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'Walkie-Talkie' skyscraper melts Jaguar car parts

Walkie Talkie
© BBC NewsThe BBC's Andrew Verity surveys the damage caused by the skyscraper.
A new London skyscraper dubbed the "Walkie-Talkie" has been blamed for reflecting light which melted parts of a car parked on a nearby street.

Martin Lindsay parked his Jaguar on Eastcheap, in the City of London, on Thursday afternoon.

When he returned about two hours later, he found parts of his car - including the wing mirror and badge - had melted.

Mr Lindsay said he "could not believe" the damage. The developers have apologised and paid for repairs.

The 37-storey skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch Street, which has been nicknamed the "Walkie-Talkie" because of its shape, is currently under construction.

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Big snake found near Scarborough school, Toronto

Police believe the snake may be someone's pet that got loose

© TORONTO POLICE A Toronto police officer with the metre-long snakediscovered slithering Tuesday near Port Royal Public School in the Midland Ave. and Steeles Ave. E. area.
A roughly metre-long snake was discovered slithering Tuesday near Port Royal Public School in the Midland Ave. and Steeles Ave. E. area.

Toronto Police officer Stephane St. George tweeted a picture of the spotted snake at around 6 a.m.

"Pets are a responsibility. Prevent lost or escaped pets and contact the right agencies for unwanted pets," he wrote on Twitter.

Police said they believe the snake is not native to the area, is nonvenomous and that it may be someone's pet that got loose. They said they "very rarely" deal with these types of calls.

Toronto Animal Services was called in to remove the creature.


Irondequoit, NY Police Officer caught on video threatening 15-year old skateboarder

"My suggestion to you is don't get in my way, shut your mouth, and go that way... you're on my sidewalk!"

Like many teenagers, 15-year old Irondequoit, NY resident Drake, whose last name I have decided not to publish, since he is a minor, and has not been charged with any crime, loves skateboarding with his friends.

Unfortunately, Drake says, when it comes to skateboarding, Irondequoit, NY Police officers don't share his passion.

Take, for example an incident which occurred a couple of weeks ago while Drake was skateboarding with some friends near Norton Street, and Culver Rd.

Two Irondequoit, NY Police officers drove up to the teens, exited their cruisers, and approached the youths.

As the video below shows, Drake, shows he obviously knows a thing or two about video recording any and all interactions with law enforcement, as he wastes no time in recording the IPD officers.

The video shows the officers questioning one of Drake's friends, also a minor..

"They wanted my friend to get in the car with them", Drake tells me, after he contacted me to tell me he wanted me to have the video, because he's tired of Irondequoit Police harassing him and his friends when they're skateboarding.

In the video, Drake can be heard telling his friend "They're just going to fuck you over."

Then, one of the IPD officers can be seen walking right up to Drake.

"How about this? The next time you say the f word, and if you don't move right now, I'm going to lock you up..." says the officer.

Drake is then heard asking "For what?"

The officer, seen walking back up to the teen, replies "You can't swear in public, you just said the f word, my suggestion to you is don't get in my way, shut your mouth, and go that way..."

The officer then tells Drake, "You're on my sidewalk."

To which the teen, again showing he knows his rights, tells the officer, "This is not your sidewalk, it's public."

"Oh it's my sidewalk, trust me", the officer replies.

Then, in a classic example of the intimidation tactics, law enforcement officers use, the same officer threatens to charge another teen with disorderly conduct.

The teen also shows he knows his rights, and respectfully tells the officer that he has done nothing wrong.

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Rattlesnake found in Livingston, Montana kitchen

Frosted flakes or rattlesnakes?

A woman on Livingston's north side was jolted by more than a cup of coffee Thursday morning when she found a rattlesnake on her neighbor's kitchen table in an apartment on West Summit Street near the Northside Park and Soccer Fields.

She was checking on her neighbor's residence and reaching for a note on the table when she heard a rattle and saw the snake sitting on the table, said Animal Control Officer Judy Roy.

A city worker and a Livingston police officer responded and killed the snake, Roy said.

This is extremely unusual behavior for a rattlesnake, according to Michelle Becker, who has been catching and handling Western prairie rattlers in the area for more than 20 years.

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Houston man opens case of beer, finds snake

Marcus Forson drinks Bud Light at most of his parties, and last week was no exception.

"I buy them either 20, 18s or 12s," he said.

But a case of 18 he purchased last week held 19 items -- only 18 of which were beers. He reached for a cold one and was shocked to find a snake wrapped around the bottles.

"When I first opened the box, his head was like this and his head was in between my fingers, and I didn't know what it was at first," Forson said, showing us how he reached into the 18-pack. "Then I realized now what it was."

The beer bonus stowaway was a small snake which had died after apparently slinking around inside the box.

"I pulled it back and I brought out the snake; brought out the snake like this," Forson said.

At first, Forson thought he was the victim of a really good prank.

"I thought she was playing a joke on me and she had it inside the box," he said. "Like a rubber snake."

But a closer look, and the strong stench of dead snake, told him this serpent was real.

"There's no way I was going to drink the beer. It stunk bad," Forson said. "The snake was dead. The snake was ice cold. It's kind of shrunk up and the eyes are missing out of it."


Civil rights lawsuit to allege drugs were planted by Lowell Police's pet informant

Man says informants framed him, others

A Lowell man is expected to file a federal civil rights lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Lowell and a Lowell police officer who relied on two informants suspected of planting drugs on dozens of innocent victims, a scandal that already has led prosecutors to drop charges in 17 pending drug and firearm cases and to overturn two convictions.

Jonathan Santiago, a 25-year-old with no prior drug convictions whose case was among those dismissed, said an informant planted cocaine in the gas cap compartment of his car in February 2012, then alerted police, who arrested him. He said police then filed a false report that concealed the informant's role.

"I just couldn't believe it - that law enforcement would actually do something like this," Santiago said in a Globe interview, adding that his arrest, jailing, and ensuing legal ordeal changed his life. "I pretty much stay home now. I don't go out anymore. I feel like I can't trust anyone."

It's amazing how many people still believe that the Police exist to "help" them. Many people simply won't, or can't, accept that, with very few exceptions, the Police are only interested in generating revenue for the Elite, while keeping the subjugated masses in line. This is how they earn promotions and pay increases for themselves. They don't even have to prove a person is guilty of a crime to confiscate their car, house, money, etc. They just steal private property like common thieves, portion out the loot among themselves, then get away with it because they have badges.

In most Departments Police Officers are specifically chosen because they're authoritarian followers with low IQ's and pathological personalities. These days, a person should think twice before calling the Police to "help" them, especially if there's a dog and/or a Person of Color in the house. Police can, and do, kill innocent dogs and Black people with complete impunity on a regular basis. Murdering an innocent White person can still get them a temporary suspension in some states, but that's changing pretty fast too.

It's way past time to wake up and smell the Imperial Stormtroopers.

Santiago's lawsuit says that scores of others may have suffered a similar fate, noting that one of the informants has been working with Lowell police for the last decade - the arresting officer in Santiago's case alone has testified to using the informant in more than 50 cases. The lawsuit also says that "Lowell police officers allowed [the informant] to commit crimes because he assisted them as an informant."

Neither the police officer, veteran Detective Thomas Lafferty, nor a spokesman for the Lowell police would address the specific allegations in the federal lawsuit, referring questions to the city's legal department. Lowell's chief legal official, City Solicitor Christine O'Connor, was unavailable for comment.

Defense lawyers said the allegations in the lawsuit echo disclosures in the case of Annie Dookhan, the state chemist whose allegedly faked drug analyses were used to obtain convictions that have now been overturned, and the trial of notorious gangster James "Whitey' Bulger, who Bulger asserts was allowed by his FBI handlers to commit crimes in exchange for providing information on other criminals.

The Santiago lawsuit alleges "the widespread misuse of confidential informants in the Lowell Police Department" and a "policy or custom of tolerating violations of people's constitutional rights in order to obtain convictions."

Middlesex prosecutors dropped charges or vacated convictions against Santiago and 18 other defendants earlier this year after one of the informants advertised his services to the Massachusetts State Police and "boasted about his skill and experience in planting evidence," citing specific examples of his work with the other informant on behalf of Lowell police, according to the lawsuit.

