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Sat, 08 May 2021
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Bolsonaro says that coronavirus possibly made in lab to wage "biological warfare"

Jair Bolsonaro
© Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters
Jair Bolsonaro
President Jair Bolsonaro said the novel coronavirus may have been made in a laboratory to wage "biological warfare", in the latest comments likely to strain Brazil's relations with China.

"It's a new virus. Nobody knows whether it was born in a laboratory or because a human ate some animal they shouldn't have," said the far-right leader.

"But the military knows all about chemical, biological and radiological warfare. Could we be fighting a new war? I wonder. Which country's GDP has grown the most?"

Comment: For insight into who meddled with this virus and the possible reasons why, check out SOTT's: Also check out SOTT radio's:

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Anti-lockdown candidate Ayuso wins big in Madrid elections as Podemos party leader quits politics in defeat

© Reuters / Susana Vera
Madrid premier Isabel Diaz Ayuso and national People's Party leader Pablo Casado celebrate the regional election results at the balcony of PP's headquarters, in Madrid, Spain, May 4, 2021.
Madrid premier Isabel Diaz Ayuso, a fierce critic of Covid-19 lockdowns, secured a major victory in Spain's regional elections, prompting the head of the left-wing Podemos to end his political career after taking fifth place.

With more than 99% of the ballots counted late on Tuesday night, Ayuso's People's Party took 45% of the vote, or 65 seats in the regional legislature, just four shy of an outright majority. Doubling its share of the vote compared to the last race in 2019, the People's Party is expected to enter into a coalition with the right-wing Vox Party, which itself took fourth place with 9% of the vote.

"Freedom has won in Madrid, once again," Ayuso told supporters after her win, echoing a campaign slogan, while People's Party leader Pablo Casado said voters "trusted [Ayuso's] handling of the pandemic."

Comment: It could be a good sign that a significant number of Madrid's people are seeing through the coronavirus propaganda, but, as often happens with a candidate at odds with the establishment's schemes - if that is indeed the case with - it's possible that Ayuso will be silenced in one way or another, eventually; see Jeremy Corbyn in the UK or Trump in the US - as just 2 of the many examples - for some ideas.

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Former Israel PM Olmert pens warning against continued attacks on Palestinians

ehud Olmert
© Ronen Zvulun/Reuters
Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert in 2012
It's a known fact that Palestinians are not responsible for most terrorist attacks take place in Jerusalem - this responsibility falls solely upon us.

The events that have transpired in Jerusalem these last few days are not a coincidental occurrence that will disappear so quickly. We are on the brink of a violent awakening that could intensify and lead to violence and acts of terrorism on our streets. These clashes could end in a significant number of casualties, among both Palestinians and Israelis.

Twenty years ago, as mayor of Jerusalem, I found myself in the eye of the storm that shook our lives and threatened Israel's security. Jerusalem was the main target of the terrorist attacks - which took place on Jaffa Road, on Pat Street not far from Teddy Stadium, at Sbarro Restaurant and Moment Café and many other locations. I remember every horrible image from these attacks - they will remain with me for the rest of my life.

No normal person wants to return to those days. Back then, Yasser Arafat was the Palestinian leader. Arafat didn't want peace, had no intention of striving for peace and never stopped dreaming about the continuation of terrorism as the only way to achieve the goals he set for himself. The Palestinian terrorism of the early 2000s, which was spearheaded by Arafat, did not take place as a result of Israel's unwillingness to negotiate with him. It was a consequence of Arafat's inability to disengage from his terrorist past and reframe himself as a statesman, like Menachem Begin or Nelson Mandela.

Comment: Despite the distortions of history Olmert has included in his article, he is right about one thing. The Palestinians, after 70 years of Israeli tyrrany, have had enough. Jerusalem is a powder keg, and it is completely the fault of the fanatical, apartheid-supporting right wingers. Should Lehava and Yamina light that powder keg, a bloodbath could erupt all over Israel. Reports from East Jerusalem:

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The West wants Syria to die rather than work with Russia to rebuild the ravaged country

© Creative Commons
More than half a million Syrians have died since the outbreak of the Western-backed war in 2011 to topple President Assad.

History teaches us that multilateral organisations are undoubtedly the glue that helps to maintain world peace. Without them, it is hard to fathom lasting harmonious regional and global relations. However, multilateral organisations risk losing their credibility when powerful cliques from within hijack their mission and embark upon meting out their own brand of kangaroo court-style punishment to weaker members they loathe.

Sadly, this is the disastrous route that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has regrettably chosen. At their heated meeting at The Hague earlier this month three powerful allies - the US, UK and France pushed - and succeeded - when they persuaded the majority of like-minded OPCW members to endorse a Paris-led sanction on Syria.

