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Leftie head-spin: BLM says Dems are 'party of hypocrites' for 'installing' Harris sans 'public voting process'

Kamala Harris black lives matter blm
'We do not live in a dictatorship. Delegates are not oligarchs,' says Black Lives Matter

The left-wing organization Black Lives Matter is resisting the installation of Vice President Kamala Harris as the presumptive Democratic nominee and are calling on the Democratic National Convention "to create a process that allows for public participation in the nomination process, not just a nomination by party delegates."

In a statement Tuesday, the group, which rose to prominence in 2020 for organizing nationwide protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, said that "a 24-hour process of talking to party bosses is not democratic, nor is it a process Democrats should be proud of."

For weeks after his disastrous debate performance last month, internal party pressure mounted against President Biden to drop out of the race — though he resisted those calls and insisted he was "in it to win it."

Comment: Whew! Who saw that coming?

Full text:

Timeline of Events

- Joe Biden drops out.
- Kamala Harris announces campaign with Biden endorsement.
- Kamala Harris says she is going to work hard to earn the nomination.
- Kamala Harris makes calls to party delegates.
- Kamala Harris continues making calls to party delegates.
- Kamala Harris makes two public speeches.
- AP announces Kamala Harris has secured enough delegates to be the Democratic Nominee (Monday night).
- Kamala Harris releases this statement, noting she has worked hard to "go out and earn this nomination" as promised (Monday night).
A 24-hour process of talking to party bosses is not democratic, nor is it a process Democrats should be proud of. We do not live in a dictatorship. Delegates are not oligarchs.

Installing Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee and an unknown vice president without any public voting process would make the modern Democratic Party a party of hypocrites.

We call on the @DNC to create a process that allows for public participation in the nomination process, not just a nomination by party delegates.
Legal Insurrection adds:
Black Lives Matter, of course, insists the Democrat Party's actions this year silences black and minority voters.
The group is not wrong. But the party's actions this year silenced everyone.

Now, Democratic Party elites and billionaire donors are attempting to manipulate Black voters by anointing Kamala Harris and an unknown vice president as the new Democratic ticket without a primary vote by the public. This blatant disregard for democratic principles is unacceptable. While the potential outcome of a Harris presidency may be historic, the process to achieve it must align with true democratic values. We have no idea where Kamala Harris stands on the issues, now that she has assumed Joe Biden's place, and we have no idea of the record of her potential vice president because we don't even know who it is yet.

Road Cone

Fans storm field, throw objects at Argentina soccer players after stunning Olympics equalizer that was disallowed

argentina morraco olympics fan riot
© AFP via Getty ImagesArgentina players walk away as Morocco fans throw bottles onto the field after Argentina's apparent late equalizer at the 2024 Olympics on July 24, 2024.
Fan behavior has caused more chaos at a soccer match involving Argentina.

Ten days after fans without tickets crashed the Copa America final in Miami, Morocco supporters stormed the field and threw objects at Argentina players after Argentina scored what appeared to be a tying goal in the 16th minute of stoppage time during the 2024 Olympics opener Wednesday in Saint-Etienne, France.

The match was officially suspended before the final whistle as Cristian Medina's apparent equalizer sparked outrage from the Morocco fans in attendance, and at one point a flare appeared to be tossed toward Argentina players in the ugly aftermath that saw bottles and cups litter the field.

Comment: Another sign of things to come? The 2024 Olympics are only just getting started,

Bizarro Earth

Argentina's football team robbed in Paris before Olympics match

Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Eiffel Tower Stadium
© Getty Images / Hector Vivas / StringerGeneral view of the Eiffel Tower Stadium, the venue of beach volleyball events, ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.
The Argentine national football team was robbed before their Paris 2024 Olympics match, the head coach said on Wednesday.

"Yesterday (Tuesday), thieves entered our training place and we were robbed. Thiago Almada had his belongings, a watch and jewels stolen," Head Coach Javier Mascherano, a former Barcelona and Argentina midfielder, said.

"We didn't want to say anything after training," the 40-year-old added.

Argentina lost to Morocco 2-1 in a Wednesday Paris 2024 match at the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium in Saint-Etienne, a French city near Lyon.

