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Tue, 19 Oct 2021
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More than a third of UK music industry workers lost jobs in 2020

© Rex/ShutterstockMark Sweney and Nadia Khomami
Isle of Wight festival September 2021. The Covid pandemic forced the cancellation of festivals, venues and tours and despite reopening it has had a longer lasting impact on the industry.
More than a third of UK music industry workers lost their jobs last year - 69,000 in total - as venues closed, festivals were scrapped, tours ground to a halt and the pandemic wiped billions off the value of the sector.

UK Music, the umbrella organisation representing the commercial music industry from artists and record labels to the live music sector, said the value of the industry almost halved last year due to the financially crippling impact of the Covid crisis.

The music industry's contribution to the wider UK economy, ranging from music sales and licensing to stadium tours, gigs in grassroots venues and merchandise, plummeted from a record £5.8bn in 2019 to £3.1bn last year.

Comment: There are only so many jobs to go around and the music industry wasn't the only sector to suffer massive job losses, so where are all these people going to find employment? More so considering that the British government has extended its 'emergency' powers into next year, meaning that there are more surprises in store for the country, and instability like this isn't good for business: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Zero Carbon - Zero Covid: The Reckless and Extremist Ideologies at the Heart of Government


Illinois mom allegedly shoots man dead after he refused to kiss her

Illinois mom allegedly shoots man dead
© Rolling Meadows Police Department
Claudia Resendiz-Florez demanded that James P. Jones kiss her, and he refused.
An Illinois mother of three shot a man dead after he — and his girlfriend — refused to kiss her, authorities said.

Claudia Resendiz-Florez, 28, had just moved in with James P. Jones, 29, and his girlfriend at the Preserve Woodfield apartment complex in Rolling Meadows when a love triangle fatally exploded, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The three had been drinking together Thursday night when Resendiz-Florez asked Jones for a kiss, which he refused — instead kissing his girlfriend.

Comment: See also:


Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot: Cops who oppose vaccine mandates are spreading 'misinformation' to 'induce an insurrection'

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Chicago vaccine mandate
© Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP
Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago have an order in place to have city workers report their COVID-19 vaccination status.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago claimed on Monday that those police officers who oppose the vaccine mandate in the Windy City are attempting to "induce an insurrection."

When asked about the police union's refusal to back the city's vaccine mandates, Lightfoot said, "What we've seen from the Fraternal Order of Police, in particularly leadership, is a lot of misinformation, a lot of half truths, and, frankly, flat out lies in order to induce an insurrection. And we're not having that."

"And so we want to make it very, very clear that the law is on our side, we feel very confident about it. And what we said even after, when I heard that he said, even after the lawsuit was filed, we notified them, is urging members of the department to ignore their chain of command," Lightfoot said.

Comment: The Chicago police are not alone:

Mr. Potato

CNN media clown Brian Stelter cuts off Bari Weiss, asks 'Who's stopping the conversation?'

brian stelter CNN
© Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CNN
Brian Stelter
As former New York Times editor Bari Weiss warned that narrow media coverage and rampant self-censorship have created a world gone mad, CNN's Brian Stelter interrupted her to ask, "Who's the people stopping the conversation?"

"You write there are tens of millions of Americans who aren't on the hard-Left or the hard-Right, who feel the world has gone mad. So, in what ways has the world gone mad?" Stelter asked, airing a part of a pre-recorded interview he conducted with Weiss for Sunday's episode of "Reliable Sources." Weiss replied by citing a litany of media bias, blackouts, and sins of omission:

Comment: Commendable as Weiss' resignation over the principle of freedom of speech may be, she is still afflicted with some big blind spots:


Huge gas explosion destroys house in Scotland, 3 injured, nearby residents evacuated

scotland explosion

The area around Kincaidston Drive is being cordoned off by police
Three people have been taken to hospital following an explosion at a house in Ayr which caused severe damage, with the blast being heard for miles around.

Residents have been evacuated from part of the Kincaidston area following the incident on Monday evening.

It is understood a number of residents are being given shelter at the nearby Queen Margaret Academy.

The Kincaidston Community Centre said it was open for those who needed help.

Comment: The uptick in explosions and fires is certainly beginning to add up. See the links below for a small selection of the most recent incidents:


Fauci: Vaccinated Americans can enjoy holidays with family

Fauci and creature
© KJN/SOTT.net/Alex Brandon/AP
"Was it the vaccine, son?"
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head and chief White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday on ABC's This Week that fully vaccinated Americans could enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings with family.

