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Tue, 01 Dec 2020
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Election feed count anomalies: Multiple reversals, fractional vote entries in VA after 11 pm on election night

voter fraud
There's something going on....The Virginia results in the 2020 Election for President gave Joe Biden a 2.4 million vote lead over President Trump's 2.0 million votes. What's odd and needs investigating is how the election ended up this way.

No one seems to be questioning the votes in Virginia but they should be. There are multiple reasons why the Virginia results in the 2020 Presidential election should be investigated.

Virginia's election results started coming in shortly after the polls closed on Election Day. There were 378 separate entries or feeds related to Virginia found in the file obtained and shared around the web from the New York Times since a few days after the election. The NYT data feed shows all the entries from the NYT for the Presidential election at a state by state level. This data does not include county or precinct level data feeds.

One oddity in the file noted immediately is that the results for votes are not in whole integers (e.g. 1, 2, 3...). All of the entries have fractional amounts. This makes no sense since ballots do not come in fractions in the US. Each vote equals one vote.

The first 125 entries reported in the NYT data feed were basically reasonable. The results varied in percentage of votes between Presidential candidates and appeared to be random with most votes going to President Trump. Up through this time (11:03 Eastern), President Trump was leading 52% to Biden's 46%. At this time 3.3 million of the eventual 4.4 million votes had already been cast or about 75% of the vote was in. This is when things went off the rails.

Eight entries totaling nearly (800,000) votes were removed from the database during this time. This makes no sense. Each vote should be added to the vote totals not taken away.

Comment: Unfortunately TGP doesn't provide a link to the data source for verification. But all three observations they make - assuming the data is directly from the NYT feed - are very strange indeed: multiple count entries with the exact same ratio (55% to 45%), large counts added and subtracted, and fractional votes.


Florida county elections supervisor says 'toldya so' after software maker Dominion takes blame in Wellington vote count mess

Supervisor of elections for Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher
© Michele Eve Sandberg/AFP/Getty Images
Supervisor of elections for Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher
The supplier of Palm Beach County's voting and tabulating equipment says a software "shortcoming" led to votes being assigned to the wrong candidates and the elections office declaring the wrong winners in two recent Wellington council races.

County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher, who insisted a computer glitch rather than human error was to blame for the fiasco, claimed vindication after Dominion Voting Systems released its statement.

Wellington and 15 other municipalities held elections on March 13. In Wellington, the ballot was set up with the mayor's race first, the Seat 1 council race second and the Seat 4 council race third.

Unbeknownst to elections officials, the vote totals for the mayor's race ended up being reported and later certified as the results of the Seat 1 race. The Seat 1 vote totals were certified as the Seat 4 results and the Seat 4 vote totals were certified as the mayoral results.


Shock new figures fuel fears of more lockdown domestic abuse killings in UK

A march in London protesting at domestic violence against women and children.
© Penelope Barritt/Alamy
A march in London protesting at domestic violence against women and children.
Calls to advice hotlines soar as abusers turn to latest technology to intimidate and control partners

Calls to the UK's largest domestic abuse helpline are rising "week on week" as new figures reveal that almost 50 suspected killings may have occurred during the first lockdown.

The charity Refuge, which runs the National Domestic Abuse helpline, said it was "very concerned" by the continuing upward trend in demand for its services, with England a little over a week into its second lockdown.

Separate data from Counting Dead Women, a project that records the killing of women by men in the UK, identified 35 murders, with another 12 strongly suspected cases between 23 March and the start of July, when Covid restrictions were largely lifted.

The rate of killings, conspicuously steep in the opening period of the first lockdown, gradually lowers to levels similar to those recorded in previous years.

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Mainstream media taking heat for ignoring violent attacks on Trump supporters at MAGA rally

trump supporter attacked washington rally
© AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin
A supporter of President Donald Trump is attacked during a pro-Trump march Saturday Nov. 14, 2020, in Washington.
Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., said 'media blackout' was 'terrible' and 'telling'

Conservatives criticized members of the media for failing to cover violence against President Trump's supporters at the so-called Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

"I want to hear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemn Antifa/BLM criminals who assaulted and harassed peaceful demonstrators in DC today, including elderly and families," political strategist Doug Stafford wrote on Twitter on Saturday. "Of course they won't. And 'media' won't make them."

Comment: The New York Post adds:
"The media's near total silence about the physical violence being perpetrated against conservatives is shameful & dangerous," tweeted Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and a White House adviser.

"Just image the outrage and indignation if this went the other way. Violence is never the answer and instigators must be condemned and prosecuted."

Other conservatives called on President-elect Biden to condemn to violence.

"I want to hear @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris condemn Antifa/BLM criminals who assaulted and harassed peaceful demonstrators in DC today, including elderly and families," conservative political strategist Doug Stafford said in a Twitter post.

"Of course they won't," he wrote. "And 'media' won't make them."

Washington DC police said Sunday that 21 people were arrested, including on assault and weapons charges, and one man was stabbed. The department did not provide details on whether the suspects were Trump supporters or counter protesters.


