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Sat, 18 Sep 2021
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NY state judge blocks imposing vax mandate on religious workers in NY hospitals, nursing homes

line covid vaccine clinic
© Robert Miller
A federal judge temporarily blocked New York from imposing a COVID-19 vaccine requirement on health care workers.
A federal judge temporarily blocked New York from imposing a COVID-19 vaccine requirement on health care workers. Robert Miller More On: COVID vaccine

A federal judge on Tuesday granted workers in New York's hospitals and nursing homes a reprieve from mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations based on their "sincere religious beliefs."

The temporary restraining order issued by Utica federal Judge David Hurd came in response to a religious-freedom suit filed Monday by 17 healthcare workers, almost all of them Catholic, who said they opposed the available vaccines because they "employ aborted fetus cell lines in their testing, development, or production."

Comment: Kudos to the judge for stemming the tide against an individual's right to self-determination.

Snakes in Suits

"Frightening" shortfall of 50,000 doctors for UK's NHS this winter, healthcare staff 'quit over the summer' - BMA

NHS hospital uk
© Peter Byrne/PA
With flu season on the horizon and a backlog of cases because of the Covid pandemic, there are concerns over whether the health service will cope. Photograph:
Number of medics in England fell further behind comparable EU countries over summer, as more consider quitting due to burnout

The NHS may be unable to cope this winter because of a "frightening" shortfall of more than 50,000 doctors, the head of the British Medical Association has warned.

The number of medics in England has fallen further behind comparable European countries over the summer, ahead of what is predicted to be one of the worst winters in the 73-year history of the health service, Dr Chaand Nagpaul said.

Comment: Indeed, with 'naive' and compromised immune systems, a backlog of critical care, in addition to mounting injection injury, this winter could prove to be many, many times worse: Lockdowns blocked flu spread, what happens when it returns?

Comment: It has been revealed numerous times that the intentions of the establishment is to privatise the NHS, and, whilst the mismanagement and underfunding has been going on for at least a decade, this manufactured crisis has provided the perfect cover for these plans:

Eye 2

Candace Owens says COVID-19 testing lab denied her service

Candace Owens
© Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Candace Owens is photographed on the set of her show, “Candace,” in Nashville, Tennessee.
Conservative analyst and author Candace Owens said in a tweet Wednesday that a COVID-19 testing lab refused her request for a test, citing her "spreading misinformation" about the pandemic.
"I just received an e-mail from a Covid testing facility that they are REFUSING to administer a test to me because they don't like my politics. INSANE," Owens wrote on Twitter.

Comment: She is attacked because she used her head to think, look at facts, make her own decisions and didn't comply with an official lie. Attacks on her are harsher because she is a public person and her voice can influence the decision of many more people.

Owens is right when she says: "when the "health employees" begin choosing who is allowed to determine if they have covid — we are no longer in a public health crisis".

It is a global tyranny and fascism disguised as public health care, over a virus that is no more dangerous than the regular flu.

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Facebook post from TV station accidentally reveals more people are dying from the vaccine than the media is reporting

biden vaccines
A local ABC news station accidentally opened up Pandora's Box with a recent and now viral Facebook post. Currently boasting 64k+ shares, the post asked for stories about people that lost a loved one because they *weren't* vaccinated....what ended up happening was a massive deluge of comments from people that had lost loved ones right after the vaccine instead.

The number of actual deaths and side effects from the vaccine is something many suspect the media, Big Pharma, this illegitimate administration, and the CDC are personally covering up.

Apparently the CDC doesn't consider anyone that dies within 2 weeks of the vaccine as an actual "vaccination death" and of this post is as telling as it seems to be.....a LOT more people are dying from this vaccine than anything else.


'Precarious': Energy prices in Europe hit records as wind stops blowing amidst already soaring costs

wind power uk germany prices
Natural gas and electricity markets were already surging in Europe when a fresh catalyst emerged: The wind in the stormy North Sea stopped blowing.

The sudden slowdown in wind-driven electricity production off the coast of the U.K. in recent weeks whipsawed through regional energy markets. Gas and coal-fired electricity plants were called in to make up the shortfall from wind.

Natural-gas prices, already boosted by the pandemic recovery and a lack of fuel in storage caverns and tanks, hit all-time highs. Thermal coal, long shunned for its carbon emissions, has emerged from a long price slump as utilities are forced to turn on backup power sources.

