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Millionaire Chinese businessman builds free homes for residents of his family village

The business tycoon returned to his village and gave everybody a place of their own to live
A millionaire Chinese businessman has bulldozed the wooden huts and muddy roads where he grew up - and built luxury homes for the people who lived there.

Xiong Shuihua was born in Xiongkeng village in the city of Xinyu, southern China and said that his family had always been well looked after and supported by residents in his childhood.

So when the 54-year-old ended up making millions in the steel industry he decided to repay the favour - for free.

The business tycoon decided to return to the village and give everybody a place of their own to live.

Comment: Some rich people inherit compassion and empathy, far more seem to inherit psychopathic traits.


From Russia with love and support: Russia sends humanitarian cargo for Palestine

While Israel continues to kill and torture Palestinians, Russia sends humanitarian aid. So who's the "bad guy" here?
A transport plane of the Emergencies Ministry took on board 26 tons of humanitarian supplies that will be airlifted to Jordan.

Russia sent a humanitarian cargo to Palestine on Wednesday. A transport plane of the Emergencies Ministry took on board 26 tons of humanitarian supplies that will be airlifted to Jordan, the ministry's spokesman Alexander Drobyshevsky said Wednesday. The cargo will be handed over to representatives of the Palestinian embassy in Amman.

"Interaction with the authorised Jordanian charitable organizations will make it possible to timely transfer the cargo to Palestinian territory and distribute it among the local population," Drobyshevsky said.

The humanitarian aid is provided pursuant to Russian government's resolution in connection with Palestinian authorities' request for medications and medical equipment.

Comment: Thank you Putin and Russia for showing the world how decent human beings should behave. While the West spreads nothing but death and destruction, including supporting the murderous Zionist state, Russia makes a choice to follow its conscience.

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Shoot first: Cop shoots at unarmed man rushing home during daughter's asthma attack

Brian Dennison
A Florida sheriff's deputy averted a gunshot at the last second Tuesday to avoid wounding a man he realized was not armed.

Officer J.C. Garcia mistakenly believed a driver who led him on a brief pursuit was armed, so he drew and fired his weapon about 9:15 p.m., investigators said.

But the Jacksonville sheriff's officer managed to wave his gun off immediately upon determining the driver, 29-year-old Brian Dennison, was not actually holding a weapon.

Garcia began following the green Ford Focus driven by Dennison after spotting the car speed through a parking lot to avoid a traffic signal.

The officer said the car had expired tags, and he said Dennison drove away from an automatic teller machine as he approached from behind.

Garcia turned on his lights after the driver ran a stop sign, but the officer said Dennison did not stop and nearly caused a crash after driving the wrong way into a traffic lane.

Dennison pulled into an apartment complex and got out of his vehicle, and Garcia initially thought he spotted a weapon and fired his own.


Free speech no more: Man sues police for arresting him at home after he called them racist on Facebook

A federal lawsuit filed by a Wisconsin man alleges that Arena police violated his civil rights by charging him for calling officers racists on Facebook.

In 2012, Thomas G. Smith had seen an Arena Police Department Facebook post thanking community members for helping to detain two black children. Smith responded with a profanity-laced message about how Arena officers were racists.

A federal lawsuit obtained by the StarTribune said that Officer Nicholas Stroik had deleted Smith's comments, and the comments of others who accused police of targeting suspects based on race.

Smith then received a call from officers, who wanted to know if he had posted the comment. Smith replied that he had posted the Facebook message, and that he had meant it.


Doctor who secretly filmed his patients in the bathroom sentenced

© Reuters / Michael Buholzer
A South London doctor who took secret video footage of patients and colleagues on the toilet has been jailed for eight years.

Hearing specialist Lam Hoe Yeoh was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court after it was discovered that he had secretly hoarded 1,100 indecent images and videos of his patients at his home.

The 62-year-old man admitted to seven counts of voyeurism, six counts of taking an indecent photograph of a child and one count of possessing extreme pornography.

Yeoh was sentenced to eight years, five of which he will serve in prison before being released on license. While only 30 victims could be identified on camera, one woman was reportedly filmed 300 times.

Recorder Warwick Mackinnon called the disgraced doctor "nefarious and despicable." He told the court Yeoh's behavior posed a significant threat to the public.

