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Mon, 26 Aug 2019
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Know how Jeffrey Epstein methodically manipulated vulnerable young girls - so you can protect your children from predators

This Is How Epstein Manipulated Vulnerable Young Girls (and How You Can Protect Your Children from Predators)
This article contains content that some may find distressing.

Jeffrey Epstein "was" apparently a serial molester of children. He had manipulation down to an art form, as many molesters do. He seemed to be an expert at figuring out a girl's weak point, whether it was poverty, a deceased family member, or feeling alienated from her peers.

This is a common ploy. Many molesters seek out children or teens who have lost a parent and use this as a way to build a friendship. Then, because children don't think like adults, they are manipulated, coerced, or threatened into sexual activity.

The story below could be told a hundred thousand times with only tiny changes. The names and the faces would be different. The settings might not be a mansion in Manhattan or in Palm Beach but rather a quiet part of a church, a school, or some kind of activity for teens. The setting could be in the house next door to you, where someone with evil intent befriends a vulnerable young person with the stated goal of helping them, but an end result that couldn't be further from reality.

How 14-year-old Jennifer Araoz met Jeffrey Epstein

Jennifer Araoz was 14 years old when she first met her future rapist, Jeffrey Epstein. She wrote about how she was manipulated, first by his recruiter, then by Epstein himself. There are many powerful lessons that we as parents can learn from her story.

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5 years later: NYPD fires Officer Daniel Pantaleo in 'chokehold' death of Eric Garner

Police Commissioner James O’Neill

NYPD Police Commissioner James O’Neill
NYPD cop Daniel Panatelo has been fired for causing the death of Eric Garner, Police Commissioner James O'Neill announced Monday.

"The unintended consequence of Mr. Garner's death must have a consequence of its own," O'Neill said.

"It is clear that Daniel Pantaleo can no longer effectively serve as a New York City police officer."

O'Neill's widely expected decision to fire the embattled cop endorsed the recommendation of a deputy commissioner who presided over Pantaleo's departmental trial earlier this year.

It also came after Mayor Bill de Blasio proclaimed that Garner's family was "going to get justice ... in the next 30 days" during a Democratic presidential primary debate on July 31.

Garner's July 17, 2014, death became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement after cellphone video captured him repeatedly yelling "I can't breathe!" while being arrested on suspicion of illegally selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island.

Comment: See also:

Black Magic

55yo Indian woman murdered with trident during exorcism

Exorcism in India
© Saikat Paul/Global Look Press
A 55-year-old woman was murdered by witch doctors during the process of exorcism in Sapahi village under Ramana police station, around 35 kilometres away from the district headquarter, on Saturday night.

The deceased has been identified as Rudani Devi, a native of Kon Mandra village under Ramana police station.

Son of the deceased, Binesh Oraon lodged an FIR against exorcist Alama Devi and her son Sakendra Oraon.

Binesh mentioned in the FIR that on August 15, his mother was taken to a witch doctor at Sapahi village by his two brothers Dhanesh Oraon and Dinesh Oraon and their wives Vinita and Guddi and his own wife for exorcism.

He informed that on Saturday night during the exorcism, the witch doctor took his mother to a separate room and stabbed her with a trident. Ramana thana in-charge Gosnar Dhan confirmed the information and said, "Police has taken both the accused into custody and are interrogating them."

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Work till you die: Tory think tank proposes raising pension age to 75

pension age coins
The state pension age should be raised to 75 within the next 16 years to help boost the UK economy, according to a Tory think tank.

In a new report, the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has proposed an increase of the pension age to 70 by 2028 and 75 by 2035.

The pension age is already set to increase to 67 by 2028 and to 68 by 2046 - but the organisation, co-founded by former Conservative leader and work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan-Smith, wants to see a faster increase.

Comment: So it's hardly an unbiased organization. As for Ian Duncan-Smith, he's known to have presided over the revamped and botched UK's benefit system that deemed thousands of disabled people 'fit for work' who subsequently died, many while still waiting to receive their benefits: UK: Man declared 'fit for work' by Jobcentre dies on way home from assessment

The CSJ's latest report said evidence suggested the UK was "not responding to the needs and potential" of an ageing workforce, with hundreds of thousands of people aged 50 to 64 seen as "economically inactive".

Comment: Meanwhile the poorest in society are seeing their life expectancy decrease, and the majority are seeing their living standards tank. MPs, however, voted to give themselves 6 pay rises over 6 years, and they can look forward to an early and quite generous retirement package.

RT collated some of the responses from Twitter:


'Caravans of girls': New Mexico investigators still focused on Epstein's huge ranch

epstein new mexico ranch
© KRQE via AP
Jeffrey Epstein's Zorro Ranch in Stanley, New Mexico, is seen in a file photograph.
Investigators are continuing to focus on Jeffrey Epstein's gigantic ranch in New Mexico, which he bought in 1993, following the disgraced financier's death in jail.

