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Fire in the Sky


Mexico: The Xochitepec Fireball - UFO or Meteorite?

Mexico ufo
© Unknown
Date: July 26, 2009

Residents of Xochitepec were treated to the sight of a "ball of fire" over Avenida Aeropuerto in the Miguel Hidalgo section of town. The witnesses fixed their eyes on a brilliant object in the sky for five minutes, before the sighting ended in a lightning-like flash and disappeared.

The unidentified object's presence drew the attention of many: some took out their camcorders, others photographed the "ball of fire" that seemed to fall very slowly from the heavens under clear skies.


Canada: Kingston, Ontario - Glow in the Sky Turns into an Hourglass-Shaped Fireball and Then into a Dimly-Lit Object

Posted: July 25, 2009

Date: June 30 2009
Time: 12:00 midnight
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular.
Weather Conditions: Clear Skies, great night. Maybe some clouds to the west. Moon low in the sky, crescent.

Description: Started out as a glow in the distance towards the south. It looked like a plane head light coming towards us, It got brighter and brighter so I asked my mate, look at this what do you think, as we watched it turned into what looked like a fireball the shape of an hour glass, then it went out and became a dimly lit object in the sky. As I watched it looked as if the sun was lighting up the object, sort of a vague outline. More grey then glowing. As I watched I noticed a red light on what looked like one edge of the object. If it had an edge it looked like the lower right corner, as it did not resemble a circle at this time, more like a chunk of something.


England: What was mysterious fireball in the night sky?

Fireball over England
© Unknown
Fireball: A photo of the mysterious fiery object.
Pictures taken by a Worcester family show what they claim is a "fireball" streaking across the Worcester night sky.

The object which had "orange flames coming from its top and sides" was spotted in Worcester at 10.15pm on Thursday.

Rob Giles, aged 59, was driving his daughter and niece home when he looked up to see the bright object up above in the clear sky.

He said: "It just came right over the top of us heading towards the north east. I just stopped the car and got out. I was telling my daughter to take a photo."


Colorado: July 13, 2009 Fireball

This slow, bright fireball occurred at 2:28 AM MDT over central Colorado. I have not received any witness reports.

Data has been recovered from the following cameras:

* Cloudbait (details, video)
* Tom Ashcraft's camera in New Mexico.

© Cloudbait Observatory
The image at left is from the Cloudbait camera. The meteor produced a long trail, gradually brightening to about magnitude -10 (the Moon, seen at the bottom, is about magnitude -11). Several small flares of light are also seen along the path. The fireball lasted over 5.5 seconds.


Dramatic Fireball over Southern Arizona

A bright fireball was spotted by several observers Tuesday, June 23 over Tucson and other parts of southern Arizona. It was a space rock that broke apart dramatically as it streaked into Earth's atmosphere - a "shooting star" on steroids. Such events are not uncommon, but most are not seen because they occur over the oceans, or late at night when few people are watching, or during the day when they are not visible.

One observer compared it to a memorable 1992 event known as the Peekskill Fireball.

Comment: From the Transient Sky blog:
From KOLD, Tucson's local CBS affiliate, a video of the fireball taken by a security camera in Marana (just north of Tucson). The video shows what appears to be 2 fainter pieces below and to the right of the main fireball. I believe those 2 fainter objects are just reflections caused by the optics of the camera and are not actually real. What is real is the main fireball appearing in 3 or more pieces right before it faded from view.


US: Granbury, Texas - Fireball seen during daylight hours

Posted: July 22, 2009

Date: June 24th 2009
Time: Daylight hour 6:57pm CDST
Number of witnesses: One
Number of objects: One
Shape of objects: Round, Ball shaped
Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: Small fireball traveling from Northeast to Southwest north of Granbury Texas. Not so spectacular with the exception that it was still during bright daylight. I suspect it was a meteorite.

TV/Radio: I won't report but if someone else does I would like to be informed.


England: Attleborough, Nuneaton - Hovering Fireball That Changes into a Large Black Mass

Posted: July 11, 2009

Date of Sighting: 27th june 2009
Time: 10.20pm approx

Witness Statement: On returning to Attleborough from the direction of the Pingles, we saw a what appeared to be a fire ball hovering in the air above the fields at the bottom of Crowhill. I drove towards it to get a better look but it quickly rose very high up into the sky, it then dropped down and changed to a large black mass and continued to move slowly down and towards the direction of the Attleborough industrial estate, it was not falling straight down but moving along as if to land. I tried to follow it but it disappeared behind the houses. It had been a very hot day, there was no wind and as I drove past the playing fields for kegs there was a fog over the field and road. It was a very strange experience.


Video: Meteor fell east of York, Pennsylvania on Monday morning

Big fireball meteor
© baltimoresun.com
The big fireball meteor that startled residents in Central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania early Monday morning was captured on a security camera video in York Pa.
"Meteorite Man" Steve Arnold is still looking for those key eyewitness reports that could point him toward any remnants of the July 6 Mason-Dixon Meteor that may have survived the fall to Earth.

Arnold has read through more than 100 comments from Weather Blog readers who saw or heard the meteor, and he's singled out more than 30 that were detailed enough to suggest that just a little more information might help point him to the impact zone.


US: Video of Meteor shooting across Pennsylvania

If you saw a bright flash of light in the sky about 1 a.m. Monday, it wasn't a leftover firework. It was a meteor.

And a pretty impressive one at that.

Michael Gaines, who lives near the Costco on Hempstead Road, had gotten home from the Long's Park Patriotic Concert a few hours earlier and saw the flash from his porch.

With an interest in astronomy, Gaines knew that it wasn't a stray Fourth of July sparkler.

"It was a lot brighter than fireworks," said Gaines, who realized he was seeing the fireball of a large meteor. "You could see remnants, little fragments - something was moving from right to left across the sky."


US: Meteor over Maryland and Pennsylvania

© flickr.com
We have been receiving reports today of a likely meteor over north-central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania early Monday morning. (Not the one in the Flickr.com image seen here.)

Below are the first reports we have received. If you heard or saw something similar, around the same time, please leave a comment. Include the time, your location, which direction you saw the object or flash, a description of what you saw, and note any boom or other sound you heard, as well as the time lapse between flash and boom.

The York Dispatch: In York County, Pa., police officers from Penn Township, Southwestern Regional and Newberry Township reported seeing a flash and hearing a boom around 1:15 a.m. Monday, July 6, according to local 911 centers. Officials in Harford County, Md. also reported seeing a flash and hearing a boom near the Mason-Dixon Line.

Capital Gazette: An Annapolis city police officer reported that she and her partner both saw what she described as a "bright blue light in the sky" just after midnight. It was followed by "a light with a tail, falling from the sky," according to our informant. Annapolis police reported hearing a similar report on Baltimore County police radio.