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Sun, 23 Oct 2016
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Kremlin spokesman Peskov: Mosul liberation important irrespective of motives behind operation

© Sputnik/ Hikmet Durgun
The liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul will be a significant victory over Daesh terrorist group irrespective of the motivation behind the military operation of the US-led coalition, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Saturday.

On October 17, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the start of the military operation to retake Mosul from Daesh. According to local media, about 30,000 Iraqi soldiers and 4,000 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are taking part in the operation, backed by artillery and airstrikes carried out by the US-led international coalition.

"Whatever is behind this [operation], if victory is reached, and that will be a very important victory over Daesh, it can only be a good thing," Peskov said to "Vesti v Subbotu" news program when commenting on the possibility that the operation in Iraq was related to the upcoming presidential election in the United States.


Rigged and Stolen Elections Are An American Tradition

Do Americans have a memory? I sometimes wonder.

It is an obvious fact that the oligarchic One Percent have anointed Hillary, despite her myriad problems to be President of the US. There are reports that her staff are already moving into their White House offices. This much confidence before the vote does suggest that the skids have been greased.

The current cause celebre against Trump is his conditional statement that he might not accept the election results if they appear to have been rigged. The presstitutes immediately jumped on him for "discrediting American democracy" and for "breaking American tradition of accepting the people's will."

What nonsense! Stolen elections are the American tradition. Elections are stolen at every level—state, local, and federal. Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley's theft of the Chicago and, thereby, Illinois vote for John F. Kennedy is legendary. The Republican US Supreme Court's theft of the 2000 presidential election from Al Gore by preventing the Florida vote recount is another legendary example. The discrepancies between exit polls and the vote count of the secretly programmed electronic voting machines that have no paper trails are also legendary.

So what's the big deal about Trump's suspicion of election rigging?

Comment: SOTT Exclusive: Newsflash! Candidates Should Not Concede Stolen Elections


Podesta emails reveal Bill Clinton and Obama pressured Greece to accept EU austerity deal in 2015

© Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton sought to influence Greece to accept the EU's harsh austerity terms in 2015, according to leaked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta.

WikiLeaks released the correspondence dated 10 July 2015, in which Podesta wrote to Bill Clinton's chief of staff Tina Flournoy, asking if the former president could talk to Greece PM Alexis Tsipras.

"White House asked me whether WJC had enough of a relationship with PM Tsipras to call him and counsel him to make a deal," he said. Flournoy responded saying Clinton would call, but that his "immediate question is - are we pushing Merkel too?"

At the time, Greece had rejected austerity measures imposed by Europe and the IMF following the global financial crisis.

It was threatening to default on its debts and leave the EU after five years of harsh austerity. In the days before the emails, Tspiras had told his people to "say no to ultimatums, no to blackmail."

Георгиевская ленточка

Lavrov says no plans to denounce Ukraine friendship treaty

© Sputnik
Moscow will not pull out of Russia's treaty on friendship, partnership, and cooperation with Ukraine, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an official reply to a request from a State Duma lawmaker.

In a letter to MP Valery Rashkin quoted by Izvestia daily on Friday, the minister wrote that, while the current anti-Russian policies of the Ukrainian government remain a cause of concern, the initiative to abrogate the major freedom and cooperation treaty proposed by the Communist Party caucus had been deemed untimely and unjustified.

Lavrov added that Russian diplomats consider developing friendly ties with Ukraine a primary task and canceling the previously signed friendship treaty was very unlikely to contribute to resolving the numerous problems in the two nations' relations, which have been accumulating since an armed coup led to the installation of the new regime in Kiev.

The initial treaty of friendship and cooperation between Russia and Ukraine was signed in 1997, and prolonged for another decade in 2008. The main provisions of the document specify that the sides agree to cooperate in various international organizations and also pledge to guarantee equal rights and freedoms to each other's citizens.

Communist Party MP Valery Rashkin had asked Russia's president and Foreign Ministry to consider pulling out of the treaty in reply to recent unfriendly moves made by the Ukrainian authorities.


