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Wed, 01 Dec 2021
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Massive strike to paralyze Prague, Czech Republic

cz strike
© www.dpmj.cz
Prague - From Madrid to Athens, EU governments are currently seeing mounting opposition of some social sectors against austerity reforms.

On Monday 13 June, this protest wave will flood the Czech Republic, and above all its capital, with massive strike and blockades planned by the country's labor unions on the same day. The capital is expected to be totally paralyzed - it is likely that even the subway will not operate.

Comment: Tthe strike was to take place on Monday June 13. After the Prague municipal court ruled it illegal, arguing that the organizers had failed to announce the protest three working days in advance it was moved to Thursday June 16 .

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The strike will be probably the largest protest against the center-right government established approximately one year ago and the austerity reforms it plans. However, rather than by popular protests, the coalition is currently threatened above all by its own internal rupture, and it is increasingly uncertain whether it will be able to complete its full term.


US: Louisvillian Charged in Shooting of 12-Year-Old Boy

A 56-year-old man charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a 12-year-old Glenmary boy Monday night was described by a neighbor as "low key."

"I'm shocked," said Ida Buffat, who lives on Hall Farm Drive just down the street from Michael Bishop, who was arrested and charged with shooting the boy.

Police said the boy had been playing a game with other children in which they would run up to a home, ring the doorbell or knock, and then run away.

The boy, whose name is not being released because of his age, suffered a possible buckshot injury from a shotgun, said Dwight Mitchell, a Louisville Metro Police spokesman. He said police are still investigating what kind of ammunition was used.

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Canada: Woman's Lawn Goes Missing

© Denise Thompson, globaltvedmonton.com
A north-end homeowner is puzzled about her disappearing lawn
Denise Thompson had a beautiful front lawn, thick and green. It was where her four children and two dogs played, and where she drank coffee on sunny mornings.

Then someone stole it. They didn't even leave a note.

"Now my place looks like I'm a farmer who just plowed and is ready to put their seeds down," she said Monday.

Thompson and her children went to visit her husband in Stettler Friday morning. They returned to their Kilkenny neighbourhood home Sunday afternoon. The family entered through the back door and everything seemed fine.

Then Thompson opened the blinds on the large picture window in the front room.

"Oh my God," she thought. "Where is my grass?"


US: Religious Relic Stolen From Catholic Church In Long Beach

A 780-year-old religious relic of the patron saint of lost causes and missing objects was stolen from a Catholic church near Los Angeles on Monday, just hours after it was put on display to commemorate the feast of St. Anthony, police said.

The relic, which is only brought out on special occasions, was stolen from inside a cabinet beside the altar at the St. Anthony Catholic Church in Long Beach on Monday morning, police Lt. Paul Arcala said.

The Reverend Jose Magana said he decided to bring out the relic this year, on the 780th anniversary of the death of St. Anthony, because many of his parishioners have lost hope in the rough economy.

"It has no financial value, but it's our history, so it's irreplaceable," Magana said. "It belongs to the church, not just the church here in Long Beach, but the entire Catholic church."

The church opened at 6 a.m., and when Magana turned to the relic during the 9 a.m. Mass, it had disappeared. Magana could hear his parishioners gasp when they realized it was gone, but he continued with the service and called police immediately afterward.

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US: Man Dies While Raping Elderly South Texas Woman

Investigators said a man has died while in the act of raping an elderly South Texas woman.

The Refugio County Sheriff's Office identified the man as 53-year-old Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez. Sheriff's Sgt. Gary Wright said the incident happened June 2 after he rode two miles by bicycle from his home to that of his 77-year-old victim in the tiny coastal community of Tivoli.

Wright said the 5'-7", 230-to-250 pound man sneaked into the woman's house and raped her at knifepoint.

During the assault, he said he wasn't feeling well, rolled over, and died.

Gutierrez' body was sent to the Nueces County medical examiner in Corpus Christi for autopsy.

Gutierrez was a registered sexual offender on parole from a sentence for aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child.

