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Wed, 21 Apr 2021
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Utah Gov. claims it's not racist for white children to be excluded from Jazz-funded college scholarships

governor spencer cox
Governor Spencer Cox took a call during a the "Let Me Speak to the Governor" question period on a local radio station KSL on Thursday from a constituent who was concerned about the Utah Jazz's new scholarship program. The scholarship program, implemented by the basketball this year, promised a college scholarship to a student of color for every win the franchise earned.

The caller, announced as David from Highland, asked "The Utah Jazz is excluding white children from consideration for their scholarship program. Do you think this is racist? And what would you do to prevent the Utah Jazz from acting in this racist manner?"

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Controversial sex ed bill divides Arizona, as governor weighs putting brakes on 'gender identity' and sexual orientation classes

gay pride flag
© Reuters / Gleb Garanich
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is deciding whether to sign a bill requiring parents to opt in to classes teaching their children about "gender identity" and "sexual orientation." Opponents say the bill is anti-LGBT.

Protesters gathered outside the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday, demanding Ducey veto a controversial sex education bill passed this week by the state's Republican-controlled legislature. SB 1456 would allow parents to review the state's sex education curriculum and opt out of having their children learn about "gender identity or gender expression," HIV and AIDS or "sexual orientation."

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'Fear really drives numbers': CNN director calls Covid-19 'GANGBUSTERS WITH RATINGS,' latest undercover video reveals - UPDATE: Brian Stelter refuses comment

Charlie Chester
© Twitter / Project Veritas
A screen grab shows technical director Charlie Chester speaking of CNN's Covid-19 death tracker.
CNN purposely stoked fears over the Covid-19 pandemic to boost ratings, partly by constantly displaying a death tracker, network technical director Charlie Chester said in the latest undercover video posted by Project Veritas.
"Covid? Gangbusters with ratings, right? Which is why we constantly have the death toll on the side," Chester said in the video, which was posted on social media on Wednesday.
Part 2 - @CNN Director Reveals That Network Practices 'Art of Manipulation' to "Change The World""COVID? Gangbusters with ratings right? Which is why we constantly have the death toll on the side...let's make it higher" "No such thing as unbiased news."#ExposeCNNpic.twitter.com/okKSFK4JfS

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) April 14, 2021

Comment: After publishing this video, James O'Keefe's Twitter account was suspended. Again we can see the PTB trying to silence the whistleblowers that speak the truth so they can control the damage done to their agenda. But as more truth will come to the surface the people will eventually see their dark agenda behind this fake pandemic.

The CNN employee also revealed that he had mixed feelings about the death tracker.
"I've even looked at it and been like... let's make it higher," he said. "Like, why isn't it high enough, you know, today? Like, it would make our point better if it was higher. And I'm like, what am I f**king rallying for?"

Comment: Jack Posobiec commented on his Twitter account:

In another video CNN technical director Charlie Chester reveals how CNN admitted that his network tries to help the Black Lives Matter movement, but reality keeps getting in the way.
Chester spilled a host of trade secrets to an undercover reporter with Project Veritas, a conservative group famous for their hidden-camera sting operations on Big Tech and media insiders. After admitting that CNN purposely stoked fears over the Covid-19 pandemic to boost ratings, and focused on getting "Trump out of office," Chester then ran his mouth on racial issues, in a video published by Project Veritas on Thursday.

After doing some research into the apparent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes in the US, Chester said that he realized "a bunch of black men" were behind most of the attacks. Unfortunately for CNN, this perspective didn't fit in with the network's chosen narrative.
"I'm like, 'what are you doing?' We're trying to help, like, with the BLM," he vented, adding that the "optics" of black-on-Asian violence don't help the BLM cause. "Little things," like these hate crimes, "are enough to set back movements," he added.
Chester didn't explain how he thinks that supporting the Black Lives Matter can stop individual acts of criminal violence. Likewise, some BLM protesters apparently don't care for the good publicity, as seen in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Wednesday night when a protester knocked a CNN crew member to the ground with a well-aimed bottle to the head, before chasing the crew to police lines.

