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Mon, 18 Jan 2021
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Fire in the Sky


Asteroid's fireball over Perth, Western Australia sounded like a 'meth lab blew up'

The fireball was captured by the Desert Fireball Network's Katanning camera system.
© DFN, Curtin University
The fireball was captured by the Desert Fireball Network's Katanning camera system.
Experts from Curtin University's Desert Fireball Network (DFN) believe last night's fireball and sonic boom was caused by small piece of asteroid, less than one metre wide, hitting the atmosphere and breaking up over the Earth.

Dr Hadrien Devillepoix said the fireball — reported at 8:09pm local time, east of the Perth metropolitan area — would have been visible up to 500 kilometres from Perth in Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, and Albany.

The exact location cannot be determined because remnant cloud hindered DFN's cameras from being able to triangulate the asteroid.

"Not many people actually saw the fireball directly," Dr Devillepoix said.

"We got it on one camera — all the way down in Katanning in the Wheatbelt."


'Outstanding' meteor fireball explodes over northern USA

A fireball has exploded over the USA, leading some to describe the experience as "outstanding".

On October 28, residents of Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois were treated to a "spectacular" fireball as the Sun was rising. So powerful was the fireball that people were able to see it, despite daylight beginning to take place.

Tens of people reported the phenomenon to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO), describing their experience of the small space rock hitting Earth's atmosphere.

Many described the trail of the fireball taking on a blue colour, likely because of certain gasses packed into the atmosphere.

Jean said: "Saw it just after sunrise as the sky was brightening up. It was very bright and spectacular."

Fireball 2

Meteor fireballs reported over England and Japan

Meteor fireballs were filmed over the counties of Devon and Hampshire in the UK on October 25 and 26 respectively as reported on social media:

Fireball 2

Spate of 4 meteor fireballs seen over Brazil between 10 and 26 October

The first fireball was recorded over the state of Ceará on October 10 with associated reports of a loud bang and tremors shaking walls and windows in the district of Maçico do Baturité.

The meteor fireball was recorded by the geostationary satellite GOES-16 and by a live weather camera.

A resident of Redemption recorded the trail of smoke left in the sky by the meteor.

Fireball 4

Western America spots 'most amazing' meteor fireball brighter than the Moon

Western America spots 'most amazing' meteor brighter than the Moon
Western America spots 'most amazing' meteor brighter than the Moon
Residents of the west coast of America were treated to a spectacular phenomenon when a "jaw-dropping" fireball streaked across the night's sky.

People of California, Oregon and Washington spotted what some are calling the "most amazing" fireball they have ever seen. The fireball, which was a meteor which hit the atmosphere, came into view on the evening of October 23. Hundreds of people witnessed the phenomenon, flocking to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO) to report their sighting.
David told the IMO: "It was beyond incredible."

Debra detailed her experience, saying: "The object falling was so green and dramatic that I began screaming to the passenger in my car - 'oh, my God--look, look at that...'

"I then saw it break into a few pieces, and continued trying to look to the extent my passenger was helping me to drive.

Fireball 2

Fireball meteor seen in the sky over Alaska on October 15

Katie Kangas operates a bed-and-breakfast in Ruby, Alaska. On the morning of October 15, she turned to look out her picture window, toward the cabin next door. She was waiting for her client to switch the light on, at which point she would step out and deliver his breakfast.

Staring out into the darkness, she and her husband Ivan saw "an enormous ball of light in the sky to the west. It was moving north to south, and was quite big."

A few hundred miles northwest, Daisy Sours was standing outside in Selawik, Alaska, at about 7:30 that morning. She saw something she never had before.

"It looked like fireworks, until it split into four dots," she said.

Fireball 2

Second meteor fireball seen over Puerto Rico in 4 days

Fireball spotted in Puerto Rico

Fireball spotted in Puerto Rico
Hundreds of people called up the authorities and updated their social media timelines as the locals spotted a fireball in the night skies of Puerto Rico.

The locals took to social media to share pictures and videos of colourful fireball above the Caribbean island.

A video was shot and shared by Frankie Lucena (@frankie57pr) on Twitter in which the fireball can be seen heading in a downward direction, which the spectator claimed can be "a Taurid".

Comment: Witnessed on Oct 17: Bright meteor fireball over Puerto Rico


5 asteroids buzz by Earth today, as NASA gears up for historic touchdown on asteroid Bennu

Asteroid headed towards Earth
© iStock/Getty Images Plus/dottedhippo
With just 73 days left in 2020, NASA has published an alert that not one, but five asteroids are passing by Earth today, as the agency's Osiris-Rex spacecraft prepares to touch down on a space rock 200 million miles away.

The first three of the day's five space rocks have mercifully passed the Earth by without incident, according to the Asteroid Watch Widget that tracks asteroids and comets that will make relatively close approaches to our planet.

2020 TJ6, measuring 10m in diameter or roughly half a bowling lane, passed the planet at a blistering speed of 40,824kph, but at a safe distance of 1.2 million km. The asteroid was followed by 2020 UX, the tiniest out of the five, which passed the Earth at 190,000km, and 2020 TD6, with a diameter of 7.4m or half the height of the Hollywood Sign.

Fireball 2

Bright meteor fireball recorded over Puerto Rico

A very bright meteor was visible from all over the island at around 3:44 am on Saturday, reported the Society for Astronomy of the Caribbean (SAC).

A very bright meteor was visible from all over the island at around 3:44 am on Saturday, reported the Society for Astronomy of the Caribbean (SAC).
A bright meteor fireball was reported over Puerto Rico on the 17th Oct by the Society for Astronomy of the Caribbean (SAC), as relayed by local media on the 18th.

The event was described by Eddie Irizarry, vice president of the SAC:
"It was a space rock probably several feet in diameter disintegrating through the atmosphere,"

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball recorded over Nitzanim, Israel

Meteor fireball over Israel
© YouTube/AMS (screen capture)
A meteor fireball (event 2020/5928) has been reported to the American Meteor Society (AMS) over Nitzanim, Israel on Sunday, October 18th 2020 around 16:01 UT.

A video was uploaded to the AMS website by Viktor V.