"The sheer scale, the gravity, the ingrained and compulsive behavior demonstrated by the offences is significantly important. You are considered a high risk to the public.

"[Had you not been caught], I have no doubt that this prolific offending on a hitherto unprecedented scale would have continued," he added.

The Malaysian doctor, known by the English name Robin, was caught after a small camera he fixed to a communal toilet at St Anthony's Hospital in Cheam was discovered.


Paul Craig Roberts: The safety of citizens lost with unaccountability of government, police

© AP/Jeff RobersonRiot police in Ferguson, Missouri.
Events in Ferguson unfolded as most aware Americans thought they would. A white prosecutor guided a grand jury to the decision that the white policeman who shot and killed a young black male had just cause and committed no crime.

The black majority but politically powerless community in Ferguson consists of Americans who are constantly harassed and abused by police. The black community responded predictably to the exoneration of the white policeman. The results were riots, looting, and the destruction of property.

This response hardened the whites in their view that black people are criminally inclined and a threat to the safety of the lives and properties of whites.

The issue has been cast as white-black racism.

Actually, the situation is far more serious than racism.

I can remember times when police in America were reliable. They had themselves under control and saw their role as helpful to citizens and investigators of crimes. They took care not to bring charges against innocent people and to kill citizens without cause. Police would put their lives on line in order to avoid making a mistake in the use of their power.

Those times are gone forever. The police have been militarized, especially after 9/11, but even before. Police are taught to regard the public, especially any suspect or traffic offender as a potential threat to the police. The new rule taught to police is to apply violence to the suspect or offender in order to protect the police officer, and to question suspects only after they are safely secured, it they are still alive after being beaten, tasered, or shot.

Comment: Police brutality is on the rise due to the actions of our leaders. As a result, police have become more dangerous to the public than criminals.

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Police reveal Cleveland boy shot by cop did not point BB gun at him

© AFP Photo/Jordan GonzalezPeople display sigs at Cudell Commons Park in Cleveland, Ohio, November 24, 2014 during a rally for Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy shot by police on November 23
The 12-year-old boy fatally shot Saturday by Cleveland police did not point a pellet gun at officers who approached him at a playground, police said. The shooting officer, police added, was only ten feet away from Tamir Rice when he fired at the boy.

Police officers were responding to a 911 call about a "man" with a gun that was "probably fake." The caller added, "I don't know if it's real or not." Cleveland Deputy Chief Edward Tomba said Monday he did not know if the dispatcher passed this information to the officers. The president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association said the officers were not informed that the gun was likely fake, AP reported.

The pair of officers approached Rice, who was told to raise his hands. He was shot twice by one of the officers when he reached for the pellet gun in his waistband. He did not, according to official accounts, point the "airsoft" gun at police or verbally threaten the officers.

"Airsoft" pellet guns are designed to resemble actual firearms, but they shoot round plastic pellets. The fake guns are usually distinguished from real weapons by a strip or spot of orange paint, but police said Rice's toy did not have a safety indicator. An Ohio state lawmaker has already proposed legislation that would require all such airsoft guns to come with bright or obvious fluorescent stripes.

"Our officers at times are required to make critical decisions in a split second," Chief Calvin Williams said. "Unfortunately this is one of those times."

Snakes in Suits

Drink less and be 'virtuous' and campus sexual assaults will stop says Florida college president

© Rawstory/Screengrab
The president of St. Petersburg, Florida's Eckerd College has stirred up controversy by telling students that excessive drinking and casual sex are what leads to on-campus rapes.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Eckerd's President Donald Eastman III urged students in a campus-wide email to "do your part" to prevent sexual assaults by drinking less and being less promiscuous.

"Virtue in the area of sexuality is its own reward, and has been held in high esteem in Western Culture for millennia because those who are virtuous are happier as well as healthier," wrote Eastman in the loftily-worded email on Sunday. "No one's culture or character or understanding is improved by casual sex, and the physical and psychological risks to both genders are profound."

The 69-year-old Eastman went on to say that incidents of rape "are almost always preceded by consumption, often heavy consumption, of alcohol, often by everyone involved in them."

He offered two "fairly simple suggestions" to the 1,800 students at Eckerd.
1. By limiting your own consumption of alcohol, and encouraging your friends to do the same. Socrates included wine at his Symposium, but he did not get drunk.

