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Best of the Web: Why no sanctions on the United States? A long and bloody record of 'crimes against peace'

President Obama presents former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, May 29, 2012, despite her role in and public defense of the war crimes of the Clinton administration.
© UnknownPresident Obama presents former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, May 29, 2012, despite her role in and public defense of the war crimes of the Clinton administration.
July 1 marked the start of a new round of sanctions designed to destroy the economy of Iran, create widespread suffering among the Iranian people, and thereby effect regime change in that country. The ostensible reason for the sanctions is that Iran has a nuclear program, which Washington and its allies allege is leading to the development of nuclear weapons. The Iranian government has denied any such intention, stating that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

Iran is far from the first country to suffer from a cutoff or sharp reduction in trade due to sanctions. Over the past several decades, the U.S. - sometimes through the United Nations Security Council, sometimes in coordination with its imperialist allies, sometimes on its own - has imposed sanctions, embargoes and blockades on dozens of countries. Some of the sanctions regimes have lasted for decades, in the case of Cuba a half-century.

The justifications for imposing sanctions have included alleged human rights violations, lack of democracy, military aggression in violation of international law, and engaging in terrorist acts. But a giant asterisk must be attached here, with a notation reading: "Not applicable to the United States, its imperialist allies, surrogates and puppets."


Can The World Survive Washington's Hubris?

© anunews.net
When President Reagan nominated me as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, he told me that we had to restore the US economy, to rescue it from stagflation, in order to bring the full weight of a powerful economy to bear on the Soviet leadership in order to convince them to negotiate the end of the cold war. Reagan said that there was no reason to live any longer under the threat of nuclear war.

The Reagan administration achieved both goals, only to see these accomplishments discarded by successor administrations. It was Reagan's own vice president and successor, George Herbert Walker Bush, who first violated the Reagan-Gorbachev understandings by incorporating former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire into NATO and taking Western military bases to the Russian frontier.

The process of surrounding Russia with military bases continued unabated through successor US administrations with various "color revolutions" financed by the US National Endowment for Democracy, regarded by many as a front for the CIA. Washington even attempted to install a Washington-controlled government in Ukraine and did succeed in this effort in former Soviet Georgia, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. The President of Georgia, a country located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, is a Washington puppet. Recently, he announced that former Soviet Georgia is on schedule to become a NATO member in 2014.

Those old enough to remember know that NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was an alliance between Western Europe and the US against the threat of the Red Army overrunning Western Europe. The North Atlantic is a long, long ways from the Black and Caspian Seas. What is the purpose of Georgia being a NATO member except to give Washington a military base on the Russian underbelly?

The evidence is simply overwhelming that Washington--both parties--have Russia and China targeted. Whether the purpose is to destroy both countries or merely to render them unable to oppose Washington's world hegemony is unclear at this time. Regardless of the purpose, nuclear war is the likely outcome.

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Psychopathy and the CEO: Top executives have four times the incidence of psychopathy as the rest of us

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Your child could grow up to be a psychopath and that may not be a bad thing.

He or she just might wind up a CEO.

The hallowed halls of business have more than a fair share of successful psychopaths, many of them CEOs and top executives, research shows.

A recent wave of interest in testing children for psychopathy is shining a light on the biology and psychology of psychopaths. University of Pennsylvania criminologist and psychopathy expert Adrian Raine believes medical tests might help determine whether a child will be a psychopath when he or she grows up.


Inquiry into Army's Killing of Civilians on Bloody Sunday to be Launched by Northern Ireland Police

© APPallbearers carry one of 13 coffins of Bloody Sunday victims after the requiem mass at St Mary's church at Creggan Hill in 1972
Up to 30 officers will investigate 1972 massacre, in what the brother of a victim called a step in the right direction

Northern Ireland's chief constable, Matt Baggott, has confirmed that his officers would be conducting a murder inquiry into the army's killing of 13 civilians on Bloody Sunday 40 years ago.

Up to 30 officers are expected to join the inquiry team, although the head of the Police Service of Northern Ireland was unable to say when the inquiry would begin.

Some of the families of the Bloody Sunday dead have called for members of the Parachute Regiment involved in the 1972 massacre - one of the biggest atrocities of the Troubles - to be arrested and face prosecutions over the shootings.


Gloomy jobs report raises pressure on the Fed

© Reuters/Shannon StapletonPeople wait in line to enter a job fair in New York.
Friday's disappointing June jobs report confirms observers' worst fears about the economic recovery: The employment market is still struggling and failing to put enough Americans back to work.

The dour employment data are also likely to raise pressure on the Federal Reserve to do more to bolster the economy, and have negative implications for President Barack Obama's chances of re-election in November.

The Labor Department said non-farm payrolls expanded by just 80,000 jobs in June, falling just short of forecasts for 90,000 jobs, but improving slightly on a revised reading of 77,000 jobs in May. The private sector expanded by only 84,000, while government jobs declined by 4,000.

Job creation during the month wasn't robust enough to reduce the country's unemployment rate, which held fast at 8.2 percent, extending its three-plus-year run above 8 percent.

"It's not great," Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody's Analytics, told CNBC, referring to the payrolls number. "But the recovery is intact and moving forward, and hopefully [the economy will] gain some strength later in the year."

Comment: The difference between Obama and Romney varies little on any political if at all. Romney has the advantage of not being the current President is the difference at this point. So what may come?
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Flashback The Secret Wars of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance

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As an old Chinese proverb says, crisis can be used as an opportunity by some.

