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Fight club for Jesus: Churches encourage members to fight, 'men made for combat'

© Vivek Prakash/Reuters
Today over 700 evangelical US churches now integrate MMA into their ministry programs.
"Can you love your neighbor as yourself, and at the same time knee him in the face as hard as you can?" American Christian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion Scott "Bam Bam" Sullivan wonders in an interview with The Times (London).

Today over 700 evangelical US churches now integrate MMA (also known as cage-fighting) into their ministry programs. The phenomenon has even been featured in a recent documentary film, 2014's Fight Church.

MMA is a combination of kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Greco-Roman wrestling and Thai boxing. Fighters face off against one another, brutally inflicting pain by punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing their opponents into submission. The intensity of the sport's violence caused Senator John McCain to call for an outright ban on MMA in the US. He denounced it as "human cockfighting," a "blood sport," and a "blood bath."

Comment: There's a case to be made for a more martial 'Jesus' than that presented in the Bible, especially if the Jesus myth was inspired by accounts of the achievements, betrayal, murder, and deification of Gaius Julius Caesar. But even Caesar, a master general and warrior, his clemency was even more regarded and remembered. These "Fight Churches" seem to foster a primitive 'fighting for fighting's sake' mentality, appealing to the lowest common denominator. But then, it's quite fitting, for a nation that sees an answer to everything it perceives as problems in the form of the fist, the torturer's instruments, and the gun.


Cops tase and kick man in the face after he holds his hands up and lies down

© YouTube
Timothy Whittle
A drug task force video of an arrest differs markedly from the police reports written by the plainclothes detectives involved in the incident, The Kansas City Star reports.

The video - available below - begins with the final moments of a car chase between Timothy Whittle and two plainclothes detectives, Michael Chinn and Kip Bartlett.

Chinn and Bartlett were members of the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force, and they were approaching Whittle's home in order to serve a warrant allowing them to search the premises for materials used to manufacture methamphetamine - but they never got the chance, as Whittle and another man left the home in an SUV and drove to a nearby property.

Once they arrived, Whittle exited the SUV and entered a black pickup truck. At that point, task force officers charged and Whittle took off. The officers gave chase - as did a Missouri National Guard helicopter, which was recording the events.

After a long pursuit, Whittle drove into a field, jumped out of the still-moving truck and ran. He eventually gave up, and raised his hands in surrender. He then lay down on his stomach.

Comment: The police routinely lie giving their statements, like in this situation where the video disproves the statements made by the officers involved. But what is the deterrent? They can make up all the lies they want, and even when there is video evidence that proves the statements as false, nothing happens. What is there to stop any police officer from making up events in order to make the citizens they are apprehending look bad and them look good? Nothing, and that's why the U.S. has become a police state. You can put all the cameras on police that you like, if nothing happens when the police's story is contradicted by the video evidence, the cameras will turn out to be useless for the purpose they are being used.


Family calls police to help with son acting out - police kill son

John Paul Quintero, 23 years old, was unarmed when killed by police
The family of a Kansas man shot by police Saturday night are saying he was unarmed and they want to know why officers had to kill him, reports KWCH.

John Paul Quintero, who recently turned 23, was shot and killed by Wichita Police after the family had called 911 following an incident in their home involving a knife. When police arrived at the home, Quintero was seated in an SUV parked in front of the home with his father.

According to police, they approached the vehicle and asked both men to exit the car, and the older Quintero complied.

Police state that the younger Quintero was drunk and confrontational and refused commands from the officer. After exiting the SUV he began walking towards the back of the vehicle as officers at the scene ordered him to show his hands. According to authorities, one officer then used a Taser on him when he failed to comply.

Saying the Taser seemed to have no effect on him, authorities say the officers saw him reach for his waistband - and a backup officer shot him with a patrol rifle, hitting him twice in the midsection.

Following the shooting, Quintero was taken to a local medical facility where he died a few hours later.

Comment: This is par for the course for police in the U.S. Instead of being a calming presence, they make things so much worse with their inability to control situations and handle individuals with anything but lethal force. The best thing people can do in almost all instances is to NEVER call the police for help, lest they want to end up another murdered citizen.

