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Officials search for 'explosion' or 'fireball' near Kokomo

KOKOMO, Ind. - Kokomo Emergency responders from Howard and Tipton counties were mobilized late Wednesday after receiving many calls about a large explosion.

Dozens of residents reported hearing, feeling or seeing some kind of explosion near Kokomo about 10:30 p.m., but about midnight, a Tipton County Sheriff's Department dispatch official said police and fire crews still were searching for debris or other evidence of a blast.


Indiana: Meteorites blamed for Kokomo rumble

A chunky visitor from beyond our planet left a sparkly impression over the skies of north-central Indiana.

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Decaturville meteorite never quite panned out

The meteor crater deposits in the Decaturville area were once the center of attention for many Camden County residents.


Incoming!: Mysterious Sonic Boom reported over Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Did you get a bang out of life last Wednesday?

YPCT is investigating the source of a massive, window-rattling boom that had residents from Moonta to Kadina to Cunliffe scurrying outside in search of a cause last Wednesday evening at around 5.30 pm.

The mystery deepened on Thursday with Kadina police saying not only were there no reports of any damage but no one had called to report the incident.


Hunt on for Argentine meteorite

The space rock reportedly crashed late Sunday somewhere in Entre Rios Province, some 260 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, reports the daily Clarin, which quoted a witness, Milton Blumhagen, a student and astronomy buff: "For three or four seconds I saw an object in flames, changing color until it turned blue when it approached the ground.'' A fire department source said the impact was felt for miles around. No damage was reported.


Man 'targeted by aliens', meteorites

A Bosnian man whose home has been hit an incredible five times by meteorites believes he is being targeted by aliens.

Experts at Belgrade University have confirmed that all the rocks Radivoje Lajic has handed over were meteorites.

They are now investigating local magnetic fields to try and work out what makes the property so attractive to the heavenly bodies.

But Mr Lajic, who has had a steel girder reinforced roof put on the house he owns in the northern village of Gornja Lamovite, has an alternative explanation.


Oh, Really? Mysterious sky fireball video explained by experts

Fireball over New Zealand
©Andrew Corner
Jet vapour trail or something else?

A bright shining light that streaked across the Canterbury sky at sunset earlier this week has now been identified by the experts.

A deer hunter on a mountain top near Arthur's Pass caught the object on his video camera, allowing astronomers to take a look at it as well.


Dubai: Did fish die due to meteorite?

An eagle-eyed 7DAYS reader believes this picture (below) could hold the answer to the mysterious fate of thousands of dead fish that were washed up on a beach in Jumeirah. Chenine Groenewald pictured what she thought was a meteorite falling from the sky on Monday.

©Chenine Groenewald


Flashback India: Dense celestial shower again over Rajasthan

Rajasthan has once again witnessed the fall of a large meteorite, continuing with the unusually dense celestial shower over the desert State during the past decade. An iron meteorite fell at Kanvarpura village near Rawatbhata, where the Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant is situated, in the bright sunlight on August 29.

At least 10 cosmic bodies have fallen in the State, especially in its western parts, since 1995. The previous meteorite fall was reported at Bhuka village in Barmer district in June 2005. The Kanvarpura celestial object, made of iron, is the rarest of the three kinds of meteors, the other two being stony and stony iron meteors.

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Canada: Bright object falling from sky believed to be bolide meteor

An ancient remnant from the formation of the solar system may have lit up the sky over Kingston this week.

The Whig-Standard and a renowned local astronomer received reports of a glowing object falling to earth Monday evening.

The skywatchers reported seeing what appeared to be a glowing object in the northwest sky that was plunging toward the ground around 10 p.m.