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US California: Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Students Staging Passive Sitdown Protest

Doused: The UC Davis police officer brandished a red canister of pepper spray, showing it off for the crowd before dousing the seated students in a heavy, thick mist
School chancellor calls incident 'chilling' and launches investigation into use of force

A shocking videotape of police forcefully pepper spraying a group of students staging a sit down protest has emerged.

Footage of the tense standoff between police and Occupy demonstrators at the University of California, Davis, shows an officer using pepper spray on a group of protesters who appear to be sitting passively on the ground with their arms interlocked.

Witnesses watched in horror as police moved in on more than a dozen tents erected in the campus quad drenching demonstrators with the burning yellow spray and arresting 10 people, nine of them students.

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Malaysia Plans 'war crime' Trials of Bush, Blair Over Iraq War Action

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Former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be "charged" at a mock tribunal in Malaysia for committing crimes against peace during the Iraq war.

Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who heads the Perdana Global Peace Foundation that initiated the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, said both the leaders would be charged for planning, preparing and invading Iraq on March 19, 2003, in violation of the United Nations Charter and international law.

The tribunal would hold proceedings for four days, and will go public, the Star reports.

Dr Mahathir said although the two could not be jailed if they were found guilty, society could reject them by not inviting them for talks or events.


Russian Minister Says Foreigners are Working Against Syria

© Press TVRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russia says 'some foreign countries' are trying to exacerbate the situation in Syria to make pretext for their interference in the Middle Eastern country's internal affairs.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the remarks on Thursday after a Russia-EU Permanent Partnership Council (PPC) meeting in Moscow, Syria's state news agency, SANA, reported.

Detailing the anti-Damascus push, Lavrov said, "Some opposition representatives, with support from some foreign countries, [could] declare that dialogue can begin only after the regime goes."

Syria has been experiencing unrest ever since mid-March, with demonstrations being held both against and in support of Assad's government.


UK: Young jobseekers told to work without pay or lose unemployment benefits

People taking up work experience places - providing up to 30 hours a week of unpaid labour - face losing benefits if they quit

© David Sillitoe for the GuardianCait Reilly, who is currently completing three weeks at Poundland, working five hours a day.
Britain's jobless young people are being sent to work for supermarkets and budget stores for up to two months for no pay and no guarantee of a job, the Guardian can reveal.

Under the government's work experience programme young jobseekers are exempted from national minimum wage laws for up to eight weeks and are being offered placements in Tesco, Poundland, Argos, Sainsbury's and a multitude of other big-name businesses.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) says that if jobseekers "express an interest" in an offer of work experience they must continue to work without pay, after a one-week cooling-off period or face having their benefits docked.

Young people have told the Guardian that they are doing up to 30 hours a week of unpaid labour and have to be available from 9am to 10pm.

Comment: Modern day slavery by virtue of the intricacies of bureaucracy and for the benefit of big business, is what this is.


UK: Investigators find NO forensic evidence that man whose death triggered riots was holding gun

Mark Duggan
© Rex FeaturesInvestigators have found no forensic evidence that Mark Duggan was armed when shot by police in Tottenham on 4 August.
The investigation into the death of Mark Duggan has found no forensic evidence that he was carrying a gun when he was shot dead by police on 4 August, the Guardian has learned.

A gun collected by Duggan earlier in the day was recovered 10 to 14 feet away, on the other side of a low fence from his body. He was killed outside the vehicle he was travelling in, after a police marksman fired twice.

The new details raise questions about the official version of events. The shooting triggered some of the worst riots in modern British history, which began in Tottenham, north London, in response to the treatment of the Duggan family. The investigation into Duggan's death is being carried out by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), but the Guardian has learned new details of the shooting, and a much more complex picture than first revealed is emerging.

Comment: Now the picture becomes clearer. It seems that the riots were not simply about teenagers looting for a pair of shoes, but about the local community's justified anger.


US: Subsidies for The Rich and Famous

Sen. Tom Coburn
© Tulsa Today

Dear Taxpayer,

Americans are facing tough times. Millions are still out of work. Wages remain stagnant, while health care costs, tuition, and other household cost continue to rise. Many homeowners owe more for their houses than they are worth.

With families across the country struggling to make ends meet during these economically trying times, many are left with few options so they are turning to the government - some very reluctantly - for assistance. The government safety net has been cast far and wide, with almost half of all American households now receiving some form of government assistance. But most taxpayers will be asking why when they learn who is receiving what.

From tax write-offs for gambling losses, vacation homes, and luxury yachts to subsidies for their ranches and estates, the government is subsidizing the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Multimillionaires are even receiving government checks for not working. This welfare for the well-off - costing billions of dollars a year - is being paid for with the taxes of the less fortunate, many who are working two jobs just to make ends meet, and IOUs to be paid off by future generations.

