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Fri, 03 Feb 2023
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The Bizarre saga

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The Word bizarre means something strange or weird or very difficult to explain. Could the operators of this mega fraud have given the name Bizarre deliberately so that they could laugh at the many thousands of victims for their folly of jumping on to the bandwagons of money chain? The mindset of the Malayali is something that eludes comprehension.

To be sure this is not going to be the last of the queer acts of scoundrels, who have been bidding for the most opportune time to hit at the weakest point of a human being - that is greed. The urge to make a quick buck! Most people here long to become millionaires overnight. And they seem to be willing to fall headlong into these traps.

The money chains are quite obvious traps. No man of reason can conceive the idea of a magic wand doubling the money you invest just in three years - that too after taking away a considerably big amount from it as commission to the agents, who succeed in enticing the customers into it. That those few agents who are at the uppermost rung of the money chain gain the most, and those thousands at the lower most rung lose everything is the proven fact.

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International Debt Crisis: IMF warns US and EU that they are 'playing with fire'


Riots: coming to a town near you soon.
The International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for U.S. economic growth on Friday and warned Washington and debt-ridden European countries that they are "playing with fire" unless they take immediate steps to reduce their budget deficits.

The IMF, in its regular assessment of global economic prospects, said bigger threats to growth had emerged since its previous report in April, citing the euro zone debt crisis and signs of overheating in emerging market economies.

The Washington-based global lender forecast that U.S. gross domestic product would grow a tepid 2.5 percent this year and 2.7 percent in 2012. In its forecast just two months ago, it had expected 2.8 percent and 2.9 percent growth, respectively.

War Whore

Libya: 7 more civilians killed in NATO airstrike

At least seven civilians in Libya have been killed by a NATO airstrike which hit a residential area overnight. Earlier, the Alliance confirmed it had mistakenly attacked rebel forces, but the number killed in that friendly-fire attack is not known. In the middle of the night, Tripoli's Souk al-Juma district was woken up by a blast, when a bomb, or several bombs, landed in this residential area. Several three-story buildings have been destroyed as a result. According to initial reports, four families -- 12 to 14 people -- resided there, and at least seven inhabitants have been killed, while some are still missing.


Axis of Evil drone strikes have killed over 130 in Yemen in recent weeks - Has President Saleh been ousted?

The West is weighing in to Yemen's ongoing unrest - with deadly force. Officials in the troubled country say U.S. drone strikes have killed over a hundred people, including civilians, in the past two weeks. Now, the UK's preparing attack helicopters and commando squads for possible action in Yemen.

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Israeli troops cross into Lebanon


Israeli soldiers set out with glee to terrorise more people
Israeli troops have once again crossed into Lebanon in a failed kidnapping operation inside the country in clear defiance of a UN Security Council resolution.

Israeli troops crossed the border and entered the village of Kfar Shouba on Friday to abduct Lebanese Shepherd Ala Nabaa, a Press TV correspondent reported, adding that the Lebanese national; however, managed to escape.

Meanwhile, four Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace, flying over different parts of the country for more than two hours, a statement released by the Lebanese military read on Friday.

The latest intrusion comes one day after an Israeli reconnaissance plane entered Lebanon's southern airspace and remained in Lebanese territory for almost 24 hours.

Israel violates Lebanon's airspace on an almost daily basis, claiming the flights serve surveillance purposes.


Think Before You Tweet, British Ministry Of Defense Warns


Yes, the British government should know all about who the real terrorists are, given its role in handling the 'database' aka 'al-Qaeda' and its proxy terror groups in Ireland.
Enemy forces may be reading your tweets.

That's the message of a new British campaign warning against careless social media sharing, especially for military personnel and related family.

"Remember that there may be those who are using such sites for unsavory reasons," the site for the campaign reads. "These range from criminals looking for ways to con you or steal your identity, to those who may wish us harm."

In one of the videos from the series, an elderly mother is shown sharing information on Facebook about her military son, then sitting down to tea with a masked man strapped with bullets. Another video shows two young women officers going out to dance, after using Foursquare and Twitter to broadcast their activities, and are then seen dancing with the same ominous figure.


NATO Incorporates Libyan Experience For Global War Template


NAZI --> NATO, see? Change a couple of letters around and no one will notice!
As the West's war against Libya has entered its fourth month and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has flown more than 11,000 missions, including 4,300 strike sorties, over the small nation, the world's only military bloc is already integrating lessons learned from the conflict into its international model of military intervention based on earlier wars in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

What NATO refers to as Operation Unified Protector has provided the Alliance the framework in which to continue recruiting Partnership for Peace adjuncts like Sweden and Malta, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative affiliates Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and Mediterranean Dialogue partnership members Jordan and Morocco into the bloc's worldwide warfighting network. Sweden, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates also have military personnel assigned to NATO's International Security Assistance Force in the nearly ten-year-long war in Afghanistan. In the first case, troops from the Scandinavian nation has been engaged in their first combat role, killing and being killed, in two centuries in Afghanistan and has provided eight warplanes for the attack on Libya, with marine forces to soon follow.

The military conflicts waged and other interventions conducted by the United States and its NATO allies over the past twelve years - in and against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan and Libya - have contributed to the American military budget more than doubling in the past decade and U.S. arms exports almost quintupling in the same period.


Ralph Langner: Stuxnet is a Mossad-US cyber-WMD

Ralph Langner is a German control system security consultant. He has received worldwide recognition for his analysis of the Stuxnet malware.

When first discovered in 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm posed a baffling puzzle. Beyond its unusually high level of sophistication loomed a more troubling mystery: its purpose. Ralph Langner and team helped crack the code that revealed this digital warhead's final target -- and its covert origins. In a fascinating look inside cyber-forensics, he explains how.


Libya 'rape' propaganda plunges to new depths of desperation

Hat tip to Scott Creighton - his recent article 'CNN's Misogynistic Cell Phone Porn Propaganda', brought this to my attention.

The Libya war propaganda drive has plunged to new depths of cynicism, depravity, and a downright embarrassing lack of credibility.

Over a week after the ICC's completely baseless claims of 'rape being used as a weapon' by Gaddafi's forces, today CNN is running a propaganda set-piece that is so blatantly invented it makes one cringe with embarrassment for this rabble of liars and propagandists.

CNN claims that rebel forces have found mobile phone footage on 'Gaddafi loyalists', which allegedly shows them 'raping women and torturing people'. Lo and behold, the story completely falls apart upon the most cursory inspection.


Greenspan: The 'almost certain' Greece default could cause US double-dip


Double-dip economics: a last-minute sugar hit before the US economy sinks?
A default by Greece could drive the US back into recession, according to the former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.

In an interview with Bloomberg Mr Greenspan said the "chances of Greece not defaulting are very small".

His comments came as Greece's prime minister George Papandreou's failed to win support for more austerity measures to help address its debt problems.

Mr Greenspan told Bloomberg the chances of Greece defaulting are now "so high that you almost have to say there's no way out," which could put pressure on some US banks.

He argued Greece's debt crisis had the potential to push the US into another recession, as without it the probability of a recession "is quite low".

"There's no momentum in the system that suggests to me that we are about to go into a double-dip," he said. Mr Greenspan said the US's debt issue is becoming "horrendously dangerous" and said that he doubts lawmakers have another year or two to solve it.