Comment: UK citizens will envy Germany and its access to cheap and reliable Russian gas via the now-complete Nord Stream 2 pipeline; more so when a cold snap occurs - as is occuring an increasing frequency as our planet enters a period of cooling - and people are forced to choose between 'heating or eating':

Light Saber

'Saturday Night Live' Alum Jim Breuer cancels performances over covid-19 vaccine mandates: 'I'm not going to be enslaved to the system'

Jim Breuer
© Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Comedian and former Saturday Night Live star Jim Breuer has cancelled two upcoming performances after the venues demanded that all ticketholders show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

Jim Breuer announced on Facebook Live that he is withdrawing from stand-up engagements at the Wellmont Theater in New Jersey and the Royal Oak Music Theater in Michigan. "I'm not apologizing," he said. "I will not do a show where they force you to come out and laugh and the only way you can do that is that you need to get a shot? No!"

Breuer also called out virtue-signaling Hollywood stars.

"You may be a big celebrity," he said. "But you know what? That doesn't mean you're moral. It doesn't mean you're smart. It doesn't mean you're a good person. All that means is you're a slave to this [money]. You're a slave to vanity. You're a slave to the dictatorship to keep you on top of the mountain."


Israeli anti-vaxx leader dies of COVID-19, claiming he had been poisoned by police

pfizer moderna vaccine vials
Vials with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine labels are seen in this illustration picture taken March 19, 2021.
Hai Shaulian, a well-known Israeli activist against coronavirus vaccines, died on Monday morning at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon due to the coronavirus. Shaulian called on his followers on social media not to get vaccinated against the virus under the headline: "There is no epidemic - the vaccine is unnecessary and dangerous."

Shaulian uploaded a video to social media from the time he was hospitalized. He said that "I am connected to an oxygen machine without which I suffocate. If I remove it and walk three meters - I faint. I cough hard and feel a lot of suffocation."

Later in the video, Shaulian complained about the treatment he received at the police station where he was arrested, saying that the policemen put their legs on his neck, and even claimed that "the Jerusalem police tried to poison me. I have never felt this way in my life. All week I struggled as if nothing had happened, but today I could no longer breathe and went to the HMO and from there I was evacuated to Wolfson Medical Center. If something happens to me - know that it's an assassination attempt."

Comment: It would be interesting to get more information about Shaulian's health before coming down with the disease (assuming he wasn't actually taken out). Coronavirus can certainly kill, but rarely if ever without some kind of underlying condition.

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Stock Down

Bitcoin crashes as El Salvador's world-first adoption gets off to bumpy start

© AFP / Marvin Recinos
The world's number one digital asset, bitcoin, plummeted after El Salvador officially adopted the crypto as legal currency. The historic adoption was beset by protests on the streets and technical problems online.

The price of bitcoin dropped as much as 16% to around $43,100 after breaking through $52,000 late Monday. The cryptocurrency has managed to rebound since then, and was last down over 13% to trade at $45,512.

The fall has been attributed to a technological glitch that forced El Salvador's government to take the country's new digital wallet Chivo offline while it boosted server capacity.

"We have disconnected it while increasing capacity of the image capture servers. The installation problems that some people had were for that reason," President Nayib Bukele tweeted, commenting on the setback.

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Is it OK to buy a fake Covid-19 vaccination certificate? Almost a third of Russians think it's perfectly fine, new survey reveals

Andrey Tyazhelnikov
© RIA / Alexey Maishev
The chief doctor of the State Medical Institution "KDP No. 121 DZM" Andrey Tyazhelnikov at the vaccination center for CAVID-19 in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow.
As the Russian authorities look to clamp down on people selling fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates, a new survey has revealed that nearly one in three Russians (32%) have absolutely no problem with those who have bought one.

In Russia, some employers are now demanding that their workers be vaccinated, leading to some of those opposed to inoculation looking for other methods to keep their job.

According to Moscow daily RBK, which saw data collected by SuperJob, nearly one in three Russians (32%) believe that it is justified to buy fake documents, with some thinking that a person should decide for him or herself whether to be vaccinated or not.

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Seven signs your friend or family member has fallen victim to the woke mind virus

pride flag
© AP
Covid is not the only virus sweeping the West, obsessively woke politics is running rampant with the most virulent variants emerging in newsrooms and colleges. As an acquaintance of mine slowly succumbed, here's what I observed.

There are certain traits that appear to be extremely common among people who are 'woke'. Woke being now a common term for those among us who become righteously incensed with progressive social justice issues (typical of mainstream Western media imbibers or recent university graduates). Often, we can see this obsession manifesting in the form of aggressive protest activism - not just as a hobby, but at every social, private, and professional level of their lives. That is a 'woke' personality.

While there are well-known physical markers indicating a woke person (blue or purple hair, obesity, androgyny, wispy beards in men, annoying spectacles) I have for some time been a curious student of their habits and psychological mannerisms, which I have also noted, along with the physical traits, to have universal qualities.