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Fri, 04 Dec 2020
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Second video revealed of Dominion Voting System's Eric Coomer explaining to elections officials how to switch votes

eric coomer
Dr. Eric Coomer who is responsible for the strategy and Security of Dominion Voting Systems at Dominion Voting Systems.

But if you search the company's profile Eric Coomer has since been removed from their page of directors.


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Bad Guys

Tucker Carlson backtracks after slagging Sidney Powell on voting machine fraud claims

tucker carlson vote rigging machines
© Fox News
“The system was rigged against one candidate.” -- Tucker Carlson
Was this his mea culpa?

Tucker Carlson opened his show on Monday suggesting possible fraud in voting machines, "It's a real issue no matter who raises it."

This was after he blasted Attorney Sidney Powell last week for not offering him proof of voting irregularities in this year's presidential election.



Dr. Scott Atlas responds to the Stanford Faculty Senate Resolution

Dr. Scott W. Atlas
© Screen Shot
Scott W. Atlas, MD
I was disappointed to learn that the Faculty Senate of Stanford University on November 19, 2020 adopted a resolution criticizing my work for the United States government. We all wish to guide our nation through this pandemic with the best advice and knowledge that we can bring to bear. It is for this reason that I accepted the request of the President of the United States to serve as an advisor since August of this year. I have been honored to serve our country during these difficult months for our nation and the world.

I am a health policy scholar, medical scientist and doctor. I have always used science and factual evidence to help generate the best possible policies to save lives. My views in favor of the careful protection of our nation's most vulnerable while safely re-opening society are far from contrary to science. These views are held by some of the world's top epidemiologists from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford itself, as well as by thousands of medical and public health scientists from around the world. I have also repeatedly recommended mitigation measures, including social distancing and mask-wearing when one cannot distance. Media reports to the contrary are simply false.

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2020 not enough? WHO envoy predicts third wave of Covid-19 in Europe next year

Merci poster
© AFP/Damien Meyer
Poster in Rennes, France • November 2, 2020
With Europe already suffering a second wave of coronavirus infections, World Health Organization envoy David Nabarro has warned that the region could see another spike in infections next year.

In an interview on Saturday with Swiss newspaper Solothurner Zeitung, Nabarro said that European governments failed to build up the "necessary infrastructure" to keep the virus under control after the first wave of infections this spring. "Now we have the second wave. If they don't build the necessary infrastructure, we'll have a third wave early next year."

Infections are once again surging throughout Europe, after a lull this summer. France and Germany recorded some 33,000 new cases combined on Saturday, while the UK reported nearly 20,000 cases on the same day, and Spain announced more than 15,000 on Friday. Deaths remain proportionally lower throughout Europe than during the first wave, however.

Despite Nabarro's stark prediction, the WHO has cautioned against responding too heavy-handedly to the pandemic. In a briefing on Thursday, the organization's European director, Hans Kluge, called for "systematic and general mask-wearing" and "strict controls on social gatherings," but described national lockdowns as a "last resort" policy.

Comment: Since when does 'infrastructure' control a virus?

Blue Pill

Video Shows Adults Leading 4-Year-Old Toddler To Stage, Prompting Child To Announce New Sexual Identity As A Girl

transgender kid?
© Screenshot, Twitter
'A clip from a new HBO documentary showed adults accompanying a 4-year-old biological boy to announce his preferred sexual identity as a girl.

The clip showed a child dressed in a rainbow skirt being led to a stage at a ceremony celebrating LGBTQ persons. The child is handed a microphone as the child's mother announces, "This is Phoenix." The child then turned to the mother and said, "I'm a little shy."

"You're a little shy? Do you want to tell everybody if you're a boy or a girl?" the mother asked.

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Light Saber

Now is the time for Americans to rebel against lockdowns, mask laws and forced vaccination

new symbol of tyrrany
With the presidential election highly contested and the mainstream media hyping the rising infection numbers, the public is now facing important questions regarding the future of the pandemic response. Some states have decided to unilaterally introduce "executive orders" to restrict citizen movements, business openings and public activities.

Anthony Fauci is on the news constantly, calling for families to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas and telling Americans to just "do what we are told". The media is generally trying to drum up fear in the minds of the populace and paint images of plague and death everywhere. If Biden does actually end up in the White House, a federalized and national high level lockdown is on the table starting in January.

