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Fri, 08 Dec 2023
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Fire in the Sky


Fireball over Colorado - sonic booms

This fireball occurred at 11:00 PM MDT [April 20th, 2007] over western Colorado. Witness reports for the event began pouring in almost immediately, mostly from the Denver area.

Captured image of meteorite that produced sonic booms in the Rockies.


Fireball over Colorado - outshines full moon

This fireball occurred at 5:12 AM MDT over central Colorado.

From the Cloudbait camera. The setting full Moon is seen at the horizon to the right (azimuth 218°)

Comment: Yes, just the usual Aquarid shower - just ignore the fact that it outshone a full moon - nothing to see here - move along.


Meteor photographed exploding above Zagreb, Croatia

A Meteor weighing about 300 grams and falling in an angle at about 90 deegres and with a speed of about 40 km per second exploded above Zagreb at an estimated height of 60 km, just 1,5 second before hitting the ground, and made a flash as strong as 300 to 400 megawatts.

Comment: There is the usual disclaimer of these events, that it is just part of the Lyrid meteor rain and implied therein, that there is nothing to worry about.

If there is nothing to worry about then why is there a total media blackout of this event outside Croatia?

That is more telling than anything, especially in light of numerous similar events in recent times. If you are interested see our meteor suppliment Here


'UFO debris' may be lava or meteor chunk

The University of Washington research engineer who analyzed a mysterious black fragment that some thought was debris from a UFO said it's probably a meteor chunk or old lava.

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"I'm not a geologist, but this looks like old lava or maybe ancient mud to me, because it's all full of little gas pockets, and gas pockets have crystals coating the inner walls," chemistry department researcher Bill Beaty said in an analysis

Watch a video of the analysis

"If it's got little crystal incrustations, then at one point it had to be deeply buried."


Green fiery ball streaks across Colorado skies

A bright flash in the black and white video posted on the web site cloudbait.com shows what many people on the front range witnessed firsthand Friday night, a meteor burning up in the skies above western Colorado. Astronomer Chris Peterson runs the website from his home in Guffey which doubles as an observatory and astronomy lab.

Peterson says Friday night's meteor was pretty rare, normally happening only once or twice a year. "These things are so bright and so sudden and they're so beautiful they're kind of a once in a lifetime thing when you see one and people really really remember them," Peterson said.

Comment: "Peterson says Friday night's meteor was pretty rare, normally happening only once or twice a year."

Remember this sighting that was reported in early January as 'space junk'.

Looks like Denver has hit its quota for the year and it is only April.


... or maybe it was space junk: fiery ball presents puzzle

It wasn't a bird, and it sure wasn't a plane.

In fact, Dave Gough isn't quite certain exactly what he saw streak through the sky above the Churchill Plaza around 11 a.m. Thursday morning.

"I saw a fiery ball fly through the sky from east to west," said Gough, 54.

Local astronomy experts say it could have been anything from a meteor to a piece of space junk.


Meteorite Traces Deep In The Ocean

A theory suggests a giant meteorite falling on Earth 65 million years ago and killing all dinosaurs. Russian scientists have found traces of this meteorite. During a marine expedition, organized by the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics (Russian Academy of Sciences) and aimed at ocean studies, the crew of the science and research ship "Morskoy Geofizik (Marine Geophysicist)" discovered an astroblem - a circular structure, which usually forms after a celestial body falls down from the sky - at the bottom in north-west of the Pacific. Researchers gave found astroblem the name "Sakhalinka". .

Comment: Comets and meteorites crashing into earth throughout its history is a reality.

The next round is coming. Read the signs.


Another unexplained boom - Florida

The explosion was heard miles away.

At Pineda Crossing, near the Suntree subdivision, John Panik said he was having trouble sleeping, got out of bed and turned on the television just before 3 a.m.

"I was sitting there and suddenly there was a loud boom," Panik said. "It shook the windows - not like a big rattle, but a little one. I thought, 'That's not normal.'"


'Very lucky' folks on Maui possibly saw meteor

WAILUKU - A brightly glowing object that streaked across the sky above Maui was reported by a few people up early enough Wednesday morning to witness the phenomenon.

The Maui News received several phone calls from people who said they saw what probably was a large meteor that moved from northwest to southeast or reporting an unusual cloud that remained in the sky after it passed.

Comment: Feeling left out because all of your friends are seeing meteors and fireballs and you haven't? Feel a slight depression coming on?

Don't worry! Give it a few more months or years. If you can just hang in there, we guarantee you'll see more meteors than you can shake a stick at.


Meteorite hits roof..? No its just the wind..!

Something made a mess of the clay tiles on the roof a Sierra Vista family's home on Monday.

The question now is: What made the mess? Was it a meteorite? Was it something else? The King family called the police to document the incident, concerned about how the damage will be paid for, said Karen King, a mother of two who lives in the home.