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Sun, 01 Aug 2021
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Et tu, Jacob Rees-Mogg? RIP 'The Moggfather'

moggfather jacob rees-mogg
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I'm old enough to remember when Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg — aka The Moggfather — was the great white hope of British conservatism. He had the ideological backbone, the charisma and, perhaps most importantly, the financial security to be able to push through an honest-to-God Conservative agenda.

But just look at him now!

Comment: As the Great Reset continues to move forward, be prepared for a lot more of its detractors to switch teams. Seen as an unstoppable force, leaders are faced with the option of bowing to the agenda or being bowled over and pulverized into redundancy. How many will be left standing in opposition to the 'Luciferian agenda' at the end of the day?

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Actor in monkey costume with fake penis and bare bum was invited to library to encourage children to read

obscene monkey costume
© Twitter/ @HasAhmed
The offending monkey.
Where to begin. Where. To. Begin.


Reading is good. It's entertaining, it's education, it's relaxing. But unfortunately, some children aren't so keen on it. There are competitors out there like TV, the outside world, friends, phones, computers. TikTok, all threatening to cause their educational performance to dip upon return to school after the summer.

And so to the summer reading challenge we turn - an educational competition that began in 1999 to encourage children to read six books over the course of their six week summer holiday and, in the process, win stickers and medals based on whatever the theme is in a given year. It's supported by umbrella groups and takes place in local libraries across the country. It's all very wholesome stuff.

Comment: Some twisted minds in the general population actually get off on corrupting children and destroying innocence. As the Overton window slides further and further into depravity, we see more of these kinds of incidents showing up in the mainstream. Parents these days have a harder job than any previous generation protecting their children from this malicious corrupting influence. 'What a world', indeed.

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Universities are now more interested in indoctrinating students to accept diversity than in teaching them about their history

Students in class
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A new study has found that diversity staff now outnumber history academics at many American universities. This is the inevitable consequence when erasing cultural heritage to promote inclusivity becomes non-negotiable.

In higher education, diversity first emerged as a desirable value. It then became a dogma. On campuses, it has finally turned into a veritable industry.

A new report on the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), titled 'Diversity University: DEI Bloat in the Academy' provides compelling evidence that the advocacy of diversity has become a central concern of higher education.

The authors of the report found that DEI operatives make up 3.4 positions for every 100 tenured academics. That may not sound like a big deal. However, when you drill down the stats, it becomes evident that these numbers are startling. In the 65 universities across the US surveyed by the report, DEI staff levels were 1.4 times larger than the "number of professors in these universities' corresponding history departments."

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CDC releases study showing 3/4 Delta cases are among the vaccinated, says masks are the answer

People wearing masks
© Reuters / Mario Anzuoni
People wearing face protective masks walk on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California, March 29, 2021
The CDC has released a study backing up its decision to recommend indoor masking for both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans. The study examined one outbreak and found three-quarters of people testing positive were vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its masking guidelines on Tuesday, urging all Americans in areas with high Covid-19 transmission to mask up when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Mask mandates in companies, government departments, and certain local jurisdictions followed, as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky insisted the decision was made on the back of fresh scientific evidence.

The CDC released that evidence on Friday. In a study of 469 cases of Covid-19 that broke out in the resort town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, earlier this month, 74% occurred in "fully vaccinated persons." Four out of five patients hospitalized were fully vaccinated, and on average the inoculated had completed their two rounds of doses only 86 days before infection.

The cases studied occurred in people vaccinated primarily with Pfizer and Moderna shots, with a smaller number having received Johnson & Johnson's one-dose jab. No one vaccine was singled out as providing better or worse protection, and none appeared to prevent symptoms from developing. Some 79% of vaccinated patients were symptomatic, the study noted.

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Eye 2

Authoritarians drunk on power: It is time to recalibrate the government

© Liberty Blitzkrieg
"The executive power in our government is not the only, perhaps not even the principal, object of my solicitude. The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come. The tyranny of the executive power will come in its turn, but at a more distant period."― Thomas Jefferson, Democracy in America
It is time to recalibrate the government.

For years now, we have suffered the injustices, cruelties, corruption and abuse of an entrenched government bureaucracy that has no regard for the Constitution or the rights of the citizenry.