Source: The Associated Press

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US, Philadelphia: Woman Used Facebook to Make $1K Offer for Killing of Her Baby's Father

© Agence France-Presse
The Facebook website is displayed on a laptop computer in May 2011 in San Anselmo, California. Facebook threw cold water on Tuesday on a report that it had lost users in the United States over the past month
Police in Philadelphia say a 20-year-old woman posted on Facebook an open offer of $1,000 to kill the father of her child and a man responded that he'd do the killing.

Investigators say London Eley posted a message last month saying, "I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father."

Authorities say 18-year-old Timothy Bynum, of nearby Darby, offered to do the killing and Eley provided an address and description of her ex-boyfriend, who contacted police.

Officers who searched Bynum's home say they found a .22-calibre handgun.

Eley is charged with solicitation to commit murder and Bynum is charged with attempted murder and conspiracy. Neither has posted bail.

Bynum's mother tells KYW-TV her son is innocent and she's hiring him a lawyer.

Source: The Canadian Press


US: Homeless Epidemic Spreading from Cities to Suburbs, and No Longer Invisible

Janet is one of those "invisible" Americans who live rough, and seem confused and wanting all the time; "I'm homeless, and I don't have anything any longer," says Janet with both real pain and confusion in her eyes as she stands on the street just after taking a nap in a vacant lot.

The National Alliance to End Homelessness states that "nearly 4 in 10 Americans are living on the street." The Alliance also noted that from 2008 to 2009, "the number of unemployed people in America increased by 60 percent from 8.9 to 14.3 million," and thus this contributed heavily to their homeless situations. Also, Oregon still leads the nation with the highest number of people living without homes, as evident here along the Oregon coast where many hundreds can be spotted sleeping in parks, by streams and on the beach.


Blimp fireball disaster in Germany, Aussie pilot killed

Airship skipper got passengers out safely
A blimp crashes near the venue of the Hessentag festival in Oberursel, Germany, on June 12.

An advertising blimp was destroyed in a ball of fire above Germany on Sunday, killing its pilot. However aircraft captain Mike Nerandzic saved his passengers by ordering them to jump clear as the ship hovered just above the ground.

Reportedly the ship, an A-60 blimp operated by the Lightship Group on behalf of Goodyear, was coming in to land when fire broke out in both engines - possibly the result of propellers hitting the ground. The ship then found itself approximately 2 meters up.

At this point pilot Mike Nerandzic shouted to his three passengers "we're having a crash!", and ordered them to jump out. All three did so safely, after which the ship ascended rapidly - probably due to the loss of the passengers' weight. Flames swiftly engulfed the gondola, killing Nerandzic and then largely destroying the craft's envelope. Only wreckage survived to hit the ground in a nearby field.


US: WW2 B-17 bomber erupts into flames

© Unknown
Flames ... Liberty Belle B-17 bomber on fire after crash-landing

Seven passengers miraculously survived after this World War 2 bomber turned into a mid-air fireball.

The B-17 Flying Fortress caught fire and crash-landed in a field near Aurora, Illinois, shortly after take-off.

The pilot of the vintage plane reported an engine fire 20 minutes after the aircraft left Aurora Airport, near Chicago.

The plane ploughed into a cornfield - but the seven people on board, including the two pilots, were able to escape without serious injury.
© Unknown
Wreckage ... bomber lies in field ravaged by flames

One person suffered minor injuries while scrambling from the wreckage.

Officials said the B-17 bomber - believed to be the Liberty Belle - was en route to Indianapolis.


US: Long Island Backyard Firepot Explosion Part Of Alarming Trend

14-Year-Old Severely Burned, Kidneys & Lungs Near Failure

Stony Brook, N.Y. - The said it was like napalm exploding in a flash.

Several fires are raising questions about the safety of firepots, meant to light up backyards and keep mosquitoes away. CBS 2's Jennifer McLogan spoke with one Long Island victim's heartbroken family on Monday.

Nancy Reyer has slept the last 16 days at her critically burned son's hospital bedside as Michael Hubbard, struggles to stay alive in Stony Brook University's pediatric intensive care unit. The 14-year-old's lungs and kidneys are near failure.

"If you want to go with the angels go with the angels and be with God, or if you want to stay, please stay and be here with mommy and we will fight 'til the end," Nancy Reyer said crying.