Using a highly disputed report, by the controversially created Investigation and Identification Team (IIT), France, aided by the UK and the US rallied the majority of members to strip Syria of most of her rights and privileges. This was following a guilty verdict against Damascus on grounds that the country had used chemical weapons in the decade-old war.

The voting by the 136-strong countries went overwhelmingly in favour of punitive measures as follows: 87 voted yes, 15 no and 34 abstained.

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EU's response to Moscow's pushback on sanctions shows 'mania for impunity' that will 'lead to nowhere', says Lavrov

© AP
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has dismissed recent EU complaints concerning Moscow's retaliation against sanctions imposed on Russia, calling out officials in Brussels as being possessed by feelings of impunity.

Foreign restrictions placed on Russian citizens and entities are "groundless and illegitimate" and "will not be left unanswered," Lavrov said during a trip to Armenia on Thursday.

In retaliation for several rounds of sanctions imposed against Russian officials, Russia's Foreign Ministry announced on April 30 that it was blacklisting eight European officials, including European Parliament chief David Sassoli and European Commission Vice President for Values and Transparency Vera Jourova. Top EU diplomat Josep Borrell slammed Moscow's declaration of the travel ban against the Europeans as "unacceptable, devoid of any legal justification and baseless."

Lavrov said that Moscow targeted only those Europeans who
"played a decisive role in yet another wave of sanctions against our officials, including lawmakers. When the European Union begins to threaten us with new sanctions, I begin to think that - apart from the sense of complete permissiveness and infallibility - the European Union gets possessed from the mania of total impunity. I believe it's a road to nowhere."
The minister pointed out that Western countries initiated the sanctions war against Moscow in 2014, when Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia, following the Euromaidan revolt in Kiev.


Florida governor signs GOP voting law critics call 'un-American'

© Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service/Getty Images
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a sweeping elections bill into law Thursday that he and other Republicans said would place guardrails against fraud, even as they acknowledged there were no serious signs of voting irregularities last November. Democrats and voter rights advocates said the partisan move will make it harder for some voters to cast ballots.

The Republican governor signed the freshly passed legislation ahead of his impending announcement that he'll run for reelection in the nation's largest battleground state. Aiming for a broad impact among Donald Trump's party base, he staged the signing on a live broadcast of Fox & Friends Thursday morning, flanked by a small group of GOP legislators in Palm Beach County. Other media organizations were shut out.

DeSantis said the new law puts Florida ahead of the curve in preventing any potential fraud. Upon signing it, he stated:
"Right now I have what we think is the strongest election integrity measures in the country. We're also banning ballot harvesting. We're not going to let political operatives go and get satchels of votes and dump them in some drop box."

Comment: DeSantis signed the Florida election bill on FOX News drawing quick responses from the Left:

The law was immediately challenged in court by Democrat lawyer Marc Elias.

"BREAKING: Minutes after Governor DeSantis signs new voter suppression law, @LWVFlorida, @BlackVotesMtr, @ActiveRetirees file federal court lawsuit," Elias tweeted. "Proud to be part of the legal team supporting these great organizations protecting the right to vote!"

"SB 90 does not impede all of Florida's voters equally," the lawsuit alleges. "It is crafted to and will operate to make it more difficult for certain types of voters to participate in the state's elections, including those voters who generally wish to vote with a vote-by-mail ballot and voters who have historically had to overcome substantial hurdles to reach the ballot box, such as Florida's senior voters, youngest voters, and minority voters."

The bill takes an omnibus approach, addressing many issues at once, similar to the approach of an election law that Georgia enacted earlier this year.

Also among its provisions is a "prohibition on the use of private funds for election-related expenses," which is a response to the fact Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others provided funding to some states and cities last year to help run the election.

Conservative groups that have been supportive of new election security laws lauded DeSantis and the new law on Thursday. Jessica Anderson, the executive director of Heritage Action, said in a statement:
"Governor DeSantis has led the fight for election integrity reforms in Florida every step of the way. We applaud the governor for signing SB 90 this morning, a strong bill that will ensure it remains easy to vote and hard to cheat in the Sunshine State."
Jason Snead, the executive director of the Honest Elections Project, added:
"Every Floridian can request a mail-in ballot, vote early, or cast a ballot on Election Day. Anyone who reads this new law will see that it keeps voting easy, and makes cheating harder. Maintaining a robust election system is a constant process of learning and improvement... Voters deserve the best election system we can deliver, and as Florida has shown, that work is never complete."
More changes: DeSantis is giving all First Responders a bonus, stating 'we're funding' the police 'and then some':
Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Wednesday that his administration is giving $1,000 bonuses to all of Florida's 174,000 first responders, including law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and firefighters.

The move by DeSantis, a rising star in the Republican Party, comes after far-left Democrats across the U.S. repeatedly called for defunding the police last year, and have this year gone as far as to call for abolishing policing and ending the incarceration system in the United States.

