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Thu, 23 Sep 2021
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Fire in the Sky


Meteor Flash Lights Up Sky - California

"It was big... It was huge in the sky, " Cynthia Costello says.

Cynthia Costello is no stranger to meteor showers in shingle springs this time of year... But nothing prepared her for what she saw overnight.


Comment: To see the news report that shows the video of the meteorite from the picture above watch Mysterious Object Seen In Sky

Also, this meteorite may be related to this story "Loud Boom" Believed To Be The Result Of Meteor Shower - California


Risky Business - Colombia meteorite

Here at Sky & Telescope we get wind of all kinds of reports of meteorite falls. Few are legitimate. But on July 6th the sky really was falling over South America, when an incoming object broke apart in the lower atmosphere with a trio of ferocious explosions that shattered windows and shook the ground violently. Moments later, stones rained from the sky and pelted homes in the poor barrios surrounding the notorious city of Cali, Colombia.

©Michael Farmer

Comment: For more information that was collected on this meteorite event go to this link


"Loud Boom" Believed To Be The Result Of Meteor Shower - California

Sonora - Representatives with the Sonora Police Department and both the Tuolumne and Calaveras County Sheriff's Departments say they fielded numerous calls early this morning in regards to a "loud boom," and "structures shaking."

According to a Sonora Police Department report, there were several calls from residents who reported seeing "a blue light," just before the "loud boom." The incident reportedly occurred at 12:09am. The Police Department notes that it also received a call from a resident in Tuolumne, in which a female reported seeing what she thought was fireworks, and then something spiraling over her house.

Comment: "somehow the result of a meteor shower" - this isn't a meteor shower:
A "meteor shower," also known as a "meteor storm," is a celestial event where a large number of meteors are seen within a very short period of time. These meteors are small fragments of cosmic debris entering Earth's atmosphere at extremely high speed, leaving a streak of light that very quickly disappears. Most of the small fragments of cosmic debris are smaller than a grain of sand, so almost all fragments are burnt up and never hit the earth's surface. Fragments which do contact earth's surface are called meteorites
The description from the article is of a possible bolide entering and then exploding either in the atmosphere or on the surface of the earth, which causes structures to shake.


Meteor crash rocks southwestern Hungary

The southern Transdanubia area of Hungary at the border of Tolna County was shaken by the sound of an explosion Sunday afternoon when a melon-sized meteor apparently hit the ground in Bonyhád. Astronomers are analyzing the impact crater, which is two meters deep and seven meters in diameter, reports fn.hu.

Comment: A couple of points about this incident:

1. If you are a regular reader of these pages, you know that a meteor striking the Earth is not as uncommon as it once was...

2. No one saw it because it came from the west during the setting of the sun. Think about that one for a minute....


Meteorite falls from sky, startles Arizona residents

SCOTTSDALE - Stanley Fosha is looking for what woke him early Wednesday morning with a giant flash of white light and a thunderous boom.

The sky erupted around 2:15 a.m. near his home at 56th Street and Pinnacle Vista Road in Scottsdale, he said.

"I seriously thought someone was in my back yard taking a picture," Fosha said. "It sounded like someone taking a sledgehammer and banging a big metal drum."


Meteorite falls in Jaipur house

Jaipur, India - A family in Jaipur told the scientists of Geological Survey of India (GSI) here that a meteorite fell in the courtyard of their home on Monday evening, Sahara Samay sources said.

A female member of the family told that a piece of sparkling stone fell in her home on Monday evening. I continued to look at it in awe for sometime before I went near it, she added.


Meteorite baffles Sangrur villagers

Hotipur (Sangrur): This non-descript village near Khanauri today hit headlines when a meteorite fell in the fields on Wednesday night, leaving many villagers baffled. The police have taken possession of the 8-cm meteorite to hand it over to a three-member team of Geological Survey of India (GSI), led by a director-level officer, which is arriving tomorrow.


Mysterious Loud Booms Heard in Camden County

CAMDEN COUNTY ' The United States Air Force has launched an investigation and hope to provide residents who heard a series of loud booms Monday with an answer to clear up any confusion.


Nebraska's Loud boom probably a plane, say officals

It was just before 11 a.m. Wednesday when Bellevue police Capt. Herb Evers heard the boom.

Evers was in the city's fleet maintenance facility, talking to a mechanic.

"The windows in the garage doors rattled," Evers said. "It was like you could feel the concussion."

He thought a plane had exploded and called the base police at Offutt Air Force Base. The person who answered the phone said, "Yeah, I know. We heard it, too."

Comment: Does it add up for you, readers?


Sonic Boom?: Sri Lanka villagers report 'earthquake like' tremor

Colombo: The residents of Lunugamwehera in the Hambanthota district of Sri Lanka�s Southern Province say they experienced something similar to an earthquake in the early hours today.