Chester wasn't done spilling the beans. He admitted that the media in general focuses on the race of shooters, but only if these shooters are white.
"People were lapping up that it was like, you know, white guys," he said.
"I haven't seen anything about focusing on the color of people's skin that aren't white," he added, claiming that stories about non-white suspects lose "a little steam" when their skin color is mentioned.
UPDATE 16/04/2021: CNN's Brian Stelter refuses the opportunity presented by Project Veritas to clarify CNN's reporting guidelines

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Social media again silences The Post for accurately reporting the news

fox news new york post censored blm
© Fox News
'Fox & Friends Weekend' host Will Cain reacts after Facebook blocked a New York Post story on a Black Lives Matter co-founder's luxury home purchases.
Will Cain: Facebook shows 'stunning hypocrisy' blocking story on BLM leader

Once more unto the breach.

On Thursday, Facebook decided its users should not be able to share a New York Post article about the property buying habits of one of the founders of Black Lives Matter.

This is the third time we've tangled with social media giants in the past year. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we published a column that suggested the virus could have leaked from a Chinese virology lab. Facebook's "fact checkers" decided this was an opinion you weren't allowed to have, and blocked the article. Today, it's a commonly discussed theory, with officials from former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield to CNN's Sanjay Gupta saying it can't be discounted. Even the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said it can't be ruled out.


'It's lockdown what done it': Is Boris lauding lockdowns because he's planning another for October? Looks that way!

© Reuters
Britain's PM Johnson walks outside Downing Street, in London.
The prime minister's claim that it was lockdown, and not the vaccine or seasonal factors, which led to the rapid fall in Covid cases and deaths in the UK should set alarm bells ringing very loudly.

The Man in Black wanted us to be in no doubt during his interview this week with Sky News: it was the lockdown whatdunit.
"It is very, very important for everybody to understand that the reduction in these numbers, in hospitalisations, in deaths, in infections, has not been achieved because of the vaccination programme.

"People don't, I think, appreciate that it's the lockdown that has been overwhelmingly important in delivering this improvement in the pandemic and in the figures that we're seeing. And so, yes of course the vaccination programme has helped, but the bulk of the work in reducing the disease has been done by the lockdown."
Repeat after Me: "The bulk of the work in reducing the disease has been done by the lockdown.. The bulk of the work..."

Why is Johnson so keen to downplay the government's roll-out of a mass vaccination programme and instead big-up lockdown? Some have said it's because he fears legal challenges for locking us down again in early January and wants to get his defence statement in before the writ. But I think BoJo is looking forwards, not backwards.

By stressing 'lockdowns work' now, he is 'nudging' us towards accepting another shutdown of the non-virtual economy in autumn.

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Florida bill toughens punishment against rioting, looting & monument destruction, as Democrats mourn 'death of 1st Amendment'

Looters sign
© Reuters/Shannon Stapleton
Lawmakers in Florida have passed a bill that increases punishments for rioting, looting and destruction of monuments, while making it harder for local jurisdictions to defund the police. Democrats condemned it as racist.

The state senate approved HB1, or "An Act Relating to Combating Public Disorder," on Thursday with a vote of 23 in favor and 17 opposed. One Republican from Tampa Bay joined the Democrats in opposition. It cleared the Republican-majority House last month. Governor Ron DeSantis said in a statement following the bill's passage. He is expected to sign it into law as early as next week:
"This legislation strikes the appropriate balance of safeguarding every Floridian's constitutional right to peacefully assemble, while ensuring that those who hide behind peaceful protest to cause violence in our communities will be punished."
The final version of the bill isn't quite the "license to shoot looters" that reports on the early draft in November 2020 made it out to be. It upgrades the penalties for many misdemeanors, including rioting, looting, and assault and battery of uniformed officials. It also creates an "affirmative defense" in civil cases for injury, property damage or wrongful death when the person is acting in self-defense against someone convicted of rioting.

HB1 also makes it a third-degree felony to damage or destroy a memorial or historic property valued at $200 or above, and would have the perpetrator pay "full cost" of repair or replacement as restitution, in addition to a 10-year prison sentence.


Rapid Covid testing in England may be scaled back over false positives

2 people testing
© Ian West/PA
English National Opera members take lateral flow tests before rehearsals.
Senior government officials have raised "urgent" concerns about the mass expansion of rapid coronavirus testing, estimating that as few as 2% to 10% of positive results may be accurate in places with low Covid rates, such as London.

Boris Johnson last week urged everyone in England to take two rapid-turnaround tests a week in the biggest expansion of the multibillion-pound testing programme to date. However, leaked emails seen by the Guardian show that senior officials are now considering scaling back the widespread testing of people without symptoms, due to a growing number of false positives.

