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A Decade of War - For What?

© UnknownPresident Barack Obama
"My fellow Americans, we have traveled through more than a decade under the dark cloud of war," said Barack Obama from Bagram Air Base.

"Here in the predawn darkness, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. The Iraq War is over. The number of troops in harm's way has been cut in half, and more will be coming home. ... The time of war began in Afghanistan, and this is where it will end."

Interesting comment, that last.

If "the time of war" is at an end, does that rule out U.S. military action in Syria or war on Iran?

Setting aside the 14,000-mile round trip to Afghanistan to do an end zone dance on the anniversary of Seal Team Six's dispatch of Osama bin Laden, Obama seems to have boxed in his Republican rivals.

His assurance that our wars are ending and our troops are coming home reflects the national will. And his partnership agreement with President Hamid Karzai and pledge that a U.S. force will remain to train the Afghan army and prevent al-Qaida's return inoculates him against the charge that he is cutting and running.


Best of the Web: Gerald Celente on The Keiser Report: Fascism is here and now

Gerald Celente joined Max Keiser on The Keiser Report on May Day in New York City to discuss current trends and the collapse of the West.


Militarization of London: London Olympics anti-terrorism tactics bring missile launchers to Blackheath

Major Joyce opens his 'golf bag' of weapons in joint exercise by the army, navy and air force

London Olympic preparations: missile launchers in Blackheath Link to this video

The language was so stiflingly reassuring, it sounded as if Londoners can sleep soundly in their beds knowing that they are being defended by the contents of a really well equipped sports locker.

"Think of this as just one club in a golf bag," Major David Joyce said, of the three stumpy green trailers parked in a large, muddy patch of Blackheath.

Heart - Black

Alfred Kinsey coverup: Sexologist Kinsey Uses A Nazi Pedophile To Defame The Greatest Generation

The following is excerpted from my upcoming book, Kinsey's Attic: The Shocking Story of How One Man's Sexual Pathology Changed the World. Further details on Kinsey's Gestapo/Nazi "sex researcher" are found in my book, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences.

Hundreds of articles appeared in the USA in 2004 and 2005 critiquing Kinsey's two PBSTV specials and the Fox Searchlight "Kinsey" feature. In a daring,"one time" mainstream media exposure, on October 3, 2004, The New York Times published reporter Caleb Crain's article, "Alfred Kinsey: Liberator or Pervert?" Crain was the only reporter who revealed both Kinsey's on-going collaboration with serial rapist pedophile Rex King as well as Kinsey's Gestapo/Nazi "sex expert" and pedophile collaborator, Dr. Fritz von Balluseck. Crain wrote:
Kinsey wrote to King, coaxing him to send his detailed diaries of his sexual exploits, including those with children. Jones reports that on Nov. 24, 1944, for example, Kinsey wrote, "I rejoice at everything you send, for I am then assured that that much more of your material is saved for scientific publication."....[And Reisman] alleges that Kinsey continued to correspond with King until 1954, and she points out that Kinsey also corresponded with Fritz von Balluseck, a German pedophile and former Nazi who was tried for murder.1
kinsey_balluseck paper
© Unknown
Years ago, I wondered how anyone could molest so many children in the USA without alerting the parents, authorities--someone! Could some of Kinsey's child sex "data" have come from World War II Nazi experiments, where parents were powerless to protect their children and where the police played a role in the crimes?2 My madcap hunch turned out to be on target. Tipped off by a draft of Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, the Yorkshire investigators tracked down at least one of Kinsey's pedophile collaborators, a former highly placed Gestapo officer.


Kinsey's Pedophiles: 'Sexual Revolution' was Launched by Pedophiles in Power

So the father of the 'sexual revolution' of the 60s and 70s normalized pedophilia as 'just another sexual preference'. All modern sexuality 'science' is based on his work, which is also used to determine what a sex crime is. Any wonder why pedophiles are let out of their cages after only two years? If they are even caught at all...

Comment: Interestingly Kinsey's infamous 'report' was published around the same time that the CIA began its devious activities in earnest:

New Sott Report: MIVILUDES, Cults, & the Protection of Scientology

Light Sabers

Yemen government forces push back against 'al Qaeda'

Pro-government gunmen fighting Qaeda alongside the Yemeni army have killed 12 suspected militants as jihadists attacked the southern town of Loder, one of the fighters said on Friday.

