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Tue, 20 Aug 2019
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 2

Dashcam captures meteor fireball flying over northern Spain

Firebal over northern Spain
© YouTube/fabian ciobanu
YouTube user 'fabian ciobanu' uploaded footage from his dashcam of a fireball flying over El Astillero, Spain on February 12th:

Fireball 4

Meteor fireball blazes over Florida night sky - UPDATE

Florida meteor fireball
© YouTube/AMS/J. Saunders (screen capture)
A number of Space Coast residents from Titusville to Palm Bay took to social media to describe seeing an apparent meteor streak across the skies Tuesday morning, creating an otherworldly burst of green as it passed over.

The 45th Weather Squadron has since confirmed with Florida Today that it was a meteor passing through the night sky early Tuesday morning, 12th February, reports J.D. Gallup.

On Facebook, some residents also reported hearing a loud rumble.

Jacob Kelley, 35, said he had just arrived home when he spotted an animal running across his property. He said he walked through the door to check his surveillance video when he spotted the flash.

A video has been uploaded on the American Meteor Society Website. AMS Event: 711-2019, Report 160939 (711a-2019) Credit:J. Saunders:


Update: Florida Today reports on 14th February:
The meteor that streaked across the skies of Central Florida on Tuesday was a "large fireball" that likely exploded over the Atlantic Ocean with the energy of a tenth of a kiloton - or the explosive force equal to that of 100 tons of TNT, according to a sky watcher group.

"We're still processing the data, but it was large, maybe a foot across," said Dwayne Free, director of the Spalding Allsky Camera Network which provides data to NASA's Planetary Defense Office's Asteroid Threat Assessment Project in California.
Other videos of the event have been uploaded to YouTube:

Fireball 5

'Aurora-like airglow' in the sky as meteor passes over central Wales, UK

Fireball over central Wales
© Sean Weekly
A meteor enters the earth's atmosphere over the snowy hills of the Elan Valley in Powys while ethereal green 'airglow' spreads across the sky.
This breathtaking picture captures an ethereal green 'airglow' spreading across the night sky at the precise moment a meteor flashes towards Earth.

The stunning scene unfolded over the snowy hills of the Elan Valley in Powys, reflected in the Graig Coch reservoir.

The aurora-like airglow - where energy from the sun reacts with chemicals in the planet's atmosphere - appeared in front of a brilliantly clear Milky Way.

And just when it seemed the nocturnal scene could not get any more majestic, the meteoroid hurtled into view.

Professional photographer Sean Weekly caught the scene while out in the valley on a Saturday night.


Spate of mysterious booms rattle people from Arizona to New York

city skyline
For weeks, Americans all over the country have been rattled by extremely loud booming sounds that seem to have no explanation, and they are often accompanied by "mysterious flashes of light". These strange booms are shaking homes and rattling windows, and some witnesses say that they sound like cannons being fired. And even though the "mystery booms" and accompanying flashes of light have been captured on camera all across the nation, so far the authorities do not have a reasonable explanation for why they are happening. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this strange phenomenon is going to go away any time soon. In fact, the Sun is reporting that the frequency of these "mystery booms" appears "to have gathered pace over the past week"...
MYSTERY booming sounds have been shaking houses and terrifying residents after "flashes of light" were spotted across America.

Experts have been left baffled by a spate of seismic booms from Arizona to New York that appear to have gathered pace over the past week.
Over this last weekend, this mystery started to get much more national attention after an incident in Rhode Island on Saturday was followed by one in New York City on Sunday...

Fireball 5

Bright meteor fireball soars over Venezuela

Meteor over Venezuela
© Natalia Sánchez
Netizens took to Twitter after what it seems to be a bright meteorite soared through the sky over Venezuela and could be seen over Valencia, Victoria and Caracas.

Several videos circulated on Twitter, picturing a bright object flying in the night sky over Venezuela. The users alleged that that might have been a meteorite.

Comment: Meteor fireball activity around the world has increased recently including: Meteor EXPLODES, shatters windows in Pinar del Río, Cuba - after streaking over Florida Keys

Other videos have been uploaded of this event over Venezuela:


Hunt on for meteor fireball seen across Victoria, Australia

The Grampians.

