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Tue, 15 Jun 2021
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Fire in the Sky


'Flaming stone' falls from the sky in Bacolod, Philippines

Stone falls from sky phillippines
A flaming stone that reportedly fell from the sky landed at the Negros Occidental High School (NOHS) campus in this city on Friday, Cebu Daily News (CDN) Digital reported.

According to NOHS principal Mario Amaca, he and other persons in the school heard a loud explosion at about 4pm.

Janette Sarcillo, the wife of one of the school's security guards, later reported that she found the "space stone" that fell near the guards' barracks.

"I saw the flaming object fall from the sky. It grew bigger and bigger as it approached the ground and made a loud explosion as it landed," she said.

A geologist of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office will visit the NOHS campus on Monday to identify the stone.

Amaca said the fireball turned out to be a shiny black stone that is about two and a half inches thick and three inches long.


Meteorite? Earthquake? Sonic boom? Mystery noise wakes up North-West coast of Australia

Waratah NSW
© Brodie Weeding
Mystery surrounds a noise and rumble that was heard across areas of the North-West, including Waratah.
A post on Facebook asked whether anyone had heard an explosion at 2am.

People from Waratah, Wynyard, Burnie and Somerset replied to a post.

"Saw a bright flash which lit up the sky around 2am in Wynyard," Richard Middap posted.

"Cracked my bedroom window in West Mooreville," Nett Richards replied.

"Gone over Waratah. It broke a window," Judith Summers wrote.

Waratah resident Val Flemming said her window was left cracked after hearing and waking up to rumbling, shaking windows and a loud sound.

"It was clear it wasn't thunder, I know what thunder sounds like," she said.

"It could've been an earthquake, or a sonic boom.


With quake ruled out, San Diego's 'mystery boom' was likely sonic

San Diego boom
© Fox5
A day after a "mystery boom" shook San Diego County, the strange sensation remains talk of the town — but so far there's still no clear explanation for the phenomenon.

From the South Bay through the city of San Diego and in to North County, residents reported a loud "boom" accompanied by the rattling of windows around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Monitors didn't record any sort of significant earthquake in the region at that time, leaving a single educated guess, geologist Pat Abbott, a professor at San Diego State, told FOX 5.

"If the sound didn't emanate from underground there's only one more place to look and that's up above," Abbott told FOX 5, referring to a sonic boom. "Some aircraft ... something traveling at a rate faster than sound, oriented in the right direction."

While officials at Camp Pendleton have warned that artillery exercises may be heard in parts of San Diego this week, the sensation appeared to emanate from farther south, based on reports from residents. A military spokesperson added that aircraft they had over San Diego at the time are not capable of supersonic flight.

Fireball 2

Bolide over the Mediterranean Sea (June 13)

This bright meteor was recorded form Spain on 2021 June 13 at 3:45 local time (equivalent to 1:45 universal time). It overflew the Mediterranean Sea. The bolide was generated by a rock from a comet that hit the atmosphere at about 145,000 km/h. It began at an altitude of about 106 km over the Mediterranean Sea, and ended at a height of around 70 km after traveling about 38 km in the Earth's atmosphere.

The event was recorded in the framework of the SMART project, operated by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN), from the meteor-observing stations located at La Hita (Toledo), Calar Alto (Almería), Sierra Nevada (Granada), La Sagra (Granada), and Sevilla.

Fireball 2

Daytime meteor fireball over Rosario, Argentina

A camera from the Rosario Meteorological and Climate Monitoring Center captured the exact moment when the object crossed to the southeast.

(Translated by google)

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball over the south of Spain (June 9)

On 9 June 2021, at about 5:09h local time (3:09 universal time), a fireball was spotted over Spain. This bolide was generated by a rock from a comet that hit the atmosphere at about 155,000 km/h. The fireball, that could be seen over the whole Iberian Peninsula because of its luminosity, overflew the provinces of Ciudad Real and Córdoba. It began over Ciudad Real at an altitude of about 105 km, and ended over Córdoba at a height of around 82 km. The event is associated with the Daytime Arietids meteor shower.

This bright meteor was recorded in the framework of the SMART project, operated by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN), from the meteor-observing stations located at Sevilla, La Hita (Toledo), La Sagra (Granada), Calar Alto (Almería), Sierra Nevada (Granada) and Madrid (Jaime Izquierdo, Complutense University of Madrid). The event has been analyzed by the principal investigator of the SMART project: Dr. Jose M. Madiedo, from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC).

Fireball 4

Green meteor fireball streaks across the skies of Jacksonville, Florida

Florida meteor fireball
© YouTube/News4Jax (screen capture)
"Beautiful" is how it was described by John Cermack, floor director here at Channel 4. He was outside just before The 10 O'Clock News and came rushing in to tell me all about it.

Did he get any video? No. But some Ring cameras around Jacksonville sure did!

The video above was sent to us by Marvin Wagner. The video is looking east across the St. Johns River just north of Green Cove Springs.

It took place about 9:50 p.m. and crossed from southwestern to southeastern skies as it broke up. Typically breaking up between 30 and 70 miles up in the atmosphere and traveling at tens of thousands of mph, these rocks heat up rapidly and this causes them to explode. You can see that in the video.

What you can't see is that it was greenish in color. This implies it was made of nickel, which burns green.

The exact track appears to have come across the state of Florida probably across Tampa to Daytona.

Fireball 5

Large meteor fireball recorded over Almería, Spain

Almeria meteor fireball
Last June 5th at 23h29 UT a impressive fireball was registered to the Southwest of Calar Alto Observatory in Almería.

Unfortunately, most Spain was covered with clouds, so no other stations could detect this object. Due to this, triangulation was impossible and no more data is available concerning this phenomena.

However, Calar Alto Observatory enjoyed clear skies and one of the external surveillance cameras could register the impressive fireball.

Below is the video registered with the external surveillance camera at Calar Alto Observatory in Almería.

Fireball 4

Bright meteor fireball over Southern Queensland, Australia


A very bright meteor captured early this morning. Sony IMX291 sensor. The final image is a stack of all the captures, created by summing the maxima of the images. The camera is very sensitive and the image stack is saturated so the meteor appears white. There is a very faint green trail seen on an averaged stack (not shown).


Mystery 'explosion' baffles residents in York, UK

Fishergate York
© The York Press
Residents in a York neighbourhood have been baffled by a loud 'explosion' which brought them out on to the streets.

Jonathan Tyler contacted The Press to say the 'explosion' happened at about 9.10pm last Sunday evening in the Fishergate area, and it was enough to bring many people in Sandringham Street out into the road.

"There had been a smaller explosion several hours earlier," he said. "To my surprise, nothing has been reported in The Press or elsewhere to my knowledge.

"It seemed to us much louder than a car backfiring, and if it was a vehicle collision The Press would surely have heard about it - there were two 'explosions'. I did wonder about a sonic boom - we have the constant rumble of high-level military flights."

Another resident, Ben Rich, said: "I heard it too and also came out to see if there was anything to see - it did sound very loud.

"Looking on nextdoor.com, it was also clearly heard on South Bank. The speculation seems to be fireworks echoing off the river or a sonic boom, although an odd time of night for that."