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Sat, 15 Aug 2020
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New York's true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy

andrew cuomo
© AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File
Riverdale Nursing Home in the Bronx appears, on paper, to have escaped the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, with an official state count of just four deaths in its 146-bed facility.

The truth, according to the home, is far worse: 21 dead, most transported to hospitals before they succumbed.

"It was a cascading effect," administrator Emil Fuzayov recalled. "One after the other."

New York's coronavirus death toll in nursing homes, already among the highest in the nation, could actually be a significant undercount. Unlike every other state with major outbreaks, New York only counts residents who died on nursing home property and not those who were transported to hospitals and died there.

That statistic could add thousands to the state's official care home death toll of just over 6,600. But so far the administration of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has refused to divulge the number, leading to speculation the state is manipulating the figures to make it appear it is doing better than other states and to make a tragic situation less dire.

"That's a problem, bro," state Sen. Gustavo Rivera, a Democrat, told New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker during a legislative hearing on nursing homes earlier this month. "It seems, sir, that in this case you are choosing to define it differently so that you can look better."


State police to leave Portland after two weeks of protecting federal courthouse targeted by vandalism

Capt. Timothy R. Fox oregon state police antifa riots portland
Capt. Timothy R. Fox
Oregon State Police are leaving Portland after a two-week assignment to help protect a federal courthouse that's been a target of protesters during months of conflict in Oregon's largest city.

The state police are "continually reassessing our resources and the needs of our partner agencies and at this time we are inclined to move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority," Capt. Timothy R. Fox told television stations. "Last night was our last night in Portland."

Nights of unrest that increasingly targeted the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse previously prompted President Donald Trump to dispatch U.S. agents to guard the building in July, which reinvigorated Black Lives Matter demonstrations and often ended in violent clashes.

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Les Wexner agrees to give written deposition in Epstein-related case

Leslie Wexner
© AP Photo/Jay LaPrete, File
Leslie Wexner
Billionaire fashion mogul Les Wexner has agreed to answer written deposition questions to prove he had no knowledge of an extortion scheme by Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre in a legal battle between her and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

In a newly unsealed letter to a Manhattan federal judge, Wexner's attorneys said they offered as a compromise to have him answer written questions related to Dershowitz's claim that Giuffre tried to extort money from him because of his ties to Epstein.

They added that Dershowitz viewed the proposal as "unacceptable" and they knew he would oppose their motion for the written deposition.

In a legal battle with Giuffre, Dershowitz is hoping to show that she tried to extort Wexner, the former head of Victoria's Secret's parent company who has ties to Epstein.

Giuffre, who says she was abused by Epstein in the early 2000s, alleged the multimillionaire pedophile lent her out to be abused by other powerful men in his orbit, including Dershowitz.

Giuffre sued Dershowitz for defamation, alleging he accused her of falsely claiming she was abused by him to extort money from Wexner.

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Oops! England quietly drops 1.3m Covid tests from tally after death toll revised down by 5k

leicester uk covid test
© Rui Vieira/AP
A member of the army collecting a test at a coronavirus testing station in Leicester.
The government has quietly removed 1.3m coronavirus tests from its data because of double counting, raising fresh questions about the accuracy of the testing figures.

In the government's daily coronavirus update on Wednesday, it announced it had lowered the figure for "tests made available" by about 10% and discontinued the metric.

An update on the page read: "An adjustment of -1,308,071 has been made to the historic data for the 'tests made available' metric. The adjustments have been made as a result of more accurate data collection and reporting processes recently being adopted within pillar 2."

The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) said the changes affected data reported between 14 May and 12 August. It said there had been "a double-counting of test kits that had been dispatched", "which had not been removed from the lab's processed data".

Comment: This comes two days after the death toll was revised down by five thousand because of similar 'errors': And yet France will now be added to the UK's list of quarantine countries. Because it is apparently now necessary to "keep infections down", which is nonsense. The stated goal of lockdowns and quarantines has been to "flatten the curve" in order to free up hospital resources. There's no problem with hospital resources now, so the goalposts are simply being moved in order to terrorize the population.

Cell Phone

Apple, Disney, others reportedly push back on call with White House over WeChat ban

we chat phone
© Getty
WeChat could disappear from US-based app stores and phones.
US companies are nervous about government-imposed limits on use of the popular Chinese app, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Disney, Apple, Walmart and nearly a dozen other companies called the White House on Tuesday, according to The Wall Street Journal. Their goals, according to the report, were to get more clarity on President Donald Trump's executive order banning "any transaction that is related to WeChat" and to encourage the administration to "narrow the order as it is implemented over the coming weeks," per anonymous sources.