DeSantis' office said in a statement:
The authorization comes following the Governor's call for the bonuses in March, with the bonuses included in the 2021-22 state budget. While the budget is not yet signed, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is working to immediately implement this bonus program, expediting the distribution effort. Approximately $208 million has been allocated from DEO for over 174,000 first responders across the state, including 49,405 sworn law enforcement officers, 40,732 EMTs, 35,811 firefighters and 33,185 paramedics in Florida.
DeSantis remarked:
"Supporting our law enforcement and first responders has been a top priority for my administration, and it has never been more important than over the last year. As a state, we are grateful for their continued service to our communities. This one-time bonus is a small token of appreciation, but we can never go far enough to express our gratitude for their selflessness."
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Anthony Fauci: A brilliant cheerleader for endless catastrophe

© Unknown
Dir. US Nat.l Inst. of Allergy and Infectious Disease Dr. Anthony Fauci
It's nice to see that Anthony Fauci is beginning to earn the solid international reputation that he deserves. Yen Makabenta, an acute observer and regular contributor to the Manila Times, recently acknowledged Dr Fauci as COVID's "fearmonger-in-chief." At long last, a departure from treating Fauci as an infallible demigod.

Dr Fauci's panic patina started to become obvious as his much feared post-2020 holiday season "surge on top of a surge" failed to materialize. Rather than an objective and dispassionate scientist, it began to appear that Fauci is more a brilliant cheerleader for catastrophe, unerringly finding and fanning the flames of fear for the worst-of-all-possible-worlds scenario.

Over the opening months of 2021 Dr. Fauci's gleaming ineptitude has been further burnished by repeated warnings of "impending doom" (to borrow from his colleague, Dr. Walensky):

Comment: Case-in-point as to why knowledge-based personal discernment is so valuable.

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COWARDS: Supreme Court declines to hear Arizona election fraud challenge

2021 US united states supreme court roster
© Erin Schaff / POOL / AFP
Seated from left: Associate Justice Samuel Alito, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John Roberts, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer and Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, standing from left: Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Associate Justice Elena Kagan, Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch and Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett pose during a group photo of the Justices at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC on April 23, 2021
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a challenge filed by an Arizona resident who had sought to prove claims of election fraud during the Nov. 3 election in her state.

The nine justices, without comment, dismissed (pdf) a request by Pinal County resident Staci Burk to find evidence of election fraud. Burk had sought access to ballots to prove that some were invalid or fraudulent.

Earlier this year, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a ruling that agreed with a trial court judge in Pinal County that Burk lacked the right to contest the election. The reason given was that she wasn't a registered voter at the time she filed her lawsuit, as required in state election contests. Both courts also agreed that she made her legal challenge too late, after the five-day period for filing such an action had passed.

Comment: Another instance of courts at every level refusing to hear a clear case of election fraud on a technicality. The MSM and social media did their part by quashing all reporting on the matter except what advanced Biden's cause.


The lost promise of free speech for everyone; Big Tech has turned the internet into a prison

trump twitter suspended white house
© REUTERS/Joshua Roberts
A smartphone inside the White House briefing room shows the suspended Twitter account of US President Donald Trump, January 8, 2021.
I once thought the internet would have the same effect on corporate media gatekeepers as the AK-47 had on colonial empires in Africa. That was before Big Tech turned that promise of freedom into the second coming of feudalism.

Wednesday's decision by Facebook's "oversight board" - a transparent attempt to outsource responsibility for censorship to an international committee - to extend the ban on 45th US President Donald Trump is just the latest example, but by no means the most egregious. Earlier this week, the banhammer descended on RT's digital project Redfish over posts criticizing... Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini and the Holocaust, of all things.

How did it come to this? Years ago, in an argument over media censorship, I had brought up the internet as the modern version of the AK-47. While the European colonial armies were able to conquer Africa in the 19th century, using machine guns and repeating rifles, they became unable to hold it once the Kalashnikov automatic rifle put the peasants in places like Congo, Angola and Vietnam on equal footing with Western armies seeking to keep them down.


Tyrant: Philippines' Duterte orders police to arrest people for not wearing masks properly

© AFP/Presidential Photo Division (PPD) King Rodrigues
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered police to arrest anyone not wearing a mask properly, including below the nose, as the country battles to contain surging COVID-19 infections.

Duterte issued the directive after a meeting with his COVID-19 task force - where everyone except him was seen wearing the mandatory face covering - an official video released late Wednesday showed.

Thousands of people have been punished for violating COVID-19 rules since the end of March, when restrictions were tightened in the capital and surrounding provinces after a spike in cases.

The justice secretary and police chief have urged officers to fine offenders or make them do community service instead of arresting them, following the death of a man forced to do a hundred squats as punishment for breaking curfew.