Crimes of Mena: Billions of dollars' worth of cocaine entered the US under Clinton's nose

Foreword by whatreallyhappened.com, online source of this article:
This is the article which had been scheduled to appear in the Washington Post. After having cleared the legal department for all possible questions of inaccurate statements, the article was scheduled for publication when, just as the presses were set to roll, Washington Post Managing Editor Bob Kaiser (Like George Bush, a member of the infamous 'Skull & Bones' fraternity), killed the article without explanation. According to the sidebar which appeared with the Penthouse Magazine version of this story, Bob Kaiser refused to even meet with Sally Denton and Roger Morris, hiding in his office while his secretary made excuses.

This is the story that couldn't be suppressed. An investigative report into a scandal that haunts the reputations of three presidents - Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton.
Barry Seal - gunrunner, drug trafficker, and covert C.I.A. operative extraordinaire - is hardly a familiar name in American politics. But nine years after he was murdered in a hail of bullets by Medellin cartel hit men outside a Salvation Army shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he has come back to haunt the reputations of three American presidents.

Seal's legacy includes more than 2,000 newly discovered documents that now verify and quantify much of what previously had been only suspicion, conjecture, and legend. The documents confirm that from 1981 to his brutal death in 1986, Barry Seal carried on one of the most lucrative, extensive, and brazen operations in the history of the international drug trade, and that he did it with the evident complicity, if not collusion, of elements of the United States government, apparently with the acquiescence of Ronald Reagan's administration, impunity from any subsequent exposure by George Bush's administration, and under the usually acute political nose of then Arkansas governor Bill Clinton.

Comment: Here's another article from 20 years ago, reporting on the censorship by the Washington Post of the above exposé:
Sunday Telegraph, London - 29 January 1995 - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Washington, DC

Arkansas Drug Expose Misses the Post

It might almost be called The Greatest Story Never Told.

The article was typeset and scheduled to run in today"s edition of The Washington Post. It had the enthusiastic backing of the editors and staff of the Sunday Outlook section, where it was to appear after eleven weeks of soul-searching and debate. Lawyers had gone through the text line by line. Supporting documents had been examined with meticulous care. The artwork and illustrations had been completed. The contract with the authors had been signed. Leonard Downie, the executive editor of the newspaper, had given his final assent. But on Thursday morning the piece was cancelled.

It had been delayed before - so often, in fact, that its non-appearance was becoming the talk of Washington - but this time the authors were convinced that the story was doomed and would never make it into the pages of what is arguably the world's most powerful political newspaper. They have withdrawn it in disgust, accusing the Post of a cover-up of the biggest scandal in American history.

In stark contrast, the managing editor, Robert Kaiser, left a message on my answering machine saying that there was really nothing to "this non-existent story". In a subsequent conversation, he dismissed the article as a reprise of rumours and allegations. "I am confident that it doesn't have any great new revelations," he said.

Others are less confident. A copy of the article passed to The Sunday Telegraph - not, it should be stressed, by its authors - appears to be absolutely explosive. Based on an archive of more than 2,000 documents, it says that western Arkansas was a centre of international drug smuggling in the early 1980s - perhaps even the headquarters of the biggest drug trafficking operation in history.

It asks whether hundreds of millions of dollars in profits made their way "into criminal laundering in Arkansas"s notoriously free-wheeling financial institutions and bond houses". The activities were mixed up with a U.S. intelligence operation at the Mena airport in Arkansas that was smuggling weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras.

Bill Clinton is not specifically accused of involvement, but he was Governor of Arkansas at the time. The piece also notes that some of his prominent backers had been the subject of extensive investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI, and had been assigned files in NADDIS - the Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs Intelligence System.

The article makes clear that the alleged scandal is not confined to the activities of the Arkansas political machine and Mr. Clinton. It embraces the highest levels of the federal government over several years. "For three Presidents of both parties - Messrs. Reagan, Bush and Clinton - the old enduring questions of political scandal are once again apt," the article concludes. "What did they know about Mena? When did they know it? Why didn"t they do anything to stop it?"

It is clear that The Washington Post took the article extremely seriously. It was to be run at full length - roughly 4,000 words, taking up several pages in an almost unprecedented spread across the Sunday Outlook section. The authors, Dr. Roger Morris and Sally Denton, were told that they were being offered the highest fee ever paid for a contribution to Outlook.

