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Tue, 22 Sep 2020
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Andrew Doyle: Now that BLM has gone mainstream our children are being brainwashed by a divisive new dogma that I fear will stoke, not heal, racial tensions

children in school

Children across the country have finally returned to school, but in their five months away there has been a cultural sea-change.
Children across the country have finally returned to school, but in their five months away there has been a cultural sea-change.

With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, headteachers have come under increasing pressure to signal that they are on the 'right side of history' on a wide range of issues.

This has meant modifications to school curricula and pastoral policies that have been rushed through with little consultation with parents or staff. As a result, pupils are being subjected to an even more suffocating form of 'woke' education.

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Anti-mask protest in Montreal draws large crowd, CBC blames 'US conspiracy theories'

montreal anti-mask protest
© Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press
Some demonstrators in Montreal on Saturday carried signs and wore T-shirts and hats denouncing what they called fear campaigns by the Quebec government, suggesting that the danger of COVID-19 has been overstated.

Comment: This protest was widely smeared in the MSM as a gathering of 'conspiracy theorists'. While there were, no doubt, conspiracy theorists present (whatever that means) one obviously doesn't have to believe in any conspiracies to be against the forced mandate of mask wearing. The CBC should be ashamed of their biased reporting, but of course, they're not.

Several thousand people gathered Saturday in downtown Montreal to hear speeches from conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine activists, in one of the largest demonstrations to date against the Quebec government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The march began outside Premier François Legault's Montreal office, and at one point stretched more than six city blocks. It attracted people of all ages, and from a wide-variety of mindsets.

Hare Krishnas marched alongside Christian fundamentalists and supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump. Others held signs about the 5G internet network, or perceived corruption at the United Nations.


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Mr. Potato

Lululemon, which is worth $40 billion and sells $128 yoga pants, promotes "resist capitalism" event

lululemon screen grab

Lululemon, the trendy yoga-pants company that is publicly traded and boasts a market cap of almost $41 BILLION, actually promoted an event called "Decolonizing Gender" which was described as "A workshop to unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism."

lululemon decolonizing gender

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Eye 1

'Surreal, depressing, dystopian s**t': CNN & Sesame Street warn kids to get their 'DISTANCING STICKS' ready for school

Big Bird
© Reuters / Stephen Lam
Sesame Street's Big Bird speaks during an Apple special event in Cupertino, California, March 25, 2019
Preparing your kids for school this fall? Well don't forget their pencils, lunchboxes, and "distance sticks." That's what the vaguely dystopian advice from Sesame Street's Big Bird tells families watching CNN.

In a coronavirus town hall for kids and parents broadcast on Saturday, CNN enlisted the help of Sesame Street's Big Bird to help kids understand the raft of new restrictions they'll face when schools open their doors again this month.

Asked what he's packing in his schoolbag, the kids' TV favorite listed off the usual essentials - "pencils, paper and crayons" - as well as a mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, and a "distancing stick," a handcrafted stick to poke away kids who get too close.

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Eye 2

The persecution of Christians is escalating dramatically all over the world

arson damage in church
All over the globe, thousands upon thousands of Christians are being ruthlessly killed simply because of what they believe. But if you only rely on corporate-controlled media sources for your news, you literally never hear about this relentless persecution. In fact, in this article I don't link to a single mainstream news source. I had to go to Christian news websites to document what I am about to share with you, because the mainstream media avoids stories such as these like the plague. Of course if innocent people were being systematically butchered for a reason that aligned with the various agendas that they are constantly pushing, the mainstream media would be all over this. It greatly upsets me that the deaths of Christians are treated as if they don't really matter, and we continue to see the global persecution of Christians escalate year after year.

For example, just take a look at what is happening in Ethiopia. Extremists have been conducting a door-to-door campaign as they search for Christians to kill...
At least 500 Christians have been killed in an ongoing spate of coordinated door-to-door attacks and thousands of traumatized survivors have fled for their lives over the last two months in southern Ethiopia's Oromia regional state, including its capital Addis Ababa, according to reports.
For most of you, this is probably the very first time that you have ever heard about this.

This just shows the power of the mainstream media. If they don't talk about it, then most of the population will never even know that it exists.

Comment: Take these events with the incredible number of churches and cathedrals being violated, vandalized and burned to the ground in Europe - as well as institutional attacks against Orthodox church in Russia, the Ukraine and elsewhere, and you would not be mistaken in thinking that there is an organized attack against Christianity well underway, if not a mind-virus that would seem to compel some towards an irrational hatred of Christianity.

Bad Guys

"Cover up after cover up": Family of murdered soldier seeks closure of Fort Hood in Texas

fort hood
© EFE/Alicia L. Perez
People visiting and paying homage to a mural with the image of Vanessa Guillen in a neighborhood in the south of Houston, Texas, USA. July 04, 2020.
The family of Houston native Vanessa Guillen, who was sexually assaulted and murdered at Fort Hood in April, seeks to introduce the #IAmVanessaGuillen bill allowing active-duty service members to file sexual harassment or assault claims to third party agencies instead of their military chain of command.

