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Sun, 20 Sep 2020
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Canada's CBC owes the people of Palestine an apology

CBC the Current radio show logo
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Logo for the CBC show 'The Current'
2000+ people have written to the CBC to condemn its deletion of the word Palestine and its subsequent apology for uttering the word Palestine.

Despite this public outcry, the Canadian publicly funded broadcaster continues to protest that the word Palestine falls outside its language standards.

The deletion and apology

On August 18, in an interview on the CBC's The Current, the guest anchor, Duncan McCue introduced his guest, Joe Sacco, referencing Sacco's work in Bosnia, Iraq and Palestine. Joe Sacco, is a graphic novelist, and the creator of a work called Palestine, and was being interviewed regarding colonization and resource extraction.


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Newsflash: Flu is killing more people than Covid - has been for months

A report from the UK's Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that since at least June 19th, more people in the UK have been dying of influenza than Covid19.

This, of course, is despite the fact that "Covid19 deaths" are incredibly vaguely defined.

Under UK law a person only has to test positive for the Sars-Cov-2 virus at any point in the 28 days prior to their death for "Covid19" to be on their death certificate, a policy which totally ignores the fact the majority of Sars-Cov-2 infections are completely symptomless (and has already resulted in huge over-counts).

Meanwhile boring old influenza is lumbered with having to actually contribute to the death before being added to the death certificate. And nevertheless, for three straight months, the UK has recorded more flu deaths than Covid deaths.

See this graph:
covid flu
"Ah", some of your may be saying, "this is just evidence that the lockdown, social distancing and masks have worked."

But that is obviously not the case. Clearly, if these measures did anything to halt viral transmission, the flu deaths would have gone down as well. They have not. They are right in line with the five-year average.

Despite social distancing and wearing masks and hand sanitizer on every corner...the spread of the flu virus has not halted one bit in its usual annual progress through society.

Ergo - the "emergency measures" have little to no impact on viral transmission.


Worst mayor: After 105 days of riots, Portland's Wheeler orders police to stop using tear gas

wheeler portland riot

Police in Portland have been trying to control and suppress rioting for over 100 days. Now Mayor Ted Wheeler has told police to stop using tear gas.
Police in Portland have been trying to control and suppress rioting for over 100 days. Now Mayor Ted Wheeler has told police to stop using tear gas.

Wheeler instructed his officers to give up this method of keeping peace even after rioters tried to set his apartment building on fire, forcing him to move house in order to protect the other residents and families in the building.

Wheeler said "It's time for everyone to reduce the violence in our community. We all want change. We all have the opportunity and the obligation to create change. We all want to focus on the fundamental issue at hand. Justice for black people and all people and colour.

"That's why as police commissioner, effective immediately, and until further notice I'm directing the Portland Police Bureau to end the use of CS gas for crowd control."

Instead, he asks that a more less-lethal method of crowd control be implemented to prevent the rioters from committing arson, murder, and violent acts. This despite the fact that riots have plagued Portland for over 100 days.

The Portland Police Bureau had only been permitted to use the gas in life saving emergencies.

Wheeler told rioters that "if they're launching the tear gas against you, they're launching the tear gas against me."

Comment: Oregon voters are fed up and feel police aren't using enough force.
According to the survey, 66% of participants said they didn't approve of the Portland protests and most believed they've been harmful to Black Portlanders, race relations and police reform efforts. Just 28% believe they are helpful to Black Portlanders and slightly less deemed them beneficial on the other fronts.

More than half of the surveyed voters said they believed the protests were mostly violent, 42% felt Portland police weren't using enough force "when dealing with protesters" and the majority felt the word "riot" rather than "protest" best encapsulated how they would describe the demonstrations.

The poll found that about 60% of Oregon voters disapprove of how Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has responded to protests. But it found similar numbers disapprove of the response to protests by President Donald Trump and by Gov. Kate Brown - who have taken diametrically opposed stands on the role of federal officers, the merits of dialing back police's role in public safety and the role of Trump supporters and white supremacists in spurring violence.

But Wheeler at 30% received the lowest approval percentage of the three and Trump, at 39%, the highest.

Red Pill

Sweden's success: Low positive test rate 'vindicates coronavirus strategy'

Sweden registered its lowest rate of positive coronavirus tests yet even as its testing regime has been expanded to record levels, in what some experts regard as a vindication of its comparatively unintrusive Covid-19 strategy.

Over the past week the country carried out more than 120,000 tests, of which only 1.3 per cent identified the disease. At the height of the pandemic the proportion was 19 per cent.

Johan Carlson, an epidemiologist and the director of the Swedish public health agency, said that Swedes seemed to be benefiting from widespread immunity because of the decision not to impose a full lockdown during the first wave.

Comment: Summit News reports:
"Sweden has gone from being the country with the most infections in Europe to the safest one," Sweden's senior epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell commented to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

"What we see now is that the sustainable policy might be slower in getting results, but it will get results eventually," Tegnell clarified.

"And then we also hope that the result will be more stable," he added.


Last week, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control confirmed Sweden's drop in infection rate, with only 12 cases per million, compared to 18 in neighbouring Denmark and 14 in nearby Norway.

At the peak of the Sweden's outbreak, it was seeing 108 new infections per million people, as it pursued a "herd immunity" strategy.

