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UK Fireball causes alarm

A MAJOR search involving two RAF helicopters was sparked in Dumfries on Friday (Jan 19) evening after sightings of a "fireball" in the sky.

Comment: Interesting that the fireball was described by many witnesses as having a smoke trail - I could have sworn that comets had big, glowing tails. As a matter of fact, according to (

"In early January, it [comet McNaught] was visible in the northern hemisphere but after passing the Sun, it only became visible from the southern hemisphere, entering the constellation Microscopium (The Microscope) on 18 January."

Isn't Dumfries in the Northern Hemisphere? - but, hey, I'm probably just nit picking - move along, nothing to see here.

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Meteorite Falls In Western Russia

In Altaisky Krai scientists are searching for meteorite, which fell from the sky not long ago. Barnaul planetarium is receiving a great number of telephone calls from people, who have seen the fireball falling.

Natalia Pavlova, research fellow of Barnaul planetarium, said that on 10 January many people have observed a fireball falling down and making a loud noise.

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Meteors over Wisconsin?

I just got an email from a reader saying a friend of his saw what may have been a spectacular meteor breakup near Columbus, Wisconsin around 7:10 p.m. local time today (Monday, January 15, an hour ago as I write this). Did any BABloggees from that area see anything?


Scotland: 'Fireball' calls blamed on comet

A major Royal Navy and police search carried out near Dumfries has been blamed on sightings of a comet.

The alert was raised at about 1700 GMT on Friday when police operators started receiving calls about a "burning light" spotted above the town.

The comet is believed to have sparked a string of calls to police

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UFO Crash in Central Iran - Or Meteorite?

TEHRAN - An Unidentified Flying Object crashed in Barez Mounts in the central province of Kerman Wednesday morning.

Deputy Governor General of Kerman province Abulghassem Nasrollahi told FNA that the crash which was followed by an explosion and a thick spiral of smoke has caused no casualties or damage to properties.

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A Meteorite Lands in a N.J. Bathroom

FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, N.J. - A hole in the roof, a bathroom full of debris and a strange, silvery rock near the toilet - the Nageswaran family soon realized they needed an astronomer, not a contractor, to fully explain what damaged their house.

Scientists determined it was a meteorite that crashed through the roof of their central New Jersey home more than a week ago.

While extraterrestrial rocks fall to the Earth with some regularity, it is rare for them to strike homes.

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Flashback Metal Object Crashes Through N.J. Home

Freehold Township, New Jersey - A metal, rock-like object about the size of a golf ball and weighing nearly as much as a can of soup crashed through the roof of a Monmouth County home, and authorities on Wednesday were trying to figure out what it was.

Nobody was injured when the oblong object, weighing more than 13 ounces, crashed into the home and embedded itself in a wall Tuesday night. Federal officials sent to the scene said it was not from an aircraft.

The rough-feeling object, with a metallic glint, was displayed Wednesday by police. "There's some great interest in what we have here," said Lt. Robert Brightman. "It's rather unusual. I haven't seen anything like it in my career."

He said he hoped to have the object identified within 72 hours, but declined to name the other agencies whose help he said he had enlisted.

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Scientists: What struck house was a meteorite

FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP - The mysterious object that shot through the roof of a two-story home earlier this week was identified by scientists as a meteorite, police said Friday.

But the fate of the extraterrestrial mass, likely formed with the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago, has emerged as another unknown in the case of the second known meteorite to fall in New Jersey.


Mystery light over Singapore

It's a meteor. It's a green flash. Or is it all in the mind?

Intermittent bursts of green streaks across Singapore skies on Sunday evening have set communities abuzz with talk of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings and experts debating the phenomenon.

The light was seen around 7.40pm in areas including Woodlands, Bedok, Bukit Panjang, Clementi and Marina.

While some readers said it was a green light, others observed a blue and white glow. The light resembled a fireball with a "tail", lasting for a few seconds in the sky before disappearing, they said.

"There was a light flying very fast going towards Sentosa and it was shaped like a rocket," said self-employed businessman Mr Abdullah Yusof, 48, who was at Harbourfront Centre with his family. The phenomenon lasted for less than a minute, he added.


Alleged Russian Rocket Comes Down Over Wyoming

"NORAD identified the rocket as an SL-4 that had been used to launch a French space telescope in December, and Kelly said U.S. spacewatchers knew the rocket was coming down."
Peterson Airforce Base, Colorado - A spent Russian booster rocket re-entered the atmosphere Thursday over Colorado and Wyoming, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing flaming objects in the sky at the time the rocket was re-entering, NORAD spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Sean Kelly said.

"It was pretty spectacular," said Riverton Police Capt. Mark Stone, who said he saw the burning object while he was retrieving his newspaper. "My first concern is that we had some sort of aircraft that was coming down. It was definitely leaving a burning debris trail behind it."

Stone said he could tell it was fairly large object, but it was too high to make out exactly what it was.

Comment: On a number of occasions the public has been warned in advance of falling rocket debris and it's generally a big deal. Here they say that "rocket watchers knew" it was coming down, yet nobody said a thing.

Somehow, we find their explanation to be disingenuous.