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Tue, 30 Nov 2021
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Porno Filmed on Public Miami Beach Island in Broad Daylight

© courtesy of the city of Miami
This tombstone, left on Monument Island for weeks after a December art bash, is one of the pieces of evidence of the parties that are often held on the deserted Miami Beach island. The city is discussing ways to keep day-trippers from turning the island into a summer, weekend party pad.
The Henry Flagler Memorial on Monument Island recently made what is likely its first ever cameo in an adult movie, and city officials are not amused.

When Miami-Dade voters agreed to spend $1 million to restore the Flagler Memorial on Monument Island, many hoped beautifying of the county's most revered historic structures would attract new visitors.

They probably didn't count on porn stars to be among them.

The lushly landscaped island between the Venetian and MacArthur causeways, which boasts a 110-foot obelisk honoring Florida pioneer Henry Flagler, is now the backdrop for an online porn video produced by RealityKing.com.

The film shows a redhead credited only as "Brooklyn" showing off what could loosely be described as her acting chops with fellow thespian "JMac."

Miami Beach officials - and at least one local historian - are not amused.

"This is not an uninhabited island miles off the coast," Assistant City Manager Hilda Fernandez said. "It's in the middle of a very busy bay. You can't go filming pornos in public parks."

On Feb. 5, RealityKing.com posted the adult movie, called Island Adventure, and credited the posting to "Captain Stabbin." The film runs about 50 minutes, including travel time to the island.

The Freudian implications of filming a sex scene in the shadow of a soaring obelisk is ripe for debate.


Man Dies in Hospital Parking Lot - Waiting For Ambulance

© unknown
An injured man who had just crashed his car in a hospital parking lot was forced to wait for an ambulance because of hospital procedure, Portland police said.

Investigators said 61-year-old Birgilio Marin-Fuentes died afterwards from cardiac complications.

An officer who had been investigating a possible DUII near Portland Adventist Hospital was flagged down early Thursday morning by someone who had just witnessed the crash.

The witness told the officer a man had just crashed his car into a light pole in the hospital parking lot, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson.

The officer responded to the crash scene and found Marin-Fuentes unresponsive. Simpson said the driver had apparently suffered a medical condition not associated with the crash.

Adventist spokeswoman Judy Lindsay Leach said the charge nurse directed a paramedic to go immediately to the scene, then dispatched first responders.

The crash was approximately 100 yards from the hospital, but the victim could not be processed without following standard ambulance protocol.


Canada: Officer Seen Kicking Man Won't Face Charges

© YouTube
A man hidden in this photo by a rock in the foreground is held down by one officer while another kicks him in the ribs.
A Victoria police officer caught on video kneeing and kicking two men while they were being handcuffed during the break up of a downtown street fight will not face any charges.

B.C.'s Criminal Justice Branch said Friday it reviewed last spring's incident, including watching the video which was viewed by thousands of people on line, and concluded the officer was using legally permissible force to gain control of a dangerous and volatile situation.

"The visual images on the video showing the application of force are emotionally disturbing, however, in all the circumstances of the incident there is evidence that the officer was using force lawfully in order to gain control in an unstable and unsafe situation," said a statement from the Criminal Justice Branch.

The decision not to charge the officer is one of several incidents involving use of force allegations against Victoria police, including Const. George Chong, the brother of B.C. Liberal cabinet minister Ida Chong, who was charged with assault last July in a case in which a man was hurt.

Other incidents have included the tethering of a 15-year-old girl to a jail cell door for four hours, and a handcuffed man who was slammed to the jail floor from behind, causing brain damage.

Last fall, a police use-of-force report examining the brawling image of the Victoria Police Department and made 80 recommendations relating to use of force and jailhouse operations.

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Switzerland: Police Say Father of Missing Twins Wrote in Letter That He Had Killed Them

The Canadian-born father of missing Swiss twins wrote a letter to his estranged wife saying he had killed the little girls and intended to kill himself, Swiss police said Friday.

Matthias Kaspar Schepp wrote in a Feb. 3 letter from Italy that six-year-old Alessia and Livia were dead and he would now kill himself. His body was found later that day, police from the Swiss state of Vaud said.

Police say Schepp threw himself under a train in the southern Italian city of Cerignola. His letter did not say when or where he killed his children.

The girls were reported missing by their mother Jan. 30 when her husband didn't return them to her home in Saint-Sulpice, part of Lausanne, Switzerland.

"The father declared he had killed his two daughters and he was in Cerignola where he was going to kill himself," police spokesman Jean-Christophe Sauterel said.

Police said earlier that Schepp, 43, had used his work computer to trawl the Internet for information on firearms, poisons and suicide.

Roberto Mestichelli, a cousin of Irina Lucidi, the twins' mother, said the family was devastated.

"There was never a thread of hope. There is no hope" of finding the girls alive, he told The Associated Press.


US: Another gas explosion in Eastern Ohio

A gas pipeline explosion shook residents in eastern Ohio a day after a house explosion in neighboring Pennsylvania took the lives of five residents and destroyed several homes in Allentown.

The flames reportedly could be seen for miles around.