Anchor Martha Raddatz said:
"Dr. Fauci, we know the best way to keep safe is to be vaccinated. But what are your guidelines for the upcoming holidays? Will you be giving out Halloween candy? What do we do with Thanksgiving and Christmas and other holidays?"
Fauci said:
"I believe strongly that particularly in the vaccinated people if you are vaccinated, and your family members are vaccinated, those who are eligible, that is obviously very young children and not yet eligible, that you can enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy Halloween, trick-or-treating, and certainly Thanksgiving with your family and Christmas with your family."
Segment begins at 6:40

Comment: On message, Fauci's 'inclusion coercion' dismisses all non-vaxxers for holidays eternal.


Why can't we Americans do what the Afghans did and take back control of our country?

bus driver
© Heidi De Marco/Keiser Health News
The death of friends due to Covid lockdowns and political persecution won't discourage us - instead, they plant in us new seeds of resistance. Crappy movies and books can't distract us forever.

Since the Taliban's unexpected success in reclaiming their country, the one thing I've been losing sleep over is, well, why can't we have what they have? Are we Americans really so gaslit and demoralized by the self-anointed "adults in the room" that we dare not challenge their presence? Things are already bad and getting worse for too many of us. The ongoing improperly motivated Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates are backing many of us into corners out of which we have no choice but to fight.

Just the other day, I was riding a public bus to purchase a vehicle in a distant town. The driver refused admittance to a scraggly man who had clearly been waiting for too long under the scorching sun. In all but America's greatest metropolises, to ride the bus is to be a member of the nation's underclass. It means you are carless, and might as well be shoeless.

On this particularly sweltering day, the scraggly man was told there was no room on the bus for him, and he would have to wait a half-hour more for the next bus. Our bus was almost completely empty, yet Covid restrictions were such that 75% of seats had to remain empty. Swerving, the driver barked into his mirror at another passenger to pull his mask up over his nose.

Comment: Author offers true-life reflections that challenge the heart and soul of our society.


Facebook says AI will clean up platform, but its own engineers have doubts

© JBareham/facebook
Facebook, Inc. executives have long said that artificial intelligence would address the company's chronic problems keeping what it deems hate speech and excessive violence as well as underage users off its platforms.

That future is farther away than those executives suggest, according to internal documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Facebook's AI can't consistently identify first-person shooting videos, racist rants and even, in one notable episode that puzzled internal researchers for weeks, the difference between cockfighting and car crashes.

On hate speech, the documents show, Facebook employees have estimated the company removes only a sliver of the posts that violate its rules — a low-single-digit percent, they say. When Facebook's algorithms aren't certain enough that content violates the rules to delete it, the platform shows that material to users less often — but the accounts that posted the material go unpunished.


Privacy fears as schools use facial recognition to speed up lunch queue

Student facial recog
© Getty/Metro
UK schools use facial recognition software to speed up paying for lunch.
Privacy campaigners have raised concerns about the use of facial recognition technology on pupils queueing for lunch in school canteens in the UK.

Nine schools in North Ayrshire began taking payments for school lunches this week by scanning the faces of their pupils, according to a report in the Financial Times. More schools are expected to follow.

The company supplying the technology claimed it was more Covid-secure than other systems, as it was cashless and contactless, and sped up the lunch queue, cutting the time spent on each transaction to five seconds. With break times shortening, schools are under pressure to get large numbers of students through lunch more quickly.

Other types of biometric system, principally fingerprint scanners, have been used in schools in the UK for years, but campaigners say the use of facial recognition technology is unnecessary.


Migrant crisis in Lithuania: More than ten asylum seekers kicked out of country for having ties to terrorists according to Vilnius

Lithuania migrants
© AFP/Petras Malukas
Migrants in a camp near the border town of Kapciamiestis, Lithuania
More than ten people thought to be affiliated with terrorist groups have entered Lithuania through Belarus by taking advantage of the huge influx of migrants attempting to enter the EU, a senior defense official has revealed.

Speaking to Vilnius-based outlet Delfi, Chairman of the Lithuanian Committee on National Security and Defense Laurynas Kasciunas reported that some asylum seekers were found to have connections to extremist groups. According to Tass, he said:
"As many as four such persons have already been expelled from Lithuania. Over ten migrants suspected of having ties with terrorists have been identified."
According to Delfi sources, one of the people expelled was thought to have ties to Boko Haram, an African jihadist group, while another had connections to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, a left-wing movement supporting autonomy and rights for Kurdish people in Turkey.

The alleged terrorists came to Lithuania as part of a migrant crisis that is affecting numerous countries bordering Belarus. The situation began after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned that his country would no longer make any effort to stop illegal immigration. Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland have claimed that the government in Minsk has flown in migrants from abroad and is shuttling them to the border as a form of warfare.