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Fri, 04 Dec 2020
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Every sheriff in Los Angeles region refusing to enforce Gavin Newsom's COVID curfew

Newsom and Joe Isuzu
© Screen grabs from YouTube and YouTube, processed by Monica Showalter
Newsom and his soul brother, Joe Isuzu.
Sheriffs in five Southern California counties with a total population of 17.25 million people — equivalent to the fifth most populous state — are defying that state's governor. They will not arrest people for violating the statewide curfew that Governor Gavin Newsom has imposed starting today, apparently on the belief that the virus wakes up and goes out at 10 P.M.

Bill Melugin of KTTV, Fox 11 in Los Angeles (hat tip: Breitbart) contacted them about enforcing the statewide curfew:

Some city police departments are also demurring:


Turkey bans smoking in public areas amid surge of COVID-19 patients

No smoking!
© Fotolia/vege
Turkey on Wednesday banned smoking in crowded public places to slow a recent surge in symptomatic coronavirus patients, the Interior Minister said, as the government warned citizens to abide by protective measures.

Daily coronavirus cases in Turkey have recently spiked, with 2,693 patients identified on Wednesday. Ankara only reports the number of those who show symptoms, a decision which critics have said hides the true scale of the outbreak in the country.

In a nationwide notice, the Interior Ministry said the smoking ban aimed to ensure citizens comply with rules to wear protective masks properly in public because people were seen to lower them while smoking.

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Acclaimed columnist Jerry Saltz stirs up storm after saying 'Republicanism should be treated like CORONAVIRUS and snuffed-out'

Trump protest
© REUTERS/Chris Aluka Berry
Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump protest against the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., November 21, 2020.
Pulitzer prize winner Jerry Saltz sparked outrage online after saying that Republicanism should be dealt with like Covid-19. Facing backlash, the columnist explained that he meant the ideology, not its adherents.

"Republicanism is no longer a political problem; Republicanism is a social problem. It must be treated in the same way coronavirus is treated: it has to be isolated and snuffed-out by repressing it in about 70% of the general population," the art critic and columnist for New York Magazine and Pulitzer Prize recipient tweeted on Saturday.

The colorful analogy did not go down well with many, who said the tweet sounds "a bit gulag-y" and something a Nazi propagandist could have uttered.

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Ghislaine Maxwell 'constantly' snapped photos of topless girls at pedo Epstein's mansion, kept pictures in album

ghislaine maxwell photos girls topless
© Global Look Press
Ghislaine Maxwell (left) "constantly" took photos of topless girls at Jeffrey Epstein's Florida mansion.
Ghislaine Maxwell was a voracious photographer who "constantly" snapped photos of topless girls at Jeffrey Epstein's mansion and kept the pictures in an album, according to freshly released court documents.

A former butler at Epstein's Florida home told lawyers that Maxwell was an "avid" photographer who routinely took photos of scantily clad girls with a "special camera".

Most of the images were taken poolside and were of "topless" young women, which Maxwell would later store in an album she kept on her desk, according to former employee John Alessi.


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US grads to gain as foreign college workers stay away

College grads
© AP/Butch Dill
The number of foreigners registering at U.S. universities to get work permits is falling quickly, likely opening up many Fortune 500 jobs for American graduates.

The good news means that "30,000 additional slots have just opened up for Americans, maybe as many as 60,000," said Kevin Lynn, the director of U.S. Tech Workers, a group that champions the workplace interests of American professionals.

The news for U.S. graduates was revealed by a survey of 700 colleges which reported mid-November that
"New international student enrollment in the United States and online outside the United States has decreased by 43 percent in Fall 2020 ... [and] new enrollment of international students physically in the United States declined by 72 percent."
The report was posted by the International Education Exchange, a government-backed group that tracks the inflow of foreign students into U.S. universities.

Comment: See also:

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Reaction to Biden's 'win' shows that leftists will never be happy, they always want to play the victim

protest sign
© Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/John Rudoff
Protesters demanding properly counted election results in two separate marches
Portland, Oregon • November 4, 2020
The civil war that continues on the left despite Joe Biden's presumed election victory proves one thing - they will never be satisfied. That's why it's important that the right never capitulates to the mob.

Through their hair-trigger reliance on physical violence and emotional blackmail, today's radical left has shown that it does not want cooperation; rather, it demands capitulation. That's why the political right must stop bending the knee to left-wing mobs and should not cave to their incessant demands.

Why? Because no concession will ever be enough for these race-hustling grievance-mongers. And right-wing appeasement only emboldens them to make even more unreasonable demands.

Perhaps nothing demonstrates this more than the clashes between leftist activists and Joe Biden supporters in Washington, DC on November 7 — hours after the media crowned Biden the 'winner' of the contested US presidential election.

Comment: What ever happened to meeting in the middle and working out solutions to problems? Or is this just too old school?


'Manipulative BULLS**T! Glenn Greenwald defends calling NBC a CIA mouthpiece, mocks accusation of 'endangering journalists'

Biden/NBC News
© Reuters/Brendan McDermid
Former VP Joe Biden/NBC News
Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald torched accusations that he endangered reporters by saying NBC News spouts CIA propaganda, saying he only spoke of a well-known fact, and the effort to shame him was "manipulative bulls**t."