On Tuesday, the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel, along with the House Oversight Committee on National Security, announced a joint investigation into not only the military chain of command at Fort Hood over their handling of sexual harassment and assault but also the 28 deaths associated with the Texas military base in recent months.

Military families and activists, including Vanessa Guillen's, are calling for the base to be temporarily shut down until the investigation is complete, claiming that the demotion and transfer of base commander Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt wasn't good enough.

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Mr. Potato

The Atlantic sulks: Suggests abolishing Nobel Prize after double Trump nomination

atlantic magazine nobel peace prize
© The Atlantic
A week after its anonymously sourced story alleging President Trump disparaged the military was publicly repudiated, The Atlantic magazine stirred new controversy Friday by publishing an article suggesting Trump's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize was "preposterous" and that it might be time to end the prize.

"Peace had its chance, and blew it," the liberal magazine declared in an article written by staff writer Graeme Wood.

Comment: More on the Atlantic's tantrum:
"End the Nobel Peace Prize," The Atlantic declared in a headline on Friday. The award's past winners have a "spotty" record of achievement, the media outlet said, as many were honored for making efforts at peace that never came to fruition. Trump's nomination was apparently the last straw for The Atlantic, which said it "shows that peace had its chance and blew it."

While it's so far unclear how the freshly-signed deal between Israel and the the United Arab Emirates and the soon-to-be-inked one between Israel and Bahrain will work out, or whether the "peace deal" between Serbia and Kosovo will hold for long, Trump has already earned two nominations for the prestigious award, from a Norwegian and a Swedish MP respectively.

The Atlantic argued that it remains to be seen if any of these endeavors will bear fruit and not flop, as this is precisely what had happened to equally well-intentioned accords involving Israel in the past. But some critics have pointed out that the publication was not so categorical back when former US president Barack Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, based more on his campaign promises than any real accomplishments.

After receiving his Nobel, Obama started new wars and finished his last full year in office by dropping more than 26,000 bombs around the world and expanding the presence of US special forces to 70 percent of the world's 138 nations, more than doubling the reach of the George W. Bush administration.

Although Wood acknowledges that Obama won the accolade "for his promotion of, notably not his success in achieving, 'cooperation between peoples'" - and that instead of bringing peace, ended up "expanding America's drone program" - the timing of The Atlantic's vitriolic piece has prompted questions whether its demand to the Nobel Committee has more to do with the outlet's well-known distaste for Trump, rather then any genuine concern about the award's reputation.


Police killing of social-distancing violator sparks riots across Colombia that leave seven dead

colombia protest
© Luisa Gonzalez/Reuters
A rubbish container on fire during protests after a man, who was arrested for violating social distancing rules, died from being repeatedly shocked with a stun gun by officers, according to authorities, in Bogota, Colombia
The death of a Colombian man after being repeatedly shocked with a stun gun by police who restrained him has sparked riots and protests throughout the Andean nation. The protests continued into Thursday morning and killed at least seven and wounded more than 150, the country's defence minister said.

Javier Humberto Ordonez, a 46-year-old lawyer and father of two was allegedly violating coronavirus social distancing rules when he became involved in an altercation with police in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

In a video posted on social media by friends who were with him, Ordonez can be heard shouting, "please, no more, I'm suffocating" as two police officers continued to restrain him with their knees on his back and repeatedly tasing him. Ordonez was taken into police custody early on Wednesday where family members have alleged he faced more police abuse. He died in hospital soon after.

Colombia had a six-month coronavirus pandemic lockdown that began in late March, with the harsh restrictions eased two weeks ago.

Protesters took to the streets in Bogota on Wednesday afternoon, destroying the small police station that the responsible officers belonged to in the Engativa neighbourhood, in the west of the city. Violence continued and spread into the early hours of Thursday.

Bogota's Mayor Claudia Lopez called the police brutality "unacceptable", but also condemned the violence in Bogota that resulted in deaths.

Comment: The clashes with police have intensified:


NY judge approves deposition of Saudi officials in lawsuit by 9/11 victims' families, despite ongoing Justice Dept opposition

9/11 memorial firefighters
© Reuters / Carlos Allegri
9/11 memorial in NYC
The Saudi government must make 24 current and former officials available to testify on their knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, a US judge has ruled, in a victory for victims' families despite opposition from the Attorney General.

Riyadh was ordered to make the officials - including a prince and his chief of staff - available for deposition in a judgment made public on Thursday, just a day before the 19th anniversary of the worst terror attack ever to take place on US soil.

Manhattan federal Judge Sarah Netburn ruled the victims' families have the right to question Saudi officials about their alleged roles in providing support to the 9/11 terrorists inside the US.



Explosion in Tehran province kills one, injures others, damages buildings

tehran ambulance
© AP
The cause of the explosion is being investigated.

An explosion hit the town of Nasimshahr in Iran's Tehran province on Friday, killing one person, injuring several others and damaging dozens of cars and buildings, local media reports say.

"An explosion on Tohid Street, south of Nasimshahr, took place in a battery shop. One person was killed and at least 10 people were injured. Ten cars and 30 buildings were badly damaged as well," state TV reported, according to Reuters.

Videos and photos from the scene of the explosion have been shared online.