They are veteran investigators with established reputations. Morris worked for the National Security Council staff at the White House during the Johnson and Nixon Administrations. He has taught at Harvard and has written a series of acclaimed books on foreign policy. Denton is the former head of news agency UPI's special investigative unit, and is the author of the Bluegrass Conspiracy, which exposed the involvement of Kentucky political and law enforcement figures in an international arms and drug smuggling ring.

Their research is concentrated on the activities of Barry Seal, a legendary smuggler who operated from a company called Rich Mountain Aviation in the Ouachita Mountains west of Little Rock. They have his bank and telephone records, invoices, appointment books, handwritten notes, personal diaries and secretly-recorded conversations, as well as extensive police records and surveillance reports.

Among other allegations they make are:
  • Seal was using his fleet of aircraft to export weapons to Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil in addition to the Nicaraguan Contras.
  • The planes were carrying cocaine back up to Arkansas on the return journey for sale in New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and other cities.
  • Seal had ties to the CIA and felt that he could smuggle with impunity.
  • Nine separate attempts to investigate Mena, by both state and federal authorities, were stymied.
"Over the entire episode looms the unmistakable dark shape of U.S. government complicity in vast drug trafficking and gun-running," the article says.

The broad picture is not new to readers of The Sunday Telegraph, which published a story making some of the same points on October 9th last year [headlined 'Smugglers Linked to Contra Arms Deals']. The Wall Street Journal has also done original reporting on the subject.
The whole sordid affair underscores, in a 'nuts and bolts' way, how psychopathic types, when they rise to the top, literally begin transforming and dumbing down a population. The population naturally apes the behaviors of its leaders, and the process is facilitated when those leaders are disbursing vast quantities of illegal, mind-destroying drugs to that population.

It's interesting to consider that the Bushes and the Clintons (who 'made it' because of the Bushes) consider themselves to be so 'close' that Bill Clinton is referred to as 'Uncle Bill', 'Bubba', and 'my brother by another mother' (Dubya, in reference to Bill) in the Bush household.

There has now been a Bush or a Clinton in power in the White House since 1980. Obama is the exception, but the exception proves the rule. If Clinton wins this November, and then, miraculously, wins a second term, the Bush-Clinton dynasty will have ruled the roost for almost half a century.

Is it any wonder the US is in such dire straits?


India and China hold joint army drills in Ladakh to boost ties and cooperation

© Reuters/Amit Dave
Indian Army soldiers participate in a war exercise during a two-day "Know Your Army" exhibition in Ahmedabad, India, August 19, 2016.
The exercise increases the level of trust and cooperation between the two border guarding forces along the Line of Actual Control.

India and China on Wednesday carried out a joint army exercise in eastern Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, a move that comes amid hectic diplomatic maneuvering between the two countries over a host of issues like Nuclear Suppliers Group and designation of Masood Azhar as a terrorist by the United Nations, PTI reports.

During the day-long exercise on humanitarian aid and disaster relief, a fictitious situation of an earthquake striking an Indian border village was painted. Joint teams then carried out rescue operations, evacuation and rendering of medical assistance.

This was a follow-up on the first joint exercise held on February 6 in the area near the border personnel meeting huts at the Chushul Garrison of eastern Ladakh, along with Chinese troops of Moldo Garrison.

Sources told PTI that in February, the exercise was held in the Chinese side and this exercise was staged in the Indian side along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

India and China fought a war in the region in 1962 over a border dispute. An agreement was signed in 1996 to try and defuse the conflict and a mutually agreed Line of Actual Control was set up. Since then, both sides have accused the other of incursions across the border and expanding military units in the area.


Putin trolls the State Department and 'shuts down the raging rigged elections controversy'

Proving he does, indeed, possess both a caustic wit and sharp political acumen, Putin just shut down the raging rigged elections controversy in what could best be called an epic prank to prove the point — Russia requested, and was unsurprisingly denied, permission to monitor the U.S. presidential election.

Think about it. This somewhat tongue-in-cheek offer, although likely made with the expectation of futility, makes several critical points on the true farcical nature of the American electoral process.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner, cited by USA Today, dismissively condemned President Vladimir Putin's suggestion as a "PR stunt," and Meg Casper, spokeswoman for Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler, noted, "We've allowed observers from overseas in the past from other countries, never from Russia," adding both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security "told us not to do this."

Comment: Why not allow Russian observers to monitor the election process to prove a point- that voting isn't rigged? What has the US got to hide?

For further reading: Obama officials now say Russia can't hack US election, but will fake vote hacking to "undermine democracy"


Whitewash: UN votes to begin Aleppo war crimes inquiry backed by West

The UN Human Rights Council has voted to start an independent special inquiry into the situation in the war-ravaged Syrian city of Aleppo, indicating that the blame for most of the civilian casualties lies with Syria and Russia.

A resolution aimed at reviewing alleged human rights violations in Aleppo was introduced by Britain and its Western and Arab allies. The document was approved Friday, with Russia and China voting against the draft.

The council has requested that the International Commission of Inquiry "conduct a comprehensive independent special inquiry into the events in Aleppo." It also urges the body to identify and bring to justice those responsible for the alleged abuses.

A resolution aimed at reviewing alleged human rights violations in Aleppo was introduced by Britain and its Western and Arab allies. The document was approved Friday, with Russia and China voting against the draft.

The council has requested that the International Commission of Inquiry "conduct a comprehensive independent special inquiry into the events in Aleppo." It also urges the body to identify and bring to justice those responsible for the alleged abuses.

Take 2

Creating A Phantom Threat - How Russia Dominates Hysterical Western Headlines

© The Spectator/Twitter
Russia's actions, both imaginary and real, recently became front page news, as the western MSM reported on Vladimir Putin's plans to nuke Europe or about Russian warships in the English Channel. One UK magazine even dedicated an entire issue to Putin.

However, the Spectator, a British conservative weekly with a total circulation of about 71,700 copies, did not just engage in a Russia-bashing exercise so characteristic of the UK tabloids lately, when it came out with a cover featuring the Russian president.

The cover of the magazine, one of the oldest continuously published magazines in English, plays on an iconic Soviet WWII poster, but instead of Mother Russia calling on its sons to go to arms against the Nazi invaders it features the Russian president apparently leading an army of broadcasting dishes headed by RT at a media offensive."Putin vs the world: He's winning, in propaganda and on the ground," the cover proclaims.

The issue itself contains two long articles that that partly contradict each other. A piece by Paul Wood elaborates on a usual western Russophobic fear - the possibility of Russia invading the Baltic States and plunging the continent into a war. It thoroughly describes fears of the Baltic States as well as those of Sweden, Norway and Poland concerning potential "Russian threat."

Bad Guys

Obama officials now say Russia can't hack US election, but will fake vote hacking to "undermine democracy"

© Jim Young / Reuters
While agreeing with President Barack Obama that the US election system is too big to hack, officials in his administration are now suggested that any evidence of voting impropriety may be a plot by "Russian hackers" to undermine democracy in America.

Hackers supposedly tied to Russian intelligence could try to "undermine the credibility of the presidential election by posting documents online purporting to show evidence of voter fraud," Reuters reported Thursday, citing "intelligence and law enforcement officials" who requested anonymity.

Comment: The irony of the above statements is that there is no true democracy in the US to undermine, nor is the US presidential election credible in any way. The stolen election of 2000 by George W. Bush pretty much ended any semblance of credibility for anyone with two firing neurons, and the actions of the US government towards dozens of sovereign nations around the world destroy any claims of democracy in America. There is no democracy, the US controlled by corporations who direct foreign and domestic policy according whichever policy furthers their bottom line.

Echoing the comments made by President Barack Obama, the officials said the US system is so "large, diffuse and antiquated" that altering the November 8 vote would be practically impossible. However, hackers could post documents,"some of which might be falsified, designed to create public perceptions of widespread voter fraud," the officials said, according to Reuters.

The anonymous officials admitted they "did not have specific evidence of such a plan," but that state and local election authorities have been warned to be vigilant.

Comment: So without evidence, there is nothing but smoke in the above claims. The ironic thing is that it's the US government and their corporate overlords who are well-known to fix elections and create the illusion of choice. There is no choice, no true left-right paradigm anymore. It's either be a part of the War Party, or get left out.