"Profoundly sorry for endangering the lives of NBC executives and TV personalities by spilling the extremely well-kept secret of their close working relationship with the CIA," Greenwald tweeted sarcastically on Saturday. His message showed a picture of a headline about NBC's 2018 hiring of ex-CIA chief John Brennan as an NBC and MSNBC contributor.

Yellow Vest

Thousands protest France's 'Comprehensive Security Law', police remove helmets in symbolic gesture

protest france police law
Several thousand people protested in Paris on Saturday against a bill that would make it a crime to circulate an image of a police officer's face with the intention that they should be harmed.

Supporters say police officers and their families need protection from harassment, both online and in person when off duty.

Opponents say the law would infringe journalists' freedom to report, and make it harder to hold police accountable for abuses such as excessive use of force - a growing public concern. The offence would carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a 45,000-euro ($53,000) fine.

Comment: Abuses like those committed during the Yellow Vest protests: Serious injuries inflicted on Yellow Vest protestors are unprecedented, say French ER doctors

On the Trocadero Square in western Paris, rights activists, trade unionists and journalists chanted "Everybody wants to film the police!" and "Freedom!", as police wearing riot gear stood by around the square.

Comment: RT reports that some French riot police removed their helmets amidst cheers from the crowd at the protest against the new 'security' bill:
The symbolic gesture was met with applause from the demonstrators, footage from the scene shows. Multiple officers removed their helmets, putting on soft service hats instead.

Other police and gendarmerie officers, however, were not that cooperative and refused to take off their helmets. Some were seen pushing aggressively against the crowd and reporters, refusing to be filmed.

Another powerful scene occurred when police deployed a water cannon truck against the protesters. The large machine was confronted by a lone wheelchair-bound protester, and the police were apparently hesitant to remove him from the truck's path. However, he ultimately backed down on his own.

The protest, held at the Trocadero Square near the Eiffel Tower, was organized by Amnesty International, Reporters without Borders and other rights groups and journalist unions. The gathering was largely peaceful, yet after dark some protesters got rowdy and set various objects on fire, invoking a police response.

While the legislation came under a storm of criticism as a gross violation of freedom of speech, the French government insisted it was needed to protect the officers from images shared with a clear intent to "harm" them.
Nationwide protests in Denmark squashed attempts to slip in a raft of chilling new laws, this time under guise of the manufactured coronavirus crisis, and a similar battle is going on in Germany:


So resign! White BBC news chief says there are too many privileged white men in senior positions

Jonathan Munro/BBC
© PA via AP/Yui Mok/Reuters/Stephen Hird
BBC's Jonathan Munro
Jonathan Munro, the BBC's head of newsgathering, claimed there are too many privileged white men in senior positions at the company - prompting others to point out the fact that he himself is one.

Munro - who makes £180,000 a year - said on the Media Masters podcast:
"I don't think anybody can possibly think that that's right [or] justifiable. We don't want all our editorial meetings to be dominated by what white people think," he declared. "We don't want any single group in society to dominate our editorial thinking, because we are not being diverse in our thought process."
The BBC's latest director-general, Tim Davie, has vowed to make the company 50 percent female, 20 percent BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic), and 12 percent disabled.

Munro was mocked for his comments due to the fact that he is a white man in a senior BBC position himself.

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Georgia twist! Governer Kemp urges audit of ballot envelope signatures, Trump campaign asks for second recount

Brian Kemp
© Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp
After certifying his state's election results, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is now urging his state to conduct an audit comparing the signatures of voter applications and mail-in ballot envelopes to those on the approved voter file to determine if fraud occurred.

Kemp, a Republican, made the appeal to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger during a news conference on Friday.

"It's important to note that this audit only looked at ballots, not the signatures on the absentee applications or the signatures on the ballot envelopes," the governor said. "The Georgians I have heard from are extremely concerned about this, so I encourage Secretary Raffensperger to consider addressing these concerns. It seems simple enough to conduct a sample audit of signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes and compare those to the signatures on applications and on file at the Secretary of State's Office."

The governor sharply criticized the failure of some county clerks after an audit of ballots found thousands that went uncounted.

"It is important for Georgians to know that the vast majority of local election workers did their job well under unprecedented circumstances, and I thank them for their service," he said. "However, it's quite honestly hard to believe that during the audit, thousands of uncounted ballots were found weeks after a razor-thin outcome in a presidential election. This is simply unacceptable. I have heard directly from countless Georgians. They expect better, and they deserve better."

Comment: Indeed, it's hard to believe. You'd think that the first step would be to compare the number of voters to the number of ballots to see if they match. How do thousands of ballots just get omitted from the final count without anyone noticing?

The Trump campaign officially filed for another recount yesterday, but following Kemp's suggestion, they are insisting on signature matching. This recount itself will be done using machines, not a hand count, so we'll have to see if and how they will implement signature matching this time.

Up in Michigan, Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James has submitted a request to delay certification by two weeks.
James contests the results of his race against Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) in the Nov. 3 election and hasn't conceded yet. The unofficial result shows that James is behind Peters by around 92,000 votes or a gap of about 1.7 percent.

The Michigan State Board of Canvassers will meet on Monday, Nov. 23 to decide whether to certify the results of the election or seek more time to review the results.