Comment: A rather foreboding start to the Paris Olympics:


Best of the Web: Maggots for a maggot: Worms, crickets released at Watergate hotel in protest of Netanyahu visit

Izraelski premijer Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Premiere Benjamin Netanyahu
The video, posted jointly to Instagram by the Palestinian Youth Movement and its DMV chapter, depicts swarms of crickets on the hotel's floor and claims protesters triggered the hotel's fire alarm.

An Instagram video posted Wednesday shows hundreds of mealworms, maggots and crickets crawling around the Watergate Hotel where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is staying during his visit to D.C., raising questions about how protesters who claimed to unleash the vermin were able to get onto the property as the area has been under tight security.

The video, posted jointly to Instagram by the Palestinian Youth Movement and its DMV chapter, depicts swarms of crickets on the hotel's floor and claims protesters triggered the hotel's fire alarm "to ensure that there will be no rest before Netanyahu and Congress disgraces themselves in front of the world" when the Israeli leader addressed Congress in a joint meeting Wednesday. The video also shows maggots and mealworms crawling across a table set with drinking glasses as Israeli and American flags stand side by side in the background.

Comment: Couldn't be more apropos.


Fire breaks out at JFK airport: Staff and travelers evacuated, flights impacted

jfk airport fire
© X/GettyA fire on an escalator in JFK airport caused evacuations and flight delays, July 24, 2024
A fire broke out at New York's John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport on Wednesday morning, prompting evacuations and delayed flights.

Officials with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) told PIX 11 News that a fire broke out on an escalator near the airport's Terminal 8 at around 7 a.m. The fire prompted officials to evacuate people from the terminal.

"Flight operations at Terminal 8 have been impacted. Please check with your airline to determine the status of your flight," the airport wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

Cell Phone

'Crooks did not act alone': Mobile data reveals someone who regularly visited Thomas Crooks also visited building in Washington DC near FBI office

Thomas Crooks
Who visited Thomas Crooks' home before he attempted to assassinate President Trump?

Mobile ad data analysis reveals someone who regularly visited Crooks' Pennsylvania home also visited a building in DC near an FBI office.

The Oversight Project identified nine devices linked to AD-IDs that were located at Crooks' home and work within the last year.

Per the Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project: "We found the assassin's connections through our in-depth analysis of mobile ad data to track movements of Crooks and his associates"

"To do this, we tracked devices that regularly visited both Crooks's home and place of work and followed them," the Oversight Project said.


Iran, China inaugurate new freight train route via Turkmenistan

china iran freight
© Zi Xin/ImaginechinaThe Islamic Republic has been steadily expanding its trade routes with allied nations as part of a strategy to overcome unilateral western sanctions
A new railway line connecting China and Iran through Turkmenistan was launched on 16 July, with the departure of the first Chinese transit train Headed to Tehran from Shaanxi province in northwestern China.

According to the Iranian Ambassador to China, Mohsen Bakhtiar, the train is expected to arrive in Tehran in about 10 days. After passing through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, it will enter the Islamic Republic via the Inche-Burun checkpoint.

Bakhtiar stressed that the launch of this route is part of the Iranian embassy's "efforts to strengthen the country's transit potential by ensuring the transportation of Chinese goods to West Asia and Europe," according to the Times of Central Asia.

Comment: Meanwhile the West struggles to maintain the infrastructure that it has.

It's also likely that the multinodal world will be much less forgiving should the West's chaos creation efforts encroach on their investments:

Chart Bar

Growing number of Ukrainians open to territorial concessions - poll

© Global Look Press / Raul MorenoFILE PHOTO.
Almost a third of the country's population believe Kiev should surrender some territory to Russia in exchange for peace, a new survey says

The percentage of Ukrainians willing to make territorial concessions to Moscow in exchange for peace has tripled over the past year, according to a recent poll by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS). The survey released on Tuesday shows that 32% of respondents said they believe that "for the sake of achieving peace as soon as possible and preserving its independence, Ukraine could relinquish some of its territory," compared to just 10% who said the same in May 2023.

