Fire in the SkyS


Puerto Rico: Fireballs Over Ponce

A cellphone report received on Saturday 01.12.08. Domingo Morales phoned Andrew Alvarez to make a report on sightings in the City of Ponce. Mr. Alvarez told him to phone me. Mr. Morales reported the following:

1. His brother, a resident of Valle Alta, Ponce, told him that on Friday, January 4 2008 at 9:30 p.m,., his wife called him over to look at a fireball over their house. Upon going outside , he saw an immense ball of red fire. The wife didn't see it approach, rather she saw it suddenly appear and light up on the spot. It remained static for some 20 minutes at an approximate altitude of 300 feet. It spent 20 minutes lighting on and off. The fireball finally diminished the intensity of its color and began moving SW in a zig-zag pattern, going up and down. It had the apparent size of a baseball stadium floodlight.

2. On Saturday January 5, 2008 at 9:40 p.m., Domingo's brother phoned again, this time to have Domingo climb onto the rooftop of his house to see if it was possible for him to see the fireball, as he (the brother) was seeing it. Domingo lives in Los Caobos, but was unable to see the object from his home. According to Domingo's brother, the fireball was over the same site, above his house and exhibiting the same behavior.


Fireball! Mystery in East Montgomery Continues

Law enforcement agencies in our area are still trying to figure out what folks saw streaking low across the evening sky in East Montgomery.


Man spots fireball: Debate over whether it was a shooting star or meteorite

The mystery surrounding what Spruce Grove residents believe was a meteorite that hit an area pond last week began to unravel yesterday.

An eyewitness came forward to say he had seen a fireball shoot down from the sky.

"I first thought it was a shooting star, but it wasn't burning out," said Eric Whyte, who was driving southbound on Highway 2 between St. Albert and Morinville around 10 p.m. Thursday.

"It was a big ball of fire, bright orangey in colour, and there was a big tail behind it," he recalled.


Visitor from space? Mysterious hole in pond sparks speculation of a meteorite

Spruce Grove residents woke up yesterday to a mysterious octopus-shaped hole in a frozen golf-course pond.

A hole about 1.5 metres in diameter was visible yesterday on the pond at The Links at Spruce Grove, along with at least 20 splash marks - the longest about six metres.


US: Meteor shower may explain UFO sighting by Mount Pocono man

Something unusual in the sky made such an impression on a Mount Pocono man last month that he's still wondering about it.

Ernest Gross wants to know if anyone else saw the same strange, luminous, unidentified object that caught his attention.

Meteors from the Geminid Meteor Shower on Dec 14 could be seen all over the world, as seen here from Italy.


UFO spotted in Hastings (Fireball)

A UFO sighting has been reported by an Observer reader.

Mason Woodhams described seeing a "green fireball track across the sky" at about 11.05pm last night (Tuesday).


Nigeria: Strange Explosion Rocks Sokoto

There was pandemoniun yesterday as a loud explosion emanating from a heavy metal - like object rocked the city of Sokoto.

The object fell from an unknown location and landed at Mana Village, Sokoto South Local Government Council, at about 10:00p.m. Wednesday night, in the compound of one Bello Mohammed, creating extra ordinary lightning across the metropolis.


Is it a bird, or is it a plane? No, it's a meteor (UK)

Likened to a scene from an HG Wells novel, the green streak of a meteor has been sighted in the skies above Peterborough and Stamford.

Verified by three separate eye-witness accounts, the meteor - which could have been hundreds of miles above the Earth's surface - may have been no larger than a pea.

The meteor was initially reported to The Evening Telegraph by a reader in Werrington, Peterborough, who spotted the glowing green object at 7pm on Wednesday.


Meteor photographed over Florida

FOX 35 viewer, Alexandra Gregory captured these spectacular images of an object -- what appears to be a meteor -- streaking through the sky on Tuesday, January 7, as seen from Poinciana.

©Fox 35
FOX 35 viewer, Alexandra Gregory captured these spectacular images of an object streaking through the sky on Tuesday, January 7, as seen from Poinciana.

©Fox 35


Fireball over Baltimore

I'm starting to receive reports of a fireball southwest of Baltimore Monday evening. Here are two of them:

From Donna Caudle: "My husband and I were driving last night (1/7/08) through Perry Hall, MD when we spotted a blue-green fall fireball speeding to some site not far from us ... We were traveling near the area of Magdlet Rd in Perry Hall and Joppa was closed for some accident. I would say we were facing north west when we spotted it falling the the direction of Carney or Towson. The time was about 8:50 pm last night ,Monday the 7th of Janurary "