By "government," I'm not referring to the highly partisan, two-party bureaucracy of the Republicans and Democrats. Rather, I'm referring to "government" with a capital "G," the entrenched Deep State that is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and has set itself beyond the reach of the law.

We are overdue for a systemic check on the government's overreaches and power grabs.

We have lingered too long in this strange twilight zone where ego trumps justice, propaganda perverts truth, and imperial presidents — empowered to indulge their authoritarian tendencies by legalistic courts, corrupt legislatures and a disinterested, distracted populace — rule by fiat rather than by the rule of law.


Compulsory workplace vaccination rules cannot apply to vegans in the UK

© Tottenham Hotspur FC
A woman receives a jab at a Covid-19 vaccination clinic in London. The vaccines approved for use in the UK do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, although animal-derived materials may have been used in the production process
More than half a million vegans will be exempt if companies introduce compulsory vaccination rules in Britain because their beliefs are protected by employment law, legal experts have said.

So-called ethical veganism was ruled to be a protected characteristic at a tribunal last year, meaning employers would risk legal action if they order staff to be vaccinated.

Other people in protected categories are also likely to be protected by human rights laws, including some religious groups as well as people with certain disabilities or medical conditions.

A spokesman for Lewis Silkin, a law firm, said: "Some ethical vegans may disagree with vaccinations on the basis that they will inevitably have been tested on animals. Ethical veganism has previously been found by an [employment tribunal] to amount to a belief, capable of being protected."

Yellow Vest

Demonstrators take to streets of Slovakia's capital, blocking roads to protest against Covid vaccination law

bratislava protest covid
© Twitter / @AmyMek
Hundreds flocked onto Bratislava's streets and obstructed traffic in the capital, to protest against a recently passed law granting fully Covid-vaccinated people easier access into public venues than non-inoculated citizens.

Protesters poured into Bratislava en masse on Thursday, blocking key roads and the presidential palace to demonstrate their opposition to the recent coronavirus vaccination law. Several of the protesters made demands from the government and president to give power back to "the people", with others warning that the law was creating a two-tiered society between the non-vaccinated and the fully inoculated.

The recent legislation, approved on Sunday by the parliament and signed by the president, Zuzana Caputova, immediately gave authorities the right to impose restrictions on non-vaccinated people should the coronavirus situation escalate.

Bizarro Earth

Canadian authorities toss woman's burnt body in dumpster after mistaking it for mannequin

© CTV News
Police in Sherbrooke, Quebec have apologized after mistaking a woman's burned body for a mannequin and throwing it away.
Cops at the scene of a suspicious brush fire in Quebec last week mistook a woman's burnt body for a mannequin and placed it in a police station dumpster.

Officials in the town of Sherbrooke, just north of Vermont, apologized for the embarrassing mistake Thursday and explained that police and firefighters were somehow duped by a bystander, according to the CBC.

"When they arrived, witnesses declared that someone had lit a silicone mannequin on fire," Sherbrooke Police Chief Danny McConnell reportedly said.

"After discussions between the two departments, it was agreed that the mannequin would be disposed of in the container at the Sherbrooke police service, which cannot be accessed by members of the public."

Light Sabers

Texas Gov. Abbott threatens fines again against local officials and businesses that enforce mask mandates, vaccine requirements

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
© Lucas Jackson | Reuters
Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Thursday, reiterating his opposition to mask mandates, Covid-related business restrictions and vaccination requirements and issuing fines of up to $1,000 on those who fail to comply.

The governor also called on state hospitals to deliver daily reports on their capacity to the Texas Department of State Health Services to send to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"The new Executive Order emphasizes that the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates," Abbott said in a statement. Abbott's order reiterates and extends previous orders he's issued penalizing local officials and others for enforcing various Covid safety protocols.


Florida county to require masks in schools, defying DeSantis

students wearing masks
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A Florida county school board voted on Wednesday to require students, staff and visitors to wear masks inside its schools, directly conflicting with Gov. Ron DeSantis's (R) stance that schools should not impose mask mandates.

The School Board of Broward County held a special meeting on Wednesday where members voted to require indoor masking inside schools, social distancing protocol inside classrooms and seating capacity limits on school buses that would be implemented at the beginning of the school year, which starts next month.

According to WLRN, the move was made due to school board members' concerns over a rising number of COVID-19 cases in South Florida and in light of guidance recently issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that recommends even the fully vaccinated again wear masks inside in COVID-19 hot spots.