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Thu, 06 Aug 2020
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 2

Bolide lights up night sky over Dominican Republic

Bolide over Dominican Republic
© YouTube/Frankie Lucena (screen capture)
On Feb. 21st, a small space rock hit Earth's atmosphere and exploded over the Caribbean. Although the impact did not occur directly over Puerto Rico, cameras there had no trouble seeing the explosion. Frankie Lucena recorded this footage from Cabo Rojo, PR:

"The sky lit up brightly when the meteor hit," says Lucena. "The flash came from the direction of the Dominican Republic."

Indeed, he continues, "the GOES16 Group Energy Density image shows that it exploded over the Dominican Republic at 07:30 UTC (Feb. 21st):

Comment: On January 17 a meteor fireball blazed over nearby Puerto Rico in broad daylight.

Fireball 2

Huge meteor fireball filmed exploding over Alberta ski resort - 2nd for the province in 10 days

© sunshinevillage
A ski resort in Banff National Park captured a massive fireball meteor burning through the sky early in the morning on Wednesday, February 19. Sunshine Village's IT team checked on their Jackrabbit chairlift camera after hearing reports of an Alberta meteor sighting. As revealed by the time mark on the footage, at around 12:16 a.m, a giant exploding meteor ripped through the sky in the north-east direction.

This isn't the first time this month that Albertans caught a fireball exploding across the sky.

Calgarians witnessed a dazzling fireball flying across the sky on Saturday, February 9, leading locals to go on social media to react to this unusual sighting in the sky.

We might have missed this week's astronomical phenomena altogether had it not been for the Jackrabbit camera situated on the ski hill's chairlift.

Fireball 3

Videos show meteor fireball exploding over central Mexico

Mexico meteor fireball
© webcamsdemexico.com
A meteor fireball has been reported over the State of Mexico, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Michoacán and Mexico City.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball captured on camera over eastern England

Meteor fireball over eastern England
© Mark Page
The meteor was caught on camera
People in Lincolnshire were left amazed after a meteor was spotted streaking across the night sky in Lincolnshire.

The meteor was spotted by people across the county and even seen as far away as London.

The UK Meteor Network, which tracks the phenomenon in the UK, said it had received 21 reports of the fireball from people living across five counties at 9.52pm last night, Sunday, February 16.

Comment: The American Meteor Society has over 80 reports of the meteor fireball from all over the UK and even from the Netherlands.

The fireball was seen travelling from North to South and cast a bright light which motorist Mark Page, from Sleaford, caught the fireball on his dashcam while he was driving through the town last night.

Comment: Over the past month two other large meteor fireballs have been recorded over England:


Meteor fireball seen over Malaysia and Singapore

A fiery ball of light plummets through the sky as seen from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in a dashboard camera recording.

A fiery ball of light plummets through the sky as seen from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in a dashboard camera recording.
Some Malaysians and Singaporeans were lucky witnesses to a rare astronomical phenomenon when they saw a fireball fly through the sky, video of which has gone viral today.

Dashcam footage of a meteor streaking through the darkness was posted to YouTube by user Violet Crystal, who wrote that it was filmed about 5am on Wednesday in Johor Bahru.

The same clip was reposted to the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page where it has been viewed more than 100,000 times and drew comments from Singaporeans who said they also saw it from places including Loyang, Bartley, and Hougang.

Fireball 2

Meteorite hits factory compound in Alwar, Rajasthan, India: Reports of 20-feet deep crater

Meteorite hits Alwar, Rajasthan
A meteor shower, that took place at 5:11 am in Itarana Industrial area in Alwar, Rajasthan was captured in videos on Tuesday. Earlier reports had suggested that the meteorite caused a 20-feet deep crater in the factory compound, however, no damage was caused to people living in the vicinity.

Comment: A local resident, Rajesh Kumar Gupta, said that he felt an explosion and after leaving his house felt a gust of strong wind, according to reports. Farmers in Fauladpur city of Shahjahanpur also saw the meteorite.

Ajay Chaudhary, a resident of Kotkasim area, said that while getting milk in the morning, there was a sudden light and rocket-like object appeared in the sky.

Sachin Bamba, chairman of astronomical organization Space India, says that it is a meteor, which has fallen on the earth.

A meteorite impacting an industrial area might be explained by the following: industrial plumes can act as electric attractors for meteorites because they rise high up in the sky and they hold an electric charge opposite to that of the space rocks.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball lights up Alberta sky


'Shooting stars' are typically more of a nighttime phenomenon, but a bright flash in the sky over Alberta on Saturday might have been an unusual daytime meteor sighting.

The trail of light was captured on film by several viewers in the province, including Tim Wiebe, who found his doorbell camera spotted the streak.


Video shows meteor fireball exploding over Northern England

Video footage captured the rare phenomenon
© Gary Rogers
Video footage captured the rare phenomenon
A stargazer has filmed the moment a meteor 'exploded' over his home on Monday night.

Aidan Patten captured the incredible footage on the doorbell security camera of his house in Burley-in-Wharfedale.

A bright line can be seen descending from the sky above Otley before the 'explosion' at around 11.30pm.

Aidan recorded the sighting on the UK Meteor Observation Network's website's fireball reporting system.

Comment: Less than two weeks ago a huge meteor fireball was spotted over Cornwall in Southern England.


Another breathtaking meteor fireball event, this time over Russia's Urals

A meteor which put on a spectacular show as it sped across Russia's Urals region was caught on camera lighting up the night sky as it erupted in a blaze of glory this week.

Photographer Ilya Jankowsky captured the stunning spectacle in the town of Irbit in Sverdlovsk Oblast on Thursday night.

Comment: There have been a LOT of spectacular meteor events lately. Here are a few:

Fireball 2

Spectacular meteor fireball over Southern California was small asteroid or comet fragment, NOT space debris re-entry

Residents in Southern California were treated to a bright sight Wednesday night, prompting many to take to social media.

An apparent meteor flashed over the region and was caught on camera.

On social media, residents took video of the large bright light resembling a meteor as it flashed across the night sky.

Comment: On February 1st, NASA's spaceweather.com reported:
On Jan. 30th around 10:30 pm PST, a spectacular fireball crawled across the skies of southern California. In Los Angeles and San Diego, millions of people watched it fragment into dozens of pieces high overhead. But what was it? Initial speculation focused on decaying space junk. The slow pace of the fireball combined with its fragmentation--as if parts of a satellite were breaking off in the atmosphere--suggested an orbital decay event. It appears, however, that the fireball was something else entirely.

Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office has triangulated data from multiple cameras that picked up the fireball. His conclusion: It did not come from Earth. Instead, the fireball was a small asteroid or comet fragment belonging to the Apollo/Jupiter family. It was orbiting the sun when Earth got in the way, hitting our planet at a speed of 15.5 km/s (~35,000 mph). For comparison, manmade objects in low-Earth orbit typically hit at 7.9 km/s (17,700 mph) when they decay.
The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 101 reports of the event.