This is not an accidental loophole in the law. To the contrary, this reverse Robin Hood style of wealth redistribution is an intentional effort to get all Americans bought into a system where everyone appears to benefit.

"Everybody can have a free lunch," explains Howard Leikert, supervisor of school nutrition programs for the Michigan Department of Education, where a new federal program is providing all students, regardless of their families' incomes, free school meals in select areas.

But not everyone can have a free lunch. Ultimately someone must pay for each of the lunches being given away. Furthermore, not everyone needs a free lunch. The real result of serving everyone a piece of the pie is less is leftover for those truly in need.


US drones execute two innocent British men in Pakistan

Whacked for being Muslim and within range of a US Predator Drone: Ibrahim Adam, 24
Pair, both Muslims from east London, believed to have been killed in separate incidents in the South Waziristan region

Two young British men have been killed in US drone strikes against suspected militants in Pakistan's tribal belt, according to reports from the country. The pair, both Muslims from London, are reported to have been killed in separate drone strikes two weeks apart in South Waziristan.

One of the men has been named as Ibrahim Adam, 24, who fled from the UK with his brother four years ago, while both were the subject of control orders. The second is said to be Mohammed Azmer Khan, 38, the brother of another British Muslim, Abdul Jabbar, who was killed in a drone attack last year.

The Foreign Office was unable to confirm the deaths on Friday but said: "We are aware of reports and looking into them further."

Adam's father said: "We can confirm that we have heard that our son has been killed in a drone strike."

Che Guevara

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured in Libya

© ReutersSaif al-Islam Gaddafi after his capture, his fingers wrapped in bandages and his legs covered with a blanket.
Interim Tripoli government says son of Muammar Gaddafi was arrested while attempting to flee to neighbouring Niger

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the fugitive son of Libya's deceased former dictator, has been arrested in southern Libya, according to officials from the country's new government.

Libyan state TV reported that Saif has arrived in captivity and unhurt at an army base in the town of Zintan, 90 miles south-west of Tripoli.

Muammar Gaddafi's second and highest-profile son was captured along with several bodyguards by fighters near the town of Obari in Libya's southern desert, said the interim justice minister and other officials.

Saif was said to be in good health, according to the justice minister Mohammed al-Alagi.

"We have arrested Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in [the] Obari area," the minister told Reuters.

"I read the thesis, I examined him with an examiner, he defended his thesis very, very thoroughly. He had nobody else present, and I don't think there's any reason to think he didn't do it himself."
~ Meghnad Jagdishchandra Desai, Indian-born British economist and Professor Emeritus of the London School of Economics.


Best of the Web: Jesse Ventura on the Fascist States of America: This is not the country I was born in and it's certainly not the country I want to die in

Former judge Andrew Napolitano talks to former wrestling champion and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura on Fox News show Freedom Watch. Ventura tells Americans they better wake up to the police state they're living in. His lawsuit against the TSA was thrown out earlier this month. Listen to Ventura explain what that means for Americans.


French government encourages doctors to report suspicious and cultish behaviour of alternative and traditional therapists

The French state's official coat of arms during its collaboration with the Fourth Reich: perhaps it should be reinstated today? France under the MIVILUDES is heading in the same direction as Vichy France.
The war declared against 'cults' in France has today evolved into war against non-conventional medical therapies (so-called 'soft', 'parallel' or alternative therapies and practices). MIVILUDES ["an acronym for the French-language phrase Mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires, i.e. 'Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combatting Cultic Deviances'" - Wiki] is officially incorporated into the state apparatus in France (bridging the justice, interior and health ministries), and is now asking physicians to alert the French government to any and all "suspect situations".

Repressive measures (in the form of the GATPNCT) taken against alternative therapies was today passed into law with lightning speed, putting into place a "technical support group on non-conventional approaches to therapeutic aims", designed to facilitate "the politics of struggle against non-conventional practices with dangerous therapeutic aims". After announcing its intention to forbid the Hamer method and 'Total Biology', a science about the connection between diseases and the underlying stress causing them, the French government, at the instigation of the MIVILUDES, now invites physicians to "denounce all suspect situations".

In other words, all forms of nursing, whether conducted by a physician or not, if practiced in accordance with an alternative therapeutic mode the French Academy of Medicine doesn't agree with, can be subject to denouncement henceforth. This is in fact already being practiced, but now it is officially being encouraged.

This medieval practice was generally believed to have been banished following the horrors of the Last War...
The MIVILUDES is preparing a guide on 'cultish behaviour' in healthcare for practitioners which will be ready in early 2012. A report will be dedicated to this theme in the January-February 2012 edition of the Bulletin of the Order of Physicians.