Tel Aviv, Washington and NATO are taking advantage of the upheavals in the Arab World. Not only are they fighting against the legitimate aspirations of the Arab people, they are manipulating the Arab geo-political landscape as part of their strategy to control Eurasia.

Sectarian Conflicts in Egypt: A Means to Weaken the Egyptian State

Egypt is ruled by a counter-revolutionary military junta. Despite the increasing assertiveness of the Egyptian people, the old regime is still in place. Yet, its foundations are becoming shakier as the Egyptian people become more radical in their demands.

Like in the Mubarak era, the military regime in Cairo is also allowing sectarianism to spread in Egypt in an effort to create divisions within Egyptian society. In early-2011 when Egyptians stormed government buildings they discovered secret papers that showed that the regime was behind the attacks on Egypt's Christian community.

Recently, so-called Salafist extremists have attacked Egyptian minorities including Christians but also Shiite Muslims. Egyptian activists and leaders in the Coptic and Shia community are pointing their fingers at the military junta in Cairo, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian military junta, Tel Aviv, and the Al-Sauds are all part of an ominous alliance. This grouping is the backbone of the U.S. imperial structure in the Arab World. They are dependent on Washington. They prevail inasmuch as the U.S. remains dominant in Southwest Asia and North Africa.

The Al-Sauds are now working with Washington in Egypt to establish a supposedly Islamic government. This is being done through political parties that the Al-Sauds have funded and helped organize. The new so-called Salafist movements are primary examples of this. It also appears that the Muslim Brotherhood or at least branches of it have been co-opted.


"It's Final" U.S. Will Strike Iran, Says Debka Saudi Informant

The triggering event to WWIII could be as early as October, according to Debka-Net-Weekly's intelligence moles. Iran cannot be allowed to sell Iranian oil for any other currency other than the U.S. dollar - a fatal mistake Iraq's Saddam Hussein made in his quest to lead the charge to undermine U.S. dollar hegemony in 2000.

"It is already decided," one Saudi prince told an unnamed European official, according to Debka-Net-Weekly. When asked by the 'European' if America will back out of the hatched plan to strike Iran, the prince said, "Anything can happen, of course. But this time we're sure the American decision to attack is final and we are already making appropriate preparations."

However, according to the source, the prince doesn't know if a strike on Iran will come before or after the elections in November. But, "the question now isn't if the Americans will attack Iran, but when," the prince said.

Comment: Debka is connected to Israeli intelligence, which of course can mean one of two things: either it publishes information from people in a position to know, or it publishes inaccurate reports which suit their propaganda agendas.


Cannon fodder: McChrystal says it is time to bring back the draft

war get used to it

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former top commander of international forces in Afghanist an, said this week that the United States should bring back the draft if it ever goes to war again.

"I think we ought to have a draft. I think if a nation goes to war, it shouldn't be solely be represented by a professional force, because it gets to be unrepresentative of the population," McChrystal said at a late-night event June 29 at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival. "I think if a nation goes to war, every town, every city needs to be at risk. You make that decision and everybody has skin in the game."

He argued that the burdens of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven't been properly shared across the U.S. population, and emphasized that the U.S. military could train draftees so that there wouldn't be a loss of effectiveness in the war effort.

Comment: Excuse us - if the US ever goes to war again?? When was the last time that the US was not at war in some part of the world or another - even if their population remains oblivous of the uncomfortable facts??

McChrystal is speaking like a true psychopath. Paraphrasing: "People should die in wars they did not ask for and which will not benefit them at all, against enemies of whom they have never heard of and who represent absolutely no threat towards them. Because it's cheaper than professional or mercenary armies".

How typical. Let's share the losses, but not the rewards.

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Populated Areas Will Be Targeted in Next Lebanon Invasion, says Israeli General; "Goldstone Report Will Pale in Comparison"

Israel Lebanon
© Yaron Kaminsky The Israel-Lebanon border, July 5, 2012.
Officer says instability in Syria could ignite violent confrontation with the Lebanese army, says 'Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time.'

Six years after the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, the IDF is saying openly that Israel is preparing for another Lebanon war.

The commander of the IDF's 91st Division, Brigardier-General Hertzi Halevy told journalists on Thursday, "We understand that there is more than one factor, whether this is Lebanese, or whether it will come from somewhere else, that can ignite the border here."

The 91st Division, part of the Northern Command, and responsible for the front with Lebanon, sees developments in Syria as one of the factors that could upset the calm that has prevailed in the region since the war. The collapse of the Syrian regime may also bring with it an increase in Jihadi or Hezbollah operatives, who may try to carry out targeted attacks in the area.

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Princess Diana documentary 'Unlawful Killing' is banned

Controversial film about Princess Diana's death, directed by Keith Allen and funded by Mohamed Al Fayed, fails to secure insurance for US distributors

A controversial documentary questioning the circumstances of Princess Diana's death has been shelved after insurers refused to indemnify the makers against potential libel lawsuits, reports the Sun.

Unlawful Killing, directed by Keith Allen and funded by Diana's partner Dodi Fayed's father, Mohamed Al Fayed, was screened at Cannes last year, though it was not part of the official festival. It alleges that "dark forces" within the British establishment worked to cover up the true details of Diana's death in 1997.

Producers admitted last year that lawyers had warned them to make 87 cuts if they wanted to show the film in Britain, but the makers had hoped to show the film in the US and other territories to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the deaths of Diana and Dodi in a Parisian tunnel. Unfortunately, insurers have baulked at the prospect because US distributors might have faced litigation through their UK offices.

Comment: Trailer of 'Unlawful Killing' the documentary by Keith Allen on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales:

Director Keith Allen defends his film of Princess Diana's death: