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The Criminal Banking Cartel's End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System

There is no doubt that the elite have always sought to carefully manufacture news and to control the beliefs of the masses through their interests in funding education and in owning media distribution channels for centuries. There is a wealth of history that chronicles the elite's desires to control and sway public opinion by manufacturing news versusthe honorable journalism pursuit of reporting news in a fair and accurate manner. For example, in 1917, Congressman Oscar Callaway stated, as documented in the Congressional Record:
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"In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interests, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States. These 12 men worked the problem out by selecting 170 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process, to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling the general policy of the daily press throughout the country. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest newspapers. The 25 papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of these papers; an agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interest of the purchasers."

"This contract is in existence at the present time, and it accounts for the news columns of the daily press of the country being filled with all sorts of preparedness argument and misrepresentations as to the present condition of the United States Army and Navy and the possibility and probability of the United States being attacked by foreign foes. This policy also included the suppression of everything in opposition to the wishes of the interests served. The effectiveness of this scheme has been conclusively demonstrated by the character of stuff carried in the daily press throughout the country since March, 1915. They have resorted to anything necessary to commercialize public sentiment and sandbag the national congress into making extravagant and wasteful appropriations for the Army and Navy under the false pretense that it was necessary. Their stock argument is that it is 'patriotism' They are playing on every prejudice and passion of the American people."


Destabilizing Syria: Another massacre takes place, Assad government blamed

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The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the massacre was carried out at a farm by pro-regime shabiha militiamen armed with guns and knives after regular troops had shelled the area.

Reports and images of the incident spread rapidly on Twitter and other social networks but were impossible to verify independently given the lack of media access to much of Syria.

Online pictures showed charred corpses lying amid rubble and a dead child who had apparently been shot in the face.

The Local Co-ordination Committees (LCC), an activist network, had earlier reported shelling in al-Qubair and neighbouring Maazarif, with "dozens martyred and wounded." The villages are about 12 miles from Hama.

Opposition activists said women and children were among the dead when al-Qubair came under heavy tank fire before shabiha fighters moved in on the ground and shot and stabbed dozens of people to death. The LCC counted 78 victims, 35 of whom were said to be from one family.

Comment: NATO's 'Civil War' Machine Rolls Into Syria

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The U.S. Military is Operating Drones Domestically and Sharing Data with Law Enforcement

© (Image credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson) MQ-9 Reaper mid-flight

As many are now well aware, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is pushing for the integration of drones into the national airspace, especially for use by law enforcement and unsurprisingly a bill was passed and signed into law doing just that.

This is disturbing to some, for good reason. It has become clear that when you give the federal government an inch, they will take a mile. This can be seen quite plainly in the so-called war on terror and how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has rapidly expanded into a massive agency which regularly violates our rights.

It can also be seen in how some entities will simply give themselves ludicrous powers over the personal information of Americans, such as the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), which not long ago gave itself the power to keep the personal information of Americans - with absolutely no links to terrorism whatsoever - for a whopping five years.

A new report from CBS Los Angeles has revealed some disturbing truths regarding the United States military's use of drones in American airspace and their sharing of data with various government entities and law enforcement agencies.

While it is far from news to most that the military is working with law enforcement in this regard, as evidenced by the launching of a military drone from a military base in order to conduct a domestic law enforcement operation, the documents obtained by CBS Los Angeles reveal some new information.

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Killing by PowerPoint

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The New York Times has revealed that President Barack Obama hosts a "Terror Tuesday" secure PowerPoint-style teleconference attended weekly by his top 100 intelligence and security officials. After the meeting he goes through a "nominating process" by viewing the "baseball cards" showing suspected terrorists, before personally deciding who is to be assassinated by drones; he also, in some cases, explicitly approves killing the suspect's family if it should be in the vicinity of the strike.

No one should be surprised by what the article reveals. The journalists describe a president "quite comfortable with the use of force on behalf of the United States" whose drone wars have increased in number and lethality since he ascended to the Oval Office. As a result, it has been plausibly suggested that killing by machine will become the low-intensity warfare option of the future for every nation that can afford the technology, following the lead of the United States.

Knowing that drone strikes are taking place at some place in the world on an almost daily basis and that they have become the chief U.S. counterterrorism tool, one could only conclude that the White House was in the loop on the decision-making. Obama's explanation for his personal involvement - a Harry Trumanesque "buck stops here" decision that he as president wants to take the moral responsibility for the policy - would be more convincing if he would also take legal responsibility for ordering assassinations. As a lawyer, he understands that he might somehow someday wind up in jail if he accepts legal culpability, whereas moral responsibility in Washington won't buy a cup of coffee.