Eye 2

Woman files lawsuit against police for breaking her ribs after confronting her about crime she didn't commit

© Shutterstock
Mary Frances Jones is suing the police for brutally assaulting her at her home when she was guilty of no crime
A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against three police officers in Victoria, claiming that they brutally beat her and broke her ribs without a good reason.

Mary Frances Jones told the Victoria Advocate that the three police officers woke her up early in the morning on Dec. 22, 2013 over reports that a truck that she had purchased the day before had been seen driving in a local creek.

Jones said that she had been unaware at the time that her sons borrowed the truck while she was sleeping. After officers claimed that she was lying about owning the truck, Jones said she tried to go back inside her home, and that's when they forced her to the ground.

"One of them had his foot on my arm, and the other kicked me and broke my ribs," she recalled. "They hurt me. They hurt me bad, and they know they did."

According to Jones, she had to plead no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct-vulgar language so that she could go to the hospital. Her fiance, 50-year-old Mathew Milberger and two sons, William and Danny Wallace, were also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct-vulgar language.


Grand juror sues prosecutor of Michael Brown case, alleges mishandling of case

© Cristina Fletes-Boutte, AFP/Getty Images
St. Louis County Robert McCulloch
A member of the grand jury that declined to indict the white Missouri police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black 18-year-old sued the prosecutor in the case on Monday, criticizing the way evidence was presented to grand jurors and seeking court permission to speak publicly about the way the case was handled.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in St. Louis against St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch by the grand juror, whose name was withheld and was referred to as "Grand Juror Doe."

The lawsuit relates to the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Brown's death and the grand jury's decision not to indict Wilson triggered months of protests over police treatment of African-Americans in the United States.

Comment: Also see:

Christmas Tree

Happy New Year 2015: Sott.net - Shining ever brighter, thanks to You

Dear Readers,

2014 is about to end, and if you have been following our website closely, you will be aware that it has been one heck of a year! By paying attention to the truth behind events as they unfold on our planet, you begin to see the world more as it is rather than as you would like it to be. That knowledge can bring you a certain sense of liberation, where you finally understand what is wrong with our world. With that understanding, you can then begin to make the choices that will change your life for the better, despite the increasing chaos all around you. As we're fond of saying, 'knowledge protects'. And that is what we wish you for the incoming year: Knowledge and awareness, and hence protection.

Saying goodbye to the year 2014, we'd like to tell you a little bit about our accomplishments, since you may not be aware of them all. We have reason to be proud. There is always much more we can do, but this year, just as we thought our plates were too full, thanks to our readers' support, and the impetus from many new volunteers around the world, we have been expanding!

The SOTT Talk Radio Show has now become the SOTT Radio Network, with three different shows: "Behind the Headlines" (Sundays), "The Truth Perspective" (Saturdays), and "Atando cabos" (Saturdays, in Spanish). Listeners from all over the world listen in and participate. If you haven't tuned in yet, you're missing out! More shows are planned for 2015, including a show on health, psychology and well-being, to be launched in early January.

Some articles we picked up this year 'went viral' in 2014 (such as this one, this one and this one), and we have also been producing much more original content. In addition to our SOTT Focus articles, SOTT Exclusive articles analyze and summarize breaking news events and global trends. Meanwhile, our Earth Changes Summary monthly videos are now being translated into multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Russian, and Vietnamese. Recognizing how important these "signs of the times" are, people have been sharing them far and wide on social media.

This year we also launched SOTT WorldView, a visual, interactive map of world events that lets you read the news in a whole new way by seeing the links between different types of events for any chosen time period. Check it out, and search according to the parameters that interest you most. We have also been working hard to release, early in 2015, SOTT.net in 5 new languages: Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek and Croatian. More and more people are going to be able to read our news, without being hindered by language barriers!

Bad Guys

Watch out! NYPD uses officers' funerals to deify the police force, justify police brutality, and challenge civilian authority

© Chang W. Lee / The New York Times

Sunday's funeral for New York City Police Officer Wenjian Liu marked the continuation of a political counterattack aimed at rendering illegitimate and even outright criminal the growing resistance to police violence.

Similar to last week's ceremony for Rafael Ramos, who was gunned down alongside Liu on December 20, what occurred over the weekend was a political operation coordinated by high-ranking officials from all levels of government. Liu was eulogized not only by family members, but also by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, and FBI Director James Comey. New York Senator Chuck Schumer, Governor Andrew Cuomo and dozens more politicians made appearances either at the funeral Sunday or the wake Saturday.

