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Tue, 31 Jan 2023
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TSA Workers Evacuated Over Odor from Passenger's Bag

Four were brought to hospital complaining of eye and throat problems

US, Boston - Authorities say rodent repellant in a passenger's bag caused a noxious odor that sent four Transportation Security Administration workers at Boston's Logan International Airport to the hospital.

Authorities say 15 TSA workers were evacuated from a bag room at Terminal A shortly after the odor was noticed at about 8:20 a.m. on Monday. Four were brought to a hospital as a precaution complaining of eye and throat problems or headaches.

The all clear was given shortly after 10 a.m. after the chemical in the bag was determined to be camphor.

The bag's owners were questioned but not charged. Their names were not made public.

Police say the couple was en route to Beijing.

No passengers were affected.

Terminal A handles flights for Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

Source: The Associated Press


Rabbit 'Shot' in Strange New Herman Cain Video

Herman Cain
US - Former presidential candidate Herman Cain released a video Monday involving the depiction of a rabbit that is shot by a firearm after being launched into the air.

The graphic scene is supposed to represent "small business under the current tax code," a young girl narrates.

The child places the rabbit into a basket, and special effects simulates the basket flinging the rabbit through the air.

Another character in the video then shoots the rabbit as it hurtles through space, while shrieking can be heard.

"Any questions?" asks the child. "Any questions?"

A scene in which Cain looks down across a valley wraps up the video.

"The rabbit is fine but our current tax code is killing small business!" according to text below the YouTube video.


Military Academies Hold First Gay Pride Events

© The Associated Press/Toby Talbot
In this March 21, 2012 photo, Norwich University cadet Joshua Fontanez stands on the parade ground in Northfield, Vt. Fontanez, president of the Norwich University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Question, and Allies Club, says the club will be hosting its first ever Pride Week at Norwich University.
US: Northfield, Vermont - At the beginning of the school year, gay pride events at a military academy with titles like "condom Olympics" and "queer prom" would have been unthinkable. This week, they're a reality.

Cadets in uniform at Norwich University, the nation's oldest private military academy, participated Monday in sessions about handling bullying and harassment as part of the school's first gay pride week. The events are believed to be the first of their kind on a military campus.

Just over six months after the end of the "don't ask, don't tell" rule that prohibited gays and lesbians from serving openly in the armed forces, it's a different - and less secretive - world.

Until last year, only a select few at Norwich knew of the sexual orientation of Joshua Fontanez, 22, of Browns Mills, N.J., a past president of the student government who quietly laid the groundwork for the school's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Allies Club, which held its first meeting the day the law ended.

He had always wanted to be a soldier but figured he'd have to keep his sexuality a secret.

"The aspects of my sexual orientation, how that played in the military, that was something I was willing to sacrifice, being open versus serving my nation," Fontanez said. "It's something I feel I was truly called toward and truly loved, so it's great that I don't have necessarily to make that sacrifice."


Men With Army Ties Held in Drugs, Murder Plot

© HC
From left, Kevin Corley, Shavar Davis and Samuel Walker were arrested in a Laredo confrontation with federal agents who shot a fourth man to death
US - Two men with Army ties _ including an active-duty sergeant _ sought to work with a Mexican drug cartel in a murder-for-hire scheme in which they would kill rival gang members and recover stolen cocaine for $50,000 and drugs, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Sgt. Samuel Walker, 28, and former Lt. Kevin Corley, 29, believed they were meeting with members of the Zetas drug cartel last weekend in Texas, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Instead, they were dealing with undercover federal agents who arrested the men along with another man, Shavar Davis, on Saturday in Laredo. A third suspect, Corley's cousin Jerome Corley, was fatally shot during the arrests.

Kevin Corley also is accused of selling military-grade weapons to the agents and offering to train cartel members.

Walker is stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado, and Kevin Corley was stationed at the post before he was discharged from the Army two weeks ago.

Investigators said the three men, along with Shavar Davis, were meeting Saturday with undercover agents posing as members of the Zetas to discuss details of the murder-for-hire scheme. After agreeing on payment, federal agents moved in. Kevin Corley, Walker and Davis were arrested, while Jerome Corley was shot several times. He died at a local hospital.


Two dead after shooting at medical clinic in southwestern Newfoundland

Canada, De Garu, Newfoundland - A receptionist at a medical clinic in southwestern Newfoundland was shot dead Monday as was her estranged husband in a murder-suicide, says the community's mayor and a relative.

"We're a community of about 950 people and virtually everybody knows most of the people involved," said Cape St. George Mayor Peter Fenwick.

"It's a terrible shock to a small community like this."

The RCMP say they responded to a shooting at the De Grau Medical Clinic just before 1 p.m. in De Grau on the province's Port au Port Peninsula.

The Mounties say a 49-year-old woman was killed and a 54-year-old man who was injured later died at the Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital in Stephenville, N.L.

RCMP Sgt. Marc Coulombe said investigators are not looking for a suspect, but he wasn't able to release any details of the circumstances surrounding the shooting.


Herman Cain Releases Disgusting Ad Campaigns

© Getty Images
No household pet, it seems, is safe from Herman Cain.

Having already used a flopping, out-of-water goldfish to portray "the economy on stimulus," Cain sent an email to supporters on Monday to let them know that "A brand new, take-no-prisoners video is available for your viewing and forwarding pleasure. And this one picks right up where we left off on our theme of "Sick of Stimulus" - and may even go a bit farther."

It turns out that "a bit farther" means using a rabbit as a skeet-shooting target. In the 30-second video, which advertises Cain's website sickofstimulus.com, the small girl from the goldfish ad places a rabbit in a catapult, where it's launched and shot out of the sky by a man with a rifle. "This is small business under the current tax code. Any questions?" asks the girl, as the man cocks the rifle again in the background.


Gold Bar Discovered Filled With Tungsten

In the biggest news we've broke since the JP Morgan whistle-blower stepped forward, Australian Bullion Dealer ABC Bullion has contacted SD to advise that one of its suppliers has provided them photographic evidence of a tungsten filled 1 kilo gold bar discovered this week.

The bar passed a hand-held xrf scan which showed 99.98% pure AU. The tungsten was only discovered when the bar was physically cut in half.

After numerous reports of 400oz tungsten filled bars being discovered in Hong Kong, this is the first documented and verified report with photographic evidence that has been made public.

Fake Gold Bars_1
© Silver Doctor
1000g Gold bar cut showing inserted tungsten rods.

Submitted by Australian Bullion Dealer ABC Bullion:
Attached are photographs of a legitimate Metalor 1000gm Au bar that has been drilled out and filled with Tungsten (W).This bar was purchased by staff of a scrap dealer in xxxxx, UK yesterday. The bar appeared to be perfect other than the fact that it was 2gms underweight. It was checked by hand-held xrf and showed 99.98% Au. Being Tungsten, it would not be ferro-magnetic. The bar was supplied with the original certificate.

The owner of the business that purchased the bar only became suspicious when he realized the weight discrepancy and had the bar cropped. He estimates between 30-40% of the weight of the bar to be Tungsten.


Diet Guru Pierre Dukan Targeted by French Medical Orders


Doctor Pierre Dukan
French medical orders have filed complaints against celebrity diet guru Pierre Dukan, whose diet was reportedly used by the Middleton family ahead of Kate's wedding to Britain's Prince William.

Both the French and the Parisian Medical Councils accuse Dukan, who promotes a high-protein diet that has seen him sell millions of books and win over a slew of famous followers, of breaking professional rules.

The man behind the "Dukan Diet Cookbook", which he is currently promoting in the United States, is accused of failing to observe two articles in the doctor's code: lacking prudence in statements potentially damaging public health, and of practising medicine as a business.

Dukan recommended in January that students in their final two years of high school be awarded extra marks if they manage to maintain an acceptable Body Mass Index (BMI), a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

He is accused of failing to take into account how his recommendation might affect anorexic or overweight students.


Tourism for Psychopaths? : US town plans mock execution to attract tourists

The mayor of Medora, a small tourist town in North Dakota, is planning to erect a gallows on his property in a bid to boost visitor numbers.

mocking execution
The mayor of a North Dakota tourist town wants to host a mock execution to increase tourism
Doug Ellison, 49, has asked the town's Planning and Zoning Commission for permission to build the attraction, and intends to stage a mock hanging - with his own neck in the noose.

"The matter was not on the agenda and they were a little taken aback,'' Mr Ellison is reported to have said. "There was about five seconds of stunned silence and at first I think they thought I was joking.''

The commission is expected to vote on the proposal next month, and Mr Ellison said he was hopeful of securing approval.

"My vision is to stage a shooting, where I'd gun down someone in the street, have a trial and a hanging, all within 20 or so minutes," he said. "Anything longer than that and the tourists would lose interest."

Heart - Black

Hate Crime in America: Iraqi-American Woman beaten in San Diego attack to be buried in Iraq

Iraqi-American Shaima Alawadi was found unconscious in her home with note next to her body that said 'go back to your country, you terrorist'

Fatima al Himidi
© Kusi News
Shaima Alawadi's daughter Fatima al Himidi found her body after the brutal attack.
The body of an Iraqi-American woman who was found beaten unconscious in her home next to a note that said "go back to your country, you terrorist" will be flown to Iraq for her funeral, a local Muslim leader has said.

Shaima Alawadi, 32, was taken off life support on Saturday, three days after her 17-year-old daughter found her unconscious in the dining room of the family home in El Cajon, San Diego.

Investigators said they were exploring all aspects of her death, including the possibility that the attack was a hate crime.