Lockdown and underfunding creates longest NHS waiting list for hospital treatment ever recorded

NHS ward
© Peter Byrne/PAPA Media
People waiting for longer than 18 weeks for routine treatment is at its highest level since records began.
The number of people waiting longer than 18 weeks for routine hospital treatment in England is at the highest level since records began. New figures show numbers rose to more than 1.85 million people in June, topping the 1.79 million recorded in August 2007.

Data from NHS England also showed urgent cancer referrals dropped by a fifth on the same month last year, rising to 43% for breast cancer.

A total of 153,134 urgent cancer referrals were made by GPs in England in June, down from 194,047 in June last year - a drop of 21%. Urgent breast cancer referrals decreased from 14,885 to 8,495.

The figures are "worryingly low" and suggest "an alarming backlog of undiagnosed cancer" as well as a growing number of people yet to start treatment, said Sara Bainbridge, head of policy and influence at Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Brick Wall

Professor who may be fired for refusing to undergo diversity training is not backing down

Jeffrey Poelvoorde
A professor at Converse College, a private, liberal arts school in South Carolina, has refused to complete required diversity trainings, and he may be suspended or lose his job over it.

But Associate Professor of Politics Jeffrey Poelvoorde, who has taught at the college for 34 years, said it's worth the fight. He recently missed the deadline to complete the trainings.

"I have tenure, but our faculty handbook allows the suspension or abolition of tenure for six reasons ... including insubordination," Poelvoorde told The College Fix. "I believe that's what they'll act on. They'll consider this a formal [abrogation] of my contract by insubordination."

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Mr. Potato

Billionaire John McAfee 'arrested' for wearing thong as face mask

john mcafee thong mask
© John McAfee / twitter
Pictures of the fugitive American billionaire show him wearing black underwear on his face, which he refused to take off for his "health's sake".

Billionaire John McAfee claims he was arrested for using a lace thong as a face mask. The eccentric tycoon was planning to attend the "Red Scarf Society" in Munich, but then cancelled the meeting, tweeting about his detention and mocking coronavirus regulations.

"I am being detained in Norway. Trivial issue but waiting for high level beaurocrats [sic] to arrive. Slow b******s, as you know", he wrote on Twitter.

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CCDH: The Centre for Cancel Culture and Digital Hypocrisy - Part 2

ccdh imran
In Part 1 we looked at the Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) who, in accordance with the Commission on Countering Extremism definition, can be described as hateful extremists. In particular, we looked at their recent attack upon people who express some doubts about vaccines. It appears the CCDH are working with others to establish the censorship grid at the heart of an emerging Technofascist State.

The CCDH are a small organisation, employing no more than two people, who have been given disproportionate power and influence. They appear to comprise of one CEO, one b-list celebrity (as patron) and six board members. They state on their website that their small budget is funded by unnamed philanthropic trusts and members of the public.


The CCDH links to the parliamentary Labour Party are considerable. They appear to benefit from a revolving door between them and the UK parliament. Recently, former CCDH board member and founder Morgan McSweeney left to become Labour Leader Keir Starmer's Chief of Staff.

Keir Starmer is the only parliamentarian who is also a serving member of the Trilateral Commission. Founded in 1973 by oil and banking tycoon David Rockefeller and political king maker Zbigniew Brzezinski, who devised Operation Cyclone to financially support, arm and equip Islamist extremists, it brings together world political leaders with global investors and bankers, academics and policy advisers. The Trilateral commission is a powerful and influential globalist policy think tank whose stated aim is to build:
"[An] international system to navigate successfully the major challenges of the coming years."
The CCDH's association with people like London Mayor Sadique Khan, McSweeney and Starmer, afford representatives like Ahmed the kind of political clout he needs to meet with Twitter bosses and have people banned from their platform. While failing to convince Twitter to censor the views of George Galloway (give them time) they did rid the Twittersphere of right wing mouthpiece Katey Hopkins.

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Dr Fauci tells Matthew McConaughey that the death toll would be 'enormous' if the US tried to achieve herd immunity

Anthony Fauci Matthew McConaughey
Dr Anthony Fauci explained to Matthew McConaughey on Thursday that the death toll would be 'enormous' had the US attempted to achieve herd immunity.

In a discussion with the actor on Instagram, the nation's top infectious disease expert said: 'If everyone contracted it, even with the relatively high percentage of people who are without symptoms... a lot of people are going to die.'

'If you look at the United States of America with our epidemic of obesity as it were, with the number of people with hypertension, with the number of people with diabetes, if everyone got infected the death toll would be enormous and totally unacceptable,' Fauci said.

Comment: Quite the softball question from McConaughey. He should have pressed him more, asking if it isn't possible to protect the vulnerable while leaving the healthy to carry on with their lives, and if not, why not? The entire Covid situation is a scam and the fact that they're getting Hollywood A-list actors to produce propaganda for them is quite telling in and of itself.

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