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Sat, 28 Nov 2020
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Top pollster finds 47% say its 'likely' Democrats stole election

Biden Trump
© AP Photos/Patrick Semansky, Andrew Harnik
Only 50 percent of likely voters say the 2020 election was not stolen by Democrats, while 47 percent said it is likely Democrats stole the election.

There are polls and then there are poLoLs. Fox News, New York Times/ Siena, Washington Post/ABC, Quinnipiac, NBC/Marist, Reuters/Ipsos, Monmouth, Politico/Morning Consult... Those are all poLols — totally useless liars and propagandists who have gotten three election cycles so horribly and deliberately wrong, only a fool would pay attention to them. Liars. Damned liars. PoLoLs. Get away from me with your poLoLs.

And don't even get me started on that useless clown Nate Silver.

Based on their track recorded — you know, actual merit, I trust IBD/TIPP, Susquehanna, Trafalgar, and Rasmussen... Those are pollsters. Those are polls. And when Rasmussen tells us a whopping 47 percent of likely voters believe the Democrats stole the election, I am confident in passing that along.

"How likely is it," Rasmussen asked 1,000 likely voters between November 17-18, "that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure Biden would win?"

Only 50 percent said it was not likely, while a whopping 47 percent said it was likely.


Huck Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, other classic books BANNED in California schools for "racism"

banned books
When Gutenberg introduced the printing press in 1440, the world had no idea that things were about to drastically change. Prior to the release and production of the printing press, books were incredibly expensive, rare, mostly written in Latin, and reserved for royalty and clergy.

The spread of information was kept under lock and key.

However, in just a few decades after its spread throughout the world, Gutenberg's press had rolled out hundreds of millions of books. The operation of a printing press became synonymous with the enterprise of printing and lent its name to a new branch of media, the press.

The world was becoming informed.

Hailed as one of the most important inventions in human history, the printing press helped societies break free from the ignorance and bondage imposed upon them by the keepers of information. Over the next 400 years, those with access to information about peace and freedom began to rise up against their oppressors. Instead of monarchies and dictatorships, republics and democracies were born.

The world was well on its way to becoming a Land of the Free. Unfortunately, however, with information — comes propaganda and censorship.

Comment: Though this story would seem to reflect a milder case of misguided book censorship, some other recent stories would reflect a much more vehement, institutionalized and ideologically possessed form of "book burning":


Appalling and unnecessary: UK spycops' needless theft of dead children's identities under scrutiny

UK spycops
© Getty Images / Kirsty O'Connor / PA Images (file photo)
A demonstrator outside the Royal Courts of Justice, London, where an Investigatory Powers Tribunal is hearing the case of Kate Wilson who was deceived into a relationship by undercover police officer Mark Kennedy .
The ongoing inquiry into the undercover operations of UK police has dredged up the trauma of families who lost their children - and then found out their personalities were adopted by spycops.

In July 2013, it was confirmed that British undercover police officers had, for years, adopted the names of dead children in order to secure fake passports, driving licenses and bank accounts, and shore up their cover personae.

At least 80 were stolen in this manner by elite political policing units Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) and National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU).

However, it wasn't just names its operatives snatched - officers also appropriated the child in question's entire identity, visiting the area where they were born, learning and memorising the names of their parents and siblings and private details about them, working characteristics of a child's life into their own cover stories.

Bizarro Earth

Trucker with 39 migrants that died in cargo tells jury he thought load was 'stolen goods'

Four men are on trial in London in connection with the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants whose bodies were found in a lorry in England in October 2019. The refrigerated trailer unit in which they died had come over on a ferry from France.

A truck driver has said he was "devastated" when he learned 39 Vietnamese migrants had been found dead in the back of a refrigerated trailer unit he had deposited on a ferry in Belgium.

Giving evidence at the Old Bailey on Wednesday 18 November Eamon Harrison, 23, of Mayobridge in Northern Ireland, insisted he had no idea there were people in the back of the trailer and said he thought he was delivering "stolen goods".


Nearly 200 arrested in 'large-scale' sex trafficking investigation in Florida

Operation Stolen Innocence
© WTXL/Tallahassee Police Department
Police in Florida arrested 178 people following in what the U.S. Department of Justice called a "large-scale human trafficking investigation." The Tallahassee Police Department made the announcement Tuesday about "Operation Stolen Innocence," a two-year-long investigation into sex trafficking in Florida's capital city.

The investigation began in November 2018, after authorities discovered a 13-year-old child's image on a prostitution website. Elizabeth Bascom, one of the lead investigators in the case, told the Tallahassee Democrat that abuse of the girl may have begun even before her 13th birthday, and called the girl's exploitation "horrific."

"This was a child, 13 turning 14 ... who worked through her birthday as if it did not exist, who worked through Thanksgiving while we sat at tables and enjoyed our families, who worked through Christmas like it wasn't even there," Bascom said.

Stock Down

Bellwether counties went overwhelmingly for Trump in 2020

Teresa Shepherd
© Cara Ding/The Epoch Times
Teresa Shepherd, resident of the Indiana bellwether county of Vigo, in front of her daughter’s house in Seelyville, Ind., on Oct. 20, 2020. She said she almost never votes, but this year decided to vote for President Donald Trump.
Over the past nearly 40 years, presidential elections have observed an intriguing phenomenon: 19 counties in the nation have always voted for the winner, be it Republican or Democrat.

They've been dubbed "bellwether counties" and until this year, no president since at least Ronald Reagan has missed even one.

In 2020, all but one of the bellwethers picked President Donald Trump by a margin of some 16 points on average. Only one, Clallam County in Washington, went for former Vice President Joe Biden and only by about a three-point margin.

