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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 2

Bright meteor fireball explodes over southern Norway

Norwegian meteor fireball
© IMO/Tore Myrhen
Norwegian meteor fireball on December 18, 2017
On December 18, 2017, at 16:37:07 UT, a bright meteor fireball lit up the southern regions of Norway. The event was registered by cameras of the Norwegian Meteor Network on a partially cloudy sky.

A video of the event was recorded by Tore Myhren from Lillehammer, and shows the fireball through some clouds near the horizon.

"The meteor was of sporadic origin, with a radiant located at R.A. = 331,3°, Dec. = 62,2°," writes Kai Gaarder of the Norwegian Meteor Network, as reported by the International Meteor Organization.

Some eyewitness reports describing the phenomena include:

Ørjan Solheim:
"Saw an insane powerful flash of light in Rosendal. The whole valley and the mountains lighted up. A lot of times stronger than lightning. Lasted longer and was smoother than lightning. Stopped the car and went out, but could hear no sound."

Bizarro Earth

Loud, house-shaking boom heard around Bakersfield, California

Boom in Bakersfield, CA
This is a strange one.

At around 5AM this morning, something startled Holly Olsen as she lay in bed in her east Bakersfield home.

Not a gunshot, nor a firework.

"It was more like a 'krplow' noise," Olsen explained.

Calls and messages flooded into our newsroom.

"It sounded like a bomb going off, but not nearby," Olsen continued.

First responders heard the same around 5:09 or so.

Comment: We doubt the Sheriff's Department would be conducting the training at 5:00 am.


Meteor fireball lights up night sky over Wisconsin's capital

Meteor over Wisconsin
© YouTube Screen Capture
Cameras outside a University of Wisconsin-Madison facility captured the moment a meteoroid streaked across the night sky.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies shared footage from a webcam mounted atop the building that captured the fireball's fall from the sky Monday night.

Fireball 2

Fragmenting meteor fireball captured over Russia's Sochi (VIDEO)

Sochi bolide
© YouTube/RT (screen capture)
A sparkling bolide that lit up the sky over Russia's Sochi on Friday, Alexander Ivanov, head of the Kuban University laboratory of astrophysics, told RIA Novosti in an interview.

Internet users speculated over violent clapping sounds supposedly accompanying the fireball. Some cited a hissing sound as an unidentified object flew past the location; others remarked they saw merely a flash of light.

On December 4-17 the Geminid meteor shower was expected to approach Earth, peaking on December 13-15, Ivanov was cited as saying.
"There were some flashes of light in the night sky, as a standard bolide, the size of a soccer ball, entered the atmosphere. Part of it was caught on our cameras. Armavir and Sochi also detailed their observations. This brings us to the conclusion that the object had burnt down about 20 kilometers above Earth."
A video of the phenomena has been uploaded here.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball filmed over Denver area

© Greg Kramer
Denver, Colorado residents had an opportunity to witness an astronomical event Thursday night, as a large fireball streaked across the sky above the Mile High City.

A man named Greg Kamer was filming a Christmas light display at the Denver Botanic Gardens when he inched the camera up a little bit and saw something blaze across the sky, KCNC-4 reported.


Loud explosion shakes houses as suspected meteorite hits Thunder Bay, Ontario

Meteorite crater in Thunder Bay, Ontario
© twitter
Crater on Highway 61 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada after possible meteorite hits the ground on December 13, 2017
Object spotted by officers Wednesday night, but now police, investigating expert can't find it

A loud explosion that shook houses in a semi-rural part of Thunder Bay, Ont., Wednesday evening may have been caused by a meteorite that landed on the outskirts of the northwestern Ontario city, according to local police.

Patrol officers were dispatched to the area of Highway 61 and Mount Forest Boulevard Wednesday around 11 p.m., to investigate, police said in a written release.

They were called by area resident Linda Pohole, who lives near the Mount Forest subdivision. She said she heard an explosion.

