're on the road to cancellation. This brave new world we seem to be falling face first into can only lead to your disappearance.

It's a fact, you need to face it. You're all gonna be blended together into a bland and gender-free nothingness just to placate a tiny - yet hugely vocal - minority.