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Best of the Web: Israel strikes Yemen port and fuel depot causing huge explosions, follows Houthi drone strike on Tel Aviv

port of Hodeidah
© Reuters/Abduljabbar ZeyadFILE: Soldier patrols the port of Hodeidah, Yemen
The Houthi-run health ministry blamed Israel Saturday for a series of strikes on a fuel depot in the Houthi-held Yemeni port city of Hodeida, adding that the strikes caused casualties.

"The Israeli enemy's raids on oil storage facilities in the port of Hodeida" have led to deaths and injuries, the health ministry said in a statement carried by Houthi-run media, without specifying a toll.

Israel's military said Israeli fighter jets had struck Houthi military targets in the area of Hodeidah port in Yemen in response to hundreds of attacks carried out against Israel in recent months.

Comment: The Houthi's spokesperson has commented:
Nasr El-Din Amer:

"Israeli aggression on Hodeidah Governorate and a fire in Yemen's main port.

Yemen's stance with Gaza is firm and will not change, and Yemeni operations supporting Gaza will not stop. The response to this aggression is inevitable, and the Yemeni people are stronger than all forces of evil.

We are a people who prefer martyrdom and sacrifice over witnessing Gaza being slaughtered without taking action.

We are also a people who, when targeted, do not retreat but instead increase in determination and conviction in the necessity of confrontation and response.

We are Yemen, the land of faith, wisdom, jihad, and steadfastness."
Further statements from the Houthis (full text below):




"Our military operations in support of Palestine will continue until the genocide in Gaza is stopped & the siege on its residents is lifted, no matter the sacrifices required. Victory is only from Allah."

"The Zionist entity will pay the price for targeting a civilian facility, & we will meet escalation with escalation. The end will be for the righteous."


"Gaza is being bombed, & Yemen is being bombed; this is pride. Our blood is not more precious than the blood of Gaza's children; our children are not more precious than Gaza's children. We will not abandon Gaza & will be as Allah wants us to be. We will not abandon Gaza. Let the whole world hear this. We will not abandon Gaza."


"Yemen's position on Gaza is firm & will not change. Attacks in Yemen will not stop & the reaction to this aggression is inevitable. The Yemeni people are stronger than all the forces of evil."


"The brutal 'israeli' aggression on Yemen by targeting civilian facilities, oil tanks & the power station in Hodeidah aims to double the suffering of the people & pressure Yemen to stop supporting Gaza. This is a dream that will never come true."

"We affirm that this brutal aggression will only increase the determination, steadfastness & escalating continuation of the Yemenis & their brave Armed Forces in supporting Gaza."

"Thanks to Allah, the Yemeni people are capable of facing all challenges & in the pursuit of justice for Palestine & the people of Gaza, which represents the most just cause on earth."


"Yemen will respond to the 'israeli' enemy's aggression. The war has become direct with the occupying entity."

"The operations in [occupied] Yaffa (so-called 'Tel Aviv') will continue, & Yemen will not be content with just a response; the Yemeni army's target bank may expand."


"After the 'israeli' airstrikes in Yemen, our response to the Americans & 'israelis' will be very harsh."
Some analysts have speculated that, what with Israel announcing its intentions to launch an all out war on Hezbollah in Lebanon, that some of the escalation that we're seeing from Yemen, and Hezbollah, may be to take advantage of Israel's current weaknesses, and possibly to incite Israel into acting sooner than it should.

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that Hezbollah have launched strikes of their own:

Allegedly, Yemen has given the following warning:
This also comes just over a week after: Western Yemen comes under heavy attack by US-British warplanes

Meanwhile, amidst its efforts to foment a world war, Israel continues its genocide:

Wall Street

BlackRock-linked firm shorted Trump stock ahead of shooting

attack DT
© Anna Moneymaker/Getty ImagesSecret Service shield Donald Trump after an attempted assassination • July 13, 2024 • Butler, Pennsylvania
Austin Private Wealth has blamed a clerical error on the filing.

A Texas-based investment company has denied trying to short twelve million shares of Trump Media & Technology Group just before the failed assassination attempt on the US presidential candidate, claiming it was a clerical error.

Short selling involves borrowing a security whose price the borrower thinks is going to fall and then selling it on the open market. One then buys the same stock back later, hopefully for a lower price than it was initially sold for, returns the borrowed stock to the broker, and pockets the difference.

Trump was speaking at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday when an assassin fired several shots at his head, nicking his ear, killing one audience member and injuring two more.

The day before, a company called Austin Private Wealth LLC made a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a put option on 12 million shares of $DJT. To outside observers, this looked like a bet that the company's value would go down drastically - as it would if Trump had been killed.

One sleuth on X (formerly Twitter) even got screenshots from a Bloomberg terminal showing the company's put option, which then disappeared later in the day. Others pointed out that Austin had major holdings in Vanguard and BlackRock funds, claiming that they had links with George Soros and the Rothschild family as well.