"I called it in thinking that something happened in Mount Forest, and maybe a house exploded," she said. "It was that loud, and my son said he felt the house vibrate."

Police searched the area and found a large, round hole in the snow on the side of the Highway 61, in the area of Mount Forest Boulevard. There were no footprints or vehicle tire tracks in the vicinity.

Comment: A couple of months ago meteorites hit roofs in South Africa and the US. Mysterious booms are increasing dramatically all over the planet, which may be indicative of space rock fragments exploding in the atmosphere.

Even NASA's own space data supports citizens' recent observations, namely the inconvenient fact that meteor fireballs are increasing dramatically.

Fireball 2

Bright meteor fireball with terminal explosion captured over Tucson, Arizona

Bright meteor in Tucson AZ sky with a terminal explosion.
Fireball exploding over Arizona
© Eliot Herman
Likely a sporadic meteor at 10:24 pm on December 9th 2017 displaying a terminal explosion as the meteor is destroyed.

Stretched version
Single frame # 506 from all sky movie
All sky CCD camera movie of night sky


Out of this world: ISS astronaut captures stunning images of meteorite above Mexico (VIDEO)

International Space Station.
© A view of Earth from the International Space Station. / Reuters
A view of Earth from the International Space Station.
The moment a shooting star rocketed over the coast of Mexico has been captured from a vantage point so unique that one could say it's simply out of this world.

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik filmed the streak of burning rock from the orbiting space lab of the International Space Station (ISS) Friday.

Bresnik, a member of NASA Expedition Crew 52/53 which has been aboard the ISS since June, was filming a timelapse video of the Earth when the phenomenon occurred right before his very eyes.

Fireball 4

New Jersey police dashcam captures fireball blazing across night sky

Police Dashcam Fireball New Jersey Dec 2
© Police Dashcam Fireball / Facebook
The American Meteor Society (AMS) confirmed that the ball of fire was indeed a very bright meteor, adding that it had received numerous reports from people who saw the rare phenomenon on December 2.
Police dashcam has captured a dazzling fireball brightening up the night sky in New Jersey with a lime green light. Witnesses across more than a dozen states said they saw the "shooting star" streak across the sky.

The footage, which is now being shared online, was released on Facebook by the police department of Hamilton Township, New Jersey, on Thursday. Local police officer Michael Virga was on patrol December 2 when his vehicle dashcam caught a glowing object in the sky, followed by a second of a nighttime daylight.

"It kind of took me by surprise," Virga told local NJ.com website, "I just saw a little blip - it lit up the entire sky like a lime green streak."

Comment: The American Meteor Society (AMS) received over 100 reports (#4827-2017) of this meteor fireball which was seen over multiple northeast and mid-Atlantic states on Saturday, December 2nd 2017 around 08:09 UT. Included in these reports, 11 people mention hearing an associated sound, such as a "boom" or "crackle". For more videos see: Bright meteor fireball explodes over Pennsylvania, sonic boom reported (VIDEOS)

These meteor sightings have been increasing dramatically, and in addition to such visible bodies, it is probable that fragments from comets are also exploding in our atmosphere: BOOM! Mysterious blasts rattling the skies are on the increase around the world - UPDATE at least 64 documented events (VIDEO)

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball shoots across Mediterranean sky

The fireball was spotted travelling over the Mediterranean Sea

The fireball was spotted travelling over the Mediterranean Sea
A fireball has been spotted streaking across the Mediterranean sky.

The phenomenon was created after a rock abruptly came away from an asteroid and entered the Earth's atmosphere in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The fireball appeared at 5.22am and could be seen from the coast of Valencia to the Balearic Islands.

It was captured by sensors installed at the University of Huelva in the Astronomical Complex of La Hita, in La Puebla de Almoradiel, Toledo in Spain.

Professor José María Madievo at the university said in a press release that the fireball had been caused any a rock breaking away from an asteroid.