The nearly-8,000 acres known as Zorro Ranch sit northeast of Albuquerque.

As federal investigators turn up evidence from Epstein's homes in New York, Florida, and the Virgin Islands, New Mexico officials are probing Epstein's property to try to turn up something.

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas was continuing to look into "all allegations of criminal conduct connected to the Epstein case in New Mexico," a spokesman told the Santa Fe New Mexican. Balderas had said in July, after Epstein was arrested on child sex trafficking charges, that he was looking into whether Epstein had committed any crimes in New Mexico.

Stephanie Garcia Richard, the state land commissioner, had staff pull every document related to land Epstein was leasing from the state and deliver it to Balderas, she told the Albuquerque Journal.

"It is absolutely horrifying to discover that we have existing leases with an individual who has caused irreparable harm to so many women and girls. The best thing that we can do at this time is to provide the Attorney General with any and all resources at our disposal to assist with their investigation," she said.

Comment: See also:


Elon Musk warns Earth has no asteroid defense following 'God of Chaos' news reports

© Pixabay / Rodion Zhuravlev
The gigantic Apophis asteroid hurtling towards Earth has sparked a flurry of panicked news reports. Elon Musk is warning that we are completely defenseless against planet-killer asteroids even if this one doesn't pose a threat.

Musk was responding to a tweet from his friend, podcast host Joe Rogan, who shared a news article about the so-called 'God of Chaos' asteroid from the Express, which appears to post a newdoom-'n'-gloomarticleaboutthisparticularasteroid every few weeks.

"Great name! Wouldn't worry about this particular one, but a big rock will hit Earth eventually & we currently have no defense," the SpaceX founder said.

Roughly the size of four football fields, if the space rock were to hit Earth, it would smash us with the force of 15,000 nuclear weapons detonating simultaneously.

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Ukraine's ex-president Poroshenko siphoned off at least $8 billion, US businessman claims

© Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko
Ukraine's former president, Petro Poroshenko, withdrew at least $8 billion from the country while he was in office, American billionaire Sam Kislin claims, adding that it's impossible to bring back the bulk of the "stolen" money.

Kislin, a Ukrainian-born businessman, who emigrated to the US decades ago, was denied entry to Ukraine last year on the pretext of a necessity to protect state economic interests. He says that the ban was issued on then incumbent president Poroshenko's orders, because he was afraid that Kislin could expose corruption.

"Poroshenko alone withdrew from Ukraine at least $8 billion during his presidency," Kislin told local online outlet Strana.ua. "Only from facts known to me, between $700 million and $800 million were withdrawn through the state-owned company 'Centerenergo'," the entrepreneur said, explaining that the money was transferred to offshore companies controlled by the ex-president.

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Court docs allege Epstein had three 12yo girls flown in from France for sex as birthday present

Epstein media coverage
Jeffrey Epstein once had three 12-year-old girls flown in from France for sex as a sick birthday present, explosive court documents claim.

The allegations were part of a Florida civil suit which was seeking to overturn the paedo's 2008 plea bargain which saw him serve only 13 months in prison after having sex with a minor.

The explosive claims were made by Virginia Giuffre who alleges she was forced into being a "sex slave" by Epstein - who killed himself this month while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking charges.

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N.Y.P.D. detectives gave 12yo boy a soda - and boy's information somehow lands in a DNA database

Maurice Sylla
© Demetrius Freeman for The New York Times
Maurice Sylla was one of hundreds of men from whom the police sought DNA samples during a genetic canvass after the 2016 murder of a female jogger in Queens.
The city has 82,473 people in its database. Many of them have no idea their genetic information is there.

New York City detectives questioning a boy facing a felony charge last year offered him a McDonald's soda. When the boy left, they took the straw and tested it for his DNA.

Although it did not match evidence found at a crime scene, his DNA was entered into the city's genetic database. To have it removed, the child's family had to petition a court and file an appeal, a process that took more than a year. The boy was 12.

The city's DNA database has grown by nearly 29 percent over the last two years, and now has 82,473 genetic profiles, becoming a potentially potent tool for law enforcement but one that operates with little if any oversight.

The New York Police Department has taken DNA samples from people convicted of crimes, as well as from people who are only arrested or sometimes simply questioned. The practice has exposed the Police Department to scrutiny over how the genetic material is collected and whether privacy rights are being violated, civil liberties lawyers said.


Millennial has meltdown when boss corrects her spelling of 'hamster'

Carol Blymire is an adjunct professor of public relations and journalism at Georgetown University. Her Twitter profile describes her as a "communications and public policy executive, branding consultant, professor, writer" and "Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006".

In a series of tweets on July 12, 2019, Blymire recounted a story she overheard of a millennial "in her late 20s" in Washington, DC, getting feedback on something she had written from her boss, who is also female: