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Sun, 07 Mar 2021
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Canadian Tire staff attack and subdue man for not wearing a mask

Canadian Tire
Staff at a Canadian Tire store wrestled to the floor and handcuffed a man who refused to wear a mask last week, highlighting again the apparent use of excessive force by non-governmental actors to impose mandatory mask mandates in Canada.

One video of the ordeal was posted on Twitter by a user named Dan Dicks. The clip shows the maskless man being apprehended by five Canadian Tire staff in Burnaby. They struggled to subdue the man for his apparent non-compliance with mask mandates inside the store.

"You're f--king pushing me ... Get your hands off of me, get your f--king hands off of me," the man can be heard shouting in the video, while store staff tried to subdue him.

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Governor Gavin Newsom says Californians should wear two masks in public

© Justin Sullivan/GettyImages
California Governor Gavin Newsom
Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced new state health guidelines Wednesday that recommends Californians wear two cloth masks or a single filtered mask when in public. Newsom said, according to the Sacramento Bee:
"We are encouraging people basically to double down on mask wearing, particularly in light of all what I would argue is bad information coming from at least four states in this country. We will not be walking down their path, we're mindful of your health and our future,"
The governor noted the guidelines apply only to cloth masks and not masks with filters. His remarks come as several states have begun lifting COVID-19 restrictions, including Texas and Mississippi.

Newsom has denounced those efforts, condemning Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to lift mask mandate as "absolutely reckless" in a tweet on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the petition to recall Newsom has exceeded 1.9 million signatures, crossing the 1.5 million threshold to trigger a recall election.

Comment: See also: 16 States are now following the (real) science: Governors scramble to end lockdowns, mask mandates


Woops! California coronavirus vaccination site gives thousands wrong vaccine dosage

needle syringe
Syringe design caused the problem
An estimated 4,300 in California individuals received a smaller coronavirus vaccine than they should have due to an issue with syringes.

According to KTVU, the Oakland Coliseum site received orange-capped syringes that left a third of the vaccine stuck on the bottom of the plastic container. The problem was eventually detected on Monday but individuals vaccinated before that point reportedly only received 0.2 mL of the Pfizer vaccine instead of the optimal 0.3 mL.

The California Office of Emergency Services, which helps run the site with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said high-level meetings were held on Tuesday afternoon after whistleblowers alerted the issue.

Cal OES spokesman Brian Ferguson reportedly said he didn't think anyone was formally underdosed and that there wasn't any need to contact the individuals who received the lower vaccine amount.

On Wednesday, he said authorities were told that the dosing fell within medical guidelines and protocols.

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious disease expert, reportedly said the patients were "likely protected" and could make up the lost dosage in the second round of vaccine dosing.

The incident came as Gov. Gavin Newsom expressed optimism over the state's vaccination efforts.

Comment: The vaccine given was 'within guidelines and protocols'. Why would anyone require makeup dosage?


The Left's vision of equity will cripple a generation of minority students

© Katerina Holmes/Pexels
Is there anything worse for black K-12 students who want to become engineers than teachers who think they can't meet the same standards as their classmates?

New York City's Department of Education recently decided to change admission into its Gifted and Talented program from a single test for students in kindergarten through third grade to a questionnaire for the pre-K teachers of applicants and a lottery system. This change — widely criticized by parents — is a perfect example of the pitfalls of the current push for equity in education.

I have no issue debating the merits of the previous admissions process. My problem is that the entire justification for replacing the previous process was that black and Hispanic students make up about one-quarter of students in the program despite being 70 percent of students citywide.

City leaders don't claim minority students are being kept out of gifted programs because of their race. If they did, I would support steps to address the discrimination, because the success of the program is personal for me.

Almost all of the students in my elementary school's gifted program were black. We had teachers who cared about us, pushed us to strive for excellence, and helped each of us maximize our potential. This is the type of equity I believe in.

Vice President Kamala Harris's definition of equity reflects the dominant position on the left: in a truly equitable world, all people would have the resources they need to succeed and we would all end up in the same place. The left claims to believe distributing resources according to need is the means to equity, but in reality, they see the uniformity of outcomes as the measure of equity.

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Police say man vandalized 'America's Stonehenge' with QAnon hashtag

Mark Russo/Vandalism
© Salem Police Department
Mark Russo • American Stonehenge vandalism
A man was arrested and charged this week with allegedly defacing "America's Stonehenge," an archaeological site and popular tourist attraction in Salem, N.H., by carving in a QAnon hashtag as well as his own name.

The Associated Press reported that 51-year-old Mark Russo was arrested in New Jersey on Monday and charged Tuesday in New Hampshire with one count of felony criminal mischief. He pleaded not guilty.

Police say Russo carved "WWG1WGA," an acronym used to identify QAnon supporters, as well as "IAMMARK," matching a Twitter account, into the rock at the site in September 2019. He also allegedly erected a tall wooden cross, on which sketches and various drawings were found.

Much of the damage was done to a large stone table thought to have once been a sacrificial site, the property owners said on Facebook.

Comment: A facebook post described the incident:
America's Stonehenge
© Facebook
During the night on Saturday, September 28th, a major feature of our site was defaced. A power tool was used to carve into the 9,000-lb grooved table. We have been working closely with the Salem Police Department this last week. If anyone has any information on this crime, or if you are a neighbor with security footage, we urge you to call the Salem PD at (603) 893-1911. We have received a huge outpouring of support from our friends and neighbors, and we feel truly blessed to be a part such an incredible community. Our business continues to operate as normal.
Thank you,
The Stone Family


New Zealand police charge man over online threat to Christchurch mosques

Al Noor Mosque
© Kai Schwörer/Getty Images
The Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, site of the 2019 terror attack.
A man has been charged over a threat made online to the Linwood Islamic centre and the Al Noor mosque, the sites of the two Christchurch shootings in 2019. The man, 27, who has not been named, is due to appear in Christchurch district court on Friday, charged with threatening to kill.

Police were alerted to "concerning communications" made on the 4chan message board earlier this week by a member of the public through the Crimestoppers line, they said. Two men were arrested on Thursday but one was later released without charge.

At a briefing on Thursday night, Canterbury district commander, Supt John Price, said police executed two search warrants that afternoon in Linwood and St Albans. The armed offenders squad assisted as a precautionary measure.

Newshub reported that armed police raided two homes after an alleged threat involving a terror attack with car bombs on the second anniversary of the mosque shootings, later this month.


Australian reporters 'angered' after being advised to stop using term 'pedophile' when referring to accused serial child molestor

australia broadcaster abc tasmania

ABC Tasmania
Reporters for Australia's ABC Tasmania have reportedly been warned to avoid using the term 'pedophile' when referring to an accused serial child molestor, for fear of "discouraging" non-offending pedophiles from seeking help.

In an email to reporters, an unnamed senior producer at ABC said that the Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) had "mentioned their concerns" about describing former nurse James Geoffrey Griffin - who committed suicide in 2019 after the allegations against him were made public - as a pedophile.

Griffin was accused by multiple women of having abused them as children as far back as the 1980s, and after police searched his home in 2019, "a significant amount of child exploitation material" was found, ABC reported. He was subsequently charged with more than a dozen crimes.

Comment: Shifting language is the way to shift the Overton Window:

How plutocratic media keeps staff aligned with establishment agendas

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Chinese study reveals goal to 'reduce Uighur population density' and assimilate minority culture

© Reuters
A gate of what is officially known as a vocational skills education centre is photographed in Dabancheng, in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China
A major Chinese study has revealed Beijing's goals to 'reduce Uighur population density' and assimilate minority culture by giving new jobs - often far from home - to thousands of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

The Chinese government dismissed any such goal to change the demographic of the region and emphasised that job transfers are aimed at raising their income and bring minorities out of poverty.

However, the administration's idea, according to the study, is to assimilate Uighurs into the majority Han culture by changing their lifestyles and thinking, reported BBC News after examining the study that was accidentally placed online by the Chinese administration in December 2019 but taken down a few months later.

For instance, a 2017 video report, from the time the policy saw intense implementation, showed how things actually happened on the ground. The BBC News claimed that the four-year-old video report by China's Communist Party-run news channel hasn't been featured in the international news until now.

Comment: Not very convincing coming from the same government the denied the camps' very existence, then called them "voluntary vocational centers." See also:

Star of David

Israeli defense establishment probe finds no proof of Iran terror role in oil spill

oil spill cleanup israel 2021
© Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Israeli soldiers clean tar off the Palmachim beach following an offshore oil spill which drenched most of the Israeli coastline; February 22, 2021
Intelligence apparatuses reportedly now investigating matter; Greenpeace says 'outrageous and factually baseless' claim of terrorism minimizes environmental issue

Israel's security establishment is investigating the alleged Iranian link to the oil spill off Israel's coast that polluted most of the country's beaches, but has so far found no evidence of the claim that the spill was deliberate "environmental terrorism," Channel 12 reported Thursday evening.

The network said the Environmental Protection Ministry had handed over its report on the matter to security bodies, which were reviewing its findings. Sources in the defense establishment, however, were quoted as saying there was no indication the spill was deliberate.

The report added that Israel's intelligence apparatus has now also been recruited to look further into the claim of Iranian sabotage.

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Fighting totalitarianism: Rothbard versus monasticism

Armenian - Tzarakar monastery
© Unknown
The 5th century Armenian Tzarakar monastery.
I have been quite explicit that what we are now dealing with under the covid response, woke ideology, cancel culture, Big Tech censorship, nonstop media propaganda and gaslighting, an armed and barricaded capitol, a Democratic-controlled government set on giving away money and allowing unfettered immigration, the abrogation of religious expression and association, the forcing of perverse values down our throats, the demand that we deny the reality of our senses and avow utter absurdities — the list could go on — is totalitarianism.

In pointing to and railing at these evils, I have not hesitated to call their combination as a totalitarian creep turned into a totalitarian dash. The speed at which liberty has been infringed has been astonishing. I saw it coming years ago, when I faced the woke mob at New York University. I knew that behind the crazed social justice activists who denounced me and ruined my academic career merely for criticizing their insanity was a neo-Stalinism on the rise. Now, here we are.

In calling these developments totalitarianism, some have suggested, at least by their silence, that my pronouncements have been exaggerated. To them I answer, sometimes by implication and otherwise, by continuing to call it as I see it: I'd rather be wrong than sorry. I've been willing to risk my reputation by crying wolf when indeed I see a wolf.