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Sun, 19 Sep 2021
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About time! MSM reports: "Our most reliable pandemic number is losing meaning"

© The Atlantic
At least 12,000 Americans have already died from COVID-19 this month, as the country inches through its latest surge in cases. But another worrying statistic is often cited to depict the dangers of this moment: The number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in the United States right now is as high as it has been since the beginning of February. It's even worse in certain places: Some states, including Arkansas and Oregon, recently saw their COVID hospitalizations rise to higher levels than at any prior stage of the pandemic. But how much do those latter figures really tell us?

From the start, COVID hospitalizations have served as a vital metric for tracking the risks posed by the disease. Last winter, this magazine described it as "the most reliable pandemic number," while Vox quoted the cardiologist Eric Topol as saying that it's "the best indicator of where we are." On the one hand, death counts offer finality, but they're a lagging signal and don't account for people who suffered from significant illness but survived. Case counts, on the other hand, depend on which and how many people happen to get tested. Presumably, hospitalization numbers provide a more stable and reliable gauge of the pandemic's true toll, in terms of severe disease. But a new, nationwide study of hospitalization records, released as a preprint today (and not yet formally peer reviewed), suggests that the meaning of this gauge can easily be misinterpreted — and that it has been shifting over time.

Comment: Daily reports of inflated case numbers have been used to terrorize the public into submission for two years. Unfortunately, it's too little too late to undo the damage that was done in the name of health and safety.


AOC hit with second ethics complaint over 'Tax The Rich' theatrics at the Met

aoc tax the rich dress
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been hit with a second ethics complaint over her attendance at the elitist Met Gala on Monday evening while wearing a "tax the rich" dress.

According to the Daily Caller's Andrew Kerr, AOC may have violated 'a myriad of House ethics rules,' per a complaint by conservative watchdog group, the National Legal and Policy Center, which says that AOC's acceptance of free tickets to the event for herself and her boyfriend - which reportedly cost upwards of $35,000 - may have violated House Gift rules.

What's more, AOC received a prohibited gift from another attendee by sitting at a paid table during the event, rumored to have cost up to $300,000.

Comment: See also: The masking of the servant class: Ugly COVID images from the Met Gala are now commonplace


Caitlin Johnstone: Australia continues its plunge into authoritarianism and military brinkmanship

joe biden
© AFP / Win McNamee
Australia has joined the US and UK in an "enhanced trilateral security partnership" called AUKUS with the unspoken-yet-obvious goal of coordinating escalations against China.

Antiwar reports: "President Biden and the leaders of Australia and the UK announced a new military agreement on Wednesday aimed at countering China. The pact, known as AUKUS, will focus on the sharing of sensitive military technologies, and the first initiative will focus on getting Australia nuclear-powered submarines."

US officials speaking to CNN described the effort to share nuclear propulsion with another country as an "exceedingly rare step" due to the sensitivity of the technology. "This technology is extremely sensitive. This is, frankly, an exception to our policy in many respects," one unnamed official said.

Comment: See also:


Seven possible causes of the next financial crisis

Jerome Powell
The great financial historian, Charles Kindleberger, pointed out in the 1970s that over several centuries, history showed there was a financial crisis about once every ten years. His observation still holds. In every decade since his classic Manias, Panics and Crashes of 1978, such crises have indeed continued to erupt in their turn, in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and again in 2020. What could cause the next crisis in this long, recurring series? I suggest seven possibilities:

1. What Nobody Sees Coming

A notable headline from 2017 was "Yellen: I Don't See a Financial Crisis Coming in Our Lifetimes." The then-head of the Federal Reserve was right that she didn't see it coming; nonetheless, well within her and our lifetimes, a new financial crisis arrived in 2020, from unexpected causes.

It has been well said that "The riskiest stuff is what you don't see coming." Especially risky is what you don't think is possible, but happens anyway.

About the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-09, a former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve candidly observed: "Not only didn't we see it coming," but in the midst of it, "had trouble understanding what was happening." Similarly, "Central banks and regulators failed to see the bust coming, just as they failed to anticipate its potential magnitude," as another top central banking expert wrote.

The next financial crisis could be the same — we may take another blindside hit for a big financial sack.

In his memoir of the 2007-09 crisis, former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson wrote, "We had no choice but to fly by the seat of our pants, making it up as we went along." If the next financial crisis is again triggered by what we don't see coming, the government reactions will once again be flying by the seat of their pants, making it up as they go along.


Despite China fully vaccinating 71% of population, 91% of 12-17 year-olds, outbreaks still occurring, working on highly experimental mRNA injections

china vaccine injection
© Reuters
China has fully vaccinated more than one billion people against the coronavirus -- 71 per cent of its population -- official figures showed Thursday.

The country where the virus was first detected has mostly curbed the virus within its borders but is racing to get the vast majority of its population vaccinated as a new outbreak flickers in the southeast.

Comment: Covid-19 was detected in numerous places on the planet, not just China, and well before any 'official' declaration was made; for more on its likely origins, see: Compelling Evidence That SARS-CoV-2 Was Man-Made

"As of September 15, 2.16 billion vaccine doses have been administered nationwide," said National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng at a press briefing.

Comment: Why would China want to experiment with mRNA vaccines when there's a wealth of evidence that they're already proving to be ineffective, dangerous, and in some cases, deadly? The Inanity of RNA Vaccines For COVID-19

RT reports on that China has injected much of its over 12s, but it has not yet been targeting its children under 12:
Just over 90% of students in China aged 12-17 have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, state media has revealed. Despite the high inoculation rate, the Ministry of Education has urged caution in schools over the virus.