The figures also show that out of 2500 randomly selected and tested people in Sweden, none tested positive, compared to 0.9 percent positive in April, and 0.3 percent in May.

"We interpret this as meaning there is not currently a widespread infection among people who do not have symptoms," said Karin Tegmark, deputy head of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.
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The New Normal is wrecking New York City

New York City
America's been under quarantine how long now, since March? And we're still being asked to wear a face shield and snorkel to pay a T-mobile bill. But worse than that inconvenience is probably the 32.9% collapse in GDP for Q2, the millions of people who are out of work, or partially employed, the kids who have to suffer through this cancerous attempt at social distance learning.

This collective fight against the coronavirus, which was supposed to be two weeks to flatten the curve, has to be one of the most socially destructive impositions our country has ever faced.

Comment: New York, arguably the US's greatest city, is now, in six short months, a shell of its former self; the lives of millions denigrated, and on the way to further dissolution.

The dark power that a few authoritarian leaders have to control the many - with Lies - is on full display.

At the very least these leaders should be ousted from office for their egregious incompetence. But ideally, they ought to be tried in a court of law for gross malfeasance, and manslaughter, for all the residual knock-on effects of their dreadfully wrong policies.


Cov-idiocracy: Flight cancelled because 'child refuses to wear facemask'

Comment: No, you're not dreaming, this isn't a spoof article, nor is it fake news. This is your world today...

© Getty Images
'It's unlike anything I have ever witnessed, let alone experienced,' says father of two.

A WestJet flight in Canada was cancelled on Tuesday after a dispute broke out about children wearing masks.

Safwan Choudhry was travelling from Calgary to Toronto with his wife and two daughters, aged 19 months and three years old, when the incident occurred.

Just before take-off, a flight attendant approached the family and demanded that his three-year-old daughter, who was eating a snack, put on her mask, according to Choudhry.

Comment: See also:

Cell Phone

Twitter expands election misinformation policies

twitter logo icon
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Twitter announced Thursday that it is expanding its policies targeted at limiting election misinformation.

The platform will now label or remove posts that prematurely call an election winner.

In the rules, set to go into effect Sept. 17, Twitter will either label or remove content "claiming victory before election results have been certified" or seeking to "prevent a peaceful transfer of power."

Comment: It's nice of Twitter to announce how it will use its bias against Trump voters before the actual election. Notice it references "transfer of power," like they've preordained a Biden win.

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'We're not who we think we are': NYT admits Americans' quality of life dropping, US plunges to 28th on new global index

US flag
© Reuters / Maranie Staab
The New York Times has expressed shock at the decline in Americans' quality of life - a slide that has been documented for over a decade in areas like education and healthcare, but which they nevertheless hinted is Trump's fault.

The US' world-leading self-image is totally unjustified, the Times acknowledged on Thursday, contrasting Washington's vaunted superpower status with its 28th-place ranking in this year's Social Progress Index (SPI), set to be released today. The index purports to measure quality of life based on metrics like health, education, safety, freedom, and environmental stewardship.

The US has slipped nine places since the 2011 launch of the index, which boasts a proprietary scientific formula that incorporates 50 "metrics of well-being" and claims to be "inspired by Nobel-winning economists." Its advisory board is chaired by a Harvard Business School professor, Michael Porter, who lamented to the Times that "It's like we're a developing country."

Comment: It doesn't take a 'Nobel-prize winner inspired mathematical formula' backed by nefarious, elitist, foundations to see that life for Americans is deteriorating - and fast:


Quebec will hand out fines to those who refuse to wear masks

Premier Francois Legault Quebec
© Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press
Quebec Premier Francois Legault
Quebec police will begin handing out fines to anyone who isn't wearing a mask when required under public health regulations, Premier François Legault says.

The province also moved to ban karaoke in bars after one event at a Quebec City bar led to an outbreak of more than 80 cases.

The new fines will apply across the province, but Legault said authorities will target regions classified as "yellow" under the government's new colour-coded COVID-19 alert system.


Covid dystopia comes to Melbourne

Melbourne covid police
© WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images
Protective Services officers speak to a man sitting on the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne on July 31, 2020. - As greater Melbourne passed the halfway point of a lockdown initially intended to last six weeks, the state of Victoria - of which Melbourne is the capital - recorded over 600 new cases, leaving Premier Daniel Andrews to flag harsher restrictions in a bid to cut the infection rate.
It was the image that shocked Australia and soon went global. A pregnant woman, handcuffed in her own kitchen, in front of her children, as police officers seized every computer, tablet and cell phone in the house before frog-marching her off to the station.

It's the treatment that Australians are used to seeing meted out to drug traffickers, suspected terrorists and child pornography rings. But in Zoe Lee Buhler's case, her 'crime' was a Facebook post.

Zoe had tried to organise a protest against coronavirus restrictions in place in the state of Victoria. For this, she was charged with 'incitement,' and now faces a sentence of up to 15 years. She has been released on bail, and will go to court in January.

The most remarkable thing, though, is it's taken until now for some sort of protest movement to emerge. Melbourne — Victoria's capital city — has been under some form of lockdown since March. When the coronavirus first hit, the premiers governing Australia's eight states and territories descended into a kind of unspoken competition to see who could take the 'toughest action' against the virus — that is, which leader could close the most businesses, destroy the most jobs, and stifle the most liberties in the name of being seen to be 'doing something' about the virus.