In April of this year I published an article titled 'Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society', which outlined a social engineering model put forward by globalists at MIT and the Imperial College of London which I called "wave theory". The model essentially works like this:

Governments must use the pandemic as a rationale for "waves" of restrictive lockdowns, followed by controlled re-openings of the economy and of normal human activity. Globalists claim that this will "slow" the spread of the coronavirus and save lives. However, they also openly admit that these cycles of closures and openings have other uses.

Bizarro Earth

UN World Food Program warns of "famines of biblical proportions in 2021" as some Americans wait 12 hours for food

The UN World Food Program was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020, and the head of that agency is warning of the potential for absolutely devastating famines around the globe in 2021. The COVID-19 lockdowns that were instituted all over the world this year created tremendous hardship in many wealthy countries, but in poorer nations the economic devastation has created alarming waves of hunger. There was hope that things would get better when lockdowns were being lifted, but now a new round of lockdowns is being imposed, and many experts are warning about what this could mean for those living in deep poverty.

David Beasley was absolutely thrilled when his agency was given the Nobel Peace Prize, because all of the attention has given him more opportunities to ask for money. Because without a massive influx of money, he says that we are going to see "famines of biblical proportions in 2021"...
The head of the World Food Program says the Nobel Peace Prize has given the U.N. agency a spotlight and megaphone to warn world leaders that next year is going to be worse than this year, and without billions of dollars "we are going to have famines of biblical proportions in 2021."


Corona fascism - the 'war on free speech and dissent'

© Photo illustration by Slate,Photo by Devon Yu/Thinkstock
In April, The House published an article from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, detailing the dangers of public misinformation around Covid19. "Misinformation in the coronavirus crisis is putting lives at risk..." it blared, stating:
The volume of inaccurate information circulating around the Covid-19 outbreak has prompted a global 'infodemic'.

Widespread misinformation has included proposed underlying causes of the virus (such as 5G radio waves), conspiracies around the actions of public bodies and unverified treatments and preventative measures.

An Ofcom survey of over 2,000 people found that, within the first week of the 'stay at home' measures, 46% encountered false or misleading information. Within this group, 66% reported that they were seeing Covid-19 misinformation at least once a day and 55% said that they did nothing about it. (emphasis added.)
They go on to analyse where the "misinformation" is coming from noting:
The Reuters Institute of Journalism and Oxford University recently analysed 225 items of Covid-19 misinformation and found that 88% appeared on social media. (Emphasis added)


'Appalling cost' of American war of imperialism in Afghanistan revealed as 26,000 children killed or wounded since 2005

afghan child killed
© Jim Huylebroek/Save The Children
Shogofa, 9, was critically wounded in a rocket attack on her home
More than 26,000 children have been killed or injured in Afghanistan since 2005 - an average of five youngsters every day, a charity has found.

Save The Children said the statistics highlight the "appalling cost of the decades-long conflict on children" in the country.

The charity warned Afghanistan is "one of the most dangerous countries for children in the world" and urged the UK to endorse a political declaration on "avoiding the use of explosive weapons in populated areas".

A nine-year-old girl called Shogofa was critically wounded and three of her siblings were killed in a rocket attack on her home in Fayrab province.


Pennsylvania issues stay-at-home advisory and temporarily suspends alcohol sales

The Wolf administration Monday announced new coronavirus mitigation efforts as modeling projects 22,000 daily coronavirus cases in the state come December.

Gov. Tom Wolf pointed to modeling projecting Pennsylvania will run out of ICU beds in December if no action is taken.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is projecting 22,000 new coronavirus cases per day in the state and more than 32,000 deaths by Feb. 23. That death toll, the governor's office says, could be cut in half with universal mask-wearing.

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said among the new mitigation measures are "targeted protections for businesses and gatherings," an advisory for Pennsylvanians to stay at home and enforcements on public health orders like the recently strengthened mask mandate.

Restaurants and bars are ordered to suspend alcohol sales from 5 p.m. Wednesday to 8 a.m. Thursday. Gov. Wolf says the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the "biggest day for drinking" and acknowledged bars and restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic, but this one-night ban on liquor sales at establishments is needed.