Thousands of cops from around the country traveled to Brooklyn to attend the proceedings. Together with NYPD officers they filled the cordoned-off streets for blocks outside the funeral home. Giant projection screens broadcast the proceedings to the cops assembled outside. Cable news channels carried the event live.

Comment: The bizarre execution of two officers was insane, and this reaction is insane. Feeding the ego of a police force filled with ravenous and corrupt thugs is not a good idea:
2015 could be the year the Anglo-imperialist franchise finally starts shutting down in obvious ways. We know it will have to shut down eventually, because failing all the time is not conducive to its survival. The bonus question is, what sort of anti-America will these parasites set up inside America before they abandon their host and scatter to their fortified compounds in undisclosed locations around the world? Or will they not even bother, and just provoke a war of all against all?
It's looking like a war of all against all. Meanwhile most people are dreaming that life's just fine and dandy:
The American people are feeling really good right about now. For example, Gallup's economic confidence index has hit the highest level that we have seen since the last recession. In addition, nearly half of all Americans believe that 2015 will be a better year than 2014 was, and only about 10 percent believe that it will be a worse year. And a lot of people are generally feeling quite good about the people that have been leading our nation.


Saving civilization: Learn to live self-sufficiently within small closely-knit communities

urban gardens
© littleny/Shutterstock.com
Using urban space for food production makes food easier to transport, not to mention cheaper. littleny/Shutterstock.com
The aftermath of Christmas is a good time to think about where consumer-capitalism is getting us. The sad fact is that, with these values, our society can never be ecologically sustainable or just. Accelerating global problems cannot be solved in a society obsessed with production and consumption, affluent living standards, market forces, the profit motive and economic growth. The only way out is via a huge and radical transition to The Simpler Way.

An exaggeration? Only if you fail to grasp the magnitude of the overshoot. Consider, for instance, the well-known "footprint" numbers. It takes eight hectares of productive land to provide water, energy, living space and food for one person in Australia.

If the 9 billion people of the future were to live as Australians do now, we would need about 72 billion hectares of productive land - about nine times the total on Earth. Even now, footprint analyses indicate that the world is consuming resources 1.5 times faster than we can sustain.

It gets worse. Our affluence, comfort and security could not be possible if we few who live in rich countries were not hogging most of resources. The per capita consumption of the top 10 countries for iron ore use is more than 80 times that of all the rest. If the global economy were not so grossly unjust we would have to get by with a tiny fraction of what we use now.

Comment: Learning to live in a self-sufficient manner and forming communities that work together would be wise steps to take. There are many techniques that people should begin to implement, on their own, because it is clear that the ruling class will never institute any programs that benefit society. In fact, this same group of psychopathic elites have managed to bring civilization to its breaking point. While no one can predict the future, things are not looking good on the BBM, so taking steps to prepare for an uncertain future would be prescient.

Fireball 2

Huge fireworks factory explosion near Colombian capital

The explosion of a fireworks factory near the Colombian capital was captured on video and caused at least two injuries.

Firefighters in Granada, near Bogota, said two people were injured in the Sunday morning blast, including a driver who was passing by at the time of the explosion.

The Crue emergency center of Cundinamarca province said the driver suffered shrapnel wounds on his right arm and was released following treatment.

Carlos Espinoza, the man filming the explosion, was thrown by the force of the blast, the video shows.

Authorities said the factory blast and ensuing fire destroyed five warehouses that were being used to store gunpowder.

Provincial Gov. Alvaro Cruz said the cause of the explosion is under investigation.


Canadian man goes on 'senseless' killing spree in Edmonton, murders 8 before turning gun on himself

Edmonton police have identified the victims in this week's mass murder, saying Phu Lam's shooting rampage claimed the life of his wife, several of her family members - including her eight-year-old son and three-year old niece - and a family friend.

Lam, who took his own life after the killings, appears to have spared the lives of a one-year-old and an eight-month-old baby who may have been in the north Edmonton home at the time of the deadly attack.

Lam's wife, Thuy Tien Truong, 35, was slain along with her son, her sister, her parents, her niece and a friend at a north Edmonton home between 3:45 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Sunday, police said Friday.