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Thu, 30 Mar 2023
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My would-be assassins are still in office - former Pakistani PM

© AFP/Aamir Qureshi
Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan
Imran Khan says the threat to his life is "real," and that the current PM is "petrified" that he will return to power...

Death threats will remain a constant part of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's life until he can return to power and hold his would-be killers accountable, he told Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi on Saturday.

Khan told Rattansi that he has survived two attempts on his life in the last week - one which involved him being led into a "deathtrap" outside a court in Islamabad, and another in which agents of the state were to provoke police into opening fire on a crowd of Khan's supporters before "coming after" him to finish the job.
"The threat is real because these people are sitting in power. They are petrified that if I win the elections they will be in trouble, or held accountable."
He blames Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and Major General Faisal Naseer, a senior intelligence official, of plotting his assassination at a rally last November. Khan, who was removed from office in a no-confidence motion seven months earlier, was hit in the leg and hospitalized. Sharif denies any involvement in the alleged murder attempt, and has accused Khan of spreading "false and cheap conspiracies." He has also denied colluding with the US to have Khan removed from power.


The big questions that weren't answered by the Telegraph's Lockdown Files

© Unknown
UK PM Rishi Sunak • MP Matt Hancock
The Telegraph's Lockdown Files have fizzled out. I fear they've had less impact than lockdown sceptics hoped. They did have some impact, including coverage by the BBC, though other media that advocated the harshest restrictions did their best to ignore the leak, or to attack Ms. Oakeshott personally. Now we're back to trivia: Lineker, Partygate, and a dredge through the lower sludge of the Met, which ignores their main deficiency: an inability to catch burglars.

The Files reveal Matt Hancock as arrogant, vain and ignorant. He lacks curiosity. He entangles himself in his own spin, unable to reduce quarantine when he's told he can do so. He 'deploys' data on the Alpha variant to increase fear, not owing to its medical impact. He is drunk on power, mocking those paying to be imprisoned in Heathrow's Premier Inn. His supposed boss - Boris - emerges marginally better. Boris half-knows that it is all mad. He occasionally expresses alternative views, but he is too feeble, cowardly and innumerate to seize control. Instead, he ignores the rules... and pays the price.

So, here we are... £400 billion squandered; two years stolen; trust in government and science shattered; the Brexit Government's majority wasted; awash with folk who have lost the habit of work.

Back, though, to the Files. What bugs me is what hasn't emerged.

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Germany now addicted to US LNG - German MP

LNG tanks
© Getty Images/fmajor
Opposition politician laments ecological and economic effects of losing access to Russian energy...

The sabotage of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines has turned Germany's dependence on Russian natural gas into an addiction to liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US, a member of the German Bundestag, Andrej Hunko, has said.

Germany has paid heavily for last year's explosions on the pipelines, which were built to deliver cheap natural gas from Russia, The Left party politician told China's Global Times newspaper in an interview on Thursday. He noted:
"The sabotage left Berlin without an option to "choose which gas is better and cheaper and which is ecologically better. Before, it was a decision under political pressure, whether to use gas or not. But now there is no infrastructure to use gas, and this is the biggest impact."
Germany used to meet up to 40% of its demand with gas from Russia. Last year, Berlin managed to reduce its reliance on the fuel from the sanctioned country by replacing it with imports of LNG from the US, "which is by far more expensive and worse from an ecological point of view," according to Hunko.

Comment: The power to dictate eliminates the power to choose.


Russia outproducing West's ammunition supplies to Kiev - Putin

© RIA Novosti
Russian Giatsint-S self-propelled gun in Donetsk Region
The country is boosting its defense production capacity at a rapid pace, the president has said...

Russia is set to drastically increase its munitions production, President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that Western arms shipments to Kiev will only delay the inevitable outcome of the Ukraine conflict.

In an interview with Russia 1 TV aired on Saturday, Putin was asked to comment on Western plans to support Ukraine with a million additional artillery shells.

While describing the amount as "very considerable," the president stated that according to Moscow's data, the US is currently producing 14,000-15,000 artillery shells a month, while the Ukrainian military uses up to 5,000 shells each day. "Next year... [the US plans] to produce as much as 42,000, and 75,000 in 2025."

However, Putin said that Moscow's forces have been using far more munitions than Ukraine, and that the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff "even had to introduce certain limitations."
"Russia's output level and its military-industrial complex are developing at a very fast pace, which was unexpected by many. While multiple Western countries will provide Ukraine with munitions, the Russian production sector on its own will produce three times more ammunition for the same period of time."


UN finally sounds alarm over Ukraine's crackdown on churches

Church in Ukraine
© church.ua
Kiev's actions targeting the largest religious denomination in the country "could be discriminatory"

The Ukrainian state may be discriminating against the nation's largest religious denomination, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), the UN's human rights watchdog said in a report published on Friday. The government of President Vladimir Zelensky is currently in the process of kicking UOC monks out of their homes.

The apparent mistreatment of the church, which has historic links to the Russian Orthodox Church, was highlighted in a report released by the UN's Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). It cited several draft laws submitted to the Ukrainian parliament as well as the actions of the SBU, Ukraine's domestic security agency, against the clergy.

Comment: Ironic that Zelesnky has turned on one of the institutions created to support his regime. The intrigue to splinter Ukraine's Orthodox wing from Mother Russia was the work of years.


UN mission accuses EU of aiding crimes against humanity in Libya

© Anadolu Agency
The report was based on interviews with hundreds of people, including migrants and witnesses
Fact-finding mission says state security forces and armed militia groups have committed a wide array of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

United Nations investigators say there is evidence that crimes against humanity have been committed against Libyans and migrants stuck in Libya, including women being forced into sexual slavery.