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Rape charged Hindu preacher's arrest sparks mass protests across India

Guru Asaram Bapu
© UnknownControversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu (C) is brought for interrogation by police at the airport in the Indian city of Jodhpur on Sunday.
Arrest of a controversial spiritual guru on suspicion of raping a teenage girl has sparked days of mass protest rallies across India.

The demonstrations erupted in northwestern state of Rajasthan and some other regions after police detained Asaram Bapu, 72, at a retreat on Sunday.

Angry demonstrators have called for tough action against him, while Bapu's supporters say there is a conspiracy to tarnish his image.

His detention came after a 16-year-old girl accused the Hindu religious preacher of raping and assaulting her for an hour-and-a-half inside a locked cottage in the state of Rajasthan.

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Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell 'raped girl as she clutched teddy bear', court hears

Michael Le Vell in court
© UnknownCourt artist sketch of Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell in the dock at Manchester Crown Court where he is accused of raping a young girl
A Coronation Street star raped a young girl as she clutched a teddy bear, telling her that if she told anyone about the abuse "you'll die and the evil will come over you", a court has been told.

The alleged victim of Michael Le Vell, who has played popular mechanic Kevin Webster in the long-running soap since 1983, broke down and wept as she gave evidence at his trial.

In testimony given from behind a curtain, the girl - who cannot be named - sobbed continually describing being abused from the age of six for nearly a decade in sessions which lasted 10 minutes but which "felt like a lifetime".

She told Manchester Crown Court: "I thought I had done something wrong and I could not understand why he was doing it to me ... I thought there was evil in me and I thought I was a bad person and I was not."

Le Vell, 48, whose real name is Michael Turner, was described by the prosecution as a heavy drinker who had sought help for his alcohol problems.

The actor sat slumped forward in the glass-fronted dock, closing his eyes and shaking his head as she gave evidence.

Comment: See also: More British celebrities arrested on rape and assault charges

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Dwarf entertainer allegedly set on fire in St Kilda 'Mad Monday' event

Dwarf set on fire
© YouTubeAussie Rules football players are being investigated for allegedly setting performer Blake Johnston on fire.
Victoria Police and the St Kilda Football Club are investigating allegations that a dwarf entertainer was set on fire by a player at a so-called 'Mad Monday' event, which celebrates the end of the AFL season.

Entertainer Blake Johnston was hired by the players to perform at a function in South Melbourne yesterday. Arthur Penn Serevetas, who was working with him, witnessed the incident when Mr Johnston was speaking with a group of players.

"He was talking to one of the footballers then another footballer went behind him," he said.

"He had one of those gaslighters that you light a stove up (with). He basically opened the flame.

"I saw that his shirt, because we were hired as security, and pants went alight and it slowly started. You know flames started appearing."

Eventually someone put the flames out. Mr Serevetas says one of the players also threatened him.

"One of the gentlemen made a kind of initial threat to me that he'd throw me over a balcony," he said.

"I said to him you can have a shot if you want.

"I wasn't going to be bullied in that way. I've been bullied all my life."

Mr Serevetas drove Mr Johnston home after the incident.

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Spain youth unemployment reaches record 56.1%

© Daniel Ochoa De Olza/APPeople queue to enter a government job centre in Madrid. Almost six million Spaniards are unemployed.

Youth unemployment in Spain has reached a new high of 56.1%, a quarter of the 3.5 million under-25s jobless across the eurozone, according to the latest Eurostat figures.

The number of young Spaniards belonging to what has become known as the lost generation is up 2% since June to 883,000. Only Greece has a higher percentage of young people out of work, at 62.9%.

Among adult males, Spain has the highest unemployment at 25.3%, higher even than Greece. Despite the government's claims that the worst has passed and that employment reforms will encourage firms to hire, the figures suggest it will be a long time before any upturn in the economy is reflected in a declining jobless rate. With the holiday season coming to a close, the numbers are likely to rise as workers on seasonal contracts go back on the dole.

With close to six million Spaniards out of work, unemployment is so entrenched that there was no political reaction to the latest figures, neither from government nor the opposition. Indeed, mentioning the economy at all has become virtually taboo across the political spectrum.

Meanwhile, Spaniards and recent immigrants are deserting the country in search of work, with 500,000 leaving in 2012, 60,000 of them Spanish nationals, most of them to Latin America and Europe.