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Wed, 01 Dec 2021
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Fire in the Sky


US: 'Shuttle-Like Sonic Boom' Heard Before Townhome-Destroying Fire

Orlando, Fla. -- A space shuttle-like "sonic-boom" sound was followed by a fast-moving fire that left several people temporarily homeless at a subdivision near the University of Central Florida.


UK: Mystery fireball falls from sky

A Bexley woman is hoping News Shopper readers can throw some light on a mystery object seen falling from the sky at the height of last night's storm.

Jean Carpenter, who lives just off Bexleyheath Broadway, was watching the spectacular lightning display from the back step of her home with her son.

Mrs Carpenter, who is in her 70s, said: "We were looking southwards towards Bexley Village at about 9.40pm when we saw an object falling from the sky.

"It was all lit up, as if it was on fire and was just dropping straight down."


Fireball over Cumberland County, Pennsylvania?

All Jeana Green could think of was that something had exploded in the sky Sunday night.

The North Middleton Township resident, her husband and two of her neighbors sat on a deck talking when the sky lit up about 10:15 p.m.

"It looked like a shooting star, but it was a lot bigger," Green said. "There were pale sparks and orange flames that turned blue-green. Then it was like a fireball, and right before it disappeared, there was a flash like it exploded and it was gone. It lit up the sky like heat lightning."


Canada: Kincardine baffled by booms that shook town

Call it the Kincardine X-file.

A mysterious, explosion-like boom last Thursday evening that rattled this quiet town northwest of Toronto has yet to be explained.


New Jersey, US: "Blue, sparking orb" was likely a meteor

What witnesses described as a "blue, sparking orb" prompted several calls to police in Wall and Howell before it apparently broke apart and disappeared late Sunday night, police said.

Whatever it was, it was visible for at least 35 miles and prompted a police notification to McGuire Air Force Base.

Bob Hampton of Ocean Township said he was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike near Kearny when he saw the blue-white object streak across the sky traveling from east to west. He spotted it about the same time some Howell residents thought it settled in the woods near Fort Plains Road.


Pennsylvania, US: 'Fireball' streaks across Bucks sky

Beth and Dan Curley were driving down Route 611 when the basketball-sized flame shot across the sky.

It was white when Dan spotted it. By the time Beth looked up, it had turned stoplight green. The flame died out a few seconds later.

"It wasn't far off in the sky - it was there," the Warrington woman said. "It was the coolest thing we've ever seen."


US: Another Fireball Over LA? Something Seen Over Santa Monica

Earlier this month, a mysterious fireball flew over the Los Angeles region. And now today, an e-mail tipster sends this to our inbox: "There was some sonic boom noise in Santa Monica, and all my neighbors reported hearing it, but nobody could figure out what this was. Have you heard of it?


Los Angeles, US: Fireball Remains a Mystery

There is still no explanation of the fireball that soared through Southern California skies yesterday morning at about 10:40 a.m. "I was in downtown Los Angeles on the 31st floor of my office and just happened to look out the window to see a bright white streak disappear behind the the San Gabriel Mountains. It was over in an instant. It was huge, at least as wide as the moon, but it had a tail," wrote Brian Bartholomew in an LA Times comments section.

Most reports of witnessing the fireball came from within Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Even "fire crews in Barstow and on I-15 near Stateline reported seeing an object in the sky moving very fast across the northern sky and described it as yellowish green in color with streaks of debris. It looked like it burned up before it hit the ground," according to an LA Times report.


Chile: Meteorite trail surprises Punta Arenas and Tierra del Fuego

It is almost confirmed that the bright flash seen last Monday night in great parts of Magallaes region, included Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south of Chile was a meteorite.

Residents throughout the region: in Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and in Tierra del Fuego Porvenir recall seeing at approximately 10:30 p.m. a bright flash in the night sky. Witnesses then heard a loud crack, presumably the result of the meteorite breaking the sound barrier as it passed over the region, reported the local press.

The head of the Punta Arenas Airport, Jan Carlo Onetto, confirmed that the unidentified flying object was not of human origin.


Officials: Blasts heard near Pakistani capital may have been from sonic boom

Investigators found no physical evidence of loud explosions heard Monday near the Pakistani capital and officials said it may have been a sonic boom caused by fast-moving aircraft.

The blasts were heard in Rawalpindi and the capital, Islamabad, two cities about 7 miles (12 kilometers) apart. Rawalpindi houses the headquarters of
Pakistan's army and the residence of President Pervez Musharraf, a key U.S. ally in the war on terror.