On Wednesday, People's Daily shared that the two-dose vaccination rate of teachers and students over 18 years old stands at 95%, slightly higher than the rate among younger pupils.

Despite the wide vaccine coverage among China's school children, the Ministry of Education has issued a notice imploring institutes and schools to make Covid prevention and control a top priority.

The statement came after China's National Health Commission warned that coronavirus infections were circulating at a primary school in Putian, a city home to three million in East China's Fujian Province. The region has recorded over 150 local cases in five days, prompting some cities in other parts of the country to impose travel warnings before major holidays.
Sinovac china vaccine school
This photo taken on August 21, 2021 shows high school students queueing to receive the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine in Nanjing.
A number of cities in Fujian province, such as Quanzhou and Fuzhou, have decided to suspend primary schools and kindergartens, with others switching classes to online learning.

The Chinese government has manufactured and authorized several of its own Covid jabs. While two of the main domestically produced vaccines have been given the green light for administration to children as young as three, authorities have yet to expand the inoculation campaign to the under-12s.

It's common knowledge by now that the vast majority of the population - especially young people - do not need an injection for the relatively harmless coronavirus.

Several regions across China started vaccinating its teenagers against Covid in July, including the capital Beijing.

Figures from the National Health Commission showed that China has so far managed to administer close to 2.16 billion vaccine doses.
The above shows that even 'successful' mass injection campaigns, targeted, local lockdowns, and the various other draconian measures, do not achieve what they set out to do: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Covid-19/11

Brick Wall

Federal judge declines to block Florida ban on mask mandates

florida kids school masks
© AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, File
In this Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021, file photo, students, some wearing protective masks, arrive for the first day of school at Sessums Elementary School in Riverview, Fla.
A federal judge declined Wednesday to block a ban imposed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to prevent mandating masks for Florida school students amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Judge K. Michael Moore in Miami denied a request by parents of disabled children for a preliminary injunction against an executive order that DeSantis issued in July that served as the basis for the Florida Department of Health issuing a rule that required school districts to allow parents to opt out of any student mask mandates.

Moore wrote in his ruling that parents should have pursued administrative claims before filing a lawsuit.

Comment: See also:


Florida landlord says tenants must get COVID-19 vaccine or move out

inverrary village florida
© Carline Jean / South Florida/Sun Sentinel
Inverrary Village is one of three apartment complexes in Lauderhill whose owner, Santiago J. Alvarez, is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination from new and renewing tenants.
If you're not vaccinated for COVID-19, you can forget about moving into any of eight apartment complexes in Broward and Miami-Dade counties owned by Santiago A. Alvarez and his family.

And if you're still unvaccinated when it comes time to renew your lease, you'll have to find someplace else to live.

Alvarez, who controls 1,200 units in the two counties, is the first large-scale landlord known to national housing experts to impose a vaccine requirement not only for employees, but also for tenants. They'll be required to produce documentation that they've received at least an initial vaccine dose.


Was valuable Canadian vaccine technology illicitly handed to China by employees of the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg?

canada vaccine lab techs

Screenshot from National Microbiology Laboratory promotional video.
The answer is likely yes -- and it's something Justin Trudeau and other Canadian politicians are desperately trying to hide.

Over the summer Justin Trudeau's Liberal administration made extreme moves to try to block the release of a set of unredacted documents to members of the Canadian parliament.

Those documents contain, among other things, information about why two Chinese-national senior scientists at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, together with several of their Chinese-national students, were physically removed in early July 2019 and the two senior scientists were fired in January 2021.


Scottish teachers did not face an elevated risk of severe COVID-19 when schools were open

It's been known since early in the pandemic that children's risk of death from COVID-19 is extremely low. However, proponents of school closures have long argued that keeping schools open would put teachers at significant risk.

Back in January, six teaching unions urged the Government to "pause" school reopenings. They argued that returning pupils to classrooms while the virus was still spreading would expose education workers to "serious risk of ill-health".

However, figures published by the ONS later that month cast serious doubt on the unions' claims. Between March and December of 2020, the COVID-19 death rate among education workers - adjusted for age and sex - was "significantly lower" than that among the general population.

The highest death rates were observed among taxi drivers, machine operators, security guards, restaurant workers, and social care staff - i.e., in working class professions.

One potential criticism of the ONS report is that the researchers took an average over ten months, and schools were closed for much of that time. Perhaps the risk for teachers would have been much higher if schools had stayed open?

Comment: See also:


F**k Joe Biden? Looks like US voters may do just that come next year's midterms

© Reuters / Carlos Barria
Less than a year in power, Biden's approval ratings are dropping like a rock amid controversial moves from his administration, including a compulsory vaccine mandate. This is paving the way for a major Republican resurgence.

Just below the high-fructose, Cheez Whiz surface of American society, there are warning signs that a mighty giant - a sluggish, overweight giant, but a giant nonetheless - is struggling to awaken from a media-induced slumber. And the rumblings are registering in some unexpected places.

Since the days of the Roman Empire, rulers have appreciated the need for bread and circuses as a means for keeping the hearts and minds of their subjects distracted, with gladiatorial matches mixed up with a generous amount of blood and beverage. And considering that there is no bigger circus in US society than American football, the Democrats may have some cause for concern.