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Che Guevara

Globoctopus Tightens its Grip

© Khaled Elfiqi/EPA
Protesters celebrate in Tahrir Liberation Square
Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Egyptians are doing what is necessary to force change. The workers are striking. This is the key action necessary to bring down a government when you lack the guns and the media. No government can endure a protracted shutdown of the economy. It was through the economy and the currency that corporations and a certain criminal banking country took over control of so many governments in the first place. I believe it is a principal law of most countries that the government cannot be ruled by a foreign power. Trafficking with influence for gain is a form of treason. It is widespread now, throughout the western world and the reason the economies are crumbling, due to the activities of corporations and banks.

The predictable behavior of corporations is what led to the definition of fascism as being, 'government under corporate control'. In America, the single biggest evidence that this is so, came about when the highest court in the land ruled that it was legal for corporations to buy the government. A decade earlier they were the last gasp fixer, for a stolen election. Nothing has been the same since and quality of life is in the toilet, except for the few who are living it up at the expense of the many. When an economy shuts down, by the will of the people who turn the wheels, everything comes to a halt.

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Oil prices drop as Mubarak leaves Cairo

New York - Oil prices dropped on Friday after Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak handed over power to the military and left Cairo.

Benchmark crude for March delivery fell $1.21 to $85.52 in midday trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Traders and investors have been concerned that anti-government protests in Egypt over the past 18 days could spread to other parts of the Middle East and disrupt oil supplies. Now that Mubarak has stepped down, the military says it will oversee a democratic transition to a new government.

Closer to home, U.S gasoline prices are the highest ever for this time of year. Since Jan. 1, pump prices have averaged well above $3 per gallon. They hit $3.127 per gallon Friday, 3.4 cents higher than the same time last month and 49.1 cents more than a year ago, according to auto club AAA, Wright Express and Oil Price Information Service.

The dramatic jump brings back memories of three years ago, when pump prices rose above $4 a gallon, forcing many drivers to join car pools and trade in gas-guzzling SUVs for more fuel-efficient cars. But "it would be a mistake to think we're going to have that all over again," OPIS chief oil analyst Tom Kloza said.

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American Education's Failure: The Cause and Cure

Teachers on top
© MarvinHerndon/YouTube
American education continues decline even as committees propose one new program after another for teachers to implement. But those solutions will fail because committees are the problem. Teachers find themselves at the bottom of an inflexible bureaucratic pyramid with little opportunity or authority to exercise initiative, teaching what they are told by committees in ways they are told to teach. A mechanism is proposed to turn that pyramid upside down, to put teachers in charge, and to expand the range and scope of American education through the establishment of TERRA, an Internet-based Teacher Exchange Resource Repository Archive .

American education continues to deserve low grades, even as elitist committees propose one new program after another for teachers to implement. But federal and state education committees cannot and will not find the solution to America's failing education system. Why? Because committees are the problem.

Since Sputnik's launch in 1957, committees have increasingly come to dominate American education, telling teachers what to teach and how to teach. School textbooks typically are committee-written and committee-approved. The consequence is a narrowly focused, near-monolithic consensus view of knowledge and education-practice, devoid of challenge, debate, and variety; a one-size-fits-all approach that simply does not fit. Is it any wonder that so many students "tune out" and "turn off" and so many teachers "burn out"?


Nearly 140 die in fighting in Southern Sudan

© Reuters
Sudanese Army personnel.
Kampala, Uganda - Two days of fighting in Southern Sudan between the region's army and a rebel faction has killed nearly 140 people, mostly civilians, a southern army spokesman said Friday.

A former high-ranking southern army member who rebelled against the southern government following April elections broke a January cease-fire by attacking the towns of Fangak and Dor on Wednesday, said Col. Philip Aguer, the spokesman for the southern army.

The violence comes days after results of a referendum on secession confirmed south Sudan would declare independence in July, after decades of civil war which claimed 2 million lives.

Renegade commander George Athor's troops captured Fangak on Wednesday, and the fighting continued through Thursday until the southern military retook it, Aguer said. No new fighting was reported on Friday.

Aguer said 89 civilians in the two towns were killed, along with 20 southern soldiers and police officers.

Aguer also said 30 of Athor's men were killed. The Associated Press attempted to reach Athor and his top aide for comment but the phone calls to the remote region did not go through.


Mubarak, family leave Cairo amid persisting unrest

egypt protests
© by Z

Al Arabiya says beleaguered Egyptian president leaves for Sharm el-Sheikh in Sinai as protesters call on the military to take action to push Mubarak out.

Al Arabiya television reported on Friday that President Hosni Mubarak and his family had left Cairo from a military airbase in the suburbs and had travelled to the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

It did not give a source for the series of reports on the movement of the president and his family. Al Arabiya said it had confirmed the arrival of the president and his family in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Al Arabiya report came as Egypt's powerful military backed Mubarak's plan to stay in office until September elections earlier Friday, enraging hundreds of thousands of protesters who deluged the squares of Cairo and Alexandria and marched on presidential palaces and state television - key symbols of the authoritarian regime.