"Two vehicles were destroyed and 12 fighters killed" late Thursday by the gunmen, he told AFP, adding the militants had attacked the southern entrance to the town in restive Abyan province.

The gunmen, who belong to the so-called Popular Resistance Committees, were supported by army artillery as they pushed the militants back, the fighter said.

He added that four civilians were wounded when two mortars fired by Al-Qaeda suspects struck Loder.

Al-Qaeda seized Loder in August 2010, but the army eventually drove it out.

Source: Agence France-Presse

Comment: The "so-called Popular Resistance Committees" sounds like yet another pseudo-gang along the lines of the British elite's psychopathic manual for controlling populations:

The British Empire - A Lesson In State Terrorism

Mossad's "Islamic Militants" Exposed In Yemen


33 killed in Afghan clashes as unknown agents go on rampage

Five policemen were killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan, and 28 Taliban fighters were killed in separate military operations, officials said on Saturday.

The bomb struck a border police vehicle in Durbaba district of Nangarhar province near Pakistan, killing all five policemen, Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, the provincial governor's spokesman, said.

No group claimed responsibility.

The military claimed to have killed 27 rebel fighters in the southern province of Helmand in the last two days.

Local government spokesman Daud Ahmadi said 17 insurgents were killed by Afghan troops in Nad Ali, Nahr-e-Saraj and Greshk districts.

"Eleven other insurgents were killed during an operation of NATO-led forces in another area of Greshk district as they were preparing to attack police checkpoint," he said.

Comment: Whenever you read that "no group claimed responsibility" or "a previously unknown group claimed responsibility", note that this is the hallmark of state terrorist activities:

The British Empire - A Lesson In State Terrorism


20 killed in Pakistan market "suicide" bombing

Twenty people were killed in a suicide bombing in a Pakistani market close to the Afghan border.

The attack came a day after the US released letters seized from Osama bin Laden's compound which criticised Pakistani militants for killing too many civilians.

Five of the dead in the blast in the Bajur tribal area were local members of the security forces, including one who had received an award for bravery in fighting Islamist militants, government administrator Abdul Haseeb said.

The others were passers-by.

At least 40 other people were injured.

Comment: To learn about the origins of "suicide bombings", read this:

The British Empire - A Lesson In State Terrorism

War Whore

Waging Peace: Ten killed by US drone strike in Pakistan

At least 10 people were killed and one was injured in a U.S. drone strike early Saturday morning in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of North Waziristan, reported local Urdu TV channel Express.

According to local media reports, two missiles were fired by U. S. drones at a house suspected of being a militants' hideout in the Darai Nashtar area of North Waziristan which borders Afghanistan, Xinhua reported.

Four U.S. drones were seen flying over the area following the attack. Rescue work was delayed due to fear of further strikes by the U.S. drones, said local media.

Identities of the victims in the attack are not known immediately.

Saturday's U.S. drone strike is the 12th of its kind in Pakistan since this year. Up to date, at least 93 people have reportedly been killed in such strikes in 2012.


Off with King Sarko's head

He posed in spectacular grandeur as the neo-imperial Liberator of Libya - only a few years after Colonel Muammar Gaddafi helped finance his 2007 election campaign with a cool US$65 million.

Profiting from a mysterious alliance between the Holy Ghost and an African chambermaid in New York, he got rid of the unstoppable challenger to his re-election, former International Monetary Fund director general and international sex fiend, Dominique Strauss-Khan.

And still, this Sunday, French voters - in a Facebook-style remix of the fall of the Bastille - are bound to yell "Off with his head".

Why? Hubris. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, aka neo-Napoleonic King Sarko, former king of bling bling, "Chouchou" to [Italian] First Lady Carla Bruni, may be his own worst enemy. [1]

A Ritzy lifestyle

Bashir Saleh is Gaddafi's former chief of staff and former president of the Libyan sovereign wealth fund. He was the go-to guy when the regime decided to finance Sarkozy's 2007 presidential campaign.

King Sarko, predictably, denied everything and said he would sue the French website, Mediapart, that revealed what many already knew. Yet this Thursday, former Libyan prime minister Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi confirmed it all over again. And that's exactly what Gaddafi's son and former darling of the London School of Economics, Saif al-Islam, had said in March 2011: "Sarkozy must give back the money he accepted from Libya to finance his presidential campaign."