Yet unofficial vote counts now show Biden in the lead and with enough electoral votes to claim the presidency. Trump is challenging the results in several states, alleging fraud, voter suppression, and illegal restrictions on Republican poll watchers. Two states have announced recounts.

Bellwethers aren't a crystal ball — their streak was expected to end sooner or later. But what would be striking is for it to end so radically.

There is another bellwether list of 58 counties that has correctly picked each president since 2000; Trump won 51 of them by an average margin of nearly 15 points. The ones he lost went to Biden by a margin of about four points on average.


Bad Guys

Pa. GOP advances audit of 2020 election, says it's not about fraud but accountability

protest at white house
State House Republicans on Wednesday moved a step closer to launching a review of the 2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania, though the process would not be completed until after the state's vote is officially certified.

The resolution tasks a bipartisan committee that holds subpoena power with compiling a report on issues and "inconsistencies," and hiring a firm to audit the vote to ensure "the accuracy of the results," the measure's sponsor said.

While the Department of State plans to undertake a similar review, GOP lawmakers said the work outlined in the resolution would be independent from Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar, who they noted is named in several election lawsuits brought by the Trump campaign.


Steve Crowder: New Michigan voter data I stumbled across

Steve Crowder Steven
© Louder with Crowder/YouTube
Steve Crowder, host of Louder with Crowder

Comment: Steven Crowder's YouTube broadcast, Louder with Crowder, has developed into one of the savviest political commentary shows in any media.

Below are the show notes with sources for this morning's Good Morning Mug Club!

Steven reviews Senator Mazie Hirono's insane takes on Big Tech censorship, then turns to review some data from Michigan that doesn't add up. Then Steven and the team review the latest video from The Cut, "What Are White People Superior At?"


Wisconsin recount would cost Trump campaign $7.9 million: Elections Commission

wisconsin recount
© Scott Olson/Getty Images
Election officials count absentee ballots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Nov. 4, 2020.
A recount of unofficial results in the state of Wisconsin would cost President Donald Trump $7.9 million upfront, the Wisconsin Elections Commission said Monday.

The Trump campaign on Nov. 7 took steps to seek a statewide recount after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was declared the projected winner in the state by his campaign and several news outlets on Nov 4.

Biden has more than a 20,000-vote lead over Trump in Wisconsin, according to The Associated Press and Decision Desk. According to the unofficial results, Biden has 49.5 percent of the vote, while Trump has 48.9 percent. A trailing candidate is allowed to seek a recount under state law if the margin of a race is within 1 percentage point.

Comment: UPDATE from CBS:
Trump campaign transfers $3 million to Wisconsin for recount
Caitlin Conant, November 19, 2020 / 3:31 AM / CBS News

President Trump's campaign will seek a recount in two Wisconsin counties, it said Wednesday, alleging without presenting evidence that absentee ballots were illegally issued and altered, and county clerks advised voters on how to skirt the state's voter ID laws, according to CBS News campaign reporters Nicole Sganga, Adam Brewster and CBS News digital reporter Melissa Quinn.

The campaign said it is filing a petition with the Wisconsin Elections Commission for recounts in Milwaukee and Dane counties, due to the purported irregularities and has transferred $3 million to the state to cover the cost of the recounts.

"The people of Wisconsin deserve to know whether their election processes worked in a legal and transparent way," Jim Troupis, counsel to the campaign, said in a statement. "Regrettably, the integrity of the election results cannot be trusted without a recount in these two counties and uniform enforcement of Wisconsin absentee ballot requirements. We will not know the true results of the election until only the legal ballots cast are counted."

Late Wednesday night, the Wisconsin commission agreed to issue an order to recount the ballots cast in the two counties. The vote was unanimous and came near the end of a six hours-plus meeting, Brewster reports. The session was filled with intense partisan bickering and several 3-3 deadlocked decisions along party lines.

CBS News projected President-elect Joe Biden won the state of Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes by more than 20,500 votes. In Dane County, Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump by more than 181,000 votes, and in Milwaukee County, the president-elect is ahead by more than 182,000 votes. Reversing that lead would be nearly impossible, as even statewide recounts typically change voting totals by just hundreds of votes.

"They've actually limited their ability to potentially overcome the relatively large 20,000-vote margin, by looking at only a small portion of Wisconsin overall," CBS News election law expert David Becker said. "So it's almost impossible -- even with a statewide recount -- that they would be able to net even a tiny fraction of the 20,000-vote margin. And they're only looking at a small portion of Wisconsin, so the likelihood is even less. Their chances are about as close to zero as you can get."



Scytl voting software has all the tools it needs for election fraud

Scytl vote fraud election software
© Scytl/Columbia Free Press
Free Press readers may be familiar with Scytl, the promoter of online and mobile voting, and their apparent connections to the intelligence community. Renewed research into Scytl has revealed new connections to the intelligence community, new market positioning, and new opportunities for both personalized surveillance and electronic election fraud.

Scytl's 2012 entry into the American election market occurred through the purchase of SOE software, a Tampa based manufacturer of election management and reporting software known as the Clarity suite. Scytl initially maintained essentially a front address in Virginia while digesting SOE during the the 2012 election cycle. Since then there has been a pattern of SOE rebranding and reorganizing itself along with a merger and new set of strategic partnerships.

Through looking at Scytl's ownership and investors, we can see a more frightening pattern of investment and market synergy. In 2012 the Free Press broke the news of the connection between one Scytl's parent companies, Nauta Capital, and Carrier IQ, a maker of mobile phone applications with obvious spyware uses. Nauta's expansion into this market sector along with an expansion into mobile devices, voice bio-metrics, social network monitoring, online gaming, and cloud computing should raise an eyebrow.

Comment: What a rat's nest of deep state creatures, all scratching each others' backs.

More on Scytl. The first article is froom 2012. The second is in response to allegations regarding the 2020 elections