In one email, Ben Dyson, an executive director of strategy at the health department and one of health secretary Matt Hancock's advisers, stressed the "fairly urgent need for decisions" on "the point at which we stop offering asymptomatic testing".

On 9 April, the day everyone in England was able to order twice-weekly lateral flow device (LFD) tests, Dyson wrote:
"As of today, someone who gets a positive LFD result in (say) London has at best a 25% chance of it being a true positive, but if it is a self-reported test potentially as low as 10% (on an optimistic assumption about specificity) or as low as 2% (on a more pessimistic assumption)."
He added that the department's executive committee, which includes Hancock and the NHS test and trace chief, Dido Harding, would soon need to decide whether requiring people to self-isolate before a confirmatory PCR test "ceases to be reasonable" in low infection areas where there is a high likelihood of a positive result being wrong.


Covid-status certificate scheme could be unlawful discrimination, says EHRC

vaccine passport
Covid-status certificates being considered by ministers to help open up society could amount to unlawful indirect discrimination, the government's independent equalities watchdog has advised.

As ministers decide whether the documents should be introduced as passports to certain events later this year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has told the Cabinet Office they risk creating a "two-tier society".

The watchdog also said employers should not be allowed to hire workers on a "no jab, no job" policy until all young people had been offered a vaccine, and that plans to make them mandatory for care workers helping older people may not be lawful.

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Israel: Ex-soldier sets himself on fire due to PTSD over 2014 military offensive against Palestine


Ex-Israeli soldier has set himself on fire after suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder sending shockwaves across Israel
A former soldier who took part in Israel's brutal 2014 military offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip set himself on fire on Monday evening in front of the Ministry of Defence rehabilitation offices, local media have reported. The ministry confirmed that 26-year-old veteran Itzik Saidian was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after experiencing combat during Operation Protective Edge seven years ago.

Saidian was rushed to the Sheba Medical Centre with extensive burns after self-immolating in Petah Tikva. His condition was said by the hospital to be "critical", with "deep burns all over his body". Speaking to journalists at the hospital, his tearful brother Avi said that, "He saw horrible things and nobody took care of him."

Comment: One can scarcely imagine what it must have been like for the Palestinians.

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Brian Stelter IGNORES violent attack on CNN camera crew by BLM protesters

stelter BLM
© Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CNN
Brian Stelter skipped news that a CNN crew was harassed by the demonstrators that are often labeled "peaceful" by the liberal network.
CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter ignored an attack by rioters on reporters from his own network.

While the self-proclaimed media expert has claimed in the past to always report on attacks against the press, his Wednesday "Reliable Sources" newsletter made no mention of the incident.

This lack of response came despite a CNN camera crew being harassed and chased off by protesters in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, which gained widespread attention elsewhere.

Comment: Fox News adds:
A CNN crew was harassed in Brookly Center by demonstrators that are often labeled "peaceful" by the liberal network, as chaos following the police shooting of Daunte Wright continued. Video of the incident was viral on Twitter before 8 p.m. ET, but Stelter did not feel the incident important enough for his nightly newsletter about the media.

"CNN's journalism newsletter buries news that makes its side look bad. Even when its side attacks CNN employees," Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News.

While CNN's media newsletter ignored its own crew being attacked, it found space for items on White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner being canceled, media industry employees wanting post-pandemic flexibility, former "Bachelor" star Colton Underwood revealing he is gay, and "Superstore" actor Lauren Ash signing a deal with NBC.

"It ignored how a CNN staffer was attacked by leftist rioters and then chased from the scene under threat of more violence. Last time I checked that's news about journalism," Gainor said. "Imagine CNN's complete freak out if pro-Trump rioters had violently attacked their staffers. This is how they spin the news."

Anyone who relies on Stelter's newsletter missed dramatic footage captured by Washington Examiner reporter Nic Rowan of a heated exchange outside the suburban police department between the CNN crew, led by correspondent Miguel Marquez, and a group of protesters. One of the crew members insisted to the crowd that "it's all peace."

Rowan, who documented the assault on the CNN journalist, told Fox News that demonstrators were urging reporters to cover the "peaceful protesters" in a different area instead of focusing on hostility between the rioters and law enforcement, saying, "it's not representative of Minneapolis and the community."

The Examiner reporter told Fox News he was ordered by one person to "stop making Minneapolis look like Fallujah" and "like a war."
Of course Stelter's going to ignore any of BLM's peccadillos. The agenda has been set and he wants to keep his cushy job.