2. You can be thoughtful about the dramatic and often negative psychological effects that sexual activity without commitment can have. Virtue in the area of sexuality is its own reward, and has been held in high esteem in Western Culture for millennia because those who are virtuous are happier as well as healthier. No one's culture or character or understanding is improved by casual sex, and the physical and psychological risks to both genders are profound.
"I wish each of you good luck in your final weeks of the semester, and a happy, healthy, virtuous 2015," he concluded.

Comment: His 'fairly simple suggestions' would not have helped this college student. This so called 'leader' has been infected by the psychopathic worldview.
"When (normal) human beings fall into a certain state: the psychopaths, like a virulent pathogen in a body, strike at their weaknesses, and the entire society is plunged into conditions that lead to horror and tragedy on a very large scale."
Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

Bad Guys

SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Mass demonstrations across US, #MikeBrown may be the focus, his murder only part of the cause

protest nyc
© @NYHarmReduction via TwitterCrowd has taken over the street in #TimesSquare chanting #JusticeForMikeBrown, riot cops have shown up with flexicuffs
As I write this, three separate protests are happening in NYC, where I live. There's a group in Times Square, another that just blocked off 11th avenue and the Lincoln Tunnel and another group that started in Union Square and marched down 14th Street. There have also been protests in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Oakland, CA and Ferguson, MO. Ostensibly, these are because a grand jury declined to indict Darren Wilson of the murder of Mike Brown, however the root cause goes much deeper.
There was a lot to delve through: 70 hours of testimony from 60 witnesses and three medical examiners. Ultimately, the St. Louis County grand jury of nine white and three black members appeared to side with Wilson's view that he was defending himself against a much larger, fast-approaching aggressor.

Said St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch: "The physical and scientific evidence examined by the grand jury, combined with the witness statements, supported and substantiated by that physical evidence, tells the accurate and tragic story of what happened."

Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown at the time of the shooting, disagreed.

"I know exactly what I saw. I was there the whole time, and I definitely saw my friend stop and put his hands up," he told CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront on Tuesday.
Unfortunately we may never know what happened to Mike Brown. There is a lot of reason to believe that the police are lying, that they manipulated evidence, and that the grand jury was only allowed to hear one narrative: Darren Wilson acted in self defense.

There's also the fact that the Ferguson prosecutor's office and the police department have a relationship. It's an obvious conflict of interest, with the prosecutor basically being asked to make against a case 'one of their own'. Anthony Gray, an attorney for Mike Brown's family, made the same point:


California psychologist says that low-IQ girls 'suffer less' trauma from sex assault

© YoutubeForensic psychologist Dr. Stan Katz
An expert hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) argued in court that a 9-year-old girl seeking damages after she was sexually assaulted would be protected from emotional stress by her low IQ.

Court documents obtained by KPCC investigative producer Karen Foshay detailed forensic psychologist Dr. Stan Katz's 2013 testimony in a trial to determine how much in damages the 9-year-old girl would receive after she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by a boy at one of the district's schools.

The girl reportedly had an IQ between 64 and 70, but the boy was not developmentally disabled.

According to the transcripts, attorney David Ring, who represented the girl, asked Katz to explain what he meant when he said that the girl's disability "acts as a protective factor."

"There's a relationship between intelligence and depression," Katz replied. "What happens is the more you think about things, you can ruminate, you can focus on things, you can look at the complexities of the matter and become less depressed."

"So because she may be less intelligent than a general education student, she's going to suffer less depression because of it?" Ring pressed.

"Very possible, yes," Katz insisted.

He did agree that the girl would need therapy to cope with the trauma. But he said that he had interviewed the girl in 2012 - two years after the 2010 sexual assaults - and had determined that the crime was not connected to her emotional distress. Instead, he blamed her problems on a lack of a father in her life, and on her mental disability.

Comment: Thankfully for the 9-year old girl, the jury didn't buy the lie. They recognized that the slime-ball psychologist (and defense attorney) was blaming the victim.

Interestingly, the LA School District seems to choose legal defense teams that artfully blame the victim:

Los Angeles school district fires lawyer who successfully defends them by blaming 14-year old for sexual relationship with teacher

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