What did the Detroit whistleblowers, whose lawsuit was rejected, say they saw? Late ballot boxes, votes counted 4-5 times each

ballot drop box detroit mail vote fraud
© AP Photo/Paul Sancya
A ballot drop box in Detroit, MI, on Sept. 24, 2020.
Whistleblower Melissa Carone is now on record with the court saying she told her supervisor about massive fraud in Detroit at the TCF Center on election night and was told, "We're not here to run their election" by her boss! This case is part of one filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center. A Detroit Judge has already essentially said all the affidavits are irrelevant in his mind because the City of Detroit says they did everything okay.

  • The same ballots being run repeatedly, where the same stack of 50 Biden ballots became 500 votes
  • No valid or legal oversight of ballot process, it was just Democrats policing Democrats
  • Poll workers duplicated ballots and were changing the votes on the ballots, stealing votes in plain sight!
Carone reported her findings to the FBI, but will they investigate?

Comment: Shane Trejo is another witness whose account was recorded. He says he say drivers bringing in 50 boxes of 'absentee ballots' into the Detroit TCF Center after the deadline (he took down their license plate numbers).
"There were thousands of ballots in each box," Trejo says. "There were at least 50 boxes that I saw unloaded at 3:30am, well after the 8:00pm deadline for ballots to show up."

"They should have been dumped on us at once, when there wasn't a potentiality of fraud. There was no reason for them to show up this late at night."
According to another witness, former state senator Pat Colbeck, it was 61 boxes.


The British Twitter Stasi

twitter secret police
When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 it took with it the East German State security force known as the 'Stasi'. At the time of its demise, the Stasi employed 91,015 people and relied on 173,081 informants. This works out as one secret police officer for every 166 East Germans, making the Gestapo look like lazy amateurs with their trifling one per 2,000. The Stasi were dangerous because of their embrace of 'Zersetzung' ('decomposition' or 'biodegradation'). The aim of 'Zersetzung' was to destroy the psychological integrity of an individual, by gathering information to damage their reputation and their personal relationships.

As German historian Huberts Knabe commented in 2014:
The Stasi didn't try to arrest every dissident, it preferred to paralyse them, and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and so many informants'
Given that all this occurred within memory of most people reading this (I was 19 years old when the Wall fell) I find it both depressing and frankly terrifying that many seem to have forgotten the lesson already - or worse, they do not care.

Comment: One wonders how the police justify assigning part of their budget to recording what people say on Twitter. Are there not enough actual crimes happening that need to be investigated?

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UC Berkeley professor calls for 'transphobic' book to be BURNED & replaced with 'own propaganda,' later claims it was a 'joke'

grace lavery tweet
© Twitter / @graceelavery
An American academic has riled social media by urging people to steal and burn copies of a book about gender dysphoria, even while conceding that she's never actually read the allegedly harmful volume.

Grace Lavery, an associate professor of English at UC Berkeley, encouraged her Twitter followers to torch 'Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters' by Abigail Shrier, while reminding people to "be safe when you are burning books."

Comment: Who are the real Nazis? The ones advocating book burning and re-education camps or those holding up free speech?

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Are phone networks now censoring links about election fraud?

phone networks censorship

Twitter video shows URL's remaining undelivered.

A video posted to Twitter shows a woman attempting to send a URL about alleged vote fraud to an iPhone but the message going undelivered, prompting claims that phone networks are now censoring links.

"BREAKING: Messages about election fraud are being censored via text message," claims the woman. "Here is 100% proof! [Google] or [Apple] or Verizon or all are the culprit. More testing is needed to figure out which company(s) is censoring text messages about the fraud! We have hit peak level censorship!"

Comment: Well, this is certainly a new level of censorship! It's not enough for social media platforms to prevent link sharing, now they're interfering with private communications!

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Unlikely Plan B? Trump could receive second term from U.S. House in 'contingent election'

"It will be the thing, I believe, that will formally elect Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States," said Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump
© Chip Somodevilla/Getty
US President Donald Trump
Though chances are slim and the final electoral count is still pending, a little-known provision of the U.S. Constitution provides an opening for President Trump to possibly salvage victory through what's known as a "contingent election."

Under the 12th Amendment, in a contingent election one person does not win a majority of Electoral College votes, and the election is thrown to the U.S. House of Representatives. There, each state's delegation has one vote, and a candidate must receive the votes of a majority of state delegations to win. Because of the timing, the new Congress is the one that decides, not the outgoing one.

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Sharing political opinions now 'irresponsible': Woke mob demands Disney sack Gina Carano after 'Mandalorian' star mocks Democrats

Gina Carano
© REUTERS/Morris Mac
'The Mandalorian' star Gina Carano has caused a full-blown Twitter meltdown after sharing a meme claiming that the Democratic Party is trying to swindle Americans, causing #FireGinaCarano to trend on the platform.

The image, which shows two men placing face masks over their eyes, reads: "Democratic government leaders now recommends (sic) we all wear blindfolds along with masks so we can't see what's really going on."

The outspoken MMA-fighter-turned-actress has been in the crosshairs of the PC police for days after publicly doubting the integrity of the 2020 election results. But the meme in question appears to have been the last straw for many internet guardians of righteousness, and by Saturday night #FireGinaCarano was trending in the United States.