From the same source:
17 Jul, 2024 16:52
Most Ukrainians 'don't feel European' - poll
A majority of people in the country "still do not associate themselves with European culture and values," a survey has found

As many as 53% of Ukrainians do not feel European, a new survey has found.

Only around 40% of respondents said they identified with Western Europe, according to a poll conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Razumkov Center for Political and Economic Studies.

The study found that those who do consider themselves to be European mostly live in the western part of Ukraine and speak the Ukrainian language. Younger people also tended to feel connected to Europe.

The poll also suggested that Ukrainians have reservations about sharing their sovereignty if the country ever joins the European Union. Almost 50% of respondents said they would not agree to EU bodies determining Ukraine's foreign policy. More than 45% said they would also oppose Brussels shaping Kiev's defense policy. Around 37% of those polled supported the idea of EU influence in these areas.

Most Ukrainians (60%) said they trusted the EU. However, considerably fewer (47%) said they trusted the European Parliament, while 42% expressed trust in the European Commission, and 40% in the European Council.

Trust in the United States was even lower among Ukrainians, with 37% saying they would rather trust Washington. Nearly half of respondents (49%) said they trusted the Ukrainian authorities, and pollsters mentioned the nation's "disappointment" with national governing bodies.

The survey was conducted between June 15 and June 20 and involved 2,016 people aged 18 and over across Ukraine.
There are other ways of being European than being EU European, but the survey does not consider this option. It is hard to say how reliable the numbers are, but it is plausible there has been a change over the last two years.

The era when NATO could call war and peace on their terms is slowly ending:

Bad Guys

WHO warns 'vaccine-derived' polio spreading across Gaza as Israel vaccinates its troops

UNRWA Gaza vaccine
© Mohammed Abed/AFPA Unrwa employee provides a polio vaccine for a child in a clinic in Bureij refugee camp, central Gaza Strip, on 9 September 2020
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned of the spread of polio across the Gaza Strip and possibly further afield as a result of collapsing sanitation in the Palestinian enclave.

Israel has also begun offering polio vaccinations to its troops fighting in Gaza after remnants of the virus were found in test samples from the region.

Ayadil Saparbekov, WHO team lead for health emergencies in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, said circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 had been isolated from environmental samples from sewage.

Comment: Newsweek:
[...] the weakened virus in the OPV vaccine has mutated into a form capable of causing disease. As a result, U.S. health authorities switched to only using the IPV vaccine in 2000 [..]

Comment: The following alarming reports on the fallout of the use of the polio 'vaccine' elsewhere demonstrate that this may instead create an outbreak: See also:

Eiffel Tower

France facing glut of unwanted Olympics tickets - FT

Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Eiffel Tower Stadium
© Getty Images / Hector Vivas / StringerGeneral view of the Eiffel Tower Stadium, the venue of beach volleyball events, ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.
The number of unwanted Paris Olympics tickets available for resale has hit more than a quarter of a million amid lack of demand just days before Friday's opening ceremony, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

The newspaper's analysis of the official resale site showed that the number of listings jumped to 270,465 on Monday, up from about 180,000 a month ago.

According to the report, the most expensive offers on the resale site are for the opening ceremony, with the best seats priced at €2,970 ($3,222).

Poor secondary market demand for expensive seats has raised concerns that many athletes will compete against a backdrop of empty seats, the newspaper wrote.

Sports fans planning to attend the summer games were reportedly obliged to buy blocks of tickets for three separate events during the first wave of sales. Organizers said any unwanted tickets could then be resold through the official channel.

However, a lack of demand in the secondary market has left many holding tickets they cannot sell, while organizers have continued to release more tickets. Unwanted seats must be resold at face value, FT wrote.

"There are so many athletics tickets on the resale platform," a Reddit forum user has reportedly complained, adding "I'm feeling bummed that I might be stuck with (good!) tickets. At this point it's a sunk cost."

The President of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tony Estanguet, said on Sunday there were still hundreds of thousands of unsold tickets available, in addition to those listed on the official resale site. He noted, however, that a record 8.8 million tickets had been already sold.

Comment: In case the curious reader is wondering why they're having such a hard time selling or reselling tickets: Paris: Australian woman gang raped by 5 'African' attackers just days before Olympics start