The Grampians.
The hunt is on for a meteor - and video footage showing its path - that was seen across Victoria on Friday and which could have landed east of the Grampians.

Stawell resident Andrea Cooper told the Mail-Times she and others in the Ledcourt, Halls Gap and Grampians areas heard a rumble and sonic boom at about 3.50pm. Apparently it was the entry area of the meteor that went over Melbourne also today.

The boom shook cars and buildings and was also felt up on the mountains.

Resident Jade Taylor said "seen one low in south of Warracknabeal heading in an easterly direction. Very pretty,".

Residents also reported seeing streaks of light over Bendigo, Drysdale and Melbourne.

Fireball 2

Likely meteor fireball trail spotted in Colorado

meteor trail over Colorado
© Tim C
Several people reached out to 11 News Thursday night wondering what they spotted in the sky over Colorado Springs.

Pictures flooded the newsroom of a winding smoke trail that appeared to be in front of the Rocky Mountains from viewers who were in Colorado Springs at the time. 11 News reached out to the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society for answers.

"It absolutely could be a bigger meteor trail," Public Relations Director for the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society George White explained over the phone. "The tiny ones leave specs of dust and you don't see anything."

But this likely meteor trail wasn't tiny. Some 11 News viewers claim they saw a large flash of light that broke into two pieces at about 6:11 on Thursday night.

"The bigger ones they call fireballs," White added.

Comment: In December 2018 a meteor fireball lit up San Francisco Bay Area leaving a glowing 'dragon' trail.

Bizarro Earth

Mysterious booms reported in the Tucson, Arizona area

Msyterious booms in Tuson,  AZ
Something is shaking the southwest and it's been baffling southern Arizona residents for years.

The latest struck this morning, Tuesday, Feb 5, at 8:39 a.m. I felt it myself on the northwest side of town not far from Ina and I-10. I posted it on Facebook and the responses were immediate.

Faye DeHoff wrote, "first it was a major rattle...like a huge truck about to plow into my home...then the boom..that shook my windows...I was sure some of them were broken but they didn't...my dog jumped up! I'm at River & Campbell."

Ray C. Merrill wrote, "Oracle and Roger, it was shaking pretty good, and long enough for me to watch the blinds dance around, then get up and walk to the doorway, and it was still shaking."

There was a similar sensation last week on Thursday, Jan 31 at 8:51 a.m. The same phenomenon; a rumble causing homes to shake and windows to rattle. I felt this one too on the northwest side and once again, so did so many others on Facebook all across Tucson and surrounding areas.

Comment: On February 6th, KVOA provided an update to the story. They spoke with Susan Beck from the University of Arizona's Department of Geosciences. The interview and a summary of her comments are below:
It doesn't look like anyhing from the ground though, I don't think anyone would feel it, My guess is that it was an atmosphereric disturance of some sort - a sonic boom or an airplane flying that shakes things...


Home surveillance camera captures mysterious boom in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mystery boom in LA
The mystery surrounding the strange explosion-like sounds heard by residents in the metro area continues to grow. Late Monday night, several were heard in Lakeview, one of which was caught on camera by Eyewitness News.

A story that began in Mid-City, has taken crews to Harahan, River Ridge and Wagaman. Now we go to Lakeview, where late Monday night, the mysterious 'booms' were heard again.

"Loud boom, woke up startled, I thought a train car exploded," said Mariah Sandoval.

The surveillance video shows a flash of light, followed by the loud bang.

"If it was some kind of transformer, you would think Entergy would be out here," said Sandoval.

Fireball 2

Amazing meteor fireball over the Mediterranean Sea on 6th Feb

Fireball - stock image
This stunning meteor was recorded over the Mediterranean Sea on 2019 February 6 at 1:33 local time (equivalent to 0:33 universal time). It was generated by a rock from an asteroid that hit the atmosphere at about 72,000 km/h. It began over at an altitude of about116 km over the sea, and ended at a height of around 58 km. The event was brighter than the Full Moon.

The event was recorded in the framework of the SMART project (University of Huelva), operated by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN), from the meteor-observing stations located at La Hita (Toledo), Calar Alto (Almeria), La Sagra (Granada), Sierra Nevada (Granada) and Sevilla.