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Bright burning meteor fireball lights up sky in eastern Singapore on May 24

If you happen to have been looking at the full moon on the night of May 24, you might also have seen something else: a meteor fireball.

The fireball, which appeared in the sky as a "bright burning flash", was reportedly sighted in east Singapore at around 11:47pm.

A few onlookers even managed to capture the phenomenon on camera.

One Facebook user who managed to capture the phenomenon on camera said that she initially intended to record a video of the full moon "since it looked really beautiful".


Mystery fireball seen breaking up in sky over southern Russia on May 22

© Shutterstock/Triff
A mysterious fireball was spotted breaking up in the sky over southern Russia on Wednesday, videos shared by locals show.

Footage showing the unknown flying object was shared on social media by residents from several regions, including Stavropol Krai, the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Krasnodar Krai, and the Republic of Kalmykia. Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported that some residents believed it was a falling meteorite or comet, while others said they thought they had seen a satellite or an "enemy object."

The videos showed the fireball breaking up into multiple parts as it moved slowly across the night sky. Newsweek has not independently verified the footage.

This comes weeks after social media users reported seeing mysterious spiral UFO sightings across the United States and Europe. Interest in unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) peaked last year after several experts testified before a Congress committee in July 2023 that they could pose a threat to national security. A Gallup poll conducted in 2021 found that 41 percent of Americans believe alien spacecraft have visited Earth, up eight points from 33 percent in 2019.

RIA Novosti reported, citing amateur astronomers, that the sighting could have been space debris burning at low speed.

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Meteor fireball over Montana on May 21

© Ryan H.
We received 65 reports about a fireball seen over Alberta, ID, Idaho, Montana, MT, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington on Tuesday, May 21st 2024 around 05:45 UT.

For this event, we received one video and one photo.

Comment: For the video:

Fireball 3

Meteor fireball over Connecticut and nearby states on May 20

© Mark K.
We received 11 reports about a fireball seen over CT, New Jersey, New York, NH, NY, PA and VT on Monday, May 20th 2024 around 03:31 UT.

For this event, we received 2 videos and one photo.

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Best of the Web: Bright meteor fireball illuminates night sky over Spain and Portugal on May 18 [Update: Calculated total impact energy 0.13kt TNT]

Meteor Fireball
Lately we have been having a lot of meteor activity over the Iberian Peninsula, a phenomenon that causes great expectation.

As you will remember, on March 29 we had two bolides over the eastern part of Spain, which generated many comments.

Tonight, around 0:46 CET (23:46 Lisbon time), a bright fireball has illuminated the skies of Spain and Portugal. According to the Civil Protection of Portugal, the meteor would have fallen in the village of Pereira, in Castro Daire, northern Portugal, 60 km southwest of Porto. Portugal declared an alert and mobilized its firefighters in case there was any information.

Here we can see an impressive video recorded by @rvbzzx in Lisbon and slowed down by @jpunto88_ to make it look better:

Comment: Other videos:

The following selfie-video from Avéro in Portugal was captured by Mila Vladimirovna, @milarefacho

Some of the above and other videos can be found here: International Meteor Society
Huge fireball over Spain and Portugal on May 18!

The fireball has entered the CNEOS list:
Peak Brightness Date/Time (UT) 2024-05-18 22:46:50
Latitude(deg. 41.0N
Longitude(deg.) 8.8W
Altitude(km) 74.3
Velocity(km/s 40.4
Velocity Components(km/s) vx -26.5, vy -24.1, vz 18.7
Total Radiated Energy(J) 3.7e10
Calculated Total Impact Energy(kt) 0.13
This year six others have entered the list, curiously, of very similar size. There now is one at 0.15, four at 0.13, one at 0.11 and on at 0.098. The variation last year was between 0.076 and 7.2. kt! The Chelyabinsk meteor has been estimated to between 400 and 500 kt of TNT.

The American Meteor Society has in the 2024 list recorded it as Event 2481-2024:
American Meteor Society event 2481-2024
If the reports most distant from the trajectory are reliable, it was viewable at a distance of up to 1200 km. To verify if this is even possible, one can use a Distance to Horizon Calculator, like this German online calculator that also is configurable to show feet and miles.

Since the altitude of the visible meteor has been given the range of 122 km, initially, and 54 km at the end, we can insert these figures and find out how far out that is visible. For an observer at sea level, the calculator gives values between 1252 km and 831 km.

To be able to view the meteor from Paris would be a "tall order" given that the atmosphere is not clear, but if the viewing happened from one of the skyrises. several of which are around 200 meters this could add about 50 km to the first estimate of 1252 km. Alternatively, a different calculator shows that from an altitude of 122 km, the horizon to sea level is 1328 km away, and if you are viewing from an altitude of 200 meter, it would be 1382 km.

Meteors are interesting objects, see more in Cometary Encounters: Flash-Frozen Mammoths, Mars-Earth Discharge, Comet Venus and the 3,600-Year Cometary Cycle, and Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection (The Secret History of the World Book 3) by Pierre Lescaudron. The second is available in German, while both are translated into French, and Russian.

Fireball 3

Meteor fireball over Washington and Oregon on May 13

© Hailey G.
We received 6 reports about a fireball seen over OR and WA on Monday, May 13th 2024 around 04:36 UT.

For this event, we received one video and 3 photos.

Fireball 3

Meteor fireball over Idaho and surrounding states on May 12

© Jordan R.
We received 30 reports about a fireball seen over ID, MT, OR, UT and WA on Sunday, May 12th 2024 around 03:59 UT.

For this event, we received 3 videos and 2 photos.

Fireball 4

Green meteor fireball over British Columbia, Canada on May 8

A green fireball was captured on video in the night sky above Kamloops Wednesday night.
Video by Justin Moss.

Fireball 3

Meteor fireball over Indiana and other states on May 4

© Trish M.
We received 115 reports about a fireball seen over IA, IL, Illinois, IN, KY, MI, OH, Ontario and WI on Saturday, May 4th 2024 around 03:36 UT.

For this event, we received 4 videos and 2 photos.

Fireball 4

Huge meteor fireball over Zaragoza, Spain on May 3

Registration : All-sky camera of Actuel-Teruel, Falset (Joan A. Català) and Prades-Tarragona (Aleix Roig). Video detection stations of Barx-La Visteta (Jordi Donet), Bartolo and Benicàssim (Vicent Ibàñez), Blesa-Teruel (Miguel Aznar), Cehegín-Murcia (Sensi Pastor and José A. de los Reyes), Esparreguera (Jordi Gil) , Estepa-Sevilla (Antonio J. Robles), Fanzara (Germán Edo), Folgueroles (Pep Pujols-AAO/Josep M. Trigo-CSIC-IEEC), Lleida (Xavier Turmo), Madrid-M30 (Dr. Jaime Izquierdo), Olocau (Álex Gómez and Juan Gómez), Sant Celoni (David Molner), Sant Fost de Campsentelles (Lina Aguasca), Sant Mateu (Cèsar Guasch), Sucaina (V. Ibàñez) and Vilavella (V. Ibàñez).

Absolute magnitude : -15±2

Origin : Sporadic

Observation range : Andalusia, Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Community of Madrid, Comunitat Valenciana, Balearic Islands, La Rioja, Navarra and Euskadi.

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