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Climate Change Alarmists Leading the World Toward Global Governance

Earth from space
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Climate change alarmists are hard at work, pushing their agenda of man-made global warming which ultimately leads to global carbon taxing through the governance of the UN.

Daniel Sarewitz, professor of science and society and co-director of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University, asserts that:
There is not any serious debate about whether anthropogenic climate change is happening. Scientists are certain about that, and it is unfortunate that the national debate is lagging so far behind.
The move toward convincing the general public that man-made CO2 is responsible for global warming partially stems from a study from 2000 which was co-authored by James Hansen, a prominent eco-fascist. Hansen's team admits that, "rapid warming in recent decades has been driven mainly by non-CO2 greenhouse gases . . . not by the products of fossil fuel burning, CO2 and aerosols." And then admonishes that the method of controlling emissions output should "focus on air pollution has practical benefits that unite the interests of developed and developing countries. However, assessment of ongoing and future climate change requires composition-specific long-term global monitoring of aerosol properties."

As Hansen states that global warming is not man-made, he still desires to see global governance over emissions regulation and carbon taxation mandated by international law to reduce this imaginary problem.


Pharmaceutically Infused Food, GMO Insects, and Goat Milk?

GMP Products
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On a popular online deal today, I saw vitamin infused 'chocolate candy'. These delicious nicely packaged candied morsels are infused with probiotics, calcium, and vitamin D3, then they are covered in creamy milk chocolate.

Sounds good? Maybe a bit like yogurt with probiotics?

Are these getting us psychologically ready for 'special' future medical food, that is, without a 'need' for vaccines?

The latest insanity continues. Chillingly, according to the Houston Chronicle, researchers at Texas A&M University have unveiled a new line of genetically modified (GM) goats that produce a malaria vaccine directly in goat milk.

It is disturbing to think that this 'edible vaccine' will be in the milk of a living being. Yes, no more needles might make some people happy, while making new revenues for pharmaceutical companies.

The old news is that genetically modified mosquitoes (to prevent malaria) have already been 'created' and then released in the wild.These 'flying vaccines' were introduced into the Cayman Islands (2009) and Malaysia (2010). In 2012 they are looking to release the GM mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, (the first place in US).

Wild mosquitoes are essential in the food chain, but, where are the long-term studies for GM mosquitoes ? These living experimentally modified creatures, 'manufactured' by Oxitec, were put into the wild, the food chain, without the consent of citizens. Think of what happens when bats eat the GM mosquitoes? No one knows..... However, it is coincidental that bats now have a mysterious outbreak responsible for bat deaths.

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Western banks reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'

While cocaine production ravages countries in Central America, consumers in the US and Europe are helping developed economies grow rich from the profits, a study claims
© AFP/Getty ImagesSoldiers torch a cocaine processing laboratory near the city of Cucuta, in northern Colombia, as part of the country's war on drugs. It's just for show of course. The Colombian government manages the cocaine plantations on behalf of its owners up north.
The vast profits made from drug production and trafficking are overwhelmingly reaped in rich "consuming" countries - principally across Europe and in the US - rather than war-torn "producing" nations such as Colombia and Mexico, new research has revealed. And its authors claim that financial regulators in the west are reluctant to go after western banks in pursuit of the massive amount of drug money being laundered through their systems.

The most far-reaching and detailed analysis to date of the drug economy in any country - in this case, Colombia - shows that 2.6% of the total street value of cocaine produced remains within the country, while a staggering 97.4% of profits are reaped by criminal syndicates, and laundered by banks, in first-world consuming countries.

"The story of who makes the money from Colombian cocaine is a metaphor for the disproportionate burden placed in every way on 'producing' nations like Colombia as a result of the prohibition of drugs," said one of the authors of the study, Alejandro Gaviria, launching its English edition last week.

Comment: Of course the profits flow northwards! What did people think was happening? That the CIA, MI6, the Mossad and banksters in Switzerland and Wall Street were just gonna let the locals rake it in? Like all other industries, the third world is nothing to the international banking mafia but a slave plantation, useful for only one thing: harvesting energy from.


Bilderberg 2012: were Mitt Romney and Bill Gates there?