Comment: If it really was an insider set-up, someone pegged the time, date and action.


Slowly, then all at once

© Unknown
There was a lot of talk about divine intervention at the Republican Convention this week. The country has witnessed a rush of seemingly providential events since the fateful night of June 27th when, to universal horror, "Joe Biden" was unmasked as The Phantom of the White House. The attempt on Donald Trump's life Saturday, with its intimations of blob involvement, was only the latest of countless trips, hoaxes, capers, and ops that smacked of demonic inspiration laid on the public, so you can't blame them for feeling that "God is among us now."

A huge piece of this dynamic has been the Right's amazing impotence in the eight-year-long march of insults to the republic — especially the failure to find relief for any of that in the courts of law, until last month when the SCOTUS finally kneecapped Democratic Party lawfare operations. A paramount example of that impotence was being unable to find one jurisdiction willing to adjudicate election fraud in 2020 on the merit of the arguments.

Green Light

"Absolutely" in the race: Biden campaign calls malarkey on MSM reports

© Kent Nishimur/AFP/Getty ImagesUS President Joe Biden • Vote to Live Prosperity Summit • College of Southern Nevada • July 16, 2024
On Thursday evening, the New York Times reported that 'people close to Biden' say the president has "begun to accept the idea that he may not be able to win in November and may have to drop out of the race."

The Biden campaign swiftly answered - insisting that wasn't true, while longtime Biden ally Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) - whose daughter Biden sniffed - said that the president is still seeking 'input' from colleagues on what to do.

On Friday, Biden campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon insisted on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' that the president is staying in the campaign against all odds.
"He's our nominee and he's going to be our president for a second term. This has been such a hard week, but Biden will be back on the trail next week (after allegedly contracting COVID).

"This is an organization built for the Biden-Harris ticket."

Comment: Americans to vote on preference of political disasters.


Zelensky defiant over potential Trump pressure

© Carl Court/Getty ImagesUkraine President Volodymyr Zelensky • UK Prime Minister's residence in London
"No guy in the world" could force Kiev to compromise with Russia, the Ukrainian leader has said. Ukraine is not afraid of Donald Trump being reelected this November and will not bow to pressure by his administration to compromise with Russia, Vladimir Zelensky has said.

Speaking to British state broadcaster the BBC during a trip to the UK this week, Zelensky reiterated that his government seeks total victory in the conflict with Russia. If Trump is reelected US president in November, Zelensky expects him to lean on Kiev to end the conflict "in 24 hours" - as he has promised on the campaign trail.

Speaking in English, Zelensky described a worst-case scenario in which US sanctions are lifted from Russia under Trump and President Vladimir Putin celebrates victory:
"We will never go on this, never. And there is no guy in the world who can push us to do it."
Commenting on Trump's pick of J.D. Vance - who is opposed to sending aid to Kiev - as his running mate, Zelensky said the vice presidential candidate "really doesn't understand what goes on in Ukraine." He acknowledged that dealing with a Trump administration would be "hard work" for his government, but said Kiev is not afraid of this.

Comment: 'You expired! 'You're fired!' Trump will have no problem with this.


Pakistan designates Netanyahu as a 'terrorist,' urges global community to follow suit

© AAPakistan designates Israeli PM Netanyahu as a "terrorist."
The government of Pakistan has officially decided to designate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "terrorist" and has called on the international community to do the same.

According to a report by Dawn newspaper, Pakistan's Prime Minister's Advisor on Political Affairs Rana Sanaullah, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Attaullah Tarar and representatives of the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) party held a joint press conference in the country's capital, Islamabad.

Following a week-long series of pro-Gaza demonstrations by TLP, the Pakistani government negotiated with the party, resulting in an agreement. As part of this agreement, Pakistan will officially recognize the Israeli Prime Minister as a "terrorist" and will urge the international community to follow suit.

Comment: Pakistan's official designation is only partly correct; because the vast majority of its leadership, as well as its people, support its actions, and therefore Israel itself should be deemed a genocidal, terrorist, pariah state:

Cowboy Hat

Trump tells Zelensky he'll end war

Vladimir Zelensky
© Ukrainian Presidency / Handout / Anadolu Agency via Getty ImagesFILE PHOTO
Former US president Donald Trump directly told Ukraine's Vladimir Zelensky that he will bring the conflict between Moscow and Kiev to an end - should he return to the White House - during a phone call between the two on Friday.

The Republican candidate for November's presidential election wrote in a post on Truth Social that he "had a very good phone call" with Zelensky, who congratulated him on a "very successful" Republican National Convention and condemned last weekend's "heinous assassination attempt."

Trump went on to say that he appreciates Zelensky "for reaching out because I, as your next President of the United States, will bring peace to the world and end the war that has cost so many lives and devastated countless innocent families."
Both sides will be able to come together and negotiate a deal that ends the violence and paves a path forward to prosperity
Zelensky said he had "agreed with President Trump to discuss at a personal meeting what steps can make peace fair and truly lasting."

"I noted the vital bipartisan and bicameral American support for protecting our nation's freedom and independence. Ukraine will always be grateful to the United States for its help in strengthening our ability to resist Russian terror," he wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday night.

Comment: Zelensky may not like it but he may not have a choice. Many twists and turns may come before that day, though.


UK support for Kiev is dragging out conflict - Moscow

Vladimir Zelensky at the Labour Cabinet meeting with UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer, July 19, 2024.
© Getty Images / Richard Pohle - WPA PoolVladimir Zelensky at the Labour Cabinet meeting with UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer, July 19, 2024. Getty Images / Richard Pohle - WPA Pool
New British Prime Minister Keir Starmer says Ukraine will always be "at the heart" of his government's agenda

The Russian Embassy in London has advised the new British government against supporting Kiev to the detriment of its own internal affairs.

New Prime Minister Keir Starmer on Friday invited Ukraine's Vladimir Zelensky to attend a cabinet meeting, a rare honor for a foreign leader. Starmer pledged that Britain would expedite the delivery of promised aid to the Ukrainian Army, and vowed that "Ukraine is, and always will be, at the heart of this government's agenda."

Comment: The situation in the UK is probably little different from that of the US:

Consider also:

And from the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, a screenshot of this post. The link to the Telegram he give is here.
Ukraine is being sold
© X.com
See also:
Kremlin hits out at 'irresponsible' new British PM
US and UK 'don't give a fig for the rule of law' - Roger Waters to RT
Russia reacts to UK MPs applauding Ukrainian neo-Nazis


Sorry, we want war: Why EU elites will ignore Hungary's Orban

Viktor Orban Prime Minister of Hungary
© Pier Marco Tacca/Getty ImagesFILE PHOTO. Viktor Orban Prime Minister of Hungary talks with media during European Council Meeting on June 27, 2024 in Brussels, Belgium.
The Hungarian leader, who is currently president of the EU Council, is trying to actually make an impact with his term

Hungary, represented by its Prime Minister Viktor Orban, took over the rotating six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union in July 1, and promptly decided to do something unconventional: actual work. So out came the knives.

Back in 2022, the most memorable thing that France's Emmanuel Macron did while in the role was make a logo for his EU presidency that incorporated his own initials. The benefit to the French and European people was fantastic - as in, it exists in fantasy.

For his EU presidency meeting in France, Macron stood alongside unelected European Commission bureaucracy president "Queen" Ursula von der Leyen, as they championed issues like climate change, digital transition, and the EU military industrial complex (er, the "EU Defence Union"). They were only too happy to serve up typical globalist fare for their fellow elites to gobble down. But these same folks are now gagging on Orban's chosen agenda: peace.

Comment: Is the EU practicing how to deal with a future President of the United States? That would be interesting.

See also: From the same source, Robert Bridge, an American writer and journalist, author of 'Midnight in the American Empire,' How Corporations and Their Political Servants are Destroying the American Dream, wrote an opinion piece, Trump, Orban, Putin: Why are all the 'dictators' hellbent on peace?, published 12 Jul, 2024 21:20
This leads us to the West's third favorite bogeyman, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has dared to declare that his country is predominantly Christian and conservative and has every right to stay that way. Orban, whose country now holds the rotating EU Council presidency, went on a peace-making tour with stops in Moscow, Kiev, Beijing, and Washington (where he ruffled more than one hawk's feathers by visiting Trump at Mar-a-Lago instead of Biden in DC). The frustration on the part of Brussels as it watched the Hungarian "tyrant" speak out in favor of reducing weapons sales was laughable if not downright pathetic.

"Hungary has presented the trips as a 'peace mission' to help negotiate a ceasefire for the war in Ukraine. Orban may consider himself as one of the few who can speak to both sides - but in reality he has no mandate to do so," wrote Armida van Rij, a senior research fellow at Chatham House, a European think tank. The question remains, however, who will speak out on behalf of peace if not Trump, Putin, and Orban? The answer thus far is nobody.

Bad Guys

Obama turns on Biden: Ex-president tells allies Joe needs to 'seriously consider' staying in the race as speculation grows he could drop out in days

biden obama
© AFP via Getty Images
Former President Barack Obama has told allies that President Joe Biden should seriously consider whether he should stay in the race, as speculation grows he could drop out within days.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that Obama - who's only spoken to Biden once since the disastrous debate - believes Biden's path to victory has greatly diminished, but thinks the president needs to make the decision to quit himself.

Obama's view on the state of the race comes after Axios reported that Democratic sources believe the drumbeat to exit the race from party leaders and friends will push Biden to make the decision to step aside as early as this weekend.