The investigators commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council also faulted the European Union for sending support to Libyan forces that they say contributed to crimes against migrants and Libyans.

Comment: See also: Putin calls for closer ties with Arab states, resolution of conflicts in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Palestine

And check out SOTT radio's interview from 2017: The Truth Perspective: Libya Ruined: Interview with Sheikh Khalid Tantoush - Introduced by Jim & JoAnne Moriarty

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Russia possesses weapons capable of wiping out any enemy, including US — Patrushev

Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev

FILE PHOTO: Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev. It was stressed that the view held by US politicians that Russia won't be able to retaliate against a US pre-emptive nuclear strike is a short-sighted and dangerous stance
Russia possesses advanced unique weapons capable of wiping out any enemy, including the United States, Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily on Monday.

"Russia is patient and does not intimidate anyone with its military advantage. However, it possesses advanced unique weapons capable of destroying any enemy, including the United States, in case of a threat to its existence," the security chief said.

The view held by US politicians that Russia won't be able to retaliate against a US pre-emptive nuclear strike is a short-sighted and dangerous stance, Patrushev stressed.

Comment: Some commentators are speculating that the weapons Patrushev is referring to could be the SARMAT missile, which, back in 2016, Russia Behind The Headlines notes as:
A new ballistic missile with a destructive power 2000 times greater than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is being tested near the Ural Mountains before it enters service with the Russian Strategic Forces. Armed with 10 independently steerable warheads - and numerous decoys - a single RS-28 'Sarmat' intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) can end all human life in an area as large as Texas. According to one US writer, the 100 ton behemoth makes America's 39 ton Minuteman look like a "rocket propelled toothpick".

The western media, for once, is spot on. The 'Sarmat' is the son of the SS-18 'Satan' - the NATO codename for the nearly 50 year old RS-36, which is currently the most powerful missile in existence. The Sarmat will not only have stealth features but can travel vast distances - exceeding 11,000 km - so that it can be launched over either the North or South Poles, creating huge certainty in the enemy's mind. These features make it an extremely useful weapon of strategic deterrence.
That said, there are a variety of other weapons, both officially acknowledged, and not, that he, and his colleagues, may have in mind:

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Why Crashing Banks Will Usher in Central Bank Digital Currency

CBDC and the FED
Three large banks failed in a single week in March 2023, and the ripple effect could easily take down the entire banking system, although government officials insist the banking sector "remains strong" and that the problems faced by these banks "do not appear to be widespread."1

Cascading Domino of Bank Failures

The cascading bank failures began March 8 with the shut down and liquidation of the crypto bank Silvergate Capital.2 As reported by Government Executive:3
"During 2022, Silvergate's deposit base grew dramatically, almost doubling its assets to $210 billion. But the bank did not have either the administrative capacity or market demand to lend out all of the money, as banks normally do.

So, it invested the excess deposits in Treasury bonds and mortgage investment products. But the bond purchases became a problem as the Federal Reserve began to raise interest rates to address inflation."

Comment: All of the above is to say nothing of: Ellen Brown: The Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami


'Show some respect': Estonia's PM objects to Russians laughing about West's failing sanctions efforts on the internet

Kaya Kallas

Prime Minister of Estonia Kaya Kallas
"The approval of each package of sanctions against Russia is a complex process that involves all EU members. It takes weeks, months to approve new sanctions. Nevertheless, Russians allow themselves to joke on the Internet about each new package of sanctions, they openly mock our work. I ask them to take this seriously and show at least some respect" .

Comment: Four days ago Reuters reported that Estonia's PM rejected easing the sanctions:
Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on Thursday spoke against any weakening of sanctions against Russia under a deal to export Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea, and called for the G7 to tighten its oil cap to squeeze Russia's revenue more.

"We know that Russia is earning less from the oil... we see the economic sanctions, including the oil price cap, are having an effect on the Russian economy and their ability to fuel the war machine," she said on arriving to talks among the EU's 27 national leaders in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

Maybe Russia is making a bit less from selling oil, but citizens of the West are paying up to 3 times the cost for gas, and their governments have been threatening them with rolling blackouts all winter. Meanwhile the West has hypocritically and humiliatingly resorted to buying Russian energy from intermediaries.

"We should continue with that," she said, adding that Estonia would agree to raise the cap again should oil prices rise. She spoke against any weakening of sanctions against Russia as sought by Moscow in the grain deal talks.

"We shouldn't weaken the sanctions," she said, adding Russia could still use 18 ports for its agri-food exports to third countries and that only a dozen-or-so of Russian banks were targeted by Western sanctions.
See also:


The Season is Here

© Getty Images
"Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." — Samuel Johnson
Of course, the newspaper USA Today chose transgender activist Leigh Finke for its Women of the Year award because in the USA of the here-and-now (today, for instance), boundaries are a thing of the past, and if a woman of the year happens to come with the "package" that signifies male-of-the-species, you'd better ignore that incongruity and go along with the gag — or prepare for the punishments that will rain down until your morale improves.

The transgender movement has crystalized into the Party of Chaos's favored instrument for enforcing its ethos of unreality on a population obdurately stuck on thinking in categories, on making hateful distinctions between things. Better to live in a protective miasma of undifferentiated sensation than a cruel state based on pattern recognition where one is incessantly prompted to understand how objects and life-forms around us differ, where things begin and end, and what all that means relative to your own supposed amorphous existence.

Mattias Desmet, Belgian author of the 2022 book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, proposed that a political faction subject to "mass formation psychosis" — the group hysteria that sets the scene for tyranny — would demand that the public swallow a cavalcade of increasingly absurd ideas in order to soften up their brains, so as to make it easier for leaders (influencers) to push them in any desired direction. I would propose that we have probably achieved peak brain-softening in this land.

Comment: Interview with James Howard Kunstler here.