© Hannah Borno for the GuardianA banner welcomes Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to the 2012 Bilderberg conference.
Another conference over. Charlie Skelton talks to some of the 800 activists outside the gates to find out what they learned

What a Bilderberg it's been. Big names, big money, big decisions, big crowds. Somewhere around 800 activists outside the gates (up from about a dozen in 2009), and inside? Well, here's what we learned.

A Mitt Romney attendance?

Four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff told me Willard Mitt Romney was here at Bilderberg 2012. My four eyewitnesses place him inside. That's one more than Woodward and Bernstein used. Romney's office initially refused to confirm or deny his attendance as Bilderberg is "not public". They later said it was not him.

So, was he being crowned, or singing for his supper? Will Mitt Romney follow in the august footsteps of Clinton, Cameron and Blair to have attended Bilderberg and then shortly become leader? Four years ago, Senator Obama shook off his press detail and nipped (many think) into Bilderberg. This exact same hotel.

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We are all Greeks

As eurosceptics, who have devoted many years of our lives to opposing this new EU regime that has descended over Europe, our first loyalty, our whole sympathy, must be with the victims of the EU ambition: we are all Greeks now.

The Greek people are the victims of an experiment. And let us not confuse Greeks, the people like us, and the institutions of government that are in Greece but are tiers in the EU governmental hierarchy.

Not all people are opponents of the EU nor of the way the EU governs Europe. Such people will say that the Greeks are to blame for all their woes. For some people it simply would not do if blame was seen to lay with the EU, the institutions of the Euro and the foreign banks who made speculative loans. These people say that they all conducted themselves with perfect virtue and should suffer no loss - and that the people must pay. And so television screens all over Europe have shows vilifying the swarthy, lazy, greedy Greek.

Alright, the average Greek may have borrowed too much, retired too early and defended himself too enthusiastically against the taxation of a kleptocratic state. But all his sin was not to have the power to doubt every word he was told by his politicians, his newspapers and his television. What people of what nation could have done that? Not even the British. If a man, even if he is a fool, believes a lie, is he as guilty as the liar? All Greeks did was to live the way they were told was the way to live.

Comment: A small but important point: The USSR never subsidised Greek 'communism'. Greek 'communism', which is better described as anarchism, developed organically in response to the Nazi invasion. Ordinary Greeks organised themselves spontaneously at a local level because they were living under pathocracy, not because of some desire for ideological association with Soviet 'communism'. They did what they had to do to survive. Then the British invaded the country before the end of the Second World War and reinstated the local Nazis, under whose totalitarian rule Greeks lived until 1974. What is emerging in response to the economic war against Greece today is the same development of local, organic and cohesive networks. So the pathocracy turns up the heat in an effort to "prevent this domino from falling", which is really code-speak for preventing genuinely socialist networks and ideas from spreading beyond Greek borders.


Afghan suicide bombers kill 22 civilians at marketplace

© EPA/I. SAMEEMAfghan security officials inspect the scene of a suicide attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Wednesday.
A dusty marketplace in southern Afghanistan was turned into a gruesome scene of blood and bodies on Wednesday after at least two suicide attacks, which left 22 civilians dead and at least 50 others injured, officials said.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi said the militant group was behind the attacks in Kandahar, the capital of Kandahar province and the spiritual birthplace of the insurgency, The Associated Press reported.

In the east, two American pilots were killed in a helicopter crash amid enemy activity, an un-named senior U.S. defense official at the Pentagon told The Associated Press. NATO confirmed that two service members had been killed in the crash but not their nationality or any other information.

Also in the east, Afghan officials and residents said a pre-dawn NATO air-strike targeting militants killed civilians celebrating a wedding in Logar province, including women and children, although a NATO forces spokesman said they had no reports of civilians being killed in the overnight raid to capture a Taliban leader.

NATO said a number of insurgents had been killed as a result of the operation, and that two Afghan women had received medical care after being wounded. The women had not received life-threatening injuries, NATO said.

Comment: Who in Afghanistan has a news station that broadcasts the truth worldwide? Leaving it to Western news media, we get whatever line of propaganda is dished out, all the while, being told what to think.
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What, in terms of understandable logic does: "It is hard to obtain the exact number of casualties because a wedding party was staying in the same area where the airstrike occurred" exactly mean? Does it mean innocent wedding goers were so shredded by fragments it made it hard to determine the number of dead? Such pretty words but no graphic images of the carnage, thus they paint the picture however they